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(101) Femdomized Western culture

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We all know Western culture is feminized what has become a big problem. This feminization is caused by its sexual culture of exogamy in which 'other sexual roles' are equivalent to heterosexual males and women are free to choose a partner of their choice, even in other tribes:

Unlike more far fetched inbreeding cultures juvenile chimpanzee females are exchanged with other groups. Inbreeding only applies to males who always remain in their tribe:

In these more healthy cases females have different mitochondrial DNA than males which all have about the same mtDNA. It is also seen with Neanderthals:

And Aborigines:

Reversal of sexual roles

Unhampered feminization in Western society transferred into femdomization and we are now in that phase. Femdomization means women possess all sexual power in society, taken over from males:

But Christian males went a step further. They fell into pure masochism and differ no more from women: 

The unisex situation:

Feminized Christian males

By the end of the last century in Western Europe also men were overpowered by personal sorrow. Empathic weeping men with long hairs populated talk shows to report their unstoppable emotions. They drowned in their own suffering and showed disgusting masochistic behavior. Sorrow is lust in masochism. It shows the decadency of Western culture.

Not to say male empathy is bad, on the contrary, but somehow males and females must not profile on the same lust:

This conflicted with the sexual nature of men, since Vanilla-dyad is but prothesis for SM-dyad. This means Vanilla-dyad has built up an enormous unconscious tension in Westerns society, a stress which sought and found alleviation in the massive Muslim immigration.

In the stage of femdomization we experience the counteraction of human nature in which even women are unsatisfied with the unisex situation. They are in charge and determine time and place of male orgasm. They degraded men to sexual slaves, who also lost financial power. How women determined the sexual calendar?


'In 1991 rape was abolished within marriage in the Netherlands. A bill for artificial insemination waited for application. It was the blow for the SM-dyad. Latent lesbian feminists had won. The homosexual clergy was already banned in the sixties. Since, lesbian feminists simply did not grasp how it worked.  And by the anti-conception pill women were equal to men. Acquired women's suffrage supplemented with a proportion of masochistic Christian males gave them the majority in parliament and so Western culture went down into a free fall.

Forced tongue kissing and such innocuous was dismissed with years of prison for rapeThen take just a sex dollIn a radical change of direction SM-dyad was exchanged for Vanilla-dyad.' 

But you can't with impunity castrate males from their sexuality and force them into female's whims. Something's very rotten in Western society which even made women unconsciously yearn for real males, for sadistic males. It is women who were the engine of the Muslim immigration:

' But later, females were not charmed of the Vanilla-dyad anymore because it is not natural. And for males having to ask for sex on fixed times is an aggravation of already obliged shopping. Also women missed to be pounced in a daze: Hop, the kids outside and then presto, I cook meanwhile by. 

For yeah, also half a lesbian feminist wants sometimes be fucked hard into her ass and so it was that Western women unconsciously started looking for a more solid meal than that slouch bite there on the bench:

Then her eye fell on 'black hair sprayed from all its orifices' and he did exactly what Christian males also wanted but were not allowed anymore. He embodied the SM-dyad at its best, yummy, assaulting and raping the screaming and yelling females. Drool ran from her mouth:'

'Cultural orgasm as sexual arousal for institutions led by sexually deprived
Christians, led by policor, led by emancipated feminist women who are desperately missing something, who are sexually desiccated by anti-conception, terrorized by Vanilla-dyad, bereft of any sexual satisfaction and craving for wild feelings to be dominated. Sick of Christian male slaves. Sick of Femdom and fantasizing about SM-dyad.'

'Feminists talked shame with lust. But a new religion was born. Policor is the unconscious struggle for real men, for the Alpha male. Policor is an effeminate religion, even for effeminate males. It is no better than Christianity, even worse. Religion is a form of sexuality.'


In concluding, women's suffrage, complemented by the majority of Christian males has resulted in a masochistic overturn of Western society that can be balanced only by fusion of Western culture with Islamic culture, Chrislam:

Chimps (Muslims) and bonobos (Christians)

We use chimps and bonobos as control groups for Muslims and Christians. They are our fellow species:

From there we make this horrible prediction for Western culture:

Bonobos literally implemented Femdom into explicit sexual behavior, while humans up to now only practiced the metaphorical form of power transfer.

