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Drs. Jan Stolk, Dutch mathematical psychologist, specialized in honor killings.

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Honor Killing Standard: Revolutionary new foundation of Reincarnation Killings as intuitively felt by millions of Muslim women in history.


Well, that looked weird, but otherwise, this blog is kept quite simple and understandable. And if not, it's written redundantly with lots of brightly colored images. On recognizing these repeatedly placed pictures and diagrams, you will understand the text better. 


It is my sincere hope that this blog provides insight into the origins of honor killings, which in my opinion are collateral damage from the fusion of Islam with its prior inbreeding culture. In this theory, honor killings are thought to be caused by the incompatibility of reincarnation and resurrection of these religions. Reincarnation is an almost untouchable sexual instinct from Homo erectus (2.2 Mya; 900cc) - diluted only through crossbreeding - while resurrection is just a word. Resurrection can therefore never eliminate reincarnation.

As a consequence of this absurd incompatibility, resulting cognitive dissonance may lead to a reincarnation psychosis in some Muslim males, ending in honor killings. But remember, honor killings are an alien element in the teachings of Islam, which is much better off without. What gives us hope for the future.

Although honor killings are not supported by Islam, our second law of religion states that later religions are always meaningful reactions to prior religions. And that means the implicit threat from honor killings can still have an obscure function within the overarching Muslim faith by enforcing cousin marriages:

Interaction Inbreeding culture times Islam:

- Sharia (Islam) supports the inbreeding culture by giving parents power to decide marriages of daughters.
- Honor killing (Inbreeding religion) has become the archetypal deterrent effect of Islam.

So there likely is an unconscious mutually profitable agreement between the previous inbreeding culture (Reincarnation) - still alive and well - and Islam (Resurrection).

The problem is that Muslim males don't see their unconscious drive (inbreeding) as meant for reincarnation. They try to live only in their consciousness. They developed magical thinking to overcome the cognitive dissonance between these two worlds. To overcome the impossible combination of two mutually exclusive universes: earthly reincarnation and heavenly resurrection. Reincarnation in their unconscious and resurrection in their conscious.

This demands two degrees of freedom. And because Muslims suppress their unconscious, they must understand reality within the conscious alone, on one degree of freedom. This leads to a deformation of reality in which 'family honor' must explain butchering their daughters for 'Western lifestyle', an absurd and psychopathic distortion of "family honor".

And yet it is not psychopathy, but psychosis. Which gives hope. That's the cure I can offer.

The Stoning of Soraya M.

In the fiction below, you can see how Islam's deterrence has been shaped by the implementation of reincarnation from their earlier inbreeding culture.

Soraya M. probably wasn't in a cousin marriage. But in Islam, honor killings have been generalized to all aspects of female sexuality. This is because the indicators of 'family honor' (reincarnation) are abused to outside cousin marriages. For example, "adultery" below is not in a cousin marriage. 

By generalizing reincarnation outside of cousin marriage, husbands now refuse to reincarnate into any possible offspring of adultery *. That's how reincarnation has been generalized in Islamic society and has spread throughout culture. And that is also the alleged reason for the honor killing of Soraya M.

* Reincarnation in outbreeding cultures has no honor killings, because males breed with anyone and anywhere and even reincarnate into animals (ancient Greeks). FGM is outcrossing, Boko Haram is also outbreeding, even though they are Muslim. And so on.

And of course, this happens because Muslims do not recognize the original link between honor killings and reincarnation any more:

So, what you see above is that the second rule of Human Religion: HR2 = f(HR1) makes it possible for religions to drift away from their original base: HR = f(SR). Here, Islam drifts away from inbreeding. Because, though the bottom line in human religion is breeding, the primal goal of monotheism is to terrorize female sexual behavior. Monotheism is superior male heterosexuality. 

