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(147) The Muslim instinct (Sadia Sheikh)

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       The Muslim instinct (Sadia Sheikh)

Assumption 280: Three elements likely caused the emergence of the Muslim instinct, which is male as well as female kin bonded in nuDNA to inbreeding and incest. This mutational abnormality is unprecedented in other inbreeding cultures, which are only bonded in the male lineage and where females are refreshed completely every generation (chimps, bonobos, Australopithecus africanus, Neanderthals and Aboriginals). This can be seen from mtDNA which is the same for males but different for females, which also have different nuDNA:

1: Inbreeding promotes tribal identity by genetic immortality in descendants since the Homininae (7 Ma; 400cc), the primal human-creature religion. Tribal identity revives in Muslim cultures in Western society today. Tribal identity is male and female kin bonded.

2: And since Homo erectus (2 Ma; 900cc) inbreeding also promotes the earthly reincarnation of Muslim fathers into descendants of their children.

3: And last but not least on the Arabian Peninsula (50 ka; 1400cc; mtDNA L3N) inbreeding was the only way to survive without the possibility to exchange fresh juvenile females. Nowadays perpetuation of this behavior despite adequate fresh juvenile females indicates an inbreeding-instinct mutation.

In the Arabian Peninsula, 50 thousand years ago, there were no other people and there was no central public administration and therefore these 150 pioneers lost track of juvenile descendants of the group. Likely sub-tribes fanned out across the Peninsula in a very early stage and did not keep track on each other. They must have built a symbolic wall around their own subgroup (endogamous tribal mantle) and let no uncontrolled females escape to other groups. So, they must have developed their notoriously hostile relations among Bedouin tribes already in an early stage of evolution.


Sixty thousand years ago a first group of Homo sapiens (200 ka; 1400cc) passed the Red Sea on their way to Asia and Australia, partly over land and partly by boat along the shores:

And 50,000 thousand years ago a second group of about 150 individuals with mtDNA L3 also left Africa via the Red Sea heading for nowadays Mecca:

Some individuals went further into Asia, but a part of the group stayed in nowadays Saudi Arabia until this very day and is called the Arab Muslim population:

And about 40 thousand years ago a number of them fanned out across Europe and Northern Africa as mtDNA L3N:

For the whole of Africa we get this plot:

mtDNA L3N are the white blocks (inbreeding and incest in nuDNA):

In our days we see the remarkable fact that Muslims all over the world have the same culture of inbreeding and incest. It would be weird if they all developed this culture AFTER the mtDNA L3N migration out of the Arabian Peninsula in the same way and over the whole world. We conclude, Saudi Arabia was THE LAST STATION to develop the Muslim inbreeding instinct. Muslim's main specialty is to cut their daughters to pieces, which atrocity has never happened before in human evolution and has no counterpart in other cultures. Most recently in the Netherlands a mother killed her daughter with a knife. And not to forget the acid attacks:

So, the last moment to form this gruesome Muslim inbreeding instinct must have been about 45 thousand years ago on the Arabian Peninsula (Saudi Arabia), but L3N (attached to this inbreeding nuDNA) might have been formed earlier in Africa. Also, it might have entered the world along the Nile and through the Levant (Israel) in the first wave Out of Africa (115.000 - 130.000 ya). It also can be formed much earlier, starting with Homo erectus (2 Ma; 900cc) when reincarnation was invented, but that is unlikely:

On the Arabian Peninsula the inbreeding mutation might have taken about 10.000 years to develop. Well, then this inbred population did not come very far meanwhile:

The Arabian Peninsula must have had a harsh climate and these people likely did not wander further into Asia. Maybe the first wave entered Asia directly and mtDNA L3N is the second wave from which a part settled as Muslims in Saudi Arabia for ever and the rest fanned out across Europe and North Africa:


The mtDNA L3N probably returned to Africa and went into Europe. The Arabian Peninsula is not like Africa. Maybe that's why they returned at last. Well, in Africa they got plenty fresh females anyway...

Assumption 278:  About 40.000 years ago Homo sapiens (mtDNA = L3N) returned from the Arabian Peninsula and Europe to North Africa, where they developed as Berbers or Imazighen.

