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Blogger Help Forum, Blogspot is adding extra lines with every update

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Spacing/formatting problems are making Blogspot practically unusable


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If with every update an extra white line is added, this is caused by 'an invisible character' in the HTML. Stay into compose mode and close the sentences without white spaces. This causes the removal of hidden characters. Continue until all invisible characters disappear. Also the same very narrow connection with pictures. Do not copy articles to other blogs in the compose mode. Always copy in the HTML.

No, not needed, copy in compose mode.

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If you type a text below a picture the text might go out of control and get a too big format. The picture has set the format for the next browser, for example Mozilla. What you must do is to type the text again but now above the picture. Then replace the picture before the text and it will work well.


I have maintained a blog at http://facesofthehindenburg.blogspot.com/ for the past four years. It is a niche blog covering some fairly specific historical subject matter, and as such it contains a finite number of posts, which I update as I find additional information.For the past year or so, it has been virtually impossible for me to make updates to my existing articles without Blogspot creating major formatting problems for me, particularly with regard to line and paragraph spacing. In short, when I go into edit mode the system adds large amounts of space between paragraphs, I can find no setting options that eliminate the problem, and no amount of fiddling with the HTML seems to remove the extra spacing. I'm not even sure what is causing the extra spacing to be added in the first place.
I don't even have to make any actual edits for the problem to occur. I can open up an existing article in which the layout/formatting is just as it has been since I posted it a few years back, and without making a single edit I can click "preview" and the preview view of the article contains large chunks of space between paragraphs. Again, this is after clicking "edit" and immediately clicking "preview".
I even tried removing all formatting from an existing article and trying to just rebuild it from scratch - and it STILL ends up with spacing problems.
I have searched in the forums and elsewhere online for a solution repeatedly throughout this past year, and have found absolutely nothing that has helped. From what I could find in the forums and in commentary elsewhere on the internet several months back, it appeared that perhaps the problem was that I was using an old template that was no longer compatible with recent Blogspot system changes. So, I spent a great deal of time several months ago changing over to a new template and formatting it so that my blog continued to look the way I want it to look. It didn't do a thing to help, and the spacing problems continue to prevent me from updating my articles.
Does anyone have ANY idea of what I can do to make my Blogspot blog useable again? I really don't want to have to move the whole thing elsewhere, but unless there is some way to restore control over formatting and spacing to me I'm not sure I'm going to have much of a choice.
---3) When you EDIT a post, in the Post Options section on the right, what settings do you have for Line Breaks/<BR>/Enter etc
To fix it you are going to have to go into the HTML rather than Compose mode.  (If anyone's figured out an easier way to do this, please speak up.)

What you need go into HTML view and delete the extra line breaks.  The code for these will look like either  <br> or <br />.  Then you are going to have to go back into COMPOSE mode and fix the formatting because the alignment may be messed up.

On my own blog I have old posts that need to be updated, and I can tell you that I've had to essentially do this to every one to make it work with New Blogger.

Patrick Russell zei:

Pam, As I told DarkUFO, I really appreciate the input, and I apologize for not having responded before now.
I clicked the <br/> setting option and removed the extra line breaks manually. It SEEMS to have worked, at least as far as what I'm seeing when I click "preview".
My question is this. Are these extra <br/> line breaks that Blogspot added to my HTML going to come back on their own? It sounds like a dumb question, but I didn't put these things in my HTML in the first place, so I'm not sure what the specific mechanism was by which they were added. Is this something that will replicate on its own? Or will the extra line breaks remain gone once I've manually removed them from my HTML?
And I have to wonder why the hell Blogspot started adding these things to my HTML at all.
Thanks for the advice, Pam! I really appreciate it. ;^)


Patrick Russell zei:

DarkUFO, thanks again for everything. I hadn't considered the possibility of a second private "testing ground" blog being a potential workaround. I may give that a shot and see if it helps.As I mentioned to Pam, activating the <br/> option and then manually removing all instances of <br/> from my HTML seems to have eliminated the extra spaces in Preview. I'll try your suggestion of doing a test post in a private "dummy" blog and see how it actually looks.
Again, I really appreciate the help on this. So much work went into these articles, and since they're a work in progress, it's a real drag to not be able to make updates. Seems like I'm getting closer to at least some sort of workable solution, though, thanks to everyone's advice here. T'anx! ;^)


Mishka Blogger Top Contributor zei:


When Blogger switched over the new UI, the setting for breaks in the post editor defaulted to </br> instead the enter key. So any post you open after that default was set, is affected. If you were to go to one, reset it to Enter Key instead and then remove the break tags that got put in that post, you should not find the break tags in any other post (except perhaps for ones you opened while the default was still set to </br>. I noticed this a long time ago when they first started introducing the new UI and it would reset to this default EVERY DARN time you went between new and old UI. I reported it as a bug and it went unfixed since they were planning to switch everyone to the new UI eventually. Why the system didn't just stick with what ever a user already had set, I have no idea. I always compose my posts in the HTML side of the editor so I would see the break tags immediately but those on the Compose side wouldn't see them until they previewed their blog.

I hope this helps.


Patrick Russell zei:

Hi Mishka,Yep, that's about what I assumed was probably wrong. This was never an issue before Blogger "improved" the UI, and each of the articles on my blog was posted long before that happened.
Thing is, when I've worked in HTML with the "enter key" option set, I've gotten the extra spaces in Preview without the <br/> lines showing up in the HTML view. Seemed like what fixed the spacing issue in Preview was when I set it to "<br/>" and then removed those line breaks from there.
What a mess, though. It seems like the UI switch was done in a fairly sloppy and haphazard manner. I agree - they should have set it up so that it didn't affect the HTML of existing posts. The way it is now just reeks of a badly thought out shortcut used when they implemented the new UI.
Anyway, thanks for the suggestions. I think I'm finally starting to get a clearer picture of the nature of the problem I'm dealing with here.


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