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(91) Why Muslims kill homosexuals

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According to the sexual theory of religion, Muslims kill gays because homosexuality is the second sexual role which is identical to the second God. Recognition of 
homosexuality would be the surrender of monotheism to polytheism. It would mean the end of the supremacy of Allah. That's identical to the distortion of the Muslim male self projection as a God. It would be the end of heterosexual male oppression of other sexual roles: female roles is the third God, pedophilia the fourth and bestiality the fifth:

Those roles can be seen as orthogonal dimensions forming a five dimensional power space in the head of males. All kinds of power find their origin in sexuality. The principal component, or the main factor of this space is called sadomasochism. Only in humans sadomasochism connects with sexuality. Sadomasochism is also the key to understanding human religion. In parallel, another word for 'sadomasochism' in sexuality is 'monotheism' in religion:

Sadism is the first God: male heterosexuality. And masochism is 'other sexual roles'. These normally are female roles but also homosexuality. Other sexual roles form a threat for monotheism, a threat for the autocracy of Allah, for the hegemony of heterosexual sadistic males.

Monotheism essentially means a cultural one-dimensionality where there cannot be the separation of Mosk and state. In Christianity Jesus is the son of God and therefore Christians at least have a two or three dimensional space for the separation of powers and the separation of church and state. Understand that Christianity was a polytheistic reaction on monotheistic Judaism. 

If heterosexuality is the only God in the consciousness of Muslims then homosexuality must be seen as the repressed anti-projection in the unconscious:

In other words - and this is the clue - monotheism comes down to an extreme fear for homosexuality. This you see in Islam but also in authoritarian Christianity.

Then every latent gay in islam hates homosexuality because hate is what you unconsciously know to be yourself and therefore try to destroy in others.

'Orlando shooting: Gunman Omar Mateen was a closet homosexual, say friends' 

So, if you want to understand human religion start with the sexual model of religion:

To complete this post understand that Muslim boys in early childhood develop no empathy with other sexual roles. Therefore they later in life are afraid of emphatic
reactions of screaming women or homosexuals. Therefore they will panic and start murdering them to kill the frightening omission of emphatic understanding in their own unconscious:

Masochism hate, Rosetta stone to Islam


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