But the difference between chimps/bonobos and Islam/Christianity is chimps cannot swim across the Congo river to kill bonobo males and terrorize bonobo females. In fact most Muslims are unable to swim either, but they are brought in Europe by boats of Frontex.

'Today, bonobos are found in only the Democratic Republic of Congo and there is no evidence that they have interbred with chimpanzees in equatorial Africa since they diverged, perhaps because the Congo River acted as a barrier to prevent the groups from mixing'.

'Why, then, have chimps not evolved this social structure? The answer may lie in the history of the habitats they occupy. Both species of primates live in tropical forests along the Zaire River -- chimps north of the river, bonobos to the south. Their environments seem to be quite similar today. But about 2.5 million years ago, there seems to have been a lengthy drought in southern Zaire that wiped out the preferred food plants of gorillas and sent the primates packing. After the drought ended, the forests returned, but the gorillas did not.[bonobos nowadays are without gorillas.]' 

'Chimpanzees [nowadays bonobos] in this environment south of the river had the forest to themselves, and could exploit the fiber foods that had previously been eaten by gorillas -- foods that are still eaten by gorillas to the north [chimps nowadays with gorillas], this additional food to tide them [bonobos] over between fruit trees, they could travel in larger, more stable parties, and form strong social bonds. They became bonobos.'

'On the north side of the river, the (nowadays) chimps had to share their niche with gorillaswhich eat the fiber foods. The chimps have to compete for fruit, and occasionally meat, food resources that tend to be widely scattered. Female chimps disperse into the forest with their infants to find enough to eat, and cannot spend time together to forge strong bonds. The changes in social behavior that occurred in response to this environmental factor may be what led chimps down a different evolutionary path, toward a society more prone to violence.' 

Nowadays bonobos travel all the year from fruit place to fruit place. Meanwhile they eat fiber foods. They are intellectually very flexible and developed great capability for empathy, as Christians. But chimpanzees are prisoners of little areas and are unable to roam through the forests north of Congo River. Females did not communicate well what leads to spiritual poverty, to a lack of empathy and to sexual monocultures of chimp males in the last million years. 

Remember the difference between hominids (20 mya; 300cc) and homininae (7 mya; 400cc). The first rigidly stayed on one place in the forest while the second roamed through the savannas of Africa. Compare the religion of chimps (hominids) with that of bonobos (homininae). Conclude, a change of habitat has led to a change in sexual culture, from which religion is the reaction on a set of higher order time derivatives. Chimps did not alter in the evolution, but bonobos did. But bonobos did not adhere to the inbreeding and incest culture. On the contrary they right away evolved much farther than homo sapiens and bypassed Christians on Vanilla-dyad. Bonobos practice perpetual orgasm in this lifetime and in this universe in a very friendly way: Vanilla-dyad. 

Because the Congo River is a barrier between chimps and bonobos, they did not merge for a million years, and meanwhile they have got another faith (sexual roles) or got other genes, causing very different sexual habits. 

Without the Congo River and without the disappearance of Gorillas from the bonobo area, both subspecies probably would not have differed genetically. 

But nowadays chimps and bonobos probably 
will not assimilate because of genetically very different psychological traits in their populations:

It might be possible bonobos would be massacred by chimps as they could cross the Congo River. But remember, Muslim are brought over the Mediterranean Sea into Europe by Frau Merkel.



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(100) The insatiable serial killer

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Assumption 262:
In Islam, breaking sadomasochism into murder and sexual lust is an institutionalized process. When 'other sexual roles' are slaughtered after Sharia law it is sexually based sentencing, born from sadomasochism. It looks like murdering 'other sexual roles' keeps on fascinating Muslims who always come in big numbers and never seem satisfied.


Hominins (7 mya; 400cc) left the trees and unwillingly left the Alpha male equilibrium model of inbreeding and outbreeding:

They roamed through Africa in little groups of 8 to 25 individuals and rarely met other groups to interchange young females:

They were slow mammals which easily lost contact with other groups. Many groups must have died out from autosomal recessive disorders.

Most of the time, they had to copulate with their own silly and ugly family what must have been very boring. They were forced to follow the rules of the inbreeding and incest model, what became the fundamental human sexual cultuur in our genes.