More in general, inbreeding cultures use fake arguments, they use magical derivatives of breeding functions like the number of autosomal recessive disorders. Magical derivatives cause the afterlife of males to be at the expense of the lives of females on Earth:

As an example, reincarnation itself is also promoted by autosomal recessive disorders:

The Western world thinks that Muslims will regret all those disabled offspring. But they are wrong. It is the price Muslims are willing to pay for a greater cause: Earthly reincarnation of Muslim males. The more autosomal recessive disorders, the better conditions for reincarnation are met. What we see is Reincarnation as a spurious consequence of inbreeding. Reincarnation is artificially - read: magically - linked to the real effect of inbreeding: autosomal recessive disorders. This is one of many examples of magical thinking from a culture that denies the unconscious:

So, bypassing the first rule of Human Religion: HR = f(SR), Islam gives a twist to its religion with the second rule: HR2 = f(HR1), to terrorize female sexual behavior, while unconsciously misinterpreting the real meaning of its prior religion: Reincarnation by Inbreeding. As long as people do not realize where this terror comes from and call it Islamic Sharia, it can be implemented in Islam. 

Without their inherited instincts as Inbreeding, Reincarnation and Fertility Stress, Islam would also have joined Christianity and Judaism as moderate religions. 

Inbreeding was needed for earthly reincarnation but not for resurrection! That's why the goal of Desert Religions was resurrection to counter the dire consequences of the inbreeding culture, about 12,000 years ago, what also meant asexuality in heaven. To be complete, they also wanted to take away the divine power from Muslim males over their afterlife. And the Muslims, they just let it all happen that they were no longer ego-theistic gods themselves, this only after heavy indoctrination and under penalty of death. But unconsciously everything remained the same: reincarnation:

But asexuality in heaven didn't work well either. Asexuality falls back on the primordial law of sexuality in nature: outcrossing, outbreeding or genetic diversity. So Islam fell back to the 72 virgins of alien tribes, outcrossing:

Christianity even made a joke of the Paradise Myth and the Romans concocted a total new narrative:

Below you see, the power of Islam lies in confusion and illogic, too much for the common man to grasp. It all comes from the fact that inbred populations cannot come off from earlier religions:

And that's why this collection of religions, called the Muslim faith, may fall apart:

But given the stormy intellectual development of Muslim women, honor killings might become counterproductive in the near future. Honor killings are an anachronism that Islam must give up, the sooner the better to survive.

If the Muslim faith has really been a combination of two religions all along, then this could explain its proverbial strength. Then the power of Islam would be determined by unconscious reincarnation coupled with conscious resurrection. That would have caused enormous unconscious fear and stress in the population for centuries:

Below a picture of the forced marriage on the internet from Sadia Sheik with an 
unknown cousin in Pakistan for getting offspring intended for the reincarnation of Muslim males from patrilineal descent:

After this forced marriage Sadia escaped the parental home and moved with her boyfriend to the town where she studied law. After some time she accepted an invitation to make amends at home, whereupon she was murdered by her brother Mudusar. 


Le 22 octobre dernier Sadia Sheikh, une femme d'origine pakistanaise, est abattue de trois balles dans le ventre à Lodelinsart près de Charleroi. Le tueur est son frère Mudusar, après les faits il a pris la fuite... 

On October 22, Sadia Sheikh, a woman of Pakistani origin, was shot three times in the stomach in Lodelinsart near Charleroi (Belgium). The killer is her brother Mudusar, after the facts he fled ...

Shot in the abdomen several times by her brother, while her sister allegedly held her from behind, died within three days.

Sadia Sheikh R.I.P.: Honor killing, Charleroi 2007

What if Mudusar Sheikh really acted alone???

Mudusar Sheikh, the brother of Sadia, acknowledged from the beginning that he acted alone:
Mudusar Sheikh reconnaît d'emblée avoir voulu tuer sa soeur précisa avoir agi d’initiative. Il mit hors de cause ses parent et sa soeur Sariya.
Mudusar Sheikh recognizes from the outset that he wanted to kill his sister and said he acted on his own initiative. His parents and sister Sariya were not involved.
Devant la cour d'assises du Hainaut, l'accusé Mudusar Sheikh, le frère de la victime, a confirmé lundi avoir agi de sa propre initiative en assassinant Sadia Sheikh.
In front of the court of assizes of Hainaut, accused Mudusar Sheikh, the brother of the victim, confirmed Monday to have acted on his own by assassinating Sadia Sheikh.

