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(94) Rape and murder distinguish between religions

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Sadomasochism is a temporary super instinct composed of killer instinct and
sexual instinct.
 In nature, the killer instinct is involved in food supply and territory protection.

Within sadomasochism an interaction takes place between killer instinct and sexuality, which may increase the intensity of the overall process and possibly gets out of control. Then the super instinct will easily fall apart into murder and sexual lust again, on which the sexual partner will be murdered:

The fundamental difference between Islam and Christianity is SM-dyad versus
Vanilla-dyad. In Western culture SM is embedded in Vanilla-dyad (women are subjects), what means BDSM gives women the right to stop SM at any time.

But tragically SM is the real life soap in Islamic culture (women are objects), where Muslim males do not develop empathy with females. This makes it difficult to keep killing lust and sexual lust in the focal caught and the process might decompose into murder and sexual lust again. In Islam, SM-dyad breaks easily because the overall level of aggression is already driven to the edge.

We have to determine factors which accelerate this sadomasochistic interaction and let this process slip out of control. We suspect it is just the intention to derail the process in which SM-dyad designates the sexual partner as possible fatality in advance. It is the no-escape objectivation of 'other sexual roles'. In SM-dyad heterosexual males operate as lions playing with lambs, which know they can be massacred any time. Smart is converted into lust in masochism.

In conclusion, the key difference between Islamic culture and Christianity is that Islam cannot hold this critical mass together, time and time again is losing control, decomposing sadomasochism over and over again into murder and sexual lust:

It is a vicious circle and perpetual process; it is the basic feature of Islamic culture and the main determinant of human religion.

One further remark: Sadomasochism is the principal component of the sexual space in the human brain. This means all demonstration of power in human relations is related to sexuality:

As a rule, institutions (mosques, sharia) in SM-dyad based cultures make sexually related decisions. Though sexuality is the undertone of policy, breaking SM-dyad is not always associated with overt sexuality. For example honor killings and acid attacks have strong sexual components but it is unknown if fathers really rape their daughters before murdering them:

Tuesday, Oct 11th 2016

Muslim father rapes his daughter as punishment because she had become 'too Westernised' living in Norway 

  • The man, in his 40s has been charged with rape and incest after he attacked his daughter in their family home
  • The daughter ran out of the house in the city of Fredrikstad and told a passing postman who called the police
  • The daughter told police she had been punished by her father for living a Western lifestyle 

Also stoning of women is a sexually based act but it is unlikely to expect rape or necrophilia.

Assumption 166: Honor killings and acid attacks are caused in endogamous cultures in order to preserve the inbreeding and incest culture. In Paradise culture this was meant for genetic immortality of the tribe. 

This all means in most cases the visible effect of breaking SM-dyad is only the kill of 'other sexual roles': e.g. homosexuals, women, children, animals and non-believers:


Assumption 66: Sadomasochism is a combination of murder and sexuality. It is unstable and easy flammable. Oppression of victims easily turns into murder, decomposing SM-dyad again into killer- and sexual instinct.

As long as one keeps bloodthirstiness and sexual desire as critical mass in focus, it goes well. But after losing control over the event, sadomasochism falls apart again into murder and sexual instinct. Then magic is lost and it explodes.

An SM-dyad needs control, balance and stability between sadism and masochism.
But in most cases, sadists develop insufficient empathy in masochism. Sadism prevails and SM-dyad falls apart into murder and sexual lust.

Assumption 260Breaking sadomasochism in Islam.

Sadomasochism is a temporary super instinct formed from the killer instinct and the sexual instinct. As a Gestalt, sadomasochism is more than its constituent parts. In their interaction killer instinct and sexual instinct may easily intensify SM causing an extremely dangerous cocktail. 

SM-dyad is the blueprint of the relationship between husband and wife in Islamic culture. Then, if sexual tension hits over the edge SM will break into murder and sexual lust, leading to the kill of the sexual partner.

For the full experience of lust from breaking sadomasochism, murder and rape must take place together in smooth wave. Then we deal with natural psychopaths. But in Islamic culture Muslim males grow up as cultural psychopaths. This means murder and sexual lust can be split institutionally, as follows:

In SM-dyad the deadly victim to be can always be predicted in advance. It is the woman who will be killed, but she is not always sexually molested and raped. We know in Islam victims are mostly 'other sexual roles' : homosexuals, women, children, animals and non-believers. Remember, non-believers are from a different tribe or they do not adhere tribal religion, which is a form of sexual identity.  

