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Basic Dimension

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Simplified model:

What we call 'Islam' (pink) actually implies a second religion: Inbreeding (red). That settles the matter. Muslims have an umbrella belief called the Muslim Faith, consisting of a Sexual Religion (SR) called Inbreeding and a Human Religion (HR) called Islam. That is the key to understanding this drama on worldformat.

Originally, Desert Religions countered earthly reincarnation through inbreeding, by advocating a-sexuality in the parallel universe by resurrection. But Muslim males failed a sexless afterlife and changed the parallel universe into outbreeding:

(Well, there are a lot of other reasons for the parallel universe to be found on this blog.)

So, the diagram of the model below means that Muslims have two sorts of religion:

The Myth of Paradise on the left (red) handles about the earthly afterlife through inbreeding. Only males reincarnating into the same genetic constellation of their tribe will be save. And that's why cousin marriages are enforced. If a girl does not want to serve as an incubator of family semen, then a conflict on life and death arises between the father and his daughter. Because then she makes his afterlife impossible and he has to roam through the universe for ever. That is his unconscious fear. Enough for killing her in a psychosis.

And because her womb no longer has any function for his afterlife he is entitled to take revenge by Sexual Scales of Religion, meaning SM-dyad will be decomposed into murder and sexual lust again:

Then, he slaughters her in the most brutal and horrible way possible. Great fun for dad, her paps, as kind of compensation. He is in a psychosis:

But the problem is males do not understand what is happening in their mind. Because, in Islam the belief in earthly reincarnation is forbidden on pain of death. So, the reason for inbreeding is suppressed for already 1400 years. And insight only comes with knowledge.

The pink religion on the right side of above projection is the faith in Allah of the parallel universe what is enforced by Islam on pain of death in history. As said, for Muslim males Heaven means outbreeding with 72 virgins from other tribes. And now we see Islam has created an enormous conflict because Islam is only 1400 years old, while reincarnation by inbreeding has become a human instinct for 2.2 million years and comes from Homo erectus. This inbreeding instinct can only be diluted by outbreeding with exogamous peoples.

So, the conclusion is that Islam has no natural credit, no real authority among believers and must be enforced on pain of death. But that cannot wipe out the inbreeding instinct from millions of years old. 

This is the psychotic and schizophrenic constellation of Islam, to cherish two incompatible religions ...

Only for illustration below we give the full tentative model of the religious mess created by Islam. Nobody is to blame for this tragic situation, because Muslims cannot wipe out their inbreeding instinct without merging with outbred populations. It is all much more complicated and extensively analyzed on this blog.

So, again, the Muslim faith is a real tragedy and nobody is to blame. The only way to repair this situation is to make earthly reincarnation by inbreeding consciously again for Muslim males. And if possible Islam must become somewhat more permissive for its dual religion. Just like Abraham, see the real significance of this myth on this blog. Then I expect an enormous decrease in honor killings, because the unconscious psychosis will disappear, causing honor killings in the first place. As you see this theory can be falsified in the universe...

You better skip next full model, which has not been completely developed yet:

FULL MODEL: Between the Muslim faith (HR), Islam (HR) and Inbreeding (SR) are numerous unchecked interactions:

Studying Islam is a methodological disaster:

Christianity is easy, since it broke with inbreeding and incest and was only embraced by outbred peoples:

Our conclusion is that Muslim males must be made aware of the possibility of a hidden wish for reincarnation. This may prevent psychotic and misunderstood feelings which burst out in honor killings. 

And think about it, fathers who have no contact with each other all are doing the same thing: killing their daughters en masse, not really knowing what they are doing. That's no coincidence. In Pakistan, thousands of honor killings a year. So, there must be an underlying traitdefinitely as strong as an instinct. 

This blog made an in dept study of the Muslim male mind:

And not for nothing concluded to a general cause for honor killings. Who is as mad as to slaughter his own daughter is unconsciously in a fight of life and death with her. If the father cannot reincarnate into her (tribal) offspring, he must roam for ever through the universe. That is his big and unconscious fear. 

So, the reasons for honor killings are real but ill founded on quicksand. It must be an inbreeding instinct that is frustrated by daughters not willing to serve as incubators for family semen. The point is the inbreeding instinct has been formed in an era when males only dared to reincarnate into their own tribe, with the same genetic constellation, resulting from severe inbreeding.

If a daughter refuses her cousin, her body has become worthless for reincarnation. Same if she has been raped by a non-tribal member, or behaves in a Western (adulterous) manner. Then the father, the uncle or the brother is entitled to break SM-dyad into murder and sexual lust. This is decided by inner jurisdiction in the male's head. So she pays her father with her body and may be slaughtered in the most horrible possible way. 

Well, try to be empathetic with the father who ever loved his little girl so dearly and also does not understand how that animal came into his mind. And remember, empathy differs completely from sympathy. We cannot win this game by anger and rage alone...

Mankind has ascribed special value to religion that transcends banality. With banality sexuality is intended. But religious discussions almost always have sexuality as central theme. For example, homosexuality and rules for female sexual behavior are hot items in monotheism.

The contrast between plain sex on the one hand and esoteric religion on the other has been created for only one reason: If religion could be explained by sexuality alone, then the existence of God could be eliminated, since we always choose the most parsimonious theory. But in this case that would be a fallacy, because the derivation of human religion from animal sexuality cannot falsify the existence of God in the parallel universe. What does not make His existence otherwise more likely.

Therefore, we are left with a relation wherein people unconsciously feel that human religion has something to do with sexuality, what possibly torments their belief in God.

For believers and unbelievers, it is important to imagine how the first Hominins developed religious thinking. This blog built its model in a rational and systematic way from the animal world. Nowhere do we claim the existence of God to support our theory. Statements regarding the existence of God are far beyond our scope. Finally, our Sexual Theory of Religion can be falsified in the universe.

This blog is not interested in the existence of God. The key issue is how Hominins, Homo erectus and Homo sapiens discovered the timelessness derivative of sexuality to perpetual orgasm and eternal life and why it is called 'religion'.

This blog develops the notion of God from the alpha male from higher mammals. It traces religion back tens of millions of years in history. From there it rebuilds human religion in a rational and straightforward way.

This blog supports no specific religion, but contains a rational analysis of religion in general. It is supported by about 500 assumptions that are mutually compatible. 
This analysis transforms my intuitive truth about religion into a rational model. So, it is not a value-free approach, but my subjective opinion for which I found the most appropriate model. 
Most attention is given to Islam, because according to the analysis this appears to be the oldest human religion. In a straight line, Islam must be seen as the successor of the primal religion of the hominids, from Australopithecus.

On this blog human religion is a profitable function of sexual religionHR = f (SR). 

Sexual religion concerns the basic dimension (inbreeding - outbreeding):

Assumption 453: Rosetta Stone of Human Religion.
The idea is that human religion comes from animal sexuality. Then, the sexual dimension on which religion is based is inbreeding vs outbreeding. So, Human Religion is a function of Sexual Religion: HR = f (SR) and all human religions were originally based on the dimension of inbreeding versus outbreeding. Understanding human religion in this way provides an integral explanation for the Myth of Paradise, the Myth of Abraham and honor killings.

Assumption 448: Inbreeding and FGM as sexual religions.
Human religions are profitable functions of sexual religions. Males modify female sexual behavior in such a way that they benefit from it. For example cousin marriages as instrument for inbreeding cultures and FGM for outbred populations:

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Long time ago a great ape had fallen from a tree. He had fallen on his head and had some brain damage by which he could not go on all fours anymore. So, he had to walk on two feet for the rest of his life. He had some difficulty in climbing trees as well. The other apes laughed at him because he was weird. It was a stupid sight but the advantage was other animals saw it for upright standing aggression. 

The poor creature was hit by the bipedal mutation and had some other shortcomings as well. For example, he was sickly creative and tied grasses together as ropes all the day. He also made sort of spears from long branches, which he sharpened by dragging along the rocky ground. And so defended himself against feline predators in the plains.

This brain disorder made his descendants no longer walked in circles like normal chimps do that stumble never more than 2 miles a day. No, bipeds walked straight to the horizon about 9 miles a day. They roamed unstoppable around the world.

It looked like their damaged brain told them there was a pot of gold at the horizon. They never returned and much later their greedy disorder for wealth collapsed the world into disaster. Bipeds never came back to the safe haven of the forests. 

Quadrupeds laughed at bipeds and on their turn upright walking apes did not like other chimps any more, because they looked unattractive and were stupid. 

The problem is, bipeds disappeared in all directions and had great difficulty in meeting their own kind. And so, they had no other choice as pairing within the own group. This differed greatly from quadruped chimps (on all fours), from which juvenile females escaped to other tribes three trees farther on. Since young females possess the outbreeding instinct what is quite normal in nature.

What we see is the reason for inbreeding is the bipedal mutation. Inbreeding is a collateral phenomenon.

Assumption 455: 'Inbreeding and incest' is collateral damage from the bipedal mutation.

Parsimony and content validity

The Sexual Theory of Religion is parsimonious and no other theory of religion is based on such a simple formula: HR = f(SR).

But parsimony makes no sense if the formula is not based on the true nature of religion, given by the evolution. This concerns content validity, in which no other religion finds its origin in the bipedal mutation from Australopithecus:

From the contrast between quadrupeds and bipeds the sexual theory of religion emerged:

In addition to the inferential formula HR = f(SR), the theory can be described as well in the form of multiple regression:

The validity of the theory is evident from the fact that the Myth of Paradise, the Myth of Abrahamhonor killings and other aspects are explained integrally by the theory. There is no sensible explanation from other religious theories to be expected. In case of religious disruptions as honor killings, all other theories are invalid. 