The brother of Sadia Sheikh might have spoken the truth, claiming he had acted alone, meaning his father was not involved in planning the murder. Because, if you were his father, would you let your son pay for your own crimes? I don't think so. I tend to believe Mudusar. 

There is still another reason why Mudusar was telling the truth. Had he arranged the murder with his father beforehand, they would have shared the blame, or his father would have taken it upon himself. Neither seems to have happened and Mudusar therefore had no reason to involve his father in this.

This is also in accordance with the Sexual Theory of Religion, which states all males of the male kin bonded lineage have the instinctive expectation to reincarnate into descendants of tribal females. Sadia (Eve), by dating or marrying an alien (the Serpent), saddled her brother with the risk to reincarnate into her descendants, hybrids from a male of another tribe. So, according to this theory the father is not needed to instruct his adult son to kill his sister.

The son was the culprit as has been proven. He was not mentally retarded, so he was fully responsible for his deeds. The father's attitude is conceivable, but that does not matter legally.

For 1400 years Muslims have been killed for their belief in reincarnation. So, reincarnation is suppressed in their unconscious. But this instinct from Homo erectus cannot be obliterated by 'resurrection', which is no sexual instinct at all and nothing more than a word.

Has Belgium wrongly convicted Sadia's father as the main culprit on the basis of the incorrect HONOR killing theory, instead of the correct REINCARATION killing theory? Did the son really need his father's approval? Yes, for 'honor', but not for 'reincarnation'.

I learned a lot from art. 230 because the brother from Gülsüm Selim also killed his own sister:

The flaw in the Sadia Sheikh trial

Instincts are stronger at younger age. And that gives the odds that Mudusar, the 27 year old adult brother of Sadia Sheikh and the brother of Gülsüm Selim were acting on their own initiative when killing their sisters. They needed no instructions from their fathers and may have taken the lead in plotting the murders. According to the Sexual Theory of Religion they needed no instructions since as Muslim males they all have the same eternal projection into the offspring of the tribe. So the brother unconsciously expects to reincarnate into descendants of his sister.

This all means Western society is on the wrong trail understanding what's really  happening. There might be unconscious communication between Muslim males, between father and son, but with the assumption of the reincarnation instinct we don't need that. And that means a lot of fathers might be incorrectly convicted.

* It is an open question whether the mother or the brother killed Mirjam. I have the feeling this is not investigated properly. 


Age distribution of honor killers

We need to know the age distribution of reincarnation killers and their family situation. I expect younger males to have more hormonal aggression. I expect the reincarnation drive flattens out with death in sight, how contradictory too. This all means the reincarnation theory versus the honor killing theory is falsifiable.

Islam must take a stand on this

The challenge for the Muslim faith would be from now on to continue in religious freedom and without further honor killings. But if this theory is rejected, then please stop further honor killings anyway

The cognitive dissonance theory is all what remains after 10 years of painstaking research. Would there be any other viable scenario, I would have found for sure.

And last but not least: this honor killing issue must be addressed in this era, because half of the Muslim population consists of intellectually more and more advanced women. And if women leave, the Muslim faith will fall apart into four groups:

The Muslim faith can fall apart, just like Christianity, the opposite of Islam on the Desert scale dimension, which religious tragedy is covered in countless other articles on this blog. Both religions will fall back to individualism and/or tribal separation.

Well, I suppose you will not always like my analyses, but remember it is sincerely meant to help and not to condemn.

