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(230) The flaw in the Sadia Sheikh trial

Earthly reincarnation

If you are a Muslim girl your father might ask you to marry your cousin. That would be a shocking violation of your physical integrity. Then, he is definitely not interested in your well being, in your happiness in marriage. So, what else can he want? He can only be interested in your offspring. But what the hell is his personal interest in your offspring? 

Vaguely you must have had some very dark feelings about it:

Then you reached a horrible conclusion, which you discarded immediately, because this would be completely absurd: The identification of your father with your offspring. Please, never ask him! 

In some cases fathers might panic in a psychosis and kill their daughters like Abraham tried to kill Isaac:

Allah hears and sees everything and he knows their wish to reincarnate into the earthly universe instead of heaven in the parallel universe:

Fifth lesson: Never tell him Allah knows his inappropriate feelings. BTW, you should have already fled.

Now follows unconscious thinking:

But happily, God forbade the killing of Isaac and permitted Abraham earthly reincarnation into the offspring of Isaac, his only begotten son. In his turn Abraham promised to worship God in the parallel universe and not to worship earthly idols (his ancestors) any longer. 

This division into earthly reincarnation and the parallel universe was a wonderful compromise what we still see in Voodoo, though in outbreeding cultures worshipping earthly idols is permitted:

This means Negroes massively believed ancestors to reincarnate into outbred bodies (descendants not from inbreeding). And guess what, this, we see back in Voodoo:
In this central core of voodoo worship is Loa (god, divine being, good spirit), Oracle, ancestral worship and reincarnationHeaven and hell do not exist in Voodooism. Why?, In Voodoo they believe in reincarnation.  

But Islam forbade reincarnation into the earthly universe on pain of dead. Since those Muslims do not really believe in Allah. That's why Muslims are so happy with the Sacrifice feast; it is their unconscious obstruction against Islam:

Vaguely you must have had some very dark feelings about it. Then you reached a horrible conclusion, which you discarded immediately, because this would be completely absurd: The identification of your father with your offspring.

Forced marriage on the internet

But your fears were not silly at all. In fact, prior to Islam it was quite normal to reincarnate into the offspring. It was the former religion for millions of years. Well, this blog developed a model for earthly reincarnation suitable for inbreeding cultures since Homo erectus (2 Ma; 900cc). It understands the reason for cousin marriages. And if girls not wanted, well then they were honor killed:

Look at this prayer which does not come from an inbreeding culture - so it is no cousin marriage - but proves the belief in earthly reincarnation into the tribe anyway:

Notice: Fertility stress:

This book is from 1921 and the prayer comes from Ethiopia, a Christian enclave in North Africa. The prayer must be very, very old:

Notice, in our view the Muslim male inbreeding instinct lies on the Y-chromosome and can only be diluted by outcrossing with non-Muslim exogamous populations, like Western peoples.

If your father wants you to marry your cousin, it is pure inbreeding (tribal endogamy). But if a Pakistani father asks his daughter to marry a Pakistani man, then it is strictly speaking no inbreeding anymore, but it is still caused by the inbreeding instinct to avoid hybrids. Your father wants to reincarnate into a Pakistani (ethnic endogamy)

A further relaxation is if he wants you to marry a Muslim anyway. Then it can be seen as nearly complete outbreeding, but remember he asks this because he wants to reincarnate into the Muslim super tribe (religious endogamy). So, your Muslim father still possesses the inbreeding instinct:

Fertility stress and honor of the family

Long ago, bipedal Hominids left the safety of the trees. They wandered through the savannas of Africa.

In the trees big apes can only bring up little offspring. That did not change at the ground. There, humanlike creatures were a simple prey for predators what reduced their numbers:

They were on the verge of extinction:

Tribes disappeared on the horizon and had great difficulty to exchange juvenile females for crossbreeding. So, there was a shortage of girls to marry with:

This led to inbreeding in the family. But inbreeding and incest led to higher mortality rates, what in turn led to the demand for more children and more cousin marriages. It is this vicious circle what we call 'fertility stress'. It was a rat race to avoid extinction by producing as many children as possible, no matter how. To avoid extinction, tribes survived by inbreeding and incest leading to autosomal recessive disorders, which in turn threatened survival. Another word for 'fertility stress' is 'honor of the family'

Girls had to sacrifice their body as incubator for family semen, for survival of the group, for the honor of the family. Otherwise they were simply honor raped.

At the end op the first Paradise culture (Australopithecus 7-2 Ma; 400cc) the inbreeding culture was embedded in 'religion':

They discovered that enforcing inbreeding led to phenotypic mortality (extinction of the species) and they learned to merge inbreeding with outcrossing:

Reasons for honor killings and honor rape

Reasons for honor killings and honor rape

1: Increasing fertility stress (Homininae (7 Ma).
2: Blocking earthly reincarnation (Homo erectus (2 Ma).
3: Provoking psychosis (Homo sapiens (350 ka).