Though SM decomposes into murder and sexual lust, in Islam we mostly don't see sexual molestation and rape factually. Examples of broken SM-dyads are stoning of 'adulterous' women and honor killings. 

In Islamic culture it is the sexual embedding of the killer instinct which focus the kill on the sexual partner, mostly the woman. But if the woman is not raped or sexually molested and the kill is an institutional process, what then is the fun for the public? What makes the SM decomposition into murder and sexual lust so fascinating for the crowd?

It is the sight of stoning which is attractive for the Islamic public. Muslims come in large numbers to enjoy the transition state of the struggling victim from life to death. Nobody is really interested in the living subject itself or in its dead human body afterwards. It is the transition process that arouses sexual lust in the public. 

So humans are fascinated by the transition state as well as by factually taking part in murder and rape. But remember, there are a lot of unclear interactions after 7 million years of lustful practice. 

In concluding: When 'other sexual roles' are slaughtered by Sharia or the Koran it is sexually based sentencing, born from sadomasochism. Breaking sadomasochism into murder and sexual lust is an institutionalized bonus for Muslim males. People are fascinated by the transition process as well as by factual murdering and rape. It is the exercise of supreme power over a struggling living subject into a dead and objectified human body. It is the 'no escape objectivation' of 'other sexual roles', it is the ultimate satisfaction found in the complete humiliation of a human subject, it is the sick crown on human sexuality and the fundamental characteristic of Islamic culture.

Animals and sadomasochism

Animals show sadistic behavior but for really enjoying sadomasochism one must be human, because for real SM, empathy is essential. How much more would the cat enjoy if she realized how much the mouse suffered from his creaking skull.

It's not that we can see, but we know solitary creatures are not always endowed with empathy. In general, animals are hampered by empathy with their victims. Otherwise they would die out. But even if they were endowed with empathy, even then they would not come up with the idea of creating something very beautiful from

bloodthirstiness and sexual desire: sadomasochism is the icing on the cake of the sexual relationship between humans, husband and wife, in the SM-dyad

And in case animals would like it, their sadomasochism would be unstable.
SM would quickly reset into killer instinct and sexual instinct. And that's because animals lack control to keep blood lust and sexual desire as a critical mass in the focal caught. 

Sexual culture and human religion

This site believes sadomasochism is the core of human sexuality. And we know sadomasochism has no clear role in animal sexuality.

But even if the latter would not be completely true it does not matter, since we are only interested in the evolutionary results of human sexuality. So it doesn't really matter where SM comes from. But from the assumption SM only functions in human sexuality we postulate a rationale for its development. And then we set a step further as we think sadomasochism is also the distinctive criterion in human religion.

Related to the animal world we see a clear caesura in the development of humanlike creatures from the apes, between hominids (hominoidae, 20 mya; 300cc) and homininae (7 mya; 400cc):

Hominids (20 mya; 300cc) lived in the trees and did not succumb much to inbreeding and incest because they interchanged juvenile females with other groups in their immediate vicinity. This can still be seen by today's chimps and bonobos. In these cases females have different mitochondrial DNA than males which all have about the same mtDNA. (It is also seen with Neanderthals and Aborigines.)

Teeth from ancient human ancestors suggest that females joined new social groups once they reached maturity.

A chemical analysis of australopithecine fossils ranging between roughly 1.8 million and 2.2 million years old from two South African caves finds that teeth thought to belong to females are more likely to have incorporated minerals from a distant region during formation than those from males.

"What that's telling us is that the females grew up somewhere else and they died in the caves," says Julia Lee-Thorp, an archaeological scientist at the University of Oxford, UK. 

Seven million years ago is about when australopiths left the trees and roamed bipedally through the savannas of Africa:

Genetic immortality by inbreeding and incest (homininae, 7-2 mya, 400 cc).

Hominins left the trees and unwillingly left the Alpha male equilibrium model of inbreeding and outbreeding. 

They roamed through Africa in little groups of 8 to 25 individuals and rarely met other groups to interchange young females:

They were slow mammals which easily lost contact with other groups. Many groups must have died out from autosomal recessive disorders:

Hay Festival 2011: Professor risks political storm over Muslim 'inbreeding’

Prof Steve Jones, one of Britain’s most eminent scientists, has warned that the level of inbreeding among the nation’s Muslims is endangering the health of future generations.