For them visiting this site for the origins of human religion, this is my start configuration:

And this is enlightening as well. Hundreds of diagrams for picture thinkers:

Some statistics and data:

Worldwide, more than 10% of marriages are between first or second cousins.
Children of first-cousin marriages have an increased risk of autosomal recessive genetic disorders, and this risk is higher in populations that are already highly ethnically similar.

(Note from Basic Dimension: Calculated only on the basis of inbreeding cultures, the percentage of cousin marriages can reach an average of 40%:)

(Forty percent is probably the evolutionary calibrated holy grail of inbreeding cultures:)

It is our opinion that cousin marriages are meant for reincarnation. Then 'honor killings' is the wrong word for 'reincarnation killings', caused by reincarnation psychosis. Because of this connection, millions of cousin marriages are enforced by the implied threat with honor killings. Therefore, the effect of honor killings must be multiplied to the total number of forced marriages.

Honor based awareness network

Statistics and data:

These figures are considered estimates and are widely believed to be severe underestimates. Due to lack of focused reporting and recording of Honour Killings internationally very little is known about the true extent of HBV worldwide.
  • 5000 honour killings internationally per year.
  • 1000 honour killings occur in India
  • 1000 honour killings occur in Pakistan
  • 12 honour killings per year in UK

The incidence of honor killings is very difficult to determine and estimates vary widely. In most countries data on honor killings is not collected systematically, and many of these killings are reported by the families as suicides or accidents and registered as such.[14][15][16] Although honor killings are often associated with the Asian continent, especially the Middle East and South Asia, they occur all over the world.[17][18] In 2000, the United Nations estimated that 5,000 women were victims of honor killings each year.[19] According to BBC, "Women's advocacy groups, however, suspect that more than 20,000 women are killed worldwide each year."[20] Murder is not the only form of honor crime, other crimes such as acid attacks, abduction, mutilations, and beatings occur; in 2010 the UK police recorded at least 2,823 such crimes.[21]

(Note from B.D.: Concerning honor killings, the indication 'honor' is incorrect and must be changed into 'reincarnation killings'. These are always committed by family members, while revenge (from honor revenge) is not the main motive. Acid attacks, on the other hand, belong to honor revenge and the term 'honor' is appropriate here. These attacks are usually committed by non-family members. In reincarnation killings, the woman is always killed, while in honor revenge this is less common because it would nullify the effect of revenge. If a non-family member commits the murder, it may again be an honor killing. More closely, a woman is always killed during a reincarnation psychosis of a male relative, because the Muslim (the husband, the father or her brother) does not want to reincarnate into her descendants. In the case of honor revenge, on the other hand, the woman has to live on in order to be able to continue to experience the damage and shame from the revenge of, for example, acid attacks for life. (

Google search:

Reincarnation killingsThere is a very different view of honor killings, where 'honor' is replaced by 'reincarnation'. In reincarnation killings, women are murdered by their husbands, fathers or brothers, who do not want to reincarnate in their descendants, precisely for the reasons presented for honor killings. 

Google search: 

Diagnosis Honor Killing: A psychiatric disorder, in which tribal separation anxiety causes a severe reincarnation psychosis leading to murder.

Considering this, Quran rejects the concept of reincarnation, though it preaches the existence of soul. The principle belief in Islam is that there is only one birth on this earth. The Doomsday comes after death and will be judged as to one has to once for all go to hell or be unified with God.


Romina's father feared that she might have become pregnant with a strange man, in whose descendants he did not want to reincarnate, so he had an oppressive reason to kill his daughter. This is a completely logical conclusion from a reincarnation psychosis.


- Genetics and genealogy are serious professions with a lot of hidden rules which can change the calculations considerably. 


Explanation of inbreeding in animal populations relies on a few basic genetic principles. Genetic information is stored in ChromosomesChromosomes are made up of DNA. Genes are sections of DNA and occur in pairs. A particular gene will occur at a particular site (locus, plural is loci) in the DNA of a particular Chromosome. The different forms of a gene (usually 2) that can occur at that locus are called alleles. Where both alleles are the same at the locus, they are called homozygous. Where the alleles are different, they are called heterozygous. In general, the two alleles will have an equal influence on the performance of an animal. That is, the heterozygous form (both alleles are present) tends to have performance midway between the two homozygous forms. In a few cases, one allele will have the main (dominant) effect on an animal, while the other allele will only have an effect in its homozygous form. These are called dominant and recessive genes.