There are several reasons for honor killings. 

3: Provoking psychosis (Abraham)

Above, you saw psychosis, caused by the unconscious fear Allah has heard the mortal sin of the father, his wish to reincarnate into the earthly universe. We can postulate this hypothesis but cannot prove it, since it is unconscious.

On the other hand a lot of psychotic fathers are known in history who killed their own children because God did not stop them on the supreme moment, like He did in the case of Abraham.

Also you saw fertility stress of the first Homininae:

1: Increasing fertility stress

'Girls had to sacrifice their body as incubator for family semen, for survival of the group, for the honor of the family. Otherwise they were simply honor raped.'

But this is the most likely reason:

2: Blocking earthly reincarnation

The most likely reason for honor killings is the frustration of the father's eternal life projection by the refusal of his daughter (sister) to serve as incubator of family semen (cousin marriages). The father (or brother) unconsciously wants to reincarnate into his own family, in which family genes are saturated as much as possible, with as less outcrossing as needed. He wants to preserve his identity in the afterlife, after reincarnation into your offspring.

Only Muslim males - from the male kin bonded lineage - unconsciously expect to reincarnate into inbred offspring because of their inbreeding instinct on the Y-chromosome, if accompanied by mtDNA= L3N (Europe and North Africa) or mtDNA=L3M (Asia). This inbreeding instinct of Muslim males is a special case of the male kin bonded lineage instinct of chimps and hominins:

This means honor killings can be a joint action of father and son. This might have been the case with Sadia Sheikh but her brother stressed he acted alone. That would be the flaw in the Sadia Sheikh trial where the father got the highest prison sentence of 25 years. In our view the brother can have acted alone.

Also it is known the brother of Gülsüm Selim butchered their sister down with a bar after gruesome strangling:

Gülsüm Selim: (strangled and beaten to death with a bar)


On refusal of cousin marriage and according to Sexual Scales of Religion the father (or brother) has right on compensation what is the gruesome murder on his daughter or sister (see further below).

The flaw in the Sadia Sheikh trial


Mother of Sadia Sheikh, murdered in 2007, released under conditions


The mother of Sadia Sheikh, who was murdered in 2007 and was killed by her brother for refusing a forced marriage, is released under conditions on 13 December. Her lawyer confirms the news that was previously released by the newspaper La Dernière Heure. Sadia Sheikh (20) was murdered by her brother in October 2007 in their home in Lodelinsart, a borough of Charleroi. Her relatives had her killed because she would have dishonored the family. The court of assisen van Namen condemned her father Tariq Mahmood Shiekh Tariq in 2012 to 25 years in prison, her mother Parveen Zahida to 15 years, her brother Mudusar also to 15 years and her sister Sariya to 5 years.
Mother Parveen Zahida is therefore conditionally released on Wednesday, the Liege sentencing court ruled Friday. "My client has been eligible for a release since December 2016, but we had not submitted an application so far because we wanted to continue her psychological counseling," says her lawyer Vincent Dusaucy. Continuing therapy is also one of the conditions imposed on Zahida.
bron: Belga


Honour killing of Sadia Sheikh

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

The honour killing of Sadia Sheikh occured on October 22, 2007, when a 20-year-old Belgian woman of Pakistani heritage was fatally shot by her brother. 


Sheikh had left her family after her parents pressured her to marry a cousin she had never met:

Later moving in with a Belgian man, but had visited to try to make peace. Her brother confessed to the murder in a 2011 trial, claiming he had acted alone, but a jury pronounced all four members of the family guilty of the murder and sentenced each to prison. The case has been called Belgium's first honour killing trial.

The fight between the conscious and the unconscious

The main problem in Western thinking is the fallacy that Muslims are conscious actors when committing honor killings. This logical error is caused by the descriptive understanding of cultural anthropologists, who asked Muslims straightforwardly the reasons of their honor killings. They described the phenomenological process of honor killings, but did not see the underlying thinking. They just reflected what they observed:

Of course, they got conscious rationalizations of unconscious drives in return. Since honor killings cannot be logically defended. Therefore we need psychology:

The objective of the Sexual theory of Religion is to split the Muslim mind into two conflicting parts: The conscious and the unconscious. From this arises a splendid explanation of honor killings. Many articles can be found on this blog.

Honor killings in Islam are caused by an unconscious conflict between earthly reincarnation (unconscious) and parallel reincarnation in Heaven of Allah (conscious). 

