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(43) The Incest Inbreeding Compensation Model

Basic Dimension


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Assumption 257: Remember, big apes (Hominids: 20 mya; 350cc) matured earlier than humans at about 8 years. The same for Homininae (7 mya; 400cc), including Australopiths and Homo Naledi. Also for nowadays chimps and bonobos (400cc). Even Turkana boy 1.6 mya (Homo ergaster 1.9 mya; 900 cc) had about adult size at 8 years (152-179 cm). But Homo sapiens got too big brains and matures at about 13 years.

The Incest Inbreeding Compensation Model (I.I.C.)

Assumption 221: The Incest Inbreeding Compensation Model (I.I.C.) states if male incest - as contribution to the inbreeding culture - is not compensated by perpetual orgasm across generations, males develop hatred against wives and daughters, whose stoning and honor killings might result.

In the evolution inbreeding and incest have undergone a dynamic development with a number of distinct stages:

1: Inbreeding and incest started as the natural result of isolation of groups of higher mammals by geographic barriers. Seven million years ago Homininae (400 cc brains) climbed out of the trees and fanned out over the countryside. They were very slow animals which easily lost contact with other groups. Many families died out by autosomal recessive disorders. But where they captured other females, they were saved from extinction. First Homininae had no possessions, only their naked bodies were to create a bond. For millions of years only inbreeding and incest gave Homininae their group identity, underlined by recurrent genetic defects.


Classical conditioning:

Inbreeding and incest started as an unconscious and unintentional lifestyle, where children became look-alikes of their parents. Probably, saturating genes in the offspring unconsciously yielded a mirror to eternity: genetic immortality

Assumption 142: Classical conditioning: Human inbreeding started as an unconditioned stimulus followed by an unconditioned response of genetic immortality in the (earthly) universe.

Human religion works with operant conditioning:

Operant conditioning is the reinforcement of desired behavior with a reward afterwards:
Classical situation:
Unconditioned stimulus: unknown trigger.
Unconditioned response
Pigeon pecks on button.
         Operant conditioning: 
Operant response: pigeon pecks on button.
Reinforcing stimulus: pigeon gets a grain. 

2: Over time, human-like cultures were inclined to preserve their group identity by the purposely perpetuation of genetic monocultures, despite ample opportunities for interbreeding with other groups. Now, they consciously cherished genetic immortality as tribal identity.

3: Millions of years later, genetic monocultures developed the abstract idea of perpetual tribal existence (genetic immortality by inbreeding) as model of society. It became a kind of religion without speech to which tribal members had to contribute (sexual deprivation by incest). Inbreeding became a burden and incest a curse of obligate sexual relations within the group of dull sisters and ugly cousins. Sexual pleasure was sacrificed for tribal identity. Inbreeding and incest became the first primordial human religion born from sexuality:

But at the same time and with operant conditioning inbreeding and incest became a very conscious process:

Assumption 143/223: Operant conditioning: Human inbreeding developed as an operant response followed by a reinforcing stimulus of genetic immortality in the (earthly) universe.

Operant response: Inbreeding and incest 
Primary reinforcing stimulus: genetic immortality of the tribe in the offspring

4: As example of an operant response, elicited for the reinforcing stimulus of increased saturation of parental genes in the offspring, fathers now consciously
fertilized the own sexually mature daughters and nieces

Assumption 224: Operant conditioning: Fertilization of daughters and nieces as operant response meant for increased saturation as secondary reinforcing stimulus.

Operant response: Incest
Primary reinforcing stimulus: genetic immortality in the offspring
Secondary reinforcing stimulus: increased saturation of parental genes 

This introduced perpetual orgasm across generations which contributed to the inbreeding system but also was a strong and lustful reward for males for support to the system:

Assumption 225: Operant conditioning: Fertilization of daughters and nieces as operant response meant for perpetual orgasm across generations (mature) as tertiary reinforcing stimulus.