Coefficient of Inbreeding:

The Coefficient of Inbreeding (as proposed by Sewell Wright in 1922) is the probability that two alleles at a randomly chosen locus are identical by descent. Note that alleles may be identical for other reasons, but the inbreeding coefficient is just looking at the mathematical probability that the alleles have come from a common ancestor.

The Coefficient of Relationship (R) looks more a descriptive statistic of consanguinity relations within families. For example a father and his child have 50% of their genes in common. The same for two siblings. So it is not directly a probability for specific individual situations.

The Inbreeding Coefficient:

The Coefficient of Relationship:

The Coefficient of Relationship (R) looks more a descriptive statistic of consanguinity relations within families. For example a father and his child have 50% of their genes in common. The same for two siblings. So it is not directly a probability for specific individual situations.

Coeff. of Inbreeding versus Coeff. of Relatedness:

The Coefficient of Inbreeding (as proposed by Sewell Wright in 1922) is the probability that two alleles at a randomly chosen locus are identical by descent. Note that alleles may be identical for other reasons, but the inbreeding coefficient is just looking at the mathematical probability that the alleles have come from a common ancestor.

The Coefficient of Relationship (R) looks more a descriptive statistic of consanguinity relations within families. For example a father and his child have 50% of their genes in common. The same for two siblings. So it is not directly a probability for specific individual situations.

Brother-Sister Relationships:

Realize that brother-sister relationships have been common in the evolution. But those were random phenomena in general. What is devastating in inbreeding populations is the stacking of effects over many generations, so that the family genome is systematically impoverished and the group's chances of survival are undermined.

Autosomal disorders

Islam looks like an autosomal recessive disorder:

To have an autosomal recessive disorder, you inherit two mutated genes, one from each parent. These disorders are usually passed on by two carriers. Their health is rarely affected, but they have one mutated gene (recessive gene) and one normal gene (dominant gene) for the condition. Two carriers have a 25 percent chance of having an unaffected child with two normal genes (left), a 50 percent chance of having an unaffected child who also is a carrier (middle), and a 25 percent chance of having an affected child with two recessive genes (right).

Assumption 289
: Islam looks like an autosomal recessive disorder.

Inbreeding is a malicious form of natural selection, which apparently has left deep scars on the Muslim population. The whole package of long lasting inbreeding terror likely has caused a large autosomal recessive disorder syndrome. This means at numerous places in the Muslim genome, there must have formed a pre-selection of homozygous alleles (rr), which are characteristic for inbreeding. In other words, RR has been removed and rr remains.

Religion is monotheistic male terror against females:

'Religion' as a means of controlling female sexuality develops into all directions because of magical derivatives: HR = f(SR)These have nothing rationally to do with breeding anymore, like Reincarnation in the example below (in which Eve was perfectly right):

Human Religion (Islam) started as a function of Sexual Religion (Inbreeding). The instinctive incentive was to stop autosomal recessive disorders by outcrossing. Just as happened for 14 million years since the first bipedal primates:

Tree of Knowledge arose after Homo erectus

(237) Mount Toba gave birth to the Tree of Knowledge 🔴🔴

So far, we did not need a Tree of Knowledge (of autosomal recessive disorders), prior to the super eruption of Mount Toba 74,000 years ago. Australopiths, as well as Homo erectus, had exuberant genetic variation and were armed against autosomal recessive disorders.

We therefore skipped the Tree of Knowledge for Australopithecus and Homo erectus and in the first case gave the Tree of Knowledge the meaning of treacherous adultery of Eve, adultery with the Serpent from another tribe, in which Eve also told Adam that the apple was his child:

On which God became furious and roared:

15 And I will put enmity between thee [the Serpent] and the woman [Eve], and between thy seed [your tribe] and her seed [her tribe]; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel.

