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(152) The Islamic thermometer

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Muslims fall back to their former Paradise culture, despite they still call it 'Islam'. But their tremendous change in life-environment definitely will cause a change of sexual culture. 

By the exchange of their rigid desert environment for Western luxery Muslims lost control on females, which meanwhile developed on universities, the internet and on social media. In the religious endogamy of Western society Muslims lost Sharia already for the bigger part. 

Since human religion is a set of higher order time derivatives of (changing) sexual culture the Muslim religion will vanish in its present form:

This means in a first step will vanish Sharia on which Islamic culture will degenerate into cousin marriages and in the second step many Muslim males will disappear into the criminality of the first Paradise culture.

Extremist Muslims will certainly try to enforce Sharia on Western Muslims but in the long run this will be in vain followed by a massive collapse of their culture.

Then there will likely be a split into males and females:

Many males will sink into the criminality of the first Paradise culture and many females will escape into polytheism or atheism:

Females will massively try to escape the terror culture of their ancestors. But remember they are all genetically handicapped as masochistic characters, which will fit excellently into Christianity, BTW. They are instinctively bonded to SM-dyad:

Anyway Muslims have a very distorted worldview:

The start of the bipedal humanlike sexual culture

It is unclear when humanlike creatures developed an inbreeding instinct. As bipedals they climbed out of the trees and wandered out of sight on the horizon (Homininae (7 Ma; 400cc)).

Because they were slow animals they not always reached other groups to exchange juvenile females, thus many tribes died out by severe inbreeding. Their culture was based on patrilineality, what means tribes were male kin bonded:

So, if they attained an inbreeding instinct (unlikely, wait for reincarnation) is must have been male kin bonded with regular exchange of fresh juvenile females in mtDNA and nuDNA:

Paranthropus robustus (2 Ma; 400cc)

A 2011 study using ratios of strontium isotopes in teeth suggested that Australopithecus africanus and P. robustus groups in southern Africa were patrilocal: females tended to settle farther from their region of birth than males did.

And from the other side:


Notice, patrilineal kin bonding is the human like derivative of the primal Alpha male model, which is a compromise between inbreeding and outbreeding. Works the same for chimps and bonobos. The Alpha male model:

The start of humanlike religion

Change of environment of bipedals led to a change in sexual culture, which was ruled by 'religion'. This religion is called 'genetic immortality in descendants' and is derived straight forward from its physical counterpart: genetic propagation. It is extremely simple but so was the start of human religion out of animal sexuality:

Then, likely earthly reincarnation was invented by Homo erectus (2 Ma; 900cc):

And because with reincarnation the individual lived forever, this was the much better reinforcer of inbreeding by making inbred bodies for deceased ancestors. It drove patralineal bonded inbreeding to an INSTINCT for already 2 million years. Notice this likely is already male and female kin bonded in nuDNA:

We resume:

Fifty thousand years ago descendants of Homo sapiens Eve (200 ka; 1400cc) left Africa into the direction of nowadays Mecca. The hard core of these people still live in exactly the same region in Saudi Arabia:

- The fourth step was the journey Out of Africa to the Arabian Peninsula, where pre-Muslims with mtDNA L3N had to invent the very clever system of cousin marriages in all gradations to survive as a group without many possibilities to exchange juvenile females with other groups:

This was the last station for pre-Muslims to develop their characteristic (second) inbreeding instinct (e.g. cousin marriage), or broader their Muslim incrowd syndrome. Because, after this episode Muslims fanned across the world showing everywhere the same inbreeding behavior:

But with cousin marriages on the Arabian Peninsula, pre-Muslims diverged fundamentally from the earlier Homininae (7Ma; 400cc) inbreeding which was patrilineal with complete refreshment of juvenile females in every generation. This means in the first inbreeding culture their was no inbreeding between female and male nuDNA. It was a compromise with the Alpha male model of higher mammals in nature. 

