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(149) Overflow of the inbreeding instinct

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Overflow means a joint action of males born from common interest. Here we might see an adulterous woman who had an affair with an alien man, which possibly caused a leak in the earthly reincarnation capacity of the whole tribe. 

Females are supposed to make inbred bodies and it is a horrible thought for Muslim males to accidentally reincarnate into hybrid outbred bodies from aliens.

In case her adultery was with a tribal male there would be no shortage of inbred bodies and she would only be stoned for yearning to genetic diversity, the main threat for the Muslim culture. Then they first let the child be born. And together, males feel strong enough to overcome their fear for the strange sexual power of females and stone her to death.

The Sexual Theory of Religion is a powerful model to understand the Muslim culture. It is based on the assumption that human religion originates from animal sexuality. Now we can prove sexuality but not religion. So it is not my fault when sexuality is not accepted as valid representation of religion:

In the Sexual Theory, religion comes forward from animal sexuality in logical steps outlined to our times. Steps are based on the development of the human mind in which simpler religious concepts were invented first:

If we decide to a standoff concerning the validity of sexuality for religion then we are stuck to statistics. Then we must see which concept gives the best prediction of Muslim religious atrocities. Religion or sexuality. Now, what would you think? Right.

Well, if Muslims follow the orders of the Koran and kill unbelievers, then religion gives the best predictions. But that is circular reasoning since Muslim behavior forms an identity with the Koran. The latter is written by Muslims and copied from the Tanakh. So, the Koran cannot be seen as an explanation of Muslim behavior but both must be derived from earlier religious developments. So, what explains the Koran in the first place.

Then it will be concluded the Muslim religion is the oldest religion in the world, forthcoming directly from animal religion. And Muslim religion must be seen as purely sexual group behavior. The same for the other desert religions. The same for all human religions:

The Muslim Inbreeding Instinct

It is our view the Muslim culture underwent a horrible mutation which is called 'the Muslim inbreeding instinct' during their stay on the Arabian Peninsula about 45,000 years ago. 

Happily this instinct can be followed through the world by the accompanying mtDNA L3N (N on the picture below) which migrated to Europe and back to North Africa:

mtDNA L3N are the white blocks (with inbreeding and incest in nuDNA):

So, Muslims migrated to North Africa:

Assumption 278:  About 40.000 years ago Homo sapiens (mtDNA = L3N) returned from the Arabian Peninsula and Europe to North Africa, where they developed as Berbers or Imazighen.

But in Europe the inbreeding instinct is diluted by outbreeding with exogamous peoples.


We start on the Arabian Peninsula where the second group of about 150 individuals of mtDNA L3 migrated from Africa:

They had not realized to find no fresh juvenile females to exchange with other peoples. Since, they were the only human beings there. So, they invented a bottleneck DNA survival strategy with only females from their own tribe, consisting of several families. Well, of course they were plagued by autosomal recessive disorders but somehow they managed to survive.

But the strange thing is this strategy is still used nowadays by Muslim cultures all over the world, though meanwhile there are enough fresh juvenile females to exchange. This means this rotten instinct must be seen as an unnecessary mutation. What are the implications of this formerly desperately needed survival strategy which now is completely useless and which is known as 'cousin marriages':

Well, this instinct was not only developed for survival but also for creating tribal or family identity:

Assumption 280: Three elements likely caused the emergence of the Muslim instinct, which is male as well as female kin bonded in nuDNA to inbreeding and incest. This mutational abnormality is unprecedented in other inbreeding cultures, which are only bonded in the male lineage and where females are refreshed completely every generation (chimps, bonobos, Australopithecus africanus, Neanderthals and Aboriginals). This can be seen from mtDNA which is the same for males but different for females, which also have different nuDNA:

1: Inbreeding promotes tribal identity by genetic immortality in descendants since the Homininae (7 Ma; 400cc), the primal human-creature religion. Tribal identity revives in Muslim cultures in Western society today. Tribal identity is male and female kin bonded.