We will compress Sexual Religion into a ratio scale:

We saw inbreeding and outbreeding as lying on the basic dimension of sexual religion (SR), going from a very poor genetic genome (inbreeding) towards a genome rich of genetic variation (outbreeding). It was measured on interval level, possibly with negative values:

We will now construct a fictitious scale from zero genetic variability (absolute zero point) like between identical twins to maximum genetic diversity (total outbreeding) from solitary birds, flying around the world and choosing partners from the total population. Fictitiously, we standardize this upper limit to 1:

Next, we create a measure for genetic adaptability and genetic lack of adaptability:

Then, we must make a projection of the chance of extinction for inbreeding cultures in the far future. We take Pakistani Muslims in the UK as a try out for our hypothetical model. We came to this:

Hypothetical stages of genetic variation

We took solitary breeding pairs of birds as upper limit from genetic diversity = 1.
Chimp ancestors are 95% genetically diverse, compared with this upper limit. For bipedal primates applies: inbreeding within tribes leads to a decreased genome per tribe as a function of time. Total genetic diversity from the species as a whole will be maintained only if tribal genetic losses are complementary and compensated by interbreeding with other tribes. So, only if all inbred tribes lost the same genes, the population cannot retrieve its earlier varied genome. Bipedal primates were in the tragic situation that inbreeding was a by circumstances enforced sexual culture, by which their genome decreased over time.

Next, we complete our projection of the chance of extinction for Pakistani Muslims in the UK as a try out for our hypothetical model. We come to this:

Male religion regresses on genetic adaptability and the afterlife

First, we defined the Basic Dimension as a single axis on internet level (possibly with negative values) with an inbreeding and outbreeding pole. Then, we transformed this Basic Dimension into genetic adaptability, which is the outbreeding axis in the figure below. Next, we assign the inbreeding part to the second axis:

We split the Basic Dimension into two orthogonalized (actually very dependent and covarying) predictors of Muslim male religion. Next, we let Sexual Religion (SR, inbreeding and outbreeding) interact with Human Religion (HR). As follows, we combine outbreeding with the parallel universe, which is a-sexual for Christians and Jews, but heavily sexualized for Muslim males:

Namely, it contains 'perpetual orgasm', the core of human male religion, which is the desire for '72 virgins in Heaven':

How to derive the Muslim faith:

Because of the interaction between HR and SR, the regression plane below contains two 'independent' predictors of Muslim male religion, namely: resurrection in the parallel universe by outbreeding, and earthly reincarnation by inbreeding. This complicated interaction designates the Muslim male religion as pure schizophrenia, what is not said with animus, but with sorrow, because it is a tragedy for Muslim women and the direct cause of honor killings:

The evolution of the Muslim faith:

The real meaning of the Trees of Paradise

(An alternative interpretation is the Gihon which is a river of the land of Cush, a mountain region in Iran and the Pishon which is now a dry riverbed. All rivers ended in the Persian Gulf. Further, the story of Adam and Eve marks the transition from a hunter-gatherer to a farmer culture (Juris Zarins)).

Nowadays Desert Religions do not have the slightest idea of the real meaning of the Trees of Paradise.

In this symbolic myth the trees must have had some sort of opposite meaning. This started only after Mount Toba (74,000 years ago), when the Tree of Knowledge was born. Before Toba, the Tree of Knowledge was unnecessary, because the genome of bipedal primates was resistant to formidable inbreeding, i.c. the Tree of Life:

          Genetic bottleneck theory
The Toba eruption has been linked to a genetic bottleneck in human evolution about 70,000 years ago, which may have resulted from a severe reduction in the size of the total human population due to the effects of the eruption on the global climate.
Decimating the human race 
According to the Toba catastrophe theory, it had global consequences for human populations; it killed most humans living at that time and is believed to have created a population bottleneck in central east Africa and India, which affects the genetic make-up of the human worldwide population to the present. Debate exists regarding the catastrophe theory.According to the genetic bottleneck theory, between 50,000 and 100,000 years ago, human populations sharply decreased to 3,000–10,000 surviving individuals.It is supported by genetic evidence suggesting that today's humans are descended from a very small population of between 1,000 and 10,000 breeding pairs that existed about 70,000 years ago.
The strongest contrast imaginable between the trees would highlight Life and Death. But this contrast would be unnecessary, because 'Death' simply mirrors the information from Life. Also, for millions of years, inbreeding had not too many bad consequences. So, just the Tree of Life was sufficient for the Life / Death dimension for about seven million years. But after the Toba supervolcano and after birth of the Tree of Knowledge, the Death pole probably contained a warning if not attended to. I will formulate this warning below.

And think about it, would you moralize 'ins Blaue hinein' about ethical standards from the Tree of Knowledge, moralize 'out of the blue' as in a contemporary book of philosophy? Would you talk in riddles as in nowadays Myth of Paradise? Would you leave anything to guess in such a fundamental myth? For people as intelligent as we, but mostly without any education? Of course not, it would make the whole myth meaningless. And just that happened, the myth has no meaning any longer, it is a joke.

Desert Religions had a terrible heritage to hide: inbreeding as human religion. 

They ruined the beautiful Myth of Paradise into the Myth of the Fake Universe, Paradise in Heaven from the Parallel universe:

So, the meaning of the Tree of Knowledge must have been changed. By doing so they disguised the original meaning of the Tree of Life (everlasting tribal life or tribal identity by inbreeding). In short, Desert Religions probably have deleted inbreeding and outbreeding out of the script. Although Islam failed miserably, because earthly reincarnation and resurrection are confounded (correlated) under a sharp angle, meaning Islam was not able to dispel inbreeding from their sexual culture. So, you can lower orthogonal projections from inbreeding to outbreeding, from earthly reincarnation to heavenly resurrection, and vice versa:

Inbreeding and outbreeding lead to different sexual relationships. Females are born with an outbreeding instinct and must be forced into SM-dyad, a sadomasochistic relationship. On the other hand, in outbreeding cultures males and females agree on Vanilla dyad, without the harassment of females:

Desert Religions purposely changed the rules of the Play of Paradise. This likely was the original meaning:

(122) Islam is a hybrid religion

It is astonishing to see how Islam and Christianity draw the same conclusion from the Myth of Paradise. Both reject earthly reincarnation and choose for resurrection in Heaven of the parallel universe. Judaism did not believe in the parallel universe at all, only into a kind of massive rebirth of their people or not at all in the afterlife.

Assumption 336The inbreeding instinct is a human instinct developed somewhere between Homo erectus (2,2 Mya; 900cc) and the Arabian Peninsula (Homo sapiens, 60-50 Kya; 1400cc). It is a typical male instinct which aims at earthly reincarnation into tribal inbred bodies enforced by cousin marriages. It is still vividly present in the Muslim culture. But maybe there was an earlier variant aiming at 'rebirth without soul' from Homo naledi (2.3 Mya; 550cc). But we reserve the inbreeding instinct for reincarnation with the soul.

The inbreeding instinct is what Muslims do not recognize as their common denominator, as their group identity. It is sustained as long as Muslims marry other Muslims. But beware, new Muslims in religious endogamy do not naturally have this instinct. For example Boko Haram, (mtDNA L2), from sub-Saharan Africa, originally comes from outbreeding (Voodoo). On the other hand, Pakistani with mtDNA L3M are originally Muslims:

More and more I gained understanding of Islam in what Muslims have done trying to become really good people of high morality. From their viewpoint they sincerely succeeded. But according to standards and values of other people it has gone terribly wrong. On many moral issues they are diametrically opposed to Western values. From a moral point of view, Muslims are the antiprojection of the human race. Why? How is this possible? The answer is given in this blog: inbreeding cultures are only sustainable if they reject other cultures.

Their roots lie in the desert of the Arabian Peninsula (Saudi Arabia), where they fought in animosity with other Bedouin tribes about 60.000 years ago. It was a harsh environment to survive. Maybe from there comes their questionable morality. 

Assumption 276On leaving Africa inbreeding cultures likely entered a harsh desert like environment in the Levant or on the Arabian Peninsula, which changed sexual culture and religion dramatically. Desert life facilitated rigid cultures with order and regularity needed for inbreeding across generations. In later period increased tribal density caused to enlarge the number of inbred bodies to outnumber neighbouring hostile tribes with reincarnated ancestors. A regular society and the need for population growth were impetus for the notorious incubator farms of family semen which are still characteristic for nowadays Islam.
But the real reason for the Islamic fiasco is the evil interaction between their inbreeding instinct leading to earthly reincarnation and Islam for heavenly resurrection. That gave the psychotic twirl to their religion that makes males crazy and psychopathic against females, resulting in honor killings and acid attacks:

So, 'inbreeding with Islam' is a poisonous mixture, see this blog.

The Muslim people resemble a constellation of autosomal recessive disorders, caused by unnatural selection of individuals over many millions of years. This makes integration with other people very difficult and assimilation impossible:

Inbreeding cultures are inherently and by definition 'racist'. Otherwise they can not exist and become outbred populations. They see themselves as Übermenschen and outbred peoples as Untermenschen. Dehumanizing non-believers from other tribes facilitates murder, just like 'other sexual roles' (homosexuals, women and children). Heterosexual males are subjects and all others are objects that can be killed freely. It is weird hearing Muslims protesting against racism in the American Congress.

Not all human races or ethnicities are equal. Outbred peoples are more equal and equivalent than inbred peoples. This simply because inbred populations came about by selective breeding in which ideological outliers were systematically eliminated in the evolution (identity politics):

So, in general we reject 'racism', but not for people who, from their deepest conviction, despise other people and regard them as lesser species.

Assumption 240: The development of racism.

1: In the animal world groups accept only members of the same kind so they can propagate. Hence, a group of gorillas will not accept a female chimp. This is discrimination between species. Later in the evolution, a different form of discrimination emerged, but now as discrimination within species, called racism.