From this culture which lasted from 7 to 2 million years ago, human religion developed as: Genetic immortality by inbreeding and incest (homininae, 7-2 mya, 400cc). A religion for which speech was unnecessary:

This dismal sex life is why males easily learned to reward themselves with pedophilia, sex with children, a typical human sexual atrocity. From there the real goal of male religion developed as perpetual orgasm:

Assumption 164: The key to understanding Islamic culture is that Allah should be seen as an overall sexual ideal projection of Muslim males, as a reincarnated tribal god with perpetual orgasm in the afterlife.

Assumption 178: Endogamous cultures are chained to inbreeding and incest in the earthly universe. The parallel universe offers them the illusion of an exogamous culture with sexual freedom and genetic diversity. For men, 72 wild virgins are the reward for a lifelong of sexual suffering from the unbearable dullness of their cousins. And for women it is the reward for a lifetime of sacrifice and fighting against their inherited instinct for genetic diversity. In heaven women will be redeemed from their endogamous chains. The confounded and contaminated projection (perpetual orgasm) of sadomasochism (monotheism) in an originally desexualized parallel universe is the religious opium for inbreeding cultures.

In Christianity, where women never heard of the inbreeding culture of Paradise, there is no sexual stress in heaven. Christian males already have their exogamous heaven on earth; they do not need 72 virgins in the afterlife:

In the five million years of relative seclusion humanlike creatures developed unnatural sexual fantasies forced by a sexual culture they could not escape. 
Humanlike creatures are the only animals which combined killer instinct and sexual instinct to the super instinct sadomasochism.

They came up with the idea of creating something very beautiful from
bloodthirstiness and sexual desiresadomasochism. It is the icing on the cake of the sexual relationship between humans, husband and wife. it is the SM-dyad. SM-dyad can be found in all institutions of human society. 

Now we will build a more precise model of sadomasochism in small rational steps. But first we distinguish four forms of sadomasochism:

Basic forms of sadomasochism 

We distinguish four stages:

1: Rape after murder (Ra|M; Rape under condition of murder)

'Killing as first lust' means to degrade the victim to a human object. What we label as 'necrophilia' is the inability to make the first move before it comes to sex. But necrophilia can have a lot of other grounds.

Sociopaths, who are very adept at social situations are not intended. We refer to men who cannot keep up the pretense of an empathic relationship with women.

Killing before sex is the urge for complete dominance over other persons, it is the elimination of all human subjectivity till unresisting objects remain. It is the elimination of the soul prior to the predator's projection of sexual lust into her flesh. Seen broader, it is the superlative of sexual euphoria, for which murder is not conditional, since intoxication would suffice but killing objectifies the victim definitely. 

Males from inbreeding cultures have no problem in dominating women by coercion and violence. They simply don't need empathic relationships with 'other sexual roles'. They have already complete dominance. So, they will simply rape women as human objects in SM-dyad without feeling the need to kill them firstly. Since in Islamic culture psychopathy is the norm.

And that means 'killer instinct as first lust' must be reserved for natural psychopaths which are unable to keep normal empathic relations with women. They can be found in inbreeding cultures (Islam) as well as in the Western world. But in Islam they are no outcasts of society and are not pressed to kill their victims, what means natural psychopaths are more dangerous in the Western world with the difficult art how to get off with a girl. 

2: Murder after rape (M|Ra)

With rape the victim is always degraded to a helpless and unresisting object. But in inbreeding cultures women are already degraded in agreement with the norms of society. If the rapist is a cultural psychopath his behavior is in line with his culture and there is no need to kill the victim afterwards. So, for Muslims there is no reason to kill their victims. In Islam women better keep their mouth shut and behave cooperative. 

In Islam we have a different problem of masochism hate and masochism fear. The more a woman struggles and the more she screams the sooner she will be killed. 
Repressed empathy with women makes Muslim males to time bombs. Masochism hate and fear is the perpetuum mobile of Islam as killing machine.

But in Western culture rape is an extreme violation of the norm. In Western culture the victim might alarm the rapist for his abnormal behavior by screaming and fighting. This might help if he is not a psychopath.

3: Rape and murder together 
(Ra&M; Rape and murder at the same time).

Rape and murder at the same time is the real meaning of breaking SM-dyad. This only happens with natural psychopaths which can be found in all cultures. Here the interaction between killer instinct and sexual instinct goes into all directions and anything is possible.