2: And since Homo erectus (2 Ma; 900cc) inbreeding also promotes the earthly reincarnation of Muslim fathers into descendants of their children.

3: And last but not least on the Arabian Peninsula (50 ka; 1400cc; mtDNA L3N) inbreeding was the only way to survive without the possibility to exchange fresh juvenile females. Nowadays perpetuation of this behavior despite adequate fresh juvenile females indicates an inbreeding-instinct mutation.

In the Arabian Peninsula, 50 thousand years ago, there were no other people and there was no central public administration and therefore these 150 pioneers lost track of juvenile descendants of the group. Likely sub-tribes fanned out across the Peninsula in a very early stage and did not keep track on each other. They must have built a symbolic wall around their own subgroup (endogamous tribal mantle) and let no uncontrolled females escape to other groups. So, they must have developed their notoriously hostile relations among Bedouin tribes already in an early stage of evolution.


Nowadays this inbreeding mutation is not needed for survival anymore an can only serve for 1) tribal and family identity and 2) earthly reincarnation. This confirms our observation that nowadays cousin marriages are mainly meant for reincarnation of ancestors into inbred bodies of descendants. 

In this situation overflow of the Muslim inbreeding instinct means the point of gravity is no longer on survival of the species but on tribal and family identity and earthly reincarnation. 

If we see the revival of Muslim inbreeding in Western Europe it has to do with the search for a new Muslim identity, especially for Pakistanis in Great Britain. A further complication is Muslims still see themselves as followers of Mohammed but in the religious endogamous area of Islam they lost most of their power and indoctrination of the youth. 

This population is unaware to regress to former Paradise culture, where every male is his own god again complete with earthly reincarnation. Beware, complete lawlessness enters to Europe.

Muslims must have intuitively understood their Islamic culture will blow up as a red star and that's why they restart their inbreeding cultus of cousin marriages to promote Muslim identity:

But here I used a form of circular reasoning, where I first had to prove the rightness of the survival assumption with cousin marriages and secondly the inbreeding mutation with a change in DNA. What I cannot. But who complains is invited to explain cousin marriages otherwise but please without socio-economic substantiation.

What is the scope of this article? As mentioned earlier, the inbreeding instinct covers tribal identity, male reincarnation and cousin marriages. Now the latter is the problem. In the Arabian Peninsula, cousin marriages contributed to the 'feeling of community' of Muslims, to tribal identity.

But cousin marriages are not working if cousins are missing:

So, in the past it appeared difficult to fill in cousin marriages in every family and across generations. But over and again Muslim started to build new inbreeding dynasties in history. It seemed like a lust, better an instinct. Just like birds build their nests. And of course inbreeding lines in families will ever die out. This means consistent Muslim inbreeding is illusionary, while Muslims keep the pressing and instinctive need to form a bond one way or the other.

And to fulfill this need somehow, they first diluted tribal endogamy in a first step to ethnic endogamy. Then Muslims were allowed to marry freely within their ethnic (Arab) mantle. And of course this diluted real inbreeding considerably. But then they widened ethnic endogamy to religious endogamy. And now hardliners saw they were fooling themselves. 

They saw it was a joke to play the game of inbreeding with factually outbred Muslims in the Western periphery. For, those Western Muslims can marry anybody, if it is just a Muslim. So we perceive a paradigm change from pure tribal inbreeding to outbreeding in religious endogamy, supposed to underline nowadays Muslim fake identity.

We conclude, Islamic culture has ruined and devoured the insatiable inbreeding instinct of the Arabian Peninsula. This instinct is devalued to symbolic inbreeding which comes down to outbreeding within the religious endogamous shell. The Muslim bond is degenerating to a symbolic gesture.

This means a lot of Muslims unconsciously feel betrayed by Islam and want to return to pure inbreeding and incest:

In conclusion: Overflow of the inbreeding instinct means Muslims will form still larger groups with fake identity to fight imaginary enemies. This will become an ever growing trend. I rest my case.


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