2: Though all kind of Homininae (7 Mya; 400 cc) possibly were of the same species, they already started to select their own kind, their own race. Within the same species their group identity drifted away from pure physical propagation into the religious propagation of tribal identity (religion). So, they were not interested in pure propagation with other Homininae races any longer, but more in maintaining feelings from tribal identity. But the best way to control for tribal belongingness was race, not culture what could be faked, if they could speak and understand each other. So, Homininae already attended to external racial characteristics to select between and within groups from the same species for a not racial goal.

3: Much later racism must have been strengthened further through reincarnation into the tribe (Homo erectus (2 Mya, 900 cc)). For, only by pure inbred bodies from descendants, ancestors could reincarnate into the tribe. Concluding, real racism started with the Homininae (7 Mya; 400cc) and was strenghtened by Homo erectus (2.2 Mya; 900cc).

4: Homo sapiens (350 YA; 1400cc) developed bigger tribes and bigger cultures. Still, tribal belongingness (religion) was noticed from the racial appearance of foreigners. The same in the later period of ethnic endogamy. Only later in religious endogamy, factual religion (Islam, Christianity) really became more important than race. For example, today the religious endogamic outer layer of Islam is not filled with Arabs any longer, but with a billion people from other races. Yet, we judge Islam as a completely racist culture because it distinguishes between human beings like the Nazis: It oppresses 'other sexual roles' and kills non-believers.

5: Concluding: in the evolution preserving genes from groups has been changed into preserving religion within human tribes.

6: But because selective breeding cultures like Islam imply strong interactions between ethnicity and culture, racial appearance still effectively triggers cultural (religious) discrimination. Therefore, also in the modern world racism continues to be a simple and effective mechanism to distinguish between persons from different cultures. Obviously, this results in many errors of judgment.

Assumption 436: A rational model has been developed for explaining human religion from animal sexuality, resulting in about 500 internal consistent assumptions, to be found in Numbers 73-76.

Human religion as a function of sexual religion (inbreeding - outbreeding) is the most parsimonious theory imaginable with maximal heuristic value.

(249) Disastrous inbreeding with bipedal primates 

Assumption 450: Rosetta Stone of Human Religion:
Human religion originates from animal sexuality. The basic dimension comes down to inbreeding (cousin marriages) vs. outbreeding (male kin bonded lineage with the exchange of juvenile females with other groups). Human religions are profitable functions of sexual religions. Males modify female sexual behavior in such a way that benefits them.

Assumption 158: Cultures imposing unreasonable restrictions on sexuality (e.g. inbreeding) are purposely promoting sexual desperation in men, who then build an extreme expectation of sexual orgasm in an unknown universe of hope.

Assumption 448: Inbreeding and FGM as sexual religions.

Human religions are profitable functions of sexual religions. Males modify female sexual behavior in such a way that they benefit from it:

We give two examples: inbreeding and outbreeding.

1: In inbreeding cultures, fathers pay close attention to their daughters. Later on, Muslim fathers modify their daughters' sexual behavior into cousin marriages, so that they can reincarnate into their descendants without being afraid of reincarnation into hybrids from males from other tribes. 
It goes without saying that Muslim fathers will not mutilate the womb of their daughters, through which descendants will be born in whose offspring they hope to reincarnate. On the contrary, Muslim girls are fully controlled and shielded in their youth. Muslims must keep their daughters in optimal physical shape to function as incubator of family semen. So, Muslims keep the fish fresh in the fish tank, the closed mantle of endogamy.

2. Negro cultures are outbred populations where fathers do not necessarily reincarnate into descendants of their daughters and that's why they don't invest time to control them like Muslim fathers. Negro fathers in FGM areas project their afterlife in all kinds of women they encounter. They are lazy, selfish and completely irresponsible and immoral. For them their own daughters are null and void. They do not look after their daughters thoroughly for 15 years. They prefer to mutilate their baby daughters and cut out that terrible sexual lust they selfishly reserve for themselves.

Now we see cousin marriages as instrument for inbreeding cultures and FGM for outbred populations. Both are sexual religions.

There are many more sexual religions. For example 'pedophilia', from which perpetual orgasm (72 virgins in heaven) is derived profitably.

Assumption 449: Perpetual orgasm as a human religion. Human religions are profitable functions of sexual religions. Perpetual orgasm (72 virgins in heaven) is a human religion, derived profitably from pedophilia as a sexual religion.

Assumption 71:
Sadomasochistic behavior occurs also in animals, but for the sadomasochistic mental experience empathy is needed, an outstanding human quality.
Sadomasochism must be controlled by morality.
    - Sadistic humans without empathy are qualified as natural psychopaths.
    - Sadistic humans without morality are cultural psychopaths by religious                

Assumption 6: The SM-dyad is the building block of the relationship between husband and wife. Sadomasochism is the interaction between the killer instinct, the sexual instinct and a touch of cannibalism.

Assumption 6All human power has a sexual component: sadomasochism.

Assumption 66: Sadomasochism is a combination of murder and sexuality. It is unstable and easy flammable. Oppression of victims easily turns into murder, decomposing SM-dyad again into killing and sexual instinct.

As long as one keeps bloodthirstiness and sexual desire as critical mass in focus it goes well. But after losing control over the event, sadomasochism falls apart again in murder and sexual instinct. Then magic is lost. Then it explodes.

The key difference between Islamic culture and Christianity is that Islam cannot hold this critical mass together, time and again is losing control, disintegrating sadomasochism over and over again in murder and sexual desire. It is a circular and perpetual process; it is the basic feature of Islamic culture. Christianity succeeds much better in holding sadomasochism in synthesis. But more likely is that Islam intentionally collapses SM-dyad time and again in the interaction with Paradise culture. It is a willful interaction giving the Islamic killing machine her animal power.

Assumption 67:

- SM-dyad is the basic relationship between man and woman in human nature. It is a relationship that will haunt mankind to the farthest stars.

- SM-dyad is based on absolute power and results in unequal sexual relations. It easily develops into paraphilia. Vanilla-dyad is formed from relativism and consists of equivalence in sexual relations.

- SM-dyad can temporarily transform into Vanilla dyad, in which case ultimately equal rights for men and women are obtained.

- Because equivalence is against male nature, Vanilla-dyad remains subordinate to SM-dyad. It is and will remain a substitute for the male sexual instinct. Which means that SM-dyad in the background is always present, always searching for new ways to self-realization. SM-dyad will always restore the primal relation between male and female.

- The temporary primacy of Vanilla dyad is enforced by the intellectual development of women.

- The temporary primacy of Vanilla dyad is enforced by the intellectual development of women. 

Assumption 439: From masochism hate to masochism fear:

Muslim boys grow up without respect for women. If they were respected, women had same rights as men and could marry non-Muslims. Bluntly said, monotheism is plain heterosexual terror, without any respect for women's feelings. 

In addition, masochism is considered weak and objectionable. That is why Muslim boys do not experience masochism as a valuable trait in education. They will not identify. They do not develop an empathic model for masochism in their conscious mind. So, masochism is suppressed and remains unprocessed in their unconscious. 

As a result they hate women's weakness and molest them regularly to induce masochism as proof of being right. Indeed, screaming and crying women can be a shocking event. But the more screaming and shouting, the more the Muslim male's own unconscious is addressed and alarmed. Since he has no model to handle this.

It is like burning fire that comes out of control. In panic he tries to extinguish the fire by killing the woman. A Boko Haram killer told once he killed his victims because he saw the ghosts coming out of their bulging eyes. It was a terrible sight and that is why he had to kill them ...

Assumption 440: Cultural psychopaths.
There are natural psychopaths and cultural psychopaths. The last if boys do not develop empathy with girls in education. If they are only indoctrinated with religion.
Masochism hate is in the conscious mind, but masochism fear goes across the border of the unconscious. When delusion takes the place of reality, Muslim males enter a psychotic state. A state with a psychopathic load

Masochism Hatred
According to psychology hatred stems from a psychological projection of one's own shadow-side (masochism) on the victim. A shadow side the hater denies in himself (I am not a masochist), and thus discovers in the victim (she is a coward, a masochist). Hate distorts reality. Usually the victim is someone just missing the bad qualities and is pure (the brave woman who dares to refuse a forced marriage). That's why there is an inability to see reality (she is brave and I am the coward, killing a helpless woman) and unconscious knowing that the hater himself has debt by blaming the victim (I unwittingly know, I never learned processing masochism as a virtue). That is the beginning of hatred. 

Masochism as a virtue only for heterosexual males.
The Muslim male dilemma with masochism
It is our view that Muslim males are missing empathy for masochism, but only for the suffering of other sexual roles. Women are but objects without feelings, just like animals. But males definitely do feel masochism with heterosexual males.  And that's because they see each other as subjects with feelings. The fact that Muslim males are only blind for masochism from other sexual roles is similar to Christianity where animals sometimes are still perceived as objects that can be slaughtered brutally. 

With the distinction subject-object we add an additional degree of freedom to allow for a better explanation. The scenario is thus simplified by an intervening variable. Muslim males hate masochism in other sexual roles because empathy with them comes down to a blatant violation of the SM-dyad. Empathy with masochism from women would lead to the subject-subject relation of Vanilla dyad from Christianity which means the end of Islamic culture. Because then there would be two gods, two equivalent sexual roles, two degrees of freedom for culture. And that means the separation of powers and the separation of mosque and state.

Now we earlier concluded that sadomasochism is only possible when one has the empathic ability to understand the suffering of the victim. 

But that is only true for the SM-dyad that is not too bandied decomposes in murder lust and sexual desire. That is true for the SM-dyad in BDSM, in porn from the Enlightenment.

Masochism hatred defined under the condition of subject-object
According to psychology hatred stems from a psychological projection of one's own shadow-side (discriminationother sexual roles are objects without feelings like masochism) on the victim. A shadow side the hater denies in himself (I do not discriminate because other sexual roles really are objects without feelings like masochism), and thus discovers in the victim (Indeed they are objects, what I can prove because I don't feel any masochism with them). Hate distorts reality. Usually the victim is someone just missing the bad qualities and is pure (the lovely woman appeals to his understanding of masochism and certainly must be a subject). That's why there is an inability to see reality (she is a subject and I am damned wrong) and unconscious knowing that the hater himself has debt by blaming the victim (I unwittingly know, she must be a subject). That is the beginning of hatred.

