Monday, 8 August 2016

(93) Christianity lost SM-dyad

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This blog draws conclusions from the sexual evolution of man not affected by prevailing morality.

In the evolution human sexuality has developed independently from animal sexuality. For humans the main factor of sexual behavior is determined by sadomasochism. In animal sexuality SM plays no role, since animals developed not enough empathy to mentally represent the role of their partner.

Also pedophilia is a typical human sexual trait, while animals as a rule are not attracted to sexually undeveloped juveniles.

Both, sadomasochism and pedophilia are the reinforcing instruments of the inbreeding and incest culture developed by the homininae (7 mya; 400cc). These mechanisms have developed to oppress 'other sexual roles', especially women.

In nature females strive to genetic diversity while human males sometimes oppress them to realize their genetic monoculture.

In today Islamic culture, which is basically founded on inbreeding and incest, SM-dyad is the basic relation between husband and wife. Typically, men see themselves as subjects and oppress other sexual roles as objects:

If we assume gods as sexual roles we must conclude Islam as monotheism, and Christianity as polytheism. Which means Christianity acknowledges 'other sexual roles' as equivalent to male heterosexuality and accept all sexual roles as equivalent:

But if gods can be seen as sexual roles then religious space and sexual space form an identity in which monotheism stands for sadomasochism:

Then, sadomasochism and monotheism are two sides of the same coin. But now we have a problem with Islamic culture in which women are not recognized as subjects. In Islam especially young males do not learn to feel empathy with other sexual roles, especially with women and homosexuals. Then sadomasochism becomes a dangerous aspect of sexuality. Instead of the icing on the cake, SM becomes the engine of a killing machine:

Now we see the difference with Christianity where SM functions within BDSM in which women have the same rights as men. So the problem is not SM but the lack of implementation of empathy in young Muslim males.


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