Operant response: Incest 
Primary reinforcing stimulus: genetic immortality in the offspring 
Secondary reinforcing stimulus: increased saturation of parental genes 
Tertiary reinforcing stimulus: perpetual orgasm across generations (mature)


5: By worshiping perpetual orgasm as core of human male religion, genetic monocultures developed better checks and balances between inbreeding and incest. From that moment on, groups focused systematically and successfully on their eternal existence.

Of course fathers were still obligated to mate with ugly cousins and other dull family, but this forced incest was rewarded with perpetual orgasm across generations, also with sexually immature tribal members. 

Assumption 226: Operant conditioning: Fertilization of daughters and nieces as operant response meant for perpetual orgasm across generations (immature) as tertiary reinforcing stimulus.

Operant response: Incest 
First reinforcing stimulus: genetic immortality in the offspring 
Second reinforcing stimulus: increased saturation of parental genes 
Third reinforcing stimulus: perpetual orgasm across generations (mature)
Fourth reinforcing stimulus: perpetual orgasm across gen. (immature)

Inbreeding as a burden found its compensation in everlasting joy, what comes down to sex with daughters, nieces and others. Perpetual orgasm became the core of human male religion: 

Perpetual orgasm always is an operationalization of inbreeding and incest (72 virgins in Heaven, 200.000 ya). 

Tuesday, Oct 11th 2016


Muslim father rapes his daughter as punishment because she had become 'too Westernised' living in Norway 

  • The man, in his 40s has been charged with rape and incest after he attacked his daughter in their family home
  • The daughter ran out of the house in the city of Fredrikstad and told a passing postman who called the police
  • The daughter told police she had been punished by her father for living a Western lifestyle 

If one smells perpetual orgasm, inbreeding and incest are not far away. Animals and Christians do not yearn for perpetual orgasm in Heaven, for exogamies indulge all kinds of sex on earth:

By perpetual orgasm across generations a perfect system of checks and balances was created in which benefits and burdens were equally assigned: women bore the burdens and men got the lusts in SM-dyad:


Remember, perpetual orgasm of human males is not primarily meant for fertility. Of course, it is linked to fertility only with sexually mature individuals.


It is here where sick human males diverge from the Alpha male, who strives for offspring in the first place and does not jump on immature youngsters too much:

Schizophrenic Homininae lost all contact with the animal world, because intentional and culturally instigated inbreeding and incest is sick and unnatural:

By operant conditioning, inbreeding and incest had become really complementary, it were operant responses with reinforcing stimuli for the group (genetic immortality) and rewards for the individual male (perpetual orgasm). But females were frustrated in their drive for genetic diversity and were guarded in captivity:

In 5 million years inbreeding and incest became an instinct which still reigns in large parts of the world:

6. But meanwhile autosomal recessive disorders spoiled the fun of perpetual
orgasm, and father-daughter sexual relations were banned. Much later also uncle-niece relations were prohibited. Perpetual orgasm (incest across generations in the family) has been forbidden in a long, long struggle of millions of years:

Assumption 227: Operant conditioning: Fertilization of daughters and nieces as operant response meant for perpetual orgasm across generations (mature) was forbidden as tertiary reinforcing stimulus.

Operant response: Incest 
First reinforcing stimulus: genetic immortality in the offspring 
Fourth reinforcing stimulus: perpetual orgasm across gen. (immature)

What remained of perpetual orgasm in this lifetime were incestuous pedophile relations with immature daughters and nieces, and not- incestuous pedophile marriages with others (immature) daughters: child marriages:

Animals have no institutionalized pedophilia; it was only invented by humans for inbreeding. Pedophilia born from incest has become a very strange and insane human instinct over millions of years:

Assumption 222: 
1: Incest with sexually mature girls (daughters and nieces) developed from inbreeding as super saturation of genes in the offspring. Then also incestuous pedophilia with immature daughters and nieces - as perpetual orgasm across generations - developed as reward for males for their contribution to the inbreeding culture. Later in the evolution incest with daughters and nieces was forbidden because of autosomal recessive disorders. 
2: Later, the male instinct expanded into non-incestuous pedophilia with sexually immature persons (other people's children). Child marriages developed as sign of powerful perpetual orgasm and expected eternal fertility of the wealthy. It is difficult to feel any empathy for religious instigated pedophilia with sexually immature individuals. In this form it is unknown in the animal world and must have been caused by 7 million years of inbreeding culture. It is a sick aberration of sexuality.
3: Meanwhile sacred pedophilia with sexually immature persons degenerated in the sacrifice of newborns to the gods in holy rituals, so they could live in perpetual orgasm too.