4: Murder sexually embedded within religion 
(M|Ri; Murder without rape, by religion)

This is the backbone of Islamic culture. A lot has been written on this site. Interactions between murder and rape are very complicated but mostly rape plays no role in institutionalized and 'religious' motivated kills. Think about honor killings and stoning. But since most murders in Islam are somehow related to 'other sexual roles', killings are sexually founded in SM-dyad:

Honor killing by stoning (Islam):

Sadomasochism, how it's made 

Sadomasochism can be the relative harmless crown on human sexuality if sexual partners have developed empathy with each other. Well known is BDSM in Western society where women have the same rights as men.

Without empathy species simply will die out by breaking SM-dyad systematically. But, also without empathy with women, there is a way out for tribes like Islam if the split of sadomasochism is only practiced on 'other sexual roles' as homosexuals, convicted women, abused children, slaughtered animals and non-believers. Non believers reject the inbreeding 'religion' or they are from other sexual cultures, as can be Jews or Christians. They are sexually defined within SM-dyad too. 

The other way out is 'religious' wars which are meant to rape and murder foreign women, by which one does not eliminate the own tribe. Religious wars are simply planned decompositions of sadomasochism into rape and murder elsewhere.

But the nasty problem is, in the evolution SM-dyad based tribes as Islam (successors of Paradise culture) developed a very different personality structure by natural selection. They systematically eliminated brave women and empathic men:

This blog is dedicated to three brave young women who paid with their lives for genetic freedom:

Assumption 234: Selective breeding with Homininae.
In the evolution a worse development of selective breeding in Paradise culture (former Islam) culled all human characters not suited for inbreeding and incest, males and females. There, a population evolved with an excess of sadistic males and masochistic females.

Therefore they are unfit to assimilate within today's outbreeding cultures: 

Streamlining the breaking of SM

Streamlining the breaking of SM into killer instinct and sexual instinct.

- SM is a sexual atrocity projected onto our genes by sexual evolution. It cannot be denied or replaced by Vanilla-dyad. We cannot prevent 'locker room-talk' in our by women dominated Western society. If we proceed this way we will invite an SM-dyad culture like Islam right into the heart of our culture:

- Sadomasochism is a temporary super instinct repeatedly rebuilt from the killer instinct and the sexual instinct. It was meant as the icing on the cake of boring australopithecus sexuality caused by the inbreeding culture:

Lucy Afarensis (3.2 mya; 400cc):

 Though with some ocher paint and flowers Lucy was not that ugly:

Broken or breaking SM-dyad

Deep in our genes the call sound to break SM-dyad into murder and sexual lust. Only political correctness will deny these roots. But we better face our dark destiny. 

Sexual murder (the limit of SM) is a genetically programmed lust wherefore we did not ask. We can push it away, ashamed, but that would be unwise. We better analyse where this sexual derailment comes from. If we understand our evolutionary inheritance we also know there is no reason to follow this path. Even a psychopath could rationally comprehend murder adds nothing to SM-dyad what not already is possible with intoxication of drugs and rape. Not that I'm advocating that.

The question is how the 'lustful' promise of breaking SM-dyad must be realized. For, what is lustful? Rape is business as usual within SM-dyad and definitely no reason for breaking it. So, only the kill of the victim can be the reason. But this kill must definitely be placed within a sexual context.

Assumption 263 : Murder always takes place within SM-dyad and not after breaking this dyad, since the death of the victim signifies this transition. Just at the very moment the victim dies the spell is broken. So, murder is the factual breaking of SM-dyad. This means murder itself is sadism within SM-dyad and rape within a necrophilic context falls after breaking it. But this means the fun of breaking lies completely within SM-dyad itself, since only within SM-dyad the whole is more than the parts. Beyond that rape it is just plain rape:

So, though murder is a necessary condition for a lustful breaking of SM-dyad, it is not a sufficient condition. Sexual molestation as rape indicates the direction of lust and plays a major role as icing on the murder cake. This means, both, murder and rape are essential for the euphoric sexual lust experience and must go together in time and space within SM-dyad.

Assumption 264:
The split of SM-dyad into murder and sexual desire is established by the death of the victim. This does not mean the murderer had the intention to split up SM-dyad. On the contrary, he just combines rape and strangling to take full advantage of SM-dyad, where the whole is more than the parts.