Hatred is the unconscious knowing that other sexual roles indeed have feelings like masochism and therefore must be human subjects with equal rights. Precisely by screaming and dying a gruesome death they convince to be human beings. And therefore Muslim males hate masochism in their victims.

Muslim males have a sadistic drive to mistreat their victims. That is called autistic or cultural psychopathy. But this sexual lust is threatened by the manifestation of feelings of masochism. Hence, the only acceptable way to mistreat victims sadistically is to deny that they have masochistic feelings. As long as Muslims deny masochistic feelings they need not inhibit their sadistic drive.

Although we need the term 'masochism hate' to denote the outer appearances of the process, we now know that the distinction subject - object is really underlying masochism hate.

Finally try the distinction subject-object as the real cause of masochism hatred:

According to psychology hatred stems from a psychological projection of one's own shadow-side (discriminationother sexual roles are objectson the victim. A shadow side the hater denies in himself (I do not discriminate because other sexual roles really are objects), and thus discovers in the victim (They are objects because they don't feel any masochism). Hate distorts reality. Usually the victim is someone just missing the bad qualities and is pure (the lovely woman certainly must be a subject). That's why there is an inability to see reality (she is a subject and I am damned wrong) and unconscious knowing that the hater himself has debt by blaming the victim (I unwittingly know, she must be a subject). That is the beginning of hatred. 

Now we found the right definition of masochism hatred:
Hatred is the unconscious knowing that other sexual roles indeed have feelings like masochism and therefore must be human subjects with equal rights. Precisely by screaming and dying a gruesome death they convince to be human beings. And therefore Muslim males hate masochism in their victims.

Masochism fear
The more the victim screams with eyes wide open, the greater the risk that the unconscious truth penetrates that the victim must also be a subject with normal feelings. Masochism hate facilitating the lust to mistreat victims earlier turns into masochism fear when suffering becomes too great. By masochism fear the SM-dyad explodes into murder and sexual lust. Precisely before the truth penetrates the Muslim kills the screaming victim with eyes wide open. Then the victim is dead and definitely an object. 

Assumption 185: The reason for Muslim males to kill other sexual roles, and especially other faiths is to degrade them to objects. Precisely because they unconsciously know that all living beings are subjects, they never stop killing them because that's the only way to prove that only Muslim males are subjects. 

Assumption 186: Muslims are killing off other faiths not exactly for sexual lust but because of their ideology, by which humanity has to be divided into subjects and objects literally. This originated in the inbreeding and incest culture of first Homininae. 

Assumption 170Other sexual roles are homosexuals, women, children and animals. They are regarded as objects. We add to this category 'other faiths'.

When masochism hate goes over into masochism fear:

ATTENTION! SHOCKING VIDEO. Some of our viewers may find images disturbing (footage from elfaresboda's YouTube channel). Photo: Reuters / Stringer © Reuters

The blogosphere is boiling at the cruel beating of a female protester by Egyptian military police, who continued battling protesters in Tahrir Square on Sunday. The clashes, into their fourth day now, have left 10 people dead and hundreds injured.
The video uploaded on YouTube Sunday reveals the extreme cruelty of the country’s law enforcers during the crackdown on Qasr Al-Ainy Street just off Tahrir Square. 
The army soldiers in full riot gear have been savagely beating a seemingly unconscious female protester with big sticks, kicking her and stomping on her chest. 

Assumption 262:
In Islam, breaking sadomasochism into murder and sexual lust is an institutionalized process. When 'other sexual roles' are slaughtered after Sharia law it is sexually based sentencing, born from sadomasochism. It looks like murdering 'other sexual roles' keeps on fascinating Muslims who always come in big numbers and never seem satisfied.

Assumption 298: For cultural psychopaths the break-up of SM-dyad into murder and sexuality by Sexual Scales of Religion can also be seen as legitimate compensation for undelivered sexual pleasure by females within SM-dyad.

Geometrical projection on three fundamental cultural archetypes

Assumption 434: Islam and Christianity are both extremes on the sadomasochistic dimension. A total civil war among parallel societies can be prevented by insight into the unconscious. Judaism, the Jewish people as a whole, has developed into a fairly reasonable and moderate religion. If only Islam and Christianity would come to their senses, mankind could be saved from disaster.

Assumption 212: Islam and Christianity are the endogamous core and exogamous mantle of Homininae groups. Together they form the sadomasochistic dimension, renamed as monotheism in religion. As in a big bang, they drifted apart and in a big crunch, they will destroy each other. By divine judgment of Sexual Scales of Religion, sadomasochism will dissolve in murder lust and sexual desire.

Assumption 321: Chrislam is an impossible match for Islam, which will lose its inbreeding instinct by mingling with non-Muslims. Muslims don't recognize this instinct as their overall identity. Also, horny policor females (political correctness) 
in Western politics are unaware of sexual motives, while yearning for this sadomasochistic strangulation. Both parties jump blindfolded into a vortex of lust, splitting Western culture into parallel societies after civil war.

(48) Federica Mogherini's lustful submission to Chrislam πŸ”΄ 
(57) Chrislamic orgasm

Christians and Muslims never go together

Assumption 436:
Human religion as a function of sexual religion (inbreeding - outbreeding) is the most parsimonious theory imaginable with maximal heuristic value.


Assumption 365: Polytheism and monotheism. 

- In polytheism, multiple sexual roles are seen as multiple gods. In monotheism only one sexual role is acknowledged as God, usually male heterosexuality. 

- In polytheism all sexual roles are empathically acknowledged in the conscious. In Islam only male heterosexuality is accepted in the conscious, while 'other sexual roles' are suppressed in the unconscious.

- Respect for female sexual roles leads to equal rights in polytheism, in particular to  free partner choice. This means that polytheism promotes genetic diversity for women and exogamy with regard to other ethnicities, races and cultures. 

- Polytheism promotes respect for other sexual roles, for example LGBT. On the other hand monotheism does not acknowledge any of these sexual roles.

Assumption 444:The existence of God.
Does God exist? Of course, since so many people believe in God. But we all are animals, we are mammals. And more importantly, we are mammals evolved in groups together. And in groups there always is a leader. And over a period of more than 30 million years we are used to be led by a leader, the Alpha male. Humans are herd animals following the leader, just like horses. Horses have the same God-trace in their brains as humans. There is no principal difference. So, does God exist? Of course, but only in your mind...

Assumption 177: Sadomasochism is the core value of Paradise culture, projected as religion into the parallel universe and renamed as 'monotheism'.

Assumption 102: Monotheism is the sadomasochistic principal component

Assumption 102: Monotheism is the sadomasochistic principal component of the overdetermined polytheistic space. The core of the desert religions is sadomasochism.

Assumption 76: Consider the polytheistic set of n tribal heads in paradise culture as an overdetermined set of n-equations in the space of gods, which has to be caught by a single principal component: the assumed factor of sadomasochism. The angle to this main axis has to be given by the God of monotheism (m=1), who by definition is a known but unknown parameter, because God is defined as not to know. Which means that this invisible God, the proposed principal binding factor among all those tribes, is agreed not to be known in an also unknown universe. What means that God gives a fake angle to the SM-dyad in space. But then it may be more parsimonious to define the power dimension of human sexual space directly as sadomasochism and to forget about 'God'.

Assumption 68: In humans, the number of gods in the archetype of God is by nature unlimited (polytheism), with SM-dyad as principal component (main factor) of the space of gods. By testosterone (monotheism) this number of god factors is gradually restricted to one dimension, called SM-dyad or Allah construct. With estrogen multi-dimensionality remains unaffected. This means that males tend to monotheism and females to polytheism. 

Assumption 68: In humans, the number of interdependent gods (n) in the polytheistic space of gods (rank=m=5 vectors) in the archetype of God (rank=p=5 factors) is unlimited, with the SM-dyad as principal component (main factor) (p=1). SM-dyad is called 'monotheism' otherwise. With male testosterone this space will be gradually restricted to only one conscious dimension (p=1), the SM-dyad or Allah-construct, named otherwise monotheism or sadomasochism. Remaining (m-p=4) components are relegated to the unconscious. But in case of estrogen all sexual factors (p=5) remain unaffected in the conscious of women.

Assumption 77: Because the God of monotheism is defined as a known but unknown parameter (angle) from His Principal Axis in the space of (tribal) gods, the system of equations of paradise culture actually seemed unresolved. Nevertheless the n-space of tribes was reduced to a by tribal heads accepted single dimension: monotheism. Knowing that hatred and hostility is the most common factor among Bedouin tribes, God and Allah must be based also on hatred and hostility. Hence, God and Allah are personifications of Sadism on the throne, and the real nature of monotheism must be sadomasochism.

Assumption 371: Prophets as gods.
Prophets who protect 'other sexual roles' belong to the exogamous mantle and by definition are polytheistic gods (Jesus and Abraham). 
But prophets like Moses and Mohammed are placed next to God in the endogamous core and are monotheistic gods.

Islam distorted the 'inbreeding and incest' payoff model

Assumption 456: Incest and inbreeding

Inbreeding is the general tribal concept, while incest works more within the family. Inbreeding enhances saturation of the tribal genome, perpetuating tribal identity. And incest promotes the same at family level. In the interaction, tribal inbreeding promotes perpetual orgasm in this lifetime from tribal males. Of course it is all intertwined and about the same, because you cannot completely separate incest from inbreeding:

But beware, if incest is forbidden as in Islam, which is the human religion, while inbreeding is the sexual religion, then rewards for inbreeding get lost:

Then the system loses its reinforcement and falls apart. Then, fathers lose rewards and possibly switch to outbreeding for more sexual profit. They also project their earlier sexual satisfaction from raping their daughters into their nephews. Then, the system is left with cousin marriages only, a very unsatisfactory model for fathers, also leading to honor killings from frustration if daughters refuse cousins:

Assumption 156: Incest was the first form of perpetual orgasm: timeless orgasm across generations. Earthly reincarnation as a second form offered endless orgasm in the afterlife of the tribe. But the prospect of the same unattractive cousins and sisters appeared no promise but a curse.