The brother of Sadia Sheikh might have spoken the truth, claiming he had acted alone. This is in accordance with the Sexual Theory of Religion, which states all males of the male kin bonded lineage have the expectation to reincarnate into descendants of tribal females. Sadia, by dating or marrying an alien saddled her brother with the risk to reincarnate into her descendants, hybrids from a male of another tribe. So, according to our theory the father is not needed to instruct his son to kill his sister.

Accidental reincarnation of an ancestor into a hybrid means he can never reincarnate into the tribe again after his next death. That's one of the reasons for "honor killings". A worse complication is abortion of a hybrid e.g. from a Western alien. Then an ancestor already reincarnated into the fetus and is murdered without a chance to ever reincarnate into his tribe again. Since now he is a hybrid. Therefore Muslim girls should never admit an abortion.

(131) What Muslim girls should know 🔴
(132) Wat moslimmeisjes moeten weten

Mirjam Abarkan and Gülsüm Selim were slaughtered and butchered to death after confessing an abortion. How come?

 Gülsüm Selim: (strangled with a cord and beaten to death with a bar)

Honor killing will happen in Western Europe all the times. But what is missing is a conclusive theory of honor killings and acid attacks. With intuitive thinking we likely will make huge errors of judgement. 

In the first place we must take the murderer seriously. Moussadar remarked, “I didn’t want to take her life, but to make her feel as bad as I felt”. So, make a better analysis why he felt so badly. Take him seriously when he tells in other words his motives are mostly unconscious to him:
The most likely reason for honor killings is the frustration of his eternal life projection by the refusal of his daughter (sister) to serve as incubator of family semen (cousin marriages). The father (or brother) unconsciously wants to reincarnate into his own family, in which family genes are saturated as much as possible, with as less outcrossing as needed. He wants to preserve his identity in the afterlife, after reincarnation into your offspring.
Then ask yourself, did he really need the assignment for the murder from his father? Of course not. But the jury thought he did, since the father got the longest prison sentence. 

In retrospect Moussadar is ashamed of his behavior, where in Pakistan it is not abnormal to kill your sister. Honor killings are a plague, an enduring sexual lust in that culture. 

Only now Moussadar thinks about what he has done. But he still has no clue, he still does not understand his behavior, his inbreeding instinct on the male Y-chromosome. 

Muslims cannot understand their unconscious by introspection. Their behavior can only be reconstructed by logical analysis of non-Muslims. You cannot be your own psychologist so easily. 

Hence Moussadar rationalizes his behavior, persuading himself with: “I didn’t want to take her life, but to make her feel as bad as I felt”. He does not seem to realize how absurd this sentence is, taking a gun with premeditation and shooting several times at both your sisters. Deliberate killing.
On refusal of cousin marriage and according to Sexual Scales of Religion the father (or brother) has right on compensation what is the gruesome murder on his daughter or sister (see further below).
He had the cultural set it was acceptable to kill his sisters. And now he starts thinking, but too late. Western culture must warn Muslims for their inbreeding instinct on the Y-chromosome, which makes males kill girls who do not want to be incubators of family semen in cousin marriages.

Moussadar was seven years older than Sadia. What kind of relationship did they had? What is acceptable in that culture? It is a very sick culture.

Without a conclusive theory you cannot help the next Sadia. And you cannot judge the brother properly either. And the punishment of the father might be completely out of tough with reality in case he did not order the murder. I think this could be huge case of tunnel vision.

Assumption 333: Fertility stress is the deeply felt urge to get as many offspring as possible.

Assumption 334The  Muslim inbreeding instinct is a variant of the male kin bonded lineage which both lie on the male Y-chromosome.

Assumption 335: The male kin bonded lineage is such an overwhelming characteristic of big apes that it can be seen as a male instinct on the Y-chromosome. Then especially for bipedal primates - read humans - we add inbreeding as another instinct on that chromosome. Since Homo erectus (2 Ma; 900cc) inbreeding can be incorporated as an operant response (OR) to acquire the reinforcing stimulus (RS) of earthly reincarnation into tribal inbred bodies. (Operant conditioning from B.F. Skinner.)

Assumption 336The inbreeding instinct is a human instinct developed somewhere between Homo erectus (2 Ma; 900cc) and the Arabian Peninsula (Homo sapiens, 60-50 ka; 1400cc). It is a typical male instinct which aims at earthly reincarnation into tribal inbred bodies enforced by cousin marriages. It is still vividly present in the Muslim culture.