The geneticist said that it was common in the Islamic world for men to marry their nieces and cousins. He said that Bradford has a particular problem and warned that it could affect the health of children born into these marriages.
“It is common in the Islamic world to marry your brother’s daughter, which is actually closer than marrying your cousin.(..) We should be concerned about that as there can be a lot of hidden genetic damage. Children are much more likely to get two copies of a damaged gene.

He added: “Bradford is very inbred. There is a huge amount of cousins marrying each other there.” Research in Bradford has found that babies born to Pakistani women are twice as likely to die in their first year as babies born to white mothers, with genetic problems linked to inbreeding identified as a “significant” cause.

Studies have found that within the city, more than 70 per cent of marriages are between relations, with more than half involving first cousins.

The inbreeding culture of the homininae (7 mya; 400cc)

Meanwhile they had to copulate with their own silly family what must have been very boring. They had to live following rules of the inbreeding and incest model, what became the fundamental human sexual cultuur in our genes. From this culture which lasted from 7 to 2 million years ago, human religion developed as: Genetic immortality by inbreeding and incest (homininae, 7-2 mya, 400 cc):

That's why males rewarded themselves with pedophilia, sex with children, a typical human sexual atrocity: 

It must be seen as perpetual orgasm in this lifetime:

Perpetual orgasm across generations is projected in this lifetime and after death. In this lifetime, it means raping and fertilizing very young persons. After death, ancestors will mate with distant descendants after reincarnation. And in the ultimate case, very old men want to mate with countless virgins in the parallel universe:

Boredom is also the reason why humanlike individuals developed sadomasochism as the icing on the cake, to make life bearable.

Homininae (7 mya; 400cc) were the first wanderers in the evolution of the big apes

Assumption 253: Tribal groups of Homininae (7 mya; 400 cc), roaming through the savanna caused displacement on the cultural dimension (position), changing sexual habits. Religion can be seen as developed from a set of higher order time derivatives of changing sexual culture (position).

According to our theory, for Homininae a change of residence often involved a change of lifestyle, especially a change in (sexual) culture. And a change in (sexual) culture caused 'religion' (Hominins, bonobos). This means we see religion as a function of sexual culture:

Notice, the first derivative (genetic immortality) is a rational measure of sexual culture (inbreeding and incest):

This first order time derivative resulted in practical and concrete feedback of the velocity (speed) of the inbreeding process. And because religion controls culture, this time check became the first religion of the further powerless Homininae. With too many autosomal recessive disorders religion decreed religious wars to capture fresh females from abroad. Otherwise religion promoted inbreeding for tribal identity, the self concept of males.

But higher order time derivatives of sexual culture (inbreeding) are contaminated with magical thinking (reincarnation), by which higher order derivatives can never become zero and perpetual orgasm cannot be reached. For example inbreeding cannot be mixed with reincarnation rationally.

What is human religion

Assumption 256: Human religion is developed from a set of higher order time derivatives and controls sexual culture by ethical norms and values. Therefore it looks like religion comes from God. The last time-derivative will be zero and has been always wanted diligently, for it is expected to lead the sexual culture to the eternal existence in another universe. It is the timelessness derivative of sexuality: perpetual orgasm in the parallel universe:

We are very well known with the strive to timelessness of religion within the domain of sexuality:

We adhere the opinion of human religion as a form of sexuality and that's why we derive human sexuality from the animal world in the first place. We started with the 'Alpha male model' of the hominids (hominoidae, 20 mya; 300cc). Completing our model we see if human sexuality can explain our religious past and makes reliable predictions of future religious derailments.

With a set of higher order time derivatives controlling sexual culture we mean religion is like the police, controlling the development of sexual culture (inbreeding) instead of the speed of cars. 

 'Religion' itself must be seen as the tribal self identity of males.
Then, in a sexual culture of inbreeding and incest (homininae (700 mya; 400cc)
religion sometimes will order to capture woman slaves from other tribes (new genes) to prevent autosomal recessive diseases. 

In concluding: At a rising curve of inbreeding, tribal self-identity is promoted by more look-alikes in the offspring and with a decreasing curve genetic group identity diminishes. Controlling this process of sexual culture over time is called 'religion'.