Meanwhile tribes might have developed stable social structures which are very needed for practising inbreeding over many generations. Since one has to control the young females, day in, day out. Here not the easy solution of FGM (Female Genital Mutilation) was used. Gives unnecessary deterioration and loss of quality of females. So, they learned to keep domestic animals and held the fish fresh in a fish tank:

The fish tank:

Change of environment must have provoked a change in sexual habits, resulting in a change of religion (extreme inbreeding which terrorized females) to extinguish women's natural sexual desire to diversity. And ultimately this must have resulted in the Muslim inbreeding instinct.

On the Arabian Peninsula 50,000 ya, there was no central public administration and so in no time pioneers lost track of descendants of the other tribes of the group. It is likely the tribes of these 150 individuals already fanned out across the Peninsula in a very early stage and did not keep track on each other. They must have built a symbolic wall around their group (endogamous tribal mantle above) and let no uncontrolled females escape to other groups. So, they developed the well known and notoriously hostile relations among Bedouin tribes already in an early stage of evolution.

On this blog it has been argued at length Muslims must have an inbreeding instinct which only dilutes by outbreeding as was normal practice in Western Europe. But nowadays mingling Muslims with non-Muslims likely will have devastating effects for the first 20 generations. It will lower the quality of Western society at all fronts:

Also in Western Europe a lot of tiny pockets with inbreeding are known, so likely this terrible instinct is sleeping in Western European human genes too and might be awakened by systematic inbreeding in sub-populations.

Cousin marriages

                                       SVG remake by WClarke based on original by User:Sg647112c

After a lot of trial and error the Arab culture has discovered it can stand 40% first cousin marriages against 60% outbreeding in the ethnic endogamy without dying out as a species:

We have an outspoken opinion about the Muslim inbreeding instinct. But let us first hear how they themselves think about inbreeding:

Postulated reasons for cousin marriages

'If a husband's tie to his wife should become more important than his solidarity with his brothers, the couple might take their share of the property and leave the larger group, thus weakening the strength of the lineage. There is a solution to this problem, however — a solution that marks out the kinship system of the Muslim Middle East as unique in the world. In the Middle East, the preferred form of marriage is between a man and his cousin (his father's brother's daughter). Cousin marriage solves the problem of lineage solidarity. If, instead of marrying a woman from a strange lineage, a man marries his cousin, then his wife will not be an alien, but a trusted member of his own kin group. Not only will this reduce a man's likelihood of being pulled away from his brothers by his wife, a woman of the lineage is less likely to be divorced by her husband, and more likely to be protected by her own extended kin in case of a rupture in the marriage. Somewhere around a third of all marriages in the Muslim Middle East are between members of the same lineage, and in some places the figure can reach as high as 80 percent. It is this system of "patrilateral parallel cousin marriage" that explains the persistence of veiling, even in the face of modernity.'

First: Do we really think a Muslim woman is eager to marry her cousin to be protected in this marriage by her family? Of course not, complete nonsense. It is all rationalization of the reincarnation instinct of her father and her uncle.

Second: Does family property make any sense to a Muslim woman who gets about nothing if her father dies? Of course not, and if she must sign a waiver to be allowed to marry whom she wants she will do it.

So above rationalizations are nonsense. Not that these arguments are fully worthless, but they cannot explain atrocities as honor killings and acid attacks if a girl does not want to be an incubator of family semen.

Third: Above mentioned arguments would mean a man marries in his own disadvantage giving his wife a stronger position than needed. Since when are Muslims so generous to women? All too often arranged marriages are explained as protecting wealth and social status of the family. But above reasons mostly show distrust in the own family. So, where comes the honor in the play?

To be realistic there are not many arguments for male and female kin relations from the same family. Were Muslim families in the Peninsula in the past so rich that they had to guard their wealth by killing their daughters if they didn't wanna cooperate? 

Fourth: And how damaging is it if brothers don't wanna see the husband anymore after he divorced his cousin? What is worth lineage solidarity in this blood revenge culture? 

All socio-economic reasons for cousin marriage cannot explain honor killings and acid attacks. They are simply too weak to support the model.

Socio-economic reasons are later derived aspects of the Muslim inbreeding instinct, they cannot be its original cause. Simply, since cause (socio-economics) and effect (honor killing and acid attacks) are completely out of proportion.

Next we test the explanatory power of the socio-economic model of honor killings against the Sexual Model of Religion.