How to avoid honor killing:

Tuesday, Oct 11th 2016


Muslim father rapes his daughter as punishment because she had become 'too Westernised' living in Norway 

  • The man, in his 40s has been charged with rape and incest after he attacked his daughter in their family home
  • The daughter ran out of the house in the city of Fredrikstad and told a passing postman who called the police
  • The daughter told police she had been punished by her father for living a Western lifestyle 

She is still at risk to die and must leave home immediately:

Run away from home in time

First lesson: Never make peace again with your family. Never come home again and disappear for ever!

Both, Sadia Sheikh and Gülsüm Selim were trapped and came home to make peace again:

Second lesson: Never trust anybody of your family, they all are going to kill you. Never speak to anybody about how you think about arranged or even worse: forced marriages. Especially, don't trust your mother!

Mirjam Abarkan R.I.P. 16 year, had a Colombian boyfriend and got an abortion known to the family

Major faults in the Mirjam Abarkan juridical case

1: 'Prosecutor Lambers said no premeditation was found for honor killing and therefore concluded it was no first degree murder, but manslaughter.' 

But this kind of logic shapes the art for future honor killings in accordance with the jurisprudence (no visible conspiracies against the victim).


Prosecutor Lambers said no premeditation was found for honor killing and therefore concluded it was no first degree murder, but manslaughter. So, if I kill my daughter with a knife intentionally as is proved by the pathologist it will be murder, because I am no Muslim. But if a Muslim kills his daughter and Lambers finds no indication for honor killing, it is manslaughter. This is a very weird way of thinking. 

2: The court: 'In punishment-reducing purposes, the court rightly largely also factor in that the family members of the accused, also relatives of the victim, as demonstrated by the hearing of the court traveled victim statement against accused are forgiving, despite the loss of their daughter and sister.
Also at the hearing on appeal the bereaved have shown of forgiveness towards the accused (the mother) and stated that the case has yielded only victims. In doing so, they stressed that, unlike the document of appeal of the prosecutor might suggest, they do not feel more sympathy for the suspect than for the victim, with her questionable puberal behavior.'

1: Dammit, this puberal behavior is not questionable at all, but quite common for VHMO-girls (lower professional education) at that age. It is a disgrace the court paraphrases Islamic culture and is unable or not willing to set Dutch pedagogical standards. Shame on you.
2: Here the court is paving undesirable jurisprudence in which united families are seen as positive elements in these crimes. But connected families or closed tribes are just the basic threat for victims of honor killings - which are to be expelled - and are never to be seen as reason for reduced sentence for perpetrators:


Nobody defended Mirjam Abarkan. The lawyer defended the mother. The prosecutor defended the law. Both prosecutor and court are policor and shamefully defended Islam and multiculturalism. It is a disgrace for the Netherlands.

Mirjam has been sacrificed on the altar of multiculturalism. Policor high priests danced around her mutilated dead body. In the end Mirjam has been killed by our totally irresponsible and insane government, throwing all guilt on the desperate mother driven to madness. But their game of lying, framing and spinning will not go unnoticed into history books. Only the pathologist was honest, stood firm and proved Mirjam did not throw herself voluntary onto the knife. So Mirjam has been spared the biggest lie and greatest shame tried by the lawyer. Shame on you.

Our multicultural government is really guilty in her crazy attempt to merge two completely incompatible cultures. The mother could no way understand and resist the sick vortex of Islam in which she has fallen. She has been crushed between opposing cultures. Also she did not understand breaking Sexual Scales of Religion into sexuality and murder. She never understood Islam as the unconscious process for the bigger part it is.

She had already drifted far away from reality, allowed herself to propel through inner rage, and until now does still not understand what came into her that moment. But it must be clear, conscious control diminished to zero and unconscious primal forces interacted to protect the tribe against outcasts as Miriam was in the family. 

But what is my point? If a Dutch mother from our own exogamous culture becomes furious and loses self-control she will grab a broom or is throwing cups. But people from endogamous cultures take a knife, but should know better what is in their unconscious. They must learn who they really are.

We can not straighten this multicultural mess caused by the deliberate mixing of incompatible cultures. But if we understand what really happened with Mirjam, Sadia and Gülsüm, we might be able to control honor killings in future situations.

Third lesson: Never react if your father asks how you think about marrying your cousin. From then on you must plan your escape from home.

Fourth lessonYou have control of your own destiny. If you do not make any conflicts with your father he will not grasp his unconscious lust for reincarnation into the earthly universe. It is just you who activates his unconscious.

Now follows unconscious thinking: 

Fifth lesson: Never tell him Allah knows his inappropriate feelings. BTW, you should have already fled.

Now follows unconscious thinking:

Now follows unconscious thinking:

Sixth lessonAvoid an intimate relation with your father. He has to back off your reproductive organs.

Seventh lesson: Never talk about your abortion, just run.

Eighth lesson: Never, never trust your Muslim father...


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