Sometimes human males fantasize about strangling a woman during sex. But females are also fascinated by strangulation, what we see frequently in lesbian situations. This all is not unusual since murder in combination with sex is written onto our genesBut the problem is these genes themselves are very abnormal in the animal world and seem to be uniquely human.

Though there are examples of sadomasochistic behavior in the animal world, there is no intrinsic relation between murder and sexual lust. Sadomasochistic behavior for animals is coïncidental.

We know from lions with very strong killer- and sexual instincts that sometimes a male kills a female during sex. In one case we know he did not like her. Anyway, we see these instincts only working in parallel accidentally. We do not expect them to be programmed genetically intertwined, otherwise lions would already have died out. 

In the animal world the killer instinct is not merged with the sexual instinct. Those species would have died out. So we conclude this combination is abnormal in nature.

This brings us to the conclusion that human species which were unable to control the fusion of sexuality and killer instinct must have been died out in the evolution.
But maybe they partly practiced this decomposition of sadomasochism into killing lust and sexual lust only for individuals (female slaves) from other tribes:

Maybe this lustful decomposition is the real reason for the so called 'religious wars', in which non-believers of other tribes could be killed and raped freely.


As said earlier animals can sometimes show sadomasochistic behavior, but this is unlike what we mean in relation to human sexuality. 

It is known big seabirds like gannets have a lifelong bond. Numbers are sometimes listed as 50 years. Then they must feel empathy with each other. But normally empathy is scarce in the animal world. We speak about empathy because it cannot be missed in the development of human religion. 'Empathy' with the sexual partner is our first building block of human religion.

Empathy is a necessary condition for real and 'healthy' sadomasochism. Why 'healthy'? Because SM is an evolutionary part of our genetic design, brought in by the homininae from 7 to 2 million years ago. We cannot deny our roots. We cannot build a lifestyle on Vanilla-dyad. We cannot legally forbid "rape" in marriage (Netherlands 1991). We cannot throw males for years in yale for forced French tongue kissing called "rape". If we proceed denying SM-dyad, policor women will crave Islam and sexually yearn to Chrislam:

In concluding, for controlled SM sexual partners must be empathically involved in each other. And now we found an important crowbar in understanding human religion:

Sadomasochism as blueprint of Islam

When is SM-dyad really needed as blueprint of a culture? It is needed if women must be oppressed. 

And we know from Islam that inbreeding cultures must always oppress women, which in nature are the defenders of genetic diversity. In those cultures women (other sexual roles) cannot be seen as human subjects but as objects, as chairs and tables. If they had the same rights they would pursue genetic diversity. And this means in Islamic culture young boys do not learn to be empathic with women. Women are respected only if they know their place in the hierarchy.

But we know human males which are not empathic with women are not able to keep the critical mass of sexual lust and murder in the focal caught. Their "religion" gives them solid opportunities to break SM repeatedly in an institutional manner and to swallow murder and sexual lust as a religious habit.

Masochism hate, Rosetta stone to Islam

Is it possible to learn young boys to be empathic with men but autistic with women? Of course not, empathy with women will be suppressed in the unconscious of Muslim males:

Repressed empathy with women makes Muslim males to time bombs. This is how it is made:

In inbreeding cultures SM-dyad easily decomposes into killer instinct and sexual instinct:

So, we discovered a caesura in human cultures. Inbreeding cultures like Islam oppress women and see them as objects, while outbreeding cultures as Christianity see them as subjects like males. In exogamous cultures women are free to leave the group and to marry outside the clan.

And now we have found the major division in human religion:

At the same time we have completed the Sexual Model of Religion:


Animals are civilized sexual beings

Animals are sexually civilized because they use Vanilla-dyad, meaning females are fertilized only as they themselves indicate to be receptive. They need no further communication and in nature females guard genetic diversity by selecting the most suitable males.

But humans are the real beasts for a lot of reasons. Women are genetically modified and selected not to give sexual signals to other males than her owner. This all happened in the first 5 million years of the inbreeding culture of the homininae (7 mya; 400cc). That's why you cannot see if females are receptive any longer. Later, human males threw bags over women's heads to extinguish any sexual signal to other males.

In concluding humans developed a sick sexuality but the problem is SM-dyad is engraved in our genes and not Vanilla-dyad. The latter is just prosthesis for real sexual lust:

Assumptie 67: Assumptions SM-dyads.