The slaughter of Sadia Sheikh                                   

                        Assises de Namur
    « Vous avez tué une jeune femme brillante »

The honour killing of Sadia Sheikh occurred on October 22, 2007, when a 20-year-old Belgian woman of Pakistani heritage was fatally shot by her brother. Sheikh had left her family home after her parents pressured her to marry a cousin she had never met, later moving in with a Belgian man, but had visited [her family] to try to make peace. Her brother confessed to the murder in a 2011 trial, claiming he had acted alone, but a jury pronounced all four members of the family guilty of the murder and sentenced each to prison. The case has been called Belgium's first honour killing trial.

Born in Pakistan in 1949, Sheikh's father Tarik Mahmood Sheikh was himself wed by arranged marriage to her mother, Zahida Parveen Sariya.[1] When Sheikh's parents, who owned businesses in both Belgium and Pakistan, attempted to force her to accept an arranged marriage to a cousin she had never met in Pakistan, she instead left home to study law.[1][2] She felt threatened to the point that she drew up a will at a center for victims of domestic violence. Soon after, she moved in with Jean, a Belgian man her age.[3] While unwilling to comply with her family's demands, she had not surrendered the hope of reconciliation. On 22 October, then in her final year of law school,[4] she visited her family in hopes of mending the rift, but instead she was shot three times.[3] In the shooting, her sister Sariya Sheikh was also wounded by a bullet in the arm.[5]

The socio-economic model

Sadia Sheikh was forced to marry an unknown cousin in Pakistan. The boy did not even know her and was forced into the marriage too. So it are not the cousins but the parents who arrange these marriages. Their fathers are unaware of projecting their afterlife into descendants. 

Sadia's father had a business in Belgium and possessions in Pakistan. So the socio-economic model is realistic. But maybe the Belgium partner of Sadia was expected to be wealthy too later in life, so what was the deal, what was the difference for Sadia? And did she consider money so important?

But her father forced her into this system to put his financial belongings in safety: 

But a simple socio-economic solution would have been the following: He simply could have let Sadia sign a waiver for the heritage which she never would get fully anyway. Sadia would not need his money anyway, she just wanted her friend. And there were plenty other possibilities to solve this kind of problems. So there is something rotten in this socio-economic model.

What I mean is this socio-economic system must be able to explain honor killings and acid attacks, which also are outcomes of this system. And we all know economical grounds are no reason to cut your daughter to pieces. And that means this socio-economic basis is a rationalization of another mechanism behind inbreeding and incest: e.g. reincarnation.

And reincarnation in the earthly universe is no figment, it's a really needed developmental stage in human religious development:

Earthly reincarnation is by far the better (secondary) reinforcer of inbreeding and incest ever. For Muslims we find the following operant conditioning:

Operant responseinbreeding
Primary reinforcing stimulus: genetic immortality in the offspring by inbreeding
Operant responseinbreeding, making inbred bodies (religious rule)
Secondary reinforcing stimulusreincarnation into the (earthly) universe by inbreeding
Operant responseinbreeding, making inbred bodies (by instinct)
Secondary reinforcing stimulusreincarnation into the (earthly) universe by inbreeding 
Tertiary reinforcing stimulusreincarnation into the parallel universe

The Sexual Theory of Religion

Now we must think much deeper about Sadia's impending honor killing. She seems to have accepted an arranged marriage with her Pakistani cousin:

And at some moment she really seemed to enjoy. But she was forced into this marriage as a young girl, so we better stop any further discussion. It was an immoral act of her father to bring her into this situation.

And during this Islamic - not legally accepted - wedding she seemed to realize what she was doing:

She was shocked and realized much better this was not what she wanted:

But there was no way back for her family and Sadia was alienated in shock:

She left from home and got a relation with a Belgium man, Jean. Of course her father was furious. But then, after some time, the family invited her to make peace again:

But it was a trap and somewhere her sister allegedly grabbed her by the elbows while her brother shot three bullets into her belly. Her sister Sariya was severely wounded too. After three days of heavy battle Sadia Sheikh died. Belgium was in shock...