But in the Arabian Peninsula tribes were forced to mix male and female DNA to survive as a group. This is likely a duplicate of making inbred bodies at the emerge of reincarnation by Homo erectus (2 Ma; 900cc):

This of course is a very sick and unnatural breeding system and must be seen as an infamous landmark in the evolution of Paradise culture. Cousin marriages is the second inbreeding instinct of Paradise culture still widely known in nowadays Muslim populations:

Notice, both inbreeding instincts fall within ethnic endogamy, the first is from Homo erectus, inbred bodies (2 Ma; 900cc) and the second is from Homo sapiens, cousin marriages (200 ka; 1400 cc):


Exodus out of the Arabian Peninsula

Cousin marriages are practiced all over the world after the exodus of mtDNA L3N out of the Arabian Peninsula. Cousin marriages are not known in Sub-Saharan Africa so it very likely originated on the Arabian Peninsula 50,000 ya. But maybe inbred bodies from reincarnation are known. Unlikely cousin marriages would have developed in all parts of the world in a later stage spontaneously and in the same way: 

Assumption 278: About 40.000 years ago Homo sapiens (mtDNA = L3N) returned from the Arabian Peninsula and Europe to North Africa, where they developed as Berbers or Imazighen.

White blocks are mtDNA L3N:

Islamic dictatorship over numerous incoherent tribes started 1400 years ago. Pre Muslims were brought from semi-polytheism - which means earthly idols and reincarnation of tribal heads as divine ancestors into tribal inbred bodies - to monotheism ruled by a single God (Allah) living in the parallel universe:

We must realize Islam (Paradise culture III) is the oppressor of Paradise culture II. 

So, no matter how depraved and horrible the Islamist dictatorship is, it was necessary for curbing Paradise culture II. This we saw in our days by the effectiveness of Saddam Hussein (Iraq), Qaddafi (Libia) and Assad (Syria).

Islamic culture is an inwardly directed group which can be described as an endogamy:


See how Muslims unconsciously reject Islamic terror by celebrating their annually Feast of Sacrifice:

Landmarks in Paradise culture

There are three landmarks of Paradise culture which are clearly visible in our daily life:

1: The existence of Sharia.
2: The existence of cousin marriages.
3: The existence of murder and manslaughter.

Because of the long history and the power of instincts it makes no sense arguing with Muslims about their religion, about integration or about assimilation. That might have success if people have a rational meaning about these matters. 

More difficult to change than irrational thoughts is an attitude, and extremely difficult is to change one's religion, but  as a superlative it is completely impossible to change an unaware instinct. 

Though inbreeding is just a reflection of the past we probably can trace the incrowd instinct from cousin marriages in Arab Muslims. They can also be found in Pakistan and in parallel societies in Great Britain. 
Hay Festival 2011: Professor risks political storm over Muslim 'inbreeding’ 
Prof Steve Jones, one of Britain’s most eminent scientists, has warned that the level of inbreeding among the nation’s Muslims is endangering the health of future generations.

The geneticist said that it was common in the Islamic world for men to marry their nieces and cousins. He said that Bradford has a particular problem and warned that it could affect the health of children born into these marriages.
“It is common in the Islamic world to marry your brother’s daughter, which is actually closer than marrying your cousin.(..) We should be concerned about that as there can be a lot of hidden genetic damage. Children are much more likely to get two copies of a damaged gene.

He added: “Bradford is very inbred. There is a huge amount of cousins marrying each other there.” Research in Bradford has found that babies born to Pakistani women are twice as likely to die in their first year as babies born to white mothers, with genetic problems linked to inbreeding identified as a “significant” cause.

Studies have found that within the city, more than 70 per cent of marriages are between relations, with more than half involving first cousins.
First cousin marriages in Pakistani communities leading to 'appalling' disabilities among children.
"You go to any such family and there will be four or five children, at least one or two of whom will have some disability. That is absolutely unacceptable, and if we cannot do anything about it, is it fair to the children?"

First-cousin marriages, which are are legal in the UK, are practised within Britain’s Pakistani community, as well as among some Arab and African families. Medical data previously suggested that while British Pakistanis were responsible for 3 per cent of all births, they accounted for 30 per cent of British children born with a genetic illness.

Socio-economic advantages are said to be derived from cousin marriages but following inbreeding over generations it must be concluded a rationalization of a deeper instinct. Many times there simply are no first cousins and there is no money to inherit. Cousin marriages are an uncontrollable lust for Muslim males to reincarnate into the offspring of females. To saturate inbreeding out of proportion into utterly sickness they merge male and female DNA by patrilineal lines:



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