7: Only the more affluent could afford child marriages as compensation for inbreeding, so the general male public lost their fun in inbreeding. Hence, the burden of inbreeding was not offset any longer by perpetual orgasm across generations. Men still were forced to marry ugly and dull cousins, but were not compensated any longer with sexual rewards of raping the own (sexually mature) daughters and nieces. 

That's why the inbreeding and incest system degenerated into hatred and aggression against THE OWN FAMILY: cousins (wives) and daughters died by stoning, acid attacks and honor killings:

8: Now, because fathers were forbidden to fertilize their daughters any longer, they developed a morbid interest in the reproductive organs of their daughters for planning forced marriages with cousins, nephews who are deputies in charge of the sexual claims of fathers on their daughters. 

Incest by fathers has long been forbidden, but the instinctive lust for perpetual orgasm sometimes remains. Nowadays, this lust for endless orgasm sublimates into mental incest: stalking.
It sometimes results in fathers not penetrating their daughters any longer, but their minds. Fathers over-identify with daughters and see them as objects. In Muslim cultures some fathers develop a suffocating supervision: stalking.
In those cases, by rejecting incest with the cousin, daughters also reject their father, who sometimes takes revenge as frustrated stalker who kills his victim. 
Greater emotional involvement easily leads to more extreme violence. More intense relations between father and daughter lead to greater chances of honor killing. This, because these fathers over-identify with their daughters, they want to possess them literally and figuratively.
Honor killings and acid attacks are psychiatric forms of paraphilia.

9: Because the heavily unbalanced inbreeding and incest system was no longer functioning, checks and balances were developed as described in Sexual Scales of Religion, in which benefits and burdens of the inbreeding culture are carefully weighted, which process is described fully in the Sexual Model of Religion. In some cultures Sexual Scales is still called "religious law", in which adulterous women are stoned and unwilling daughters are honor killed:

Sexual scales compensate for the loss of perpetual orgasm with sexually mature daughters and nieces of men who are unhappy with the inbreeding system.
The Sexual Balance of Religion weighs the benefits of sadomasochism against its cleavage into killer instinct and sexual instinct. If a man judges the SM-dyad yields too little fun, he may choose for cleavage of SM-dyad by which murder like stoning and honor killing possibly yields more sexual satisfaction:

Assumption 228: Operant conditioning: Fertilization of daughters and nieces as operant response meant for perpetual orgasm across generations (mature) was
forbidden as tertiary reinforcing stimulus.

Operant response: Incest 
First reinforcing stimulus: genetic immortality in the offspring 
Fourth reinforcing stimulus: perpetual orgasm across gen. (mature)
Fifth reinforcing stimulus: disband sadomasochism into murder lust and sexual desire to compensate for lost perpetual orgasm across generations (mature).

10: It is long ago that fathers felt fine in Paradise Culture with sufficient incestuous
rewards and sexual pleasure by rape across generations. It kept SM-dyad intact which only oppressed and harassed women and daughters. But now, in Islamic culture, where perpetual orgasm across generations has been forbidden, males earlier are inclined to disband sadomasochism into murder lust and sexual desire, meaning the lustful stoning of adulterous women and acid attacks on unwilling daughters, who do not want not to serve as incubator for family seed: 

By breaking SM-dyad a new world of sexual lust opens for fathers, brothers and uncles. By breaking the code of inbreeding, daughters easily become the whore of the family:

In Islamic culture raping of daughters is forbidden and their virginity is checked at marriage. But when social structure collapses because daughters refuse arranged marriages, their virginity does not matter anymore. 
Honor killings immediately after an abortion are suspect and indicate a tangle of potential conflicts. Did the father sexually abuse his daughter after his decision to decompose SM-dyad into rape and murder? Did he make her pregnant? That's forbidden in Islam. Did she threaten to make this public?
Are father and daughter checkmate? He wants her to marry her cousin, while she puts him under pressure because of sexual abuse. Was the honor killing caused by panic? And why is the family agrees with the murder? To protect the "honor of the family"? Or to prevent shame on the family, because of the behavior of her father, her brothers and her uncle?
We don't know and many complications cannot be treated here. Gülsüm Selim and Mirjam Abarkan were killed shortly after an abortion. Do families unconsciously still believe in earthly reincarnation? A mortal sin in nowadays Islam! Did families take unconsciously revenge because of killed ancestors, already descended into the fetuses? We don't know.

Don't we have to see whole families as criminal organizations?
How many tragic complications takes the daughter to her grave?

'In overweging nemende wat ter terechtzitting van het hof aan de orde is gesteld en in het bijzonder de exceptionele vergevingsgezinde opstelling van de nabestaanden jegens verdachte en de gehechtheid van de gezinsleden aan verdachte als spil van het gezin - welke rol verdachte na het uitzitten van haar straf naar verwachting weer op zich zal nemen -, ziet het hof aanleiding de straf, zoals door de rechtbank is opgelegd, over te nemen en daarmee in zeer aanzienlijke mate van het hierboven geformuleerde uitgangspunt en de in beginsel billijke strafeis van de advocaat-generaal af te wijken.'

'The court is moved by hearing of the exceptional feelings of forgiveness of family members for the suspect as key player in the family, which role suspect is expected to take on again after serving her punishment . That's why (Yes, why, for the daughter was an outcast of the family!!!) the court is willing to take over the extremely low sentence and thus will diverge significantly from the sentencing of the Advocate General.'

('Finally, the court has been surprised that no police report of this factual murder has been submitted. If there is no premeditation, then how for Heaven’s sake has the suspect been able to take a knife from the kitchen drawer, run up the stairs, and meanwhile did not come to some reflection? Why did she actually decompose SM-dyad? We know exactly it was because of her daughters strong and natural drive for genetic diversity, for she dated a non-Muslim friend. Classical case of inbreeding offense, registrar, skip this last paragraph'.)

11: Hence, according to Sexual Scales the rape of the daughter sometimes may precede her killing:


This blog is dedicated to three brave young women who paid with their lives for genetic freedom:

Sadia Sheikh and Gülsüm Selim: Tribal endogamy.
Mirjam Abarkan: Religious endogamy.

Sadia Sheikh: (shot in the abdomen several times, died within three days)

 Gülsüm Selim: (strangled with an iron cord and beaten to death with an iron bar)

12: Later in the evolution, perpetual orgasm across generations has been sublimated in perpetual orgasm in the offspring after reincarnation into the (earthly) universe. And later in the parallel universe (72 virgins in Heaven). 


Assumption 220: Perpetual orgasm across generations in this lifetime started as a conscious operant response to elicit the reinforcing stimulus of even more saturated genes in the sexually mature offspring. In this manner, inbreeding promoted tribal identity in the form of genetic immortality. For this reason, first Homininae started to fertilize sexually mature daughters and nieces.

This kind of highly saturated inbreeding also led to the insight that sexual intercourse with younger generations in itself contributed to eternal survival. Perpetual orgasm across generations got sacred meaning for eternal fertility of human-like males. This kind of incestuous pedophilia became a human male instinct.

Hence, both inbreeding and incest became human instincts. They developed as compensating instincts because sex with younger generations also was a lustful payment for males for their contribution to the system. Only in inbreeding cultures males are morally rewarded for sex with the own daughters and nieces.

