Monday, 8 August 2016

(95) Policor fears the white elephant

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Earlier we wrote about the unconscious of former Christians, otherwise named 'policor' (political correctness). Also we noticed non-policor is perplexed by the policor blindness for the killer hominid, the so called 'elephant in the room'. In our opinion Islam and Christianity are sexual aberrations of Judaism, from which they are the sadomasochistic poles. That's why policor sees the killer hominid as its natural ally complementing its masochistic sexuality, or 'religion' so you want.

Is policor completely blind for any elephant? Not at all, they noticed a white elephant about which they don't dare to speak publicly. That elephant is the white European male who is still sleeping in total innocence but a monster if he awakes.

The unilateral age structure of Isis consists of very young males in their late adolescence and early adulthood, who must realize their indoctrinated dreams in this phase of life. Hence, Isis cannot temporize its war strategy.

Therefore they peak too early and without sufficient killer hominids in Europe yet. This will alert the white elephant just in time. This is his chance for survival, since Isis and policor do not master the situation any longer.

As a consequence policor is also forced to the flight forward into this risky and completely irresponsible strategy. Knowing the EU is just a paper tiger without sufficient police and military force, they are convinced not to be able to defend the white population against Islam. But do not forget they just want this clash with Isis, since unconsciously they beckon to the supremacy of Islam, awarded with the so ardently coveted Chrislam.  

Consciously they hope the speeded influx of massive numbers of killer hominids will accelerate their integration into Western society without much ado, without too many killings of white inhabitants and without alarming the white elephant too early.

So, we see a race against the clock in which Isis and policor, sadism and masochism, are forced to use improper strategies in which control is completely lost.The EU is willingly risking a civil war by supporting this desperate strategy of Isis to a massive attack on the 'sexual inferior' white European males.

But the white elephant will be alerted just in time and realize his government has will nor power to protect the population. An influx of millions of hand fire weapons will get underway and Muslims and non-Muslims will be separated forcefully into parallel societies.Then, amidst an amoral level playing field the civil war will start. I rest my case.


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