Therefore Homo sapiens invented the parallel universe. It was the flight to an unknown paradise where one could have perpetual orgasm with 72 beautiful fresh woman slaves on an entirely new dimension. It comes down to never ending orgasm, the center of gravity of male religion.

Human Religion derived from Sexual Religion. Perpetual orgasm derived from pedophilia:

There are a number of sexual religions. For example pedophilia from which perpetual orgasm (72 virgins in heaven) has been derived as human religion:

Assumption 217: Perpetual orgasm is the core of human male religion.

Assumption 449: Perpetual orgasm (72 virgins in heaven) is a human religion, derived profitably from pedophilia as a sexual religion, from the domain of inbreeding.

Assumption 218: Originally incestuous pedophilia meant sexual relations with daughters and nieces as operationalization of perpetual orgasm of the Homininae.

Assumption 451: Pedophilia and perpetual orgasm.

Pedophilia developed as a bipedal sexual religion in the inbreeding domain. This means, it is a characteristic of the sexual behavior of bipedal primates.

Perpetual orgasm (human religion) is a function of pedophilia (sexual religion): 
HR = f (SR); Perp = f (Ped).

Genetic immortality (human religion) is a function of inbreeding (sexual religion): 
HR = f (SR); GI = f (Inb).

Note: Genetic immortality, in which the individual died but the tribe survived is the oldest human religion (Australopithecus (7-5 Mya; 400cc). Perpetual orgasm came much later because Homo erectus (2.2 Mya; 900cc) had first to find out the soul and the afterlife by reincarnation.

Animal sexuality focuses on well-developed secondary sex characteristics in order not to die out. The sexual model of animals is outbreeding. But bipedal primates were involuntary trapped in inbreeding and incest and became sexually interested in undeveloped secondary sex characteristics. It is here that sexual behavior from bipeds (humans) is diametrically opposed to quadrupeds (chimps). ('Pedophilia' from bonobos is just coping behavior.) 

Assumption 452: Pedophilia is an abnormality in nature and is caused by inbreeding and incest from bipedal primates.

From pedophilia to perpetual orgasm:

Incest with mature daughters and nieces started as a natural reward for remaining in the group, because males were bored with older tribal females. More and more they focused on juvenile females, which could not escape to other tribes, what is their natural outbreeding instinct. Bipeds rarely encountered other tribes. 

Because excessive inbreeding with mature daughters led to autosomal recessive disorders, males finally focused more on immatures. But now, incest became pedophilia. This led to very sick sexual behavior, characteristic only for bipedal primates including later humans. It also became the prelude to perpetual orgasm, as follows: 

The younger prey, the greater difference with the aging, impotent male as boost for his waning sexuality. But at a certain moment this absurd optimization passed the limit of sexual immaturity. Precisely undeveloped sex characteristics delivered full blown sexual satisfaction. It developed as sort of perpetual orgasm in this lifetime. But it was not yet human religion, because perpetual orgasm had to wait for the concept of the afterlife (the soul, reincarnation).

Only after the invention of the soul and reincarnation came the great breakthrough of perpetual orgasm in the afterlife, where males older than Methuselah always mate with young virgins. Perpetual orgasm is the perfect boost for a waning sexual drive. It has always been the deepest strive of human male religion.

Later humans developed a sexual variant on pedophilia, which depends on male's psychological insecurity to form sexual bonds with adults. It is a variant on perpetual orgasm in this lifetime. But it is obvious that this can not explain the fundamental drive to pedophilia that is now massively revealed on the internet. This need for stronger sexual stimuli refers to a sexual addiction from which the desire to perpetual orgasm in the afterlife also originates.

Nice theory below, but higher order derivatives are unknown in the afterlife:

And first order derivatives are a bit trivial:

But that's the way human religion works:

Basic principle:

Assumption 449: Perpetual orgasm as a human religion. Human religions are profitable functions of sexual religions. Perpetual orgasm (72 virgins in heaven) is a human religion, derived profitably from pedophilia as a sexual religion..

Assumption 220: Perpetual orgasm across generations in this lifetime started as a conscious operant response to elicit the reinforcing stimulus from even more saturated genes in the sexually mature offspring. In this manner, inbreeding promoted tribal identity in the form of genetic immortality. For this reason, first homininae started to fertilize sexually mature daughters and nieces.

This kind of highly saturated inbreeding also led to the insight that sexual intercourse with younger generations in itself contributed to eternal survival. Perpetual orgasm across generations got sacred meaning for eternal fertility of human-like males. This kind of incestuous pedophilia became a human male instinct.

Hence, both inbreeding and incest became human instincts. They developed as compensating instincts because sex with younger generations also was a lustful payment for males for their contribution to the system. Only in inbreeding cultures males are morally rewarded for sex with the own daughters and nieces.

Without compensation from perpetual orgasm with daughters and nieces, inbreeding and incest became unbalanced and caused honor killings much later in the evolution. Perpetual orgasm over generations was the price daughters had to pay for genetic immortality of the tribe.

From the holiness of incestuous pedophilia with daughters and nieces a different kind of pedophilia evolved: sacred pedophilia with sexually immature individuals in general. Of course this was not meant for inbreeding. 

(Assumption 220:)
In the evolution incestuous pedophilia lost its former goal to create saturated genes in the offspring because of autosomal recessive disorders and now pedophilia in general was left for perpetual orgasm across generations for males with sexually immature persons.

Hence, nowadays a very insane and sick form of pedophilia with sexually immature persons results from inbreeding, which is not found in the animal world. Later in the evolution, newborns were sacrificed to the gods in holy rituals, so these also could live forever in perpetual orgasm.

Resuming, in the first instance, saturating genes in the offspring contributed to the survival of the genetic identity of the tribe in genetic immortality. In the second instance, perpetual orgasm across generations developed as a human lust for males. And in the third instance, pedophilia developed with sexually immature persons. Meanwhile sacred pedophilia developed and degenerated into sacrifices of newborns to the gods.

Extreme saturated inbreeding has been forbidden already for a very long time because of autosomal recessive disorders, though incestuous pedophilia is still practiced in some parts of the world.

But non-incestuous pedophilia has not been banned. This found its outlet in ordinary pedophilia and child marriages, not found in animals. Child marriages developed as sign of powerful eternal orgasm and expected fertility of the wealthy.

Later in the evolution perpetual orgasm across generations has been sublimated in perpetual orgasm in the offspring after reincarnation into the (earthly) universe (2.2 Mya) and still later in the parallel universe (72 virgins in Heaven, 1400 YA).

Assumption 221: The Incest Inbreeding Compensation Model (I.I.C.) states if male incest - as contribution to the inbreeding culture - is not compensated by perpetual orgasm across generations, males develop hatred against wives and daughters, whose stoning and honor killings might result.

Assumption 146: In inbreeding and incest, humans found a promising mechanism 
for genetic immortality of the tribe. Therefore, inbreeding refers to timelessness within human sexuality. It is a physical variable with timelessness dimension. 
Hence religion, or better inbreeding, stands for the time dimension within the 
sexual domain.

Religion in the core regulates sexual behavior in the mantle
Magistrates regulate sexual behavior of the people (mostly females). 
Muslim fathers force their daughters into cousin marriages. 
Sexual terror steers sexual culture
Still visible in nowadays Muslim culture. 

Inbreeding cultures promote tribal identity by saturating tribal genes, by plowing back female genes into the male kin bonded lineage, called 'cousin marriages'. This custom was set by ancestors as a condition for tribal reincarnation. But ancestors cannot talk anymore, so it has been powerful males who have established this culture, right against the outcrossing instinct from females.

But too much tribal inbreeding, caused by excessive selection on tribal or family characteristics, led to phenotypic mortality, caused by autosomal recessive disorders. Then, as a correction, female slaves from other tribes were captured for outbreeding:

How did 'honor of the family' originate?

(98) Inheritance patterns
(146) Consanguineous marriages 
(154) Coefficient of Inbreeding (C.O.I.)
(156) Coefficient of Relationship (C.O.R.)
(230) The flaw in the Sadia Sheikh trial πŸ”΄

Assumption 321: Chrislam is an impossible match for Islam, which will lose its inbreeding instinct by mingling with non-Muslims. Muslims don't recognize this instinct as their overall identity. Also, horny policor females (political correctness) 

in Western politics are unaware of sexual motives, while yearning for this sadomasochistic strangulation. Both parties jump blindfolded into a vortex of lust, splitting Western culture into parallel societies after civil war.

Expected civil wars (policor: political correctness):

Assumption 431: 'Inbreeding and incest' was the primal sexual religion of the first bipedal primates (Australopithecus (7 Mya; 400cc) and became an instinct at the onset of Homo erectus (2.2 Mya; 900cc), who linked inbreeding to reincarnation.
Although Muslims consciously believe in resurrection in the parallel universe, they cannot forget their innate inbreeding instinct. That is why the Muslim faith is a mixture of inbreeding (sexual religion) and Islam (human religion). Muslims can get rid of this instinct only

Assumption 158: Cultures imposing unreasonable restrictions on sexuality (e.g. inbreeding) are purposely promoting sexual desperation in men, who then build an extreme expectation of sexual orgasm in an unknown universe of hope.