Without compensation of perpetual orgasm with daughters and nieces, inbreeding and incest became unbalanced and caused honor killings much later in the evolution. Perpetual orgasm over generations was the price daughters had to pay for genetic immortality of the tribe.

From the holiness of incestuous pedophilia with daughters and nieces a different kind of pedophilia evolved: sacred pedophilia with sexually immature individuals in general. Of course this was not meant for inbreeding. 

In the evolution incestuous pedophilia lost its former goal to create saturated genes in the offspring because of autosomal recessive disorders and now pedophilia in general was left for perpetual orgasm across generations for males with sexually immature persons.

Hence, nowadays a very insane and sick form of pedophilia with sexually immature persons results from inbreeding, which is not found in the animal world. Later in the evolution newborns were sacrificed to the gods in holy rituals, so these also could live forever in perpetual orgasm.

Resuming, in the first instance, saturating genes in the offspring contributed to the survival of the genetic identity of the tribe in genetic immortality. In the second instance, perpetual orgasm across generations developed as a human lust for males. And in the third instance, pedophilia developed with sexually immature persons. Meanwhile sacred pedophilia developed and degenerated into sacrifices of newborns to the gods.

Extreme saturated inbreeding has been forbidden already for a very long time because of autosomal recessive disorders, though incestuous pedophilia is still practiced in some parts of the world.

But non-incestuous pedophilia has not been banned. This found its outlet in ordinary pedophilia and child marriages, not found in animals. Child marriages developed as sign of powerful eternal orgasm and expected fertility of the wealthy.

Later in the evolution perpetual orgasm across generations has been sublimated in perpetual orgasm in the offspring after reincarnation into the (earthly) universe and still later in the parallel universe (72 virgins in Heaven, 200.000 ya).

Assumption 221: The Incest Inbreeding Compensation Model (I.I.C.) states if male incest - as contribution to the inbreeding culture - is not compensated by perpetual orgasm across generations, males develop hatred against wives and daughters, whose stoning and honor killings might result.




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(42) The Split in Panini Religion

Basic Dimension


Number Archive

The main dimension in mammal groups religion

The degree of group permeability is the fundamental dimension of religion of higher mammals. Permeability is determined by the ratio of exogamy to endogamy:

In mammal groups usually there is a patriarchal system in which males have control over females:


But in matriarchal systems females have control over males:


Assumption 213: Group of higher mammals:
A group of higher mammals exists by virtue of the balance between endogamy and exogamy.

Its endogamous core consists of the power of the alpha male to fertilize all females. Hence, he basically establishes a genetic monoculture by inbreeding and incest, only serving the immediate survival of the group. But in the long run his genes will be over-represented in his descendants, unless competitive males in the exogamous mantle contribute to genetic diversity.

But tension also arises between the sexual desires of the dominant male and the females. Since females naturally tend to genetic diversity with other males. Hence, the exogamic outer layer consists of adulterous females chasing genetic diversity with other males and from other groups, what comes down to the permeability of the group.

For humans, the total permeability of the mantle depends on the relation between endogamous repulsion and exogamous attraction of external genes. This relation is the natural base of 'human religion'.
But only on the basis of inbreeding and incest (Islam) permeability is related to endogamy. Endogamous cores in completely permeable cultures as the Enlightenment are derived from other values.

Hominini and Panini

'DNA evidence suggests the bonobo and common chimpanzee species effectively separated from each other fewer than one million years ago.[22][23].The Pan line split from the last common ancestor shared with humans approximately six to seven million years ago. Because no species other than Homo sapiens has survived from the human line of that branching, both Pan species are the closest living relatives of humans and cladistically are equally close to humans. The recent genome data confirms the genetic equidistance.'.


'Scientists such as Jared Diamond in The Third Chimpanzee, and Morris Goodman[21] of Wayne State University in Detroit suggest that the bonobo and common chimpanzee are so closely related to humans that their genus name also should be classified with the human genus Homo: Homo paniscus, Homo sylvestris, or Homo arboreus. An alternative philosophy suggests that the term Homo sapiens is the misnomer rather, and that humans should be reclassified as Pan sapiens, though this would violate the Principle of Priority, as Homo was named before Pan (1758 for the former, 1816 for the latter).'