The family was stunned by all media attention. They thought to be in their moral right. In their view Sadia was a married woman and had been adulterous. Belgium was in shock...
On November 21, 2011, Sheikh's family—including her parents, brother Mudusar and sister Sariya—stood trial for her death. Sheikh's brother was accused of the shooting, while the rest of the family was accused of aiding and abetting the murder and "attempting to arrange a marriage."[2] Prosecutors sought 20 – 30 years for Sariya Sheikh, who they claimed held Sheikh while she was shot, and life imprisonment for the rest of her family.[4][6]
During the trial, Mudusar Sheikh confessed to the crime, also claiming that he attempted to kill his sister Sariya.[3] Other members of the family also claimed that Mudusar Sheikh was solely responsible for the murder. According to them, he acted in rage, but Mudusar Sheikh himself testified that the act was premeditated.[6] He clarified that "I didn't want to take her (Sadia's) life, but to make her feel as bad as I felt."[7] During the trial, evidence had been presented to suggest that Mudusar Sheikh, himself to marry a cousin in Pakistan, had been very close to his sister Sadia, his closest sibling in age.[1]
On December 9, 2011, the jury found all four family members guilty of the murder, with the aggravating factor that it was an honour killing, and the brother and father guilty of attempting to force an arranged marriage.[8][9]Sentencing was handed down on December 12. The court found that the parents had orchestrated the event, ordering their son to do the shooting.[6] For that reason, although Mudusar Sheikh himself was sentenced to 15 years, Sheikh's mother and father were sentenced to 20 and 25 respectively.[7] The 22-year-old Sariya Sheikh, five months pregnant at the time of sentencing, was given five years, a light sentence due to her youth at the time of the crime.[4][8] In December 2011 Sheikh's parents were reported to be appealing their sentences.[10] Sariya Sheikh also entered an appeal, to preserve the right, but it was reported she may not follow through if her attorneys do not find sufficient grounds.[11]The case has been called Belgium's first honour killing trial.[7] It has been positioned as a gender equality issue by civil rights groups.[6] During the trial, the courthouse had to be briefly cleared when it received a bomb threat from a person alleging to be part of a Pakistani organization, but the threat proved false.[4]

Well, tell me, are we still thinking about the possessions of family Sheikh as possible explanation of this gruesome atrocity? Is this murder really about money and wealth? Then we think here further into this direction. But this would be to the detriment of the killer, her brother, and his accomplice, her sister. Why were they working together? Following the economical model by killing Sadia both would get a greater share of the possessions of their father. So, they killed her for economic motives? But this would be total nonsense. This socio-economic model cannot explain the murder of Sadia Sheikh, bullshit, total disaster.

Analysis by Sexual Theory of Religion

The Sexual Theory is an heuristic theory which makes a lot of other scenarios possible. I will develop a very weird scenario to show its potency. As usual we start with the corpus delicti, the body of Sadia (1987). She has got three bullets into the stomach or belly. 

The gunman was her brother Mudusar Sheikh (1980) who clarified that "I didn't want to take her (Sadia's) life, but to make her feel as bad as I felt."[7] During the trial, evidence had been presented to suggest that Mudusar Sheikh, himself to marry a cousin in Pakistan, had been very close to his sister Sadia, his closest sibling in age.[1]

Now the first we see is Mudusar (1980), Sadia (1987) and Sariya (1989) probably had no Westermarck relationship:

Westermarck effect: The phenomenon of reverse sexual imprinting when two people live in close domestic proximity during the first few years in the life of either one, and both become desensitised to sexual attraction.

In the first place Mudusar is 7-9 years older than his sisters. This means sexual relations of Mudusar with his two sisters were not impossible. And we know this can happen in some circles.

Second we know the following:

     'I left you for dead': brother admits shooting sister in 'honour killing' and attempting to kill other sibling

Belgium's first "honour killing" trial has opened on a note of high drama when a young Pakistani man suddenly confessed to the murder of one sister and the attempted murder of anotherMudusar Sheikh, 27, is standing trial along with his parents and younger sister for the murder of his sister, Sadia Sheikh.
Mudusar has admitted to killing his sister while saying the rest of the family were not to blame.
Questioned by the presiding judge at the jury trial, he surprised his own lawyer by suddenly confessing to the attempted murder of his second sister, Sariya, now 22 and on trial herself in the case.
"I am confronted by two acts, one that succeeded - that eradicated a person, Sadia - and one that failed, on my sister Sariya," said Mudusar, who was wounded by a bullet to the arm in the 2007 shooting.
"I want to tell my family this," he went on. "I wanted to kill Sariya. I don't dare look you in the eye.
"I left you for dead," he added to his sister beside him in the dock as his parents broke into tears. 
The accused said he would have "a lot of things to explain" during the high-profile trial, expected to last three to four weeks.

The family of four face sentences of life imprisonment if found guilty by a jury of five women and seven men at a trial also involving rights groups pleading for gender equality as part of a civil suit at the hearings.