So, before the arrival of Homo sapiens, tribal identity (inbreeding) was more important than preventing autosomal recessive disorders (outcrossing). Again, this does not mean that they could not die out from disorders, but this danger was not that prominently.


Assumption 555: The plausibility of an inbreeding instinct

1: Twenty million years ago, the first bipedal primates lived in mammal groups with the Alpha male, which practiced inbreeding. But females in the periphery of the group chose for outbreeding or genetic diversity.

2: The first bipedal Hominids from 14 to 7 million years ago were forced to inbreeding by the bipedal mutation, which made it difficult for them to get in touch with other groups. Sexual culture is controlled and sanctioned by 'religion' and therefore 'inbreeding and incest' became the first bipedal primate religion.
3: Because this condition has lasted 14 million years, we assume that inbreeding has become a Sexual Instinct controlled and sanctioned by "religion". If that instinct is not diluted by mixing with outbred populations, it will be retained in the genes of the inbred population, AKA Arab and Asian Muslims.

4: A religion exists for a few thousand years at the most, say a maximum of 5 thousand years. This means that the inbreeding culture of Muslims cannot be the same religion as that of the early bipedal primates. There is no cultural connection possible. 
And that is the reason to suppose an inbreeding instinct, which is 
permanently present in the genes of inbred populations and from which swells up every few thousand years a new inbreeding culture. 

5: The implication of point 4 is that there is no guarantee of a meaningful religious evolution beyond the evolution of religious concepts as such, as reincarnation and resurrection, which is limited.
6: And that means Homo naledi could in principle have had more empathic religious depth than contemporary religions. So, according to this theory there is no reason to reject the burial rituals of Homo naledi, even if they did not believe in the soul or in reincarnation. They believed in the revival of their DNA, as a fetus with extended telomeres. Therefore, their graves needed an open connection to the outside world, without any gifts. With a soul graves were closed, with precious gifts.  (289) Homo naledi: Inbreeding caused no mole behavior                                 

7: So, inbreeding cultures come and go but have nothing in common. Their only connection is the eruption of the inbreeding instinct, dating from the first Hominids:

(289) Homo naledi: Inbreeding caused no mole behavior 

But in this latest interview Prof. Dr. Lee Berger said that possibly Homo naledi could be our ancient ancestor. Thinking about that means Homo erectus delivered the body to Homo sapiens with the enlarged skull, but Homo naledi brought in the hands, wrists, feet and legs. So the most modern features came from Homo naledi and the psychotic brain from Homo erectus:

The reason science is wrong about Homo naledi's religious beliefs lies in retrospective research. This blog revives all religious stages prospectively and comes to fundamentally different conclusions. All religious choices from the bipedal evolution were made anew, which sometimes resulted in unexpected interactions.
But retrospectively, one digs a Neanderthal tomb from 100,000 years ago and concludes this must have been the beginning of bipedal religion. That's a joke and no science either ...


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Remark for (10): Here we might run into difficulties because 'Earthly reincarnation' can be polytheism, but this is unlikely with serial monotheism from inbred populations. And 'Resurrection in the parallel universe' can be polytheism but not in Islam with 72 outbred virgins. So, outbreeding is not always the same as acknowledging 'other sexual roles'. Outbreeding also can come down to serial monotheism.



'Teenage girl Romina Ashrafi from the northwestern city of Talesh had fallen in love with a man in his thirties and ran away after her father objected to a marriage. After returning home last week, her father beheaded her in her sleep, reportedly with a sickle. The father then reported himself to the police. Agents are said to have found the father with the bleeding murder weapon in his hand.'

'Romina Ashrafi ran away from home with her 34-year-old boyfriend after her father banned them from getting married, Arab news channel Al Jazeera reports. However, the couple was found by police five days later. Although Romina told them she feared for her life, officers sent the teenager back home to Talesh, a small town more than three hundred kilometers northwest of capital Tehran.'