The split in Panini Religion:


Chimps resolve conflicts with aggression and violence while bonobos peacefully settle their differences with a variety of sexual behaviors.

This is comparable with the split in Hominini religion:


Muslims cherish violence as natural part of their Islamic doctrine, while Christians at least in their religion seek peaceful coexistence.

Equal Sexual Roles (Eq.S.R.)


If all religions are pushed together on the permeability characteristic, a link evolves between animal sexuality and human religion: the Equal Sexual Roles (Eq.S.R.) rank order:

Therefore we propose the Equal Sexual Roles (Eq.S.R.) rank order


Assumption 1: God is a sexual ideal projection of higher mammals in the alpha male. He personifies the role of polygamous heterosexuality.
Assumption 2: Gods are sexual roles.  
Assumption 50: The polytheistic space of gods (in the archetype of God) exists of five sexual dimensions. With two dimensions, heterosexuality is opposed to other sexual roles. With five dimensions it concerns the following hierarchy:

1: First God: male heterosexuality. [Alpha male]
2: Second God: male homosexuality. [homosexual clergy]
3: Third God: female sexual roles
4: Fourth God: pedophilia
5: Fifth God: bestiality

The permeability of a culture is determined by the degree of empathy with sexual roles, what is not the same as moral acceptance. When sexual roles - or gods - are considered equal their members are seen as equivalent subjects, apart from the moral acceptance of their behavior.

Paraphilia arises when sexual roles are regarded as unequal and practitioners are seen as non-equivalent objects. An example is monotheism, in which male heterosexuality (subject) is seen as the only God and 'other sexual roles' are regarded as objects. In monotheism homosexuals and women are seen as objects.

Islam discriminates between all kinds of sexual roles and chimp males oppress females as they wish, Christianity barely acknowledges homosexuality but bonobos consider all sexual roles as equivalent, except mother-son incest:

But Christianity can be understood as the transition from patriarchal to matriarchal religion. Jesus as feminized personification of the female role gives a clear indication to that purpose. This means that Christianity also can be seen as an alpha female society developing towards polytheism, towards total individualism. Which means Enlightenment - with a much more turbulent religious evolution ahead -, eventually will surpass the emphatic experience of sexual roles of static bonobo culture.

In mammal groups, religion is universal. On Eq.S.Rthe split in Pan religion is in reasonable agreement with the caesura of Homo:

This means Muslims are like chimpanzees and Christians morally behave like bonobos.

Other sexual roles are pinched in monotheism, where the heterosexual God oppresses the population (Islam), while the opposite occurs in polytheism, where all gods are freely transformed into sexual roles (Greek gods).

Current situation:

Possible future development Christianity:

From animal sexuality we first reconstructed the basis of human religion and then with our vast knowledge of human processes we combine both types of sexuality on one super dimension.

First the evolution of human religion:

From here we infer there are no substantial differences between subspecies of Homininae on our main dimension of religion:


And now in retrospect we understand the animals from the basic dimension as follows:


Bonobos are renown for their sexual appetite. Common chimpanzees can become angry or violent, but bonobos defuse any such situation through sexual pleasure. They also greet and show affection to each other through sexual stimulation. Common chimpanzees do not engage in recreational sex, and mating only takes ten or fifteen seconds, often whilst eating or doing something else. Friendships and emotional attachments have no bearing on with whom a common chimpanzee mates, and a female in heat will generally mate with several males, who sometimes patiently wait their turn directly after each other. Humans experience sexual pleasure, like bonobos, however even sex for reproduction only takes much longer and requires more effort; long-term partnerships naturally form as a result. Unlike humans, chimpanzees have no concept of sexual jealousy or competition, as they do not take long-term partners.

Homininae with religion conflicting dimensions:

Homininae religion, state of the art:



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