Sadia Sheikh left the family home to study after her shopkeeper parents tried to arrange a marriage with a cousin living in Pakistan she had never met.

I am confronted by two acts, one that succeeded - that eradicated a person, Sadia - and one that failed, on my sister Sariya
Before moving in with a Belgian man her age named Jean, she was helped by fellow students and teachers and also spent some time in a centre for victims of domestic violence, where she drew up a will as she felt threatened.
She had nonetheless agreed to visit the family in hopes of making peace the day she was shot.

Her father Tarik Mahmood Sheikh, 61, mother Zahida Parveen Sariya, 59, and sister Sariya, also facing charges of "attempting to arrange a marriage", have denied involvement in the murder, saying Mudusar killed his sister in a fit of rage.


For Islamic culture we introduced special qualifications. Mudusar might be seen as a cultural psychopath, but I don't know him, or a natural psychopath. In which case the parents might be innocent. Well we can trust he has been seen by psychiatrists intensively, so we skip the natural psychopath. In case of cultural psychopathy the parents are guilty for his state of mind.

The father and brother of Gülsüm Selim first strangled her and then beat her to death with an iron bar. These is pure sexual lust handling.

We know shooting bullets into a woman's body (belly) or strangling a woman must be seen as orgasm eliciting male fantasies well known from porno sites of the internet.

So Mudusar and the brother and father of Gülsüm likely have fantasized before in what way they would kill their sisters. And we know this from the very sexual way of killing. This means the killings were intentional and there are many more indications.

The lustful killings of Sadia and Gülsüm must be seen as compensation for the loss of the projection of earthly reincarnation into their descendants. And now we see the Sexual Theory makes sense where socio-economics fail. 

There, killings were senseless, but here both brothers acquired the right to decompose their sadomasochistic relation with the girls into murder and sexual lust. In both cases it matters to find the optimum of sexual orgasm without sexual bodily contact: Murder and symbolic sexual penetration at the very moment is the best possible option to let SM-dyad explode in optimal lust:

It is called the decomposition of sadomasochism into murder (sadism) and sexual lust (masochism):

[Her brother [Mudasar] confessed to the murder in a 2011 trial, claiming he had acted alone, but a jury pronounced all four members of the family guilty of the murder and sentenced each to prison.]

[Mudusar has admitted to killing his sister while saying the rest of the family were not to blame.]     

Well, I would not be too astonished if Sadia's parents were really unknowing of what had happened in their family. I have not seen any proof of the contrary, but I was not in the jury. But there might be a lot of things parents don't know of what is happening if they are from home.

And if Mudusar speaks from he 'had been very close to his sister Sadia, his closest sibling in age.' then Sadia could have had quite a different opinion. 

And we remember the picture of too close relationships between Muslim relatives:

And what was the possibly competitive relation between Sadia and Sariya in relation to Mudusar? We don't know. Maybe there wasn't.

In the Sexual Theory of Religion males project their afterlife into descendants of tribal females. So in case of adultery there is no difference between the brother of Gülsüm and her father. No difference between Mudusar and Sadia's father.

If, in the hypothetical case Mudusar has imagined, just imagined, a close sexual bond with Sadia, then her relation with Jean was not seen as adultery against her cousin in Pakistan but against Mudusar. Then he would become psychotic or cultural schizophrenic. Both are quite frequent in Islamic culture. 

But why did he feel so badly about Sadia? Did they have a sexual relation? Well, all Muslim killings have a sexual origin, so that will not help us any further.

"I didn't want to take her (Sadia's) life, but to make her feel AS BAD AS I FELT."

But the above statement definitely can be read as he was harmed in one way or the other. 

And from the way he killed Sadia it certainly looks like an unsatisfied incestuous sexual relationship. Then he felt entitled to decompose the SM-dyad into murder (bullets) and sexual lust (sexual type of kill) again: Honor killing.

So, according to Sexual Scales of Religion we are inclined to think Mudusar thought he had the right to kill Sadia, not to speak of his relation with Sariya. But damned, what has happened at home when their parents were in the shop every day late in the evening?

This all means the Sexual Theory of Religion offers severe doubts about the guilt of the father and the mother of Sadia SheikhBut I must admit and underline not to have any information besides the newspaper clippings. So I know nothing and only illustrate the power of the Sexual Theory over the socio-economic theory.

In this way we may make a lot of different scenarios for honor killings, which all fit into the main theory:


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