What are the consequences for our model?

1: Rape after murder (Ra|M)

Only if the victim is raped and strangled at the same time within SM-dyad, there will be an euphoric climax. That's what is meant by lustful break of SM-dyad. From the moment the victim died, the spell is broken. And from that very moment we speak of a broken SM-dyad. This means 'Rape after murder (Ra|M)' like necrophilia is not the real thing, for factually SM-dyad has been broken since the victim died.

2: Murder after rape (M|Ra)

If murder and rape take place within SM-dyad but not at the same time, that's not the real stuff. Murder is an anxiety reaction of Muslim males on masochism hate and fear. It has nothing to do with the euphoric lust connected with breaking SM-dyad:

3: Rape and murder together 
(Ra&M; Rape and murder at the same time).

This is the real thing. Rape and murder at the same time has been engraved in our genes. But this we cannot do - hindered by empathy - since we are no psychopaths.
We can play it a bit, but if orgasm is not forthcoming we easily go too far. This is what the homininae invented seven million years ago to make their dull sexlife somewhat more spicy. And that made us sexual deviant animals.

Remember, only after the first kill of a female, males would really know if this all was sexually satisfying. Only then they would know if it was worth the kill. And that is the big problem in SM. SM is a sick ordering of our genes which can only be controlled by empathy with women.

The insatiable serial killer

Assumption 262:
In Islam, breaking sadomasochism into murder and sexual lust is an institutionalized process. When 'other sexual roles' are slaughtered after Sharia law it is sexually based sentencing, born from sadomasochism. It looks like murdering 'other sexual roles' keeps on fascinating Muslims who always come in big numbers and never seem satisfied.

Assumption 260Breaking sadomasochism in Islam.

Sadomasochism is a temporary super instinct formed from the killer instinct and the sexual instinct. As a Gestalt, sadomasochism is more than its constituent parts. In their interaction killer instinct and sexual instinct may easily intensify SM causing an extremely dangerous cocktail. 

SM-dyad is the blueprint of the relationship between husband and wife in Islamic culture. Then, if sexual tension hits over the edge SM will break into murder and sexual lust, leading to the kill of the sexual partner.

For the full experience of lust from breaking sadomasochism, murder and rape must take place together in smooth wave. Then we deal with natural psychopaths. But in Islamic culture Muslim males grow up as cultural psychopaths. This means murder and sexual lust can be split institutionally, as follows:

In SM-dyad the deadly victim to be can always be predicted in advance. It is the woman who will be killed, but she is not always sexually molested and raped. We know in Islam victims are mostly 'other sexual roles' : homosexuals, women, children, animals and non-believers. Remember, non-believers are from a different tribe or they do not adhere tribal religion, which is a form of sexual identity.  

Though SM decomposes into murder and sexual lust, in Islam we mostly don't see sexual molestation and rape factually. Examples of broken SM-dyads are stoning of 'adulterous' women and honor killings. 

In Islamic culture it is the sexual embedding of the killer instinct which focus the kill on the sexual partner, mostly the woman. But if the woman is not raped or sexually molested and the kill is an institutional process, what then is the fun for the public? What makes the SM decomposition into murder and sexual lust so fascinating for the crowd?

It is the sight of stoning which is attractive for the Islamic public. Muslims come in large numbers to enjoy the transition state of the struggling victim from life to death. Nobody is really interested in the living subject itself or in its dead human body afterwards. It is the transition process that arouses sexual lust in the public. 

So humans are fascinated by the transition state as well as by factually taking part in murder and rape. But remember, there are a lot of unclear interactions after 7 million years of lustful practice. 

In concluding: When 'other sexual roles' are slaughtered by Sharia or the Koran it is sexually based sentencing, born from sadomasochism. Breaking sadomasochism into murder and sexual lust is an institutionalized bonus for Muslim males. People are fascinated by the transition process as well as by factual murdering and rape. It is the exercise of supreme power over a struggling living subject into a dead and objectified human body. It is the 'no escape objectivation' of 'other sexual roles', it is the ultimate satisfaction found in the complete humiliation of a human subject, it is the sick crown on human sexuality and the fundamental characteristic of Islamic culture.


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