Wednesday, 22 June 2016

(92) Sadomasochism in the focal caught

Basic Dimension 

There is a lot of animosity between Cain and Abel, between Islam and Christianity. But both religions know to be two sides of the same coin: sadomasochism.

Also we know Muslims are not that strong in logical reasoning, but guess what, Christians are not much better.

The scientific approach of religion is sorely missing in discussions between followers of Mohamed and Jesus. Both don't dare to ruin magical thinking. Religion must not be science. So they keep scientists out.

But if religion would be a form of sexuality then a scientific approach is perfectly possible. Let's see how far we come with the sexual theory of religion. Let's see if we can predict religious behavior from plain sexuality. Knowing religion cannot predict a dime.

How do we start with the analysis of religion? Well, if we want to understand Islam we definitely must not read the Koran. We must start with animal religion from about 20 million years ago. Then we must start with the Alpha male living in groups of higher mammals. Then we are on the right track to note Islamic religion has not changed in 7 million years.

Seven million years ago human like creatures combined the killing instinct with the sexual instinct to the super instinct 'sadomasochism'. For homininae (7 mya, 400cc) SM was the icing on the cake of sexuality. SM became the principal component (main factor) of the 5 dimensional sexual power space in the brain of males. 

In parallel, monotheism became the main factor from polytheistic space. Because religion is but a form of sexuality both spaces are the same and it follows SM and monotheism form an identity. Further, sexual space consists of 5 independent sexual roles or 5 independent gods, which forms the basis for numerous dependent gods or sexual roles. This is the core of human religion. 

This way we operationalize religion as form of sexuality to be able to explain religious behaviour by independent sexual predictor variables. 

Sadomasochism implies empathy for the sexual partner as a subject. A subject is a living being and an object is a table or a chair. The difference between Christianity and Islam is the former sees sexual roles as equivalent while the latter perceives 'other sexual roles' as objects. As a consequence, heterosexual Muslim males see themselves as subjects but homosexuals, women, children and animals as objects.

Because you cannot project empathy in a chair, young Muslim boys have not developed empathy for women. But remember, sadomasochism is an artificial super instinct which can fall easily apart again into killing instinct and sexual instinct. And that's the tragedy of the Muslim culture; they cannot keep sadomasochism in the focal caught. Therefore, in Islamic culture SM-dyad is synonymous with murder and manslaughter:



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