First assumption: SM-dyad is the basic relationship between man and woman in human nature. It is a relationship that mankind will haunt until the farthest stars.
Third assumption: SM-dyad can temporarily transform into Vanilla dyad, in which case ultimately equal rights for men and women are obtained.

Fourth assumption:

Because equivalence is against male nature, Vanilla-dyad remains subordinate to SM-dyad. It is and will remain a substitute for the male sexual instinct. Which means SM-dyad in the background is always present, always searching for new ways to self-realization. SM-dyad will always restore the primal relation between husband and wife:

Of course this all happened in SM-dyad where women have been selected as spineless objects. Inbreeding and incest cultures still exist and natural selection of sadistic males and masochistic females still continues in Islam:

Even in religious endogamy with a lot of choice of Muslim males, females are killed if they want to marry a non-Muslim male:

Rape and murder distinguish between religions

Since 7 million years humanlike beings practice sadomasochism in sexuality. This is a typical human achievement. This temporary super instinct can be broken up again into rape and murder. 

Later hominins developed a lot of phantastic interactions between all kinds of sadomasochism. So there is a lot of 'necrophilia' and 'masochism fear'. But here we relate to 'religion'.

We are interested in the decomposition of sadomasochism into different orderings of killing lust and sexual lust. From these orderings we recognize religions and see the difference between Christianity and Islam in sexual behavior. In the end it means predictions can be made to the future of human religion on the basis of sexuality:

Balanced sexual model of inbreeding and outbreeding:

We realize to have contrasted two situations just to make our point. But we know the whole field of sexual indicators predicting religion is still uncharted territory. It is much too complicated for simple solutions.

But we try to differ inbreeding from outbreeding cultures, Islam from Christianity, endogamy from exogamy or sadism from masochism:

(Remember the old Greek culture with many gods as sexual roles had a level playing field between males and gods. Men were striving to be as gods. That's no masochism
but a healthy culture. 
But Christianity is a sick culture as with Islam it spans the sadomasochistic extreme around Judaism. Christian males have a subordinated homo-erotic relation with their God.)

Subject and object

In general we see  'necrophilia' as the attraction to a dead body. And this may have many reasons. Furthermore, a person may be passed away naturally or can be degraded by murder. But in all cases a person changes from a living human being, a subject into a dead human body, an object

In case of 'masochism fear' we find the same transition from subject to object. The only difference is what comes first: the killing or the rape:

Killing instinct as first lust

Here we refer to the situation where the rapist wants complete 'privacy' for his sexual pleasure. He does not want to be hindered by difficult and misunderstood empathic relations with human subjects. Therefore he kills his victim in the first place. But of course he could also intoxicate her drugs without killing. Then SM-dyad would not be broken. But killing or not he is a natural psychopath without empathy with his victim. 

'Killing as first lust' means to degrade the victim to a human object. Notice, we do not mean the situation where the killer has the perverse lust to necrophilia for a lot of other reasons.

What we label as 'necrophilia' is the inability to make the first move before it comes to sex. And we know it's not always easy to get off with a girl in agreement with the norms of our complicated society. But fortunately, hitting on a girl is made very easy with dating sites on the Internet nowadays.

Sociopaths, who are very adept at social situations are not intended. We refer to men who cannot keep up the pretense of an empathic relationship with women.

Killing before sex is the urge for complete dominance over other persons, it is the elimination of all human subjectivity till unresisting objects remain. It is the superlative of sexual euphoria, for which murder is not conditional, since intoxication would suffice but killing objectifies the victim definitely.

Killing before sex in inbreeding cultures

Males from inbreeding cultures have no problem in dominating women with coercion and violence. They simply don't need empathic relationships with 'other sexual roles'. They have already complete dominance. So, they will simply rape a woman as human object in SM-dyad without feeling the need to kill her firstly. Since in Islamic culture psychopathy is the norm.

Killing before sex in outbreeding cultures

And that means 'killer instinct as first lust' must be reserved for natural psychopaths which are unable to keep normal empathic relations with women. They can be found in inbreeding cultures (Islam) as well as in the Western world. But in Islam they are no outcasts of society and are not pressed to kill their victim, what means natural psychopaths are more dangerous in the Western world with the difficult art how to get off with a girl. 