Assumption 420: Monotheism and inbreeding.
Originally monotheism comes from the Alpha male as a polygamous heterosexual and monotheistic God, who practiced inbreeding. But after Abraham developed resurrection in the parallel universe with a metaphorical God, also monotheistic but now a-sexual, without inbreeding. But Muslim males changed a-sexuality into outbreeding, with the result that they believe in resurrection in heaven with 72 blonde Christian whores from other tribes. As a result, Muslim males consciously believe in resurrection in the parallel universe (outbreeding), but unconsciously in earthly reincarnation with inbreeding.

A simple theory, 
though huge consequences:


You will have felt intuitively what you are going to read now. 

Sadia Sheikh R.I.P.

Assumption 437: The cause of honor killings:

With Homo erectus (2.2 Mya; 900cc), the idea of reincarnation arose, which caused big problems for inbreeding cultures:

1) Because of hostility among tribes, ancestors could only be reincarnated safely into their own tribe.

2) Next problem was that ancestors did not want to reincarnate into hybrids, because after their next death they would be strangers in their own tribe and refused for reincarnation.

3) A third problem was the greater mortality from inbred populations which boosted fertility stress. So, the risk was tribal extinction if ancestors did not dare to return to the harsh tribal life to save the species.

And because tribal ancestors are nothing more than Muslim males, the last enforce cousin marriages because they unconsciously fear to loose their afterlife in hybrids.
That is why they kill their daughters on the suspicion of any sexual contact with 
non-tribal males. So, rape, loss of virginity, abortion or whatever suspicion which drives them mad - such as a Western lifestyle - can cause the death of a Muslim girl.

Assumption 438Inbreeding started as a sexual culture for bipedal hominids. It became a religion for later Australopithecus (7-5 Mya; 400cc). Inbreeding bolstered tribal self-identity by plowing  back female genes into the male kin bonded lineage.

But with the brilliant finding of the soul and reincarnation from Homo erectus (2.2 Mya; 900cc), the meaning of inbreeding changed. Inbreeding merged with reincarnation into the inbreeding instinct. From then on, inbreeding (cousin marriages) served reincarnation from tribal males, who did not want to reincarnate into hybrids from other tribes.

Assumption 429The Myth of Abraham (350Kya - 10,000 Ya) simply means the covenant that God made with Abraham in which humans were allowed to reincarnate into the earthly universe (into the male kin bonded lineage, Isaac) on condition that they would worship God in the parallel universe. This covenant was valid for all ancient African religions like polytheistic Voodoo (gods), later adapted to monotheism (God). It was the cultural acceptance of the parallel universe by them who still believed in reincarnation.

Assumption 417The Myth of Abraham is not about polytheism or monotheism in the first place. These are not fundamental religious concepts in human development. It just comes to counting the number of gods. On the other hand, earthly reincarnation and heavenly resurrection are paradigm shifts in human religious thinking. That is the real importance of the myth. Monotheistic sexual terror from Desert religions is a corollary from resurrection and not the other way around.

Assumption 424An honor killing can be a human sacrifice in which an anxious father (or Abraham) confirms his belief in heaven from Allah (or God). The death of his daughter (or his only son Isaac) makes earthly reincarnation impossible along her descendants. In this way he does penance if he fears that an angry Allah (God) has noticed his desire for earthly reincarnation.
Assumption 111: An honor killing is a human sacrifice, in which the father confirms his belief in the parallel universe of Allah. The death of his daughter makes earthly reincarnation impossible.

Islam is a monotheistic religion. Allah is God in Heaven of the parallel universe. There can be no other gods in any universe. Muslims can only resurrect in Heaven. That is why their old faith of reincarnation into descendants in the earthly universe by inbreeding is banned on pain of death. And therefore Abraham had to kill his only son Isaac. Then the cycle of earthly reincarnation was definitely interrupted.

Islamic monotheism is not a natural adhered religion, but is sexual terror, enforced on pain of death. Then, earthly reincarnation as major reinforcer of the inbreeding instinct has gone underground into the unconscious of Muslims.

But the Sacrifice Feast is contrary to this prohibition and is therefore celebrated with intense joy every year. Somehow reincarnation into descendants is approved anyway. If Muslims realized the real meaning of the Sacrifice Feast it would have been forbidden officially:

Assumption 411The Muslim faith is a symbiotic relationship between two religions: 'Inbreeding and Incest' (cousin marriages) and 'Resurrection in heaven of the parallel universe' (Allah). 'Inbreeding and incest' is the bipedal primate religion and the key to the Babylonian speech confusion in Islam.

Assumption 413The Muslim faith is a hybrid combination of a sexual religion (Inbreeding) and a human religion (Islam). It is a Muslim male dilemma. Honor killings are caused by the incompatibility of earthly reincarnation and heavenly resurrection. It is the incompatibility of the unconscious faith in tribal (family) reincarnation and the conscious faith in heavenly resurrection in the parallel universe of Allah. 

Male religion regresses on genetic adaptability and the afterlife

The structure of the Muslim faith:

The hypothetical link from the inbreeding instinct with mtDNA L3. Female mtDNA combined with male DNA by spatial association in the evolution:

Example of reincarnation in an outbreeding culture:

If the (human) religion of the father is understood as a profitable function of the sexual religion (FGM), then we have fulfilled the underlying assumption concerning the relation between human religion and sexual religion. We have already given some examples why it is profitable for fathers to mutilate their daughters.

Just like cousin marriages lead to inbreeding, facilitates FGM outbreeding:

(142) FGM, Inbreeding and reincarnation

(138) The Land of Myrrh (FGM) (Efua Dorkenoo)

Assumption 409The biggest mistake in evolutionary thinking about human development is that it magically began with the hominids and ended rationally with hominins. Writing out all phases reveals the opposite. The bipedal mutation was intrinsically rational, but derailed in a magical way. Our brain has evolved into a magical nucleus that is rationally sublimated in the mantle.

Assumption 410Homo naledi can be called 'a late hominid'. Bipedal hominids survived for seven million years with their vulnerable bodies against feline predators. Without a sharp and rational brain, they would not have survived. From the moment they left the trees they must have used wooden spears to defend themselves. They were not stupid at all, although they must have functioned at a low level of rationality.

Paleoanthropology and physical sciences took care of the dating of Homo naledi in Naledi Chamber, what was an amazing job. What is still missing is anthropological insight in the religious way of life from Homo naledi. Neanderthal burials from hundred thousand years ago cannot be the start of hominin religion. 

Better we develop a logical order of religious concepts, starting from the first bipedal primates until Homo sapiens (350 Ma; 1400cc). This logical order is based on the developing brain. But our cauliflower frontal lobe is not most decisive in this.

We assume a genetic mutation as cause of bipedality, which also rewired the primate brain. This means Australopiths and Homo sapiens have more in common than at first glance.

Religious thinking from hominids (Australopiths) was based on logical and rational thinking. But religious thinking of hominins as Homo erectus (2.1 Ma; 900cc) was based on magical thinking caused by their bulging frontal lobe. 

So, you see in this order is hidden a major conflict between Homo naledi (Rebirth without soul) and Homo erectus (Reincarnation with the soul). That is the core of our Homo naledi scenario.

Assumption 392Homo naledi survived for millions of years in an inbreeding culture, apparently sustained by a varied genome. It is proven they were all alike, and probably without autosomal recessive disorders.

Assumption 401: Long-term effects from inbreeding are only expected from a physiological and genetic base. Therefore, inbreeding cultures must be based on an enduring instinct. We further assume dilution of the inbreeding instinct by mixing with outbreeding cultures.

Assumption 397: Inbreeding has genetic properties in the first place, from which culture is just a consequence. Inbreeding must be seen as a bipedal primate religious instinct. The problem from Western society is to see Muslim inbreeding as an existential choice rather than a natural lust leading to perpetual orgasm.

Assumption 393: Inbreeding was the primal religion of bipedal primates. Protection of tribal identity caused unwillingness to mix with other hominins and inbreeding became a stabilizer within the evolution tree. Inbreeding has slowed down and obstructed human evolution. On the other hand, outbreeding cultures have accelerated the evolution by combining randomly with whatever hominin on the road.

Assumption 398Homo naledi theoretically can have been an extremely inbred population without much contact with modern hominins. But still, they can have developed human characteristics by convergent evolution.

Assumption 394The best hypothesis is that both Homo naledi and Homo erectus had already long legs around 335 ka ago and that Homo erectus was sexually attracted to Homo naledi females. Then our scenario could be successful, because then Homo naledi males had reason to protect their inbreeding culture against Homo erectus, who raped their females, and by preventing ancestors to be reborn into Homo erectus tribes.

Assumption 395: The Dinaledi scenario:
A Homo erectus tribe settled near the inbreeding culture of Homo naledi - 335 ka ago - and formed a threat for attractive Homo naledi females. This triggered an extreme reaction in which Homo naledi developed the Dinaledi protocol to preserve the species.

Assumption 386: The difference between rebirth and reincarnation is that in rebirth the own body of flesh and blood revives.

'The majority of ahl as-sunnah scholars and Islamic theologians think that resurrection is going to be physical in the hereafter and human beings are going to be resurrected with their souls and bodies, called to account and be rewarded or punished.'

Assumption 383:
Muslim males think it is their own choice to reincarnate into their tribe or family, into their inbred descendants created by cousin marriages. This, because Muslims believe in the soul. But Homo naledi was wiser and wondered if ancestors really would return to their tribe, or that they could be reborn anywhere. Maybe hybrids from Homo erectus would start a new life in the Homo naledi tribe. That would be disastrous, for Homo naledi males hated the handsome Homo erectus males because of sexual competition around naledi females.

Assumption 382: Rebirth without soul.
All life comes from the soil, all plants, all fruits come from the ground.