Assumption 530
Muslim fathers must be informed about their reincarnation instinct long before puberty of their daughters. At the onset of puberty, it's too late and fathers are already becoming psychotic...

It's only been 10 years since the 4-year-old Romina sat on Dad's lap. And how proud he was of his little girl. Therefore, he is probably not a natural psychopath, although some Muslim males are cultural psychopaths by indoctrination. So, that begs the question how come the father changed into a psychotic? 

He became gloomy at the first development of Romina's secondary sexual characteristics. He had to find her a man in whose descendants he would like to reincarnate someday. Preferably a family member. And that's how honor killings come about. But this whole process is unconscious to Muslim males:

He did not flee, but went to the police with the sickle in his hand. As if part of his mind emphasized the correctness of his actions. Clear evidence that his unconscious made a different judgment than his conscious. Also the fact that he consciously was afraid to kill Romina while she was awake. His relationship with Romina prevented that. But when she slept his unconscious drive to kill the hybrid in her got the upper hand. Bastard descendants into which he would never reincarnate. 

Romina was a human being, a subject in his conscious, but just an object, an incubator for family semen in his unconscious. What we see is characteristic for honor killers, a stone-cold psychosis in which the perpetrator knows he is wrongbut feels he is right ...

This brings us to a serious warning that the odds on honor killing are greatest after the daughter has been away from home for longer time. Of course, here too the conflict worsens over time, but when the daughter returns home there is a greater chance that the father's uncontrolled psychosis will discharge directly on the daughter. 

But in this situation, the police brought Romina back home in a complicated situation against her will.

Psychosis worsens differently without the counterbalance of the daughter as a subject in his conscious. It progresses in an uncontrolled way and overwhelms him when she gets home. The same process can led him to invite her home "to make it right again". This all means leaving the parental house must be forever. (Sadia Sheikh and Gülsüm Selim were honor killed when they returned home for an attempt, a trap at reconciliation).

In every culture it is absurd for a 14-year-old girl to continue with a 34-year-old man. And in Islam this is completely impossible. Technically, what are the mistakes in this situation:

First, as said, a girl fleeing from home should never come back, that's our main rule and Romina came back, although brought back by the police.

Second, this all must be the endgame from a two-year escalating relationship. 

Third, quite understandably the father pulled the emergency brake of Sexual Scales of Religion. Of course, our empathy does not mean sympathy, no way. But anger alone cannot solve honor killings.

The father must be held accountable for his actions, that's for sure. He must be severely punished. But if numerous fathers in the Muslim world display the same behavior without mutual contact, then it cannot be caused by culture alone, then this behavior must be caused by an underlying instinctive pattern of drives. Then the father is held accountable for a hereditary cause beyond his fault. It is the friction between reincarnation and resurrection.

So, the Muslim world rightly condemns this man, but fails to see Islam as the underlying cause. It is Islam, choking its former reincarnation cultureIt is Muslims themselves, worldwide, who are responsible for these honor killing massacres. 
Something that is certainly not yet reflected in the Muslim mind. Therefore, the condemnation of this man is vicarious shame for their own moral failure.

Honor killings are life-and-death fights between fathers and daughters. But neither party knows what is happening. The father fights for his afterlife and the daughter for her worldly survival:


(76) The 
Sexual Theory of Religion (Part 4: 400-600)

But an assumed time causality between HR2 as a function of HR1 with no underlying theoretical basis can easily be based on a fake causality or a false correlation. So there is a limitation to this rule and later religions are not always functions of former 
religions on face value.

Tribal ancestors from inbreeding cultures are multiple heterosexual males from the leading sexual role, the first god. This we call serial monotheism. Only the variety in different sexual roles (male and female gods) determines polytheism. 

So, fundamentally, we only see outbreeding, outcrossing and genetic diversity as polytheism:


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