Rape as first lust

With rape the victim is always degraded to a helpless unresisting object. But in inbreeding cultures women are already degraded in agreement with the norms of society. So, for Muslims there is no reason to kill their victims afterwards. But in Western culture rape is an extreme violation of the norm, which could lead to: 

1: Panic by which the rapist kills his victim to prevent identification. So rape in the Western world is more dangerous for women. 

2: In the Western world a rapist might realize he is violating the norm and refrain from rape if his victim starts screaming, shouting and crying and is fighting back. Then the rapist could still repent.

But in the Muslim culture it is quite a different story. SM-dyad is already driven to madness in normal life so the limit of breaking sadomasochism is reached much faster. Then in Islamic culture women being raped better keep their mouth shut to save their lives.

Murder as extra satisfaction 

In 'religious wars' Muslims are allowed to kill after rape as bonus for satisfaction, since women of other tribes are unbelievers and their killing leads not to extinction of the Muslim-group.

This means breaking SM into murder and sexual lust sometimes enriches the sexual satisfaction of the offender, for murder gives the rapist complete power over life and death and makes him look invincible. This might be the extra satisfaction and is one of the reasons for breaking SM-dyad.

So breaking SM-dyad prevents the identification of the rapist in the Western world - apart from DNA - and murder after sex can give the extra satisfaction of invincibility. But there are more pressing reasons:

Inbreeding and outbreeding religions

We already know in nature females are the guards of genetic diversity. Also we noted inbreeding cultures adhere genetic monoculture. Of course, somewhere must be a kind of equilibrium for the tribe not to die out:


But the important fact is inbreeding cultures must oppress women and treat them as human objects. These cultures cannot exist without sadism, without SM-dyad. In Islam, males are bond to practice brutality to dominate females. This cultures with a closed mantle which prevents women to choose a man outside the tribe (the serpent of Eve) are called endogamous cultures. They developed from homininae (7 mya; 400cc):

Exogamous cultures developed about two million years ago from homo erectus (2 mya; 900cc). The inbreeding instinct diluted by free mixing with other tribes by which genetic diversity developed naturally again. 

As said earlier the main dimension of human religion separates inbreeding from outbreeding cultures. Today Islam is the prototype of an inbreeding culture and Christianity represents outbreeding. But contrary to the Greek culture Christianity added masochism to outbreeding what is a very sick enlargement.

Comparing Islam with Christianity gives a sadomasochistic bipolarity around Judaism which antipodes must be seen as a sexual aberration. As a result we notice sadism is a highly qualified cultural value in Islam, while for Christianity it is the other way around. Christianity had to invent 'sin' to be able to come to 'guilt' and 'penance' for a working masochistic model. Both sexual aberrations are called 'religions':

Masochism hate, Rosetta stone to Islam

There is a problem with masochistic behavior of the victim. Young boys in inbreeding cultures do not learn empathy with girls. Empathy with 'other sexual roles' is suppressed in the unconscious. This means they cannot handle properly masochistic reactions of their victims:

Therefore we come to the following conclusion:
Among Muslims the forced immersion in their masochistic unconscious causes a conflict with their sadistic mind. There is a collision between their sadistic identity and unprocessed masochistic counterpart. They learned to hate masochism:

To avoid this confrontation Muslims may dissolve the SM-dyad harshly in murder lust and sexual desire. But there is another complication.

A screaming, shouting and crying victim leads to regression of the Muslim male, where he fears his own unprocessed masochism. This is why women which are being raped must be quiet for otherwise they can be brutally murdered:

It is the sight of an overdose of heartbreaking masochism, the screaming, the grimaces on the face of the dying woman, which makes the Muslim male panic and breaks SM-dyad into rape and murder:

But there's still another theory

Competitive statement
Sexual Scales of Religion

It states Muslims are unconsciously searching reasons to dissolve the SM-dyad in murder and sexual lust. It concerns the aggravation of masochistic behavior of their victims. This we call 'cultural psychopathy'.

Insults of Allah are seized to get a reduction of consciousness. The subsequent clash between conscious sadism and unresolved and unconscious masochism is precisely sought to terminate the SM-dyad with the victim. Outrageous Muslims are looking for the decomposition of SM-dyad into murder and rape:

The prediction for Islam and Christianity

Both religions are on the verge of extinction and unable to keep sadism and masochism apart. They will collapse into Chrislam, unless Western culture formulates a better central core than the Enlightenment, which was unable to formulate rules to distinguish between cultures by which the irresponsible romanticism could degenerate into cultural nihilism:




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