So, also human life must enter the womb of women through the soil. Well, of course, Australopiths knew about sexual cause and effect, but did not understand how everything came to growth and to life. They concluded, it must be the Underworld which is life giving. Bipedal primates saw this happening every day. And deep in the ground - in the Underworld - lived their God of Darkness, the guardian of all life. It is Him who puts the reborn into the womb of women. That's why Homo naledi sought the deepest places for 'rebirth without soul':

Believing in the soul means that the body is not that important and that the grave can be closed with a stone, through which the soul can escape into another person. So, the crucial difference is if the grave is open or closed. Graves from Homo sapiens usually are closed. Usually they believe in the soul. Dinaledi Chamber and Lesedi Chamber were open. They believed in rebirth without soul.

Rebirth is the complete renewal of the DNA from the original body into a foetus (Homo naledi). Resurrection is the revival of a dead person (Jesus). Islam mixes rebirth with resurrection into another universe.

Assumption 404: Rebirth and resurrection.
Rebirth is the complete renewal of the DNA of a dead person into a foetus, complete with long telomeres (Homo naledi). Resurrection is the revival of a dead person in his last appearance (Christianity, Jesus). Islam mixes rebirth (repairing DNA completely) with resurrection (reinstating the last stage) in some parallel universe.

So, the burial of Dinaledi Chamber was open. Not the soul but the body had to be able to leave the cave. Also, Naledi Chamber and Lesedi Chamber had the entrance as exit. So, Homo naledi knew where reborn left the cave for conception. With the exit under control they prevented their ancestors from getting lost and reborn into Homo erectus tribes:

Assumption 399:
Believing in the soul means that the body is not that important and that the grave is closed with a stone, through which the soul can escape into another person. So, the crucial difference is if the grave is open or closed. The burial of Dinaledi Chamber was open. Not the soul but the body had to be able to leave the cave. Also, Naledi Chamber and Lesedi Chamber had the entrance as exit. So, Homo naledi knew where reborn left the cave for conception. With the exit under control they prevented their ancestors from getting lost and reborn into Homo erectus tribes.

Assumption 402: Rebirth or reincarnation caves.
In rebirth caves nothing was given to the dead. In the first place they never saw a baby newborn with a stone axe in his hand. Also, precious gifts would attract thieves, where the chambers were open and not protected. After all, reborn ancestors had to be able to leave the cave. So, rebirth and valuable gifts do not go together. Of course Homo naledi had stone tools, of course they had grass cables but they never left anything of value in the caves. Nobody was allowed to track their rebirth graves.

Assumption 387: If Homo naledi believed in rebirth, then the God of Darkness in Dinaledi Chamber needed no whole dead bodies, for just a tiny piece of flesh and a single bone were sufficient to reconstruct an invisible tiny reborn for the womb of Homo naledi females. It might be that important individuals were buried completely, like Neo.

Assumption 389Deceased Homo naledi would have been decomposed in a ceremonial way without damaging the bones sent to Dinaledi Chamber.

Resurrection and sins committed with that organ.

The majority of ahl as-sunnah scholars and Islamic theologians think that resurrection is going to be physical in the hereafter and human beings are going to be resurrected with their souls and bodies, called to account and be rewarded or punished. The Quranic verses seem to support this view (see Ta Ha 20:55, al-Hajj 22:5, 7; al-Nur 24:20, Ya Sin 36:78-79, al-Qiyamah 75:34). The fact that resurrection is going to be physical (with body) plays a role – partly though – on people’s hesitation about organ transplantation. However, when the issue is examined deeply, it is seen that organ transplantation is not directly related to resurrection; or more properly that organ transplantation has got nothing to harm the belief of resurrection because the transplanted organ is going to be returned to its real owner. Actually, it does not prevent organs to be resurrected with their real owners even though they decayed under soil, burnt to ashes, or eaten by animals. As a matter of fact, the Quran states that one’s organs are going to be gathered together with the slightest details in the hereafter (al-Qiyamah 75:34). Islamic scholars, judging from this proof and the likes, have concluded that everyone is going to be resurrected with their own organs.

Assumption 403The evolution of human religious concepts keeps track with their intellectual development. But more advanced and magical concepts from their cauliflower brain do not supplant rational concepts from the animal world. Interactions occur between 'sleep forever', 'rebirth with and without soul', 'reincarnation' and 'resurrection in the multiverse'. The schizophrenia of Islam is caused by impossible interactions between these concepts, in which Muslims instinctively believe in earthly reincarnation, but are also forced to accept Allah and resurrection into the parallel universe. Notice the similarity between Allah and the God of Darkness.

Christians as well as Jews also messed up religious concepts. Look how they linked the first religious rule of the animal kingdom: 'sleeping forever', chaotically to the latest religious concept of 'resurrection', what is just a modification of 'rebirth with a soul'. The resurrection of Jesus is in the earthly universe, but He moved to some parallel universe. A lot is written on this blog about the absurd interactions between religious concepts from cauliflower hominins with too big a frontal lobe:

Resurrection of Jesus

The resurrection story appears in more than five locations in the Bible. In several episodes in the Four Gospels Jesus foretells his coming death and resurrection, which he states is the plan of God the Father.[24] Christians view the resurrection of Jesus as part of the plan of salvation and redemption by atonement for man's sin.[25] Belief in a bodily resurrection [Rebirth with soul, BD] of the dead became well established within some segments of Jewish society in the centuries leading up to the time of Christ, as recorded by Daniel 12:2, from the mid-2nd century BC: "Many of those sleeping in the dust shall awaken, some to everlasting life, and some to everlasting peril". Josephus (1st century AD) gives the following outline: The Pharisees believed in Resurrection of the Dead, and the Sadducees did not.[26] The Sadducees, politically powerful religious leaders, rejected the afterlife, angels, and demons as well as the Pharisees' oral law. The Pharisees, whose views became Rabbinic Judaism, eventually won (or at least survived) this debate. The promise of a future resurrection appears in the Torah as well as in certain Jewish works, such as the Life of Adam and Eve, c 100 BC, and the Pharisaic book 2 Maccabees, c124 BC.[27]

However, 1st century Judaism had no conception of a single individual rising from the dead in the middle of history. The historical Jewish concept of resurrection was that of a redemption of the whole people.[28] Their concept was always that everybody [sleeping forever, BD] would be raised together at the end of time [Rebirth with soul, BD]. So the idea of one individual rising in the middle of history was foreign to them.[29]

Assumption 400The most brilliant contribution of Homo naledi to the evolution theory is that even if Homo erectus raped his females, the God of Darkness nevertheless would put Homo naledi ancestors into their wombs. The problem with this theory is that it can be checked and later on led to the downfall of Homo naledi as a culture. 

FOR MH17: See
Latest published article: February 13, 2017
MH17: False flag planning

FOR MH17: See

May 25, 2018.

Investigation into the disaster of the MH17 led me to the conclusion that the BUK 9M38M1 with warhead 9N314M1 (bow-ties) most likely is used. See my report* based on the albert_lex investigation of the Russian army. They measured the holes in the hull of the MH17 in perfection and made the histogram below. They concluded to parallelepipeds (8x8x6mm) as shrapnel. Subsequent, I concluded to bow-ties and squares (cubes), after comparing the only three possible BUK-warheads. Rocket installation BUK 9M38M1 is still in use by Ukraine, but in Russia only for exercises. There is no proof the Russians shot down the MH17. 

Separatists were out of spotters on 17 July 2014 and had no idea what plane really was coming. Daily, a lot of international planes crossed over the area. On that day, visibility was poor. There is broad agreement that separatists could impossibly have identified the MH17. 

Maybe the Ukrainian army or the SBU gave false information about an incoming Antonov An-26 freightcarrier from Kiev to the Russian border, flying on the same track, but in a lower air corridor. How? We don't know, but here is a possibility:

Maybe separatists eavesdropped Ukrainian BUKs:

Andrew // February 14, 2016 at 8:03 am //

“It is not considered in Buk design a scenario when enemy also has Buks. I doubt it was envisioned, particularly for older models”

The BUK’s possessed by Ukraine are legacy Soviet units that were previously fully integrated operationally with units in Russia proper. If they can no longer talk to each other electronically, it could only be from Ukraine changing the method of data link (anyone think UKRBORONPROM did that?) or encrypting it with a code somehow not possessed by Russia (seems farfetched given Russian penetration of Ukraine’s military and secrete services). Its unlikely that Almaz Antey removed backwards compatibility from Russia’s BUK-M1-2’s and BUK-M2’s. After all, one of the key selling points of BUK-M was its ability to control and guide firing stations of the prior air defense system called KUB.

False flag hypothesis: Ukraine could encrypt or decrypt the method of data link to falsely inform eventual penetrated Russian BUKs, whatever they wanted. Then, the Ukrainian army might have informed their BUK-systems in Eastern Ukraine about the overflight of an Antonov AN-26 freight carrier, which would drop goods for the troops near the Russian border. Because it was a low flying aircraft and not a civilian plane the BUK-systems had to be informed. The track of this non-existing AN-26 was equal to that of the MH17. 

Anyway, separatists likely had no information about the MH17 from themselves and would not have shot blindly on invisible airplanes crossing over their higher airspace. Furthermore, BUKs cannot be operated by amateurs and the crew probably was not drunk. If done by separatists they probably have been set up, since it all looks like a false flag.

DSB and JIT are biased and in no way compliant with scientific and legal standards to carry out an objective investigation into the MH17. This compromised the whole investigation. 

I do not support the Russians, I support the truth.

MH17: The albert_lex histogram :

BD: Comparing three BUK-warheads leaves us with 9N314M, the warhead with the bow-ties: 

The other warheads do not fit the histogram by missing category 6 or else:

Warhead 9n318:

'As said, albert_lex results suggest a parallelepiped of 8x8x6 mm, which is about the content of the Russian warhead 9N318 (8x8x6.5 mm), if it has to be a BUK. Though 6.5 mm differs only slightly from 6 mm, it is structural. Which means most transverse measures must be wider than 6 mm, for a rib cannot be smaller than its width. That's why the more modern Russian warhead 9N318 (8x8x6.5 mm) is questionable. I think 9N318 is falsified by this histogram. '

Warhead 9N314, old Ukrainian BUK:

But remember, only the profile of 9N314M is confirmed by albert_lex, not the warhead itself. So, in theory there might be other warheads with the same profile. Only if it definitely is a BUK, than it is likely the BUK with the bow-ties.

MH17: Location of the missile from entry holes

On re-reading my articles after several years, I have the impression that the holes in the MH17 could also fit a near-head-on collision from the left side of the plane. See my last edited pictures. This means the missile can be fired by separatists but also by unregistered BUKs from the Ukrainian army. time: 20 Sep, 2016 18:51
In the report Russian bloggers have countered Bellingcat’s claims that there have been no Ukrainian BUK missile systems in the conflict-zone in the country’s East. They provided various screen shots of Ukrainian media reports, picturing BUK missile systems of the Ukrainian army in the conflict area.
One of the screenshots contains part of the program called “Hour CH” by the Ukrainian First National TV channel. The respective program is dated July 16, just a day before the MH17 crash.
“The photo shows a self-propelled fire installation "Buk" [missile system] and radar 19ZH6 (35D6). This radar station in the Ukrainian army is used as an additional means of controlling the air space and targeting systems for air defense fire units, armed with ‘Buk’ [missile system]”, the bloggers’ investigation finds.
We forget about all distorted information around the MH17, all witnesses and all so called 'circumstantial evidence' and confine to the holes in the hull only. And from the damage to the hull we only consider two aspects:

1: the casing parts in the second left window style.
2: the perpendicular holes from shrapnel below the left window.

In the picture below, left above we see a ricochet from the casing of the warhead, which makes a sharp angle of 18 degrees to the bottom line of the left window. Green arrows are other grazing marks from casing parts. Casing parts kept between the glass of the window and the window style can be found in the article.

We also see heavy shrapnel fragments which entered the cockpit hull perpendicularly.

From now on we only accept two side conditions. Any missile collision course is acceptable which satisfies the casing parts in the second left window style and the perpendicular shrapnel holes in the cockpit hull.

And then we have to accept as realistically the collision course of a missile of 38 degrees on the course of the plane in one of my last pictures below. This means that the missile can also be shot down from the leftside of the MH17. And there were separatists and possibly unregistered Ukrainian BUKs present. This means the Ukrainian army can also have downed the MH17.

Different impact angles, from the enclosure of the warhead (casing) and shrapnel give the impression of different kinds of ammunition. Some investigators think of machine gun fire from fighter jets (violet/blue lines from perpendicular fragments). Anyway, the warhead exploded within less than a few meters from the nose of the plane. If the missile approached from the right side of the plane, then the casing must have exploded first and parts are still visible in the second left window style (yellow/blue lines). Probably the right side of the plane was separatist area. 

Then, the missile passed the nose in 0.005 seconds before shrapnel from the warhead "backfired" perpendicularly (violet/blue lines). This means machine gun fire is unsubstantiated and - by the way - fighter jets are quite impossible for a lot of other reasons:

(Perpendicular to the track of the plane is also a missile launch from Zaroshchens'ke.)

(See the 18 degree angle between the red line from the second left window and the blue and yellow/green lines from the casing, which direction dispersed somewhat. Star number 3 is the ricochet from the picture above.)

The problem with backwards directed shrapnel is that the warhead does not really fire backwards. The cloud of shrapnel - the lancet - keeps an enormous forward speed at detonation of the warhead. So, shrapnel expands sidewards with forward speed. 

It fits better if the missile from the right side did not pass perpendicular to the course of the plane (Zaroshchens'ke), but more in parallel to the left window (DSB-angle missile, see below). Then we use the sidewards expansion from shrapnel for perpendicular impact.

So, if the missile flew parallel to the left window and within one meter off the cockpit, then shrapnel entered the hull perpendicularly by the sidewards force. 

Also a good fit we would get if the missile came somewhat more from the left side of the plane, on a near-head-on collision trajectory (launch site NRC). But then we increasingly use the forward speed of shrapnel to enter the hull perpendicularly. This means with a head-on-collision approach the detonation must be somewhat earlier as with the parallel approach. This, to be able to expand the lancet first.

So, if we change the collision course of the missile increasingly to the left side of the plane, we must have completed the sidewards force a bit and explain further with forward speed. But in this case (launch site NRC), the change from sidewards to forwards is minimal. It really plays when the missile comes even more from the left side.

Thus, if the missile entered the MH17 significantly from the left in head-on-collision (light blue line), then the warhead detonated some meters in front of the cockpit and the sidewards force was already deployed somewhat, after which shrapnel entered the hull perpendicularly with forward speed.

Also possible is a missile approach (38 degrees) still farther to the left. But then we could come into the area of possibly unregistered BUKs from the Ukrainian army. Also then we use early detonation and forward speed of shrapnel to enter the hull perpendicularly.

This all means there are a number of alternatives. 

Missile from the left side of the plane


As said, it is also possible that the missile came slightly from the left side of the plane in a near-head-on collision (the light blue line). Note, the dotted line is ground track and the plane is tilted 4 degrees to the right to counter the wind from the right. The area to the left of the plane was occupied by separatists but possibly infiltrated by BUKs from the Ukrainian army.

In case of undifferentiated ignition of the warhead:

If we give up the perpendicular missile course from the right side of the plane (Zaroshchens'ke), we do not need a staged ignition of the warhead any longer. 

Then, and more in head-on-collision, we let casing and shrapnel explode at the same time. Again, casing parts must be shot directly between the glass and the second left window style with the very acute angle - with the window pane - of a near-head-on collision approach.

But as said before, shrapnel follows quite a different path of unfolding. It unfolds sidewards and forwards at the same time. It unfolds as a lancet, as an exploding cloud of particles in full speed which embraces the hull. So, after detonation, the lancet unfolded around the plane (sidewards) after which shrapnel entered the hull perpendicularly (forwards). Below we leave the head-on-collision course and the missile takes a 38 degree encounter with the MH17:

Well, then the missile could possibly have come from still further to the left of the plane. There is a side condition: casing parts must be shot into the second left window style. Therefore, moving to the left is limited. 

So, forget about witnesses because we have them in all scenarios. Only look at the real holes in the hullThen, without the Russians, we would have known completely nothing about where the missile came from. Also, forget about DSB-measurements.

In court, circumstantial evidence is acceptable. But because JIT, DSB and some countries involved lost their moral integrity and scientific trustworthiness from the start, we will not accept any 'circumstantial evidence', but require hard and convincing proof. Which is not there, yet.

Iterative Principal Component Analysis

FOR MH17: See

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[Next it seems they SOMEHOW divided the 20 sample elements (n=20) into two groups of fragments. This is ABACADABRA in a scientific report.
They apparently took m=8 kind of independent variables as metal dimensions. A dependent dichotomous variable seems to indicate the difference or similarity between groups. That dependent variable could be the principal component on which groups can differ or agree. It looks like multiple regression or discriminant analysis but then not optimized because of PCA.
A number of techniques have been developed enhancing differences or similarities between groups, but sample size always influences significance in the first place.]

What could have been their design?

n= 20 subjects:

I propose they had a subject group with shrapnel in their bodies (n1=9) and a cockpit group of pieces of aluminum (n2=11). They want to know if groups differ.

They had m=8 metal variables as vectors from the origin, and might have extracted up to 8 principal components in that 8-dimensional metal space. Discarding unique factors there might remain p=2 components reducing the variable space to 2 dimensions. PCA is a form data reduction.

Now for example you may project iteratively your n=20 individuals (2 groups) from a 20-dimensional subject space into the m=8 dimensional variable space. This converges into a solution in which the n=20 individuals as vectors from the origin are plotted onto the p=2 factor space. Hence, in this iteration from subject space to variable space and back, you will find the factors in the p=2 factor space, as the reduced variable space.

So you might have n1=9 elements of shrapnel from 9 subjects and n2=11 elements from the aluminum cockpit frame. Now you project these 20 vectors onto the resulting 2-dimensional factor space. And now it is interesting if the 9 shrapnel elements from the subjects agree with the 11 pieces of aluminum of the cockpit frame. For example they agree if they score randomly on the p=2 factors. Or in the same bundle of vectors. If the 9-subject bundle scores only on the first and the 11- cockpit bundle on the second factor than groups do not match on metal.

On the other hand if there is no combined bundle and a random mess results, it also may be caused from your poor design and from too less sample elements. So only if these small groups are amazingly different on the factors it gives information. It seems they were not different, so DSB did not gain any insight.

Remember in the social sciences Principal Components Analysis is an explorative technique only meant for a lot of individual subjects n, about ten times more than the number of variables m. So we needed about 80 sample elements. But disregarding statistics it all is possible.

Hence, statistical testing is not the main purpose of PCA, only getting an idea how subjects score on the reduced metal factor space.

After this explorative analysis there are a lot of techniques to find optimal differences or optimal agreement between groups. But remember you need parameter free tests if you have very few subjects. And I think this study is only for explorative use. So if they got the idea groups were the same this is no hard evidence and other tests had to follow. But why, if they were already satisfied these groups looked the same on metal?

So they concluded groups did not differ. Can we conclude shrapnel came through the hull or through the windshields? No, they don’t know, for the crash site has not been guarded adequately from the beginning.

Hence now they also must prove the aluminum and zirconium in the cockpit of MH17 differ significantly from thousands of other airplanes in the world, which all can have changed their window shields. This is an impossible dead end in research.

If there is no significant difference between planes, perpetrators could have smuggled shrapnel and bow-ties from every other plane in the world.

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Basic Dimension and others, thanks for the considered replies.
BD, I feel like I was propelled back to an experimental methodology class at Uni πŸ˜‚ I’ll need to read it twice❗


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