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(89) Marital rape

Basic Dimension

Assumption 283: Policor.
Policor is a worldwide movement to undermine Western culture. Nowadays representatives are the EU, the globalists and the Democratic Party of the United States. Policor started with Romanticism (Rousseau) as built-in movement of the Enlightenment. The latter failed to formulate rules to discriminate between cultures, on which Romanticism judged all cultures equal and equivalent. In fact, the Enlightenment gave the impulse to the destruction of Christianity. In the twentieth century the Frankfurter Schule proclaimed the destruction of Western culture, followed by Marxist relativism or - nihilism. Later on 'all cultures are equal and equivalent' culminated into multiculturalism. The underlying idea was to establish a world government of globalists which could benefit from an army of cheap laborers (deplorables, irredeemables). Hillary Clinton is the latest representative of American policor. To accelerate the destruction of Western culture the EU destroyed the Nation States of Europe and negated democracy. Eurocrats call democracy: 'populism'. A further goal is to set up refugee flows to erase the identity of the European culture. Policor attracts criminals, fraud and corruption and consists of sexual deviant groups which find in Islam a shining example.

Policor (political correctness):

'Rape, unwanted touch the bottom in the café or sexual remarks at work are not just women's problems. Men also need to take a clear stand against it', says minister Jet Bussemaker. (...) 'Not only do women have to set a limit, even men need to set the standard and clear and loud reject violence against women ', said Bussemaker against'


In 1991 rape was abolished within marriage in the Netherlands. A bill for artificial insemination waited for application. It was the blow for the SM-dyad. Latent lesbian feminists had won. The homosexual clergy was already banned in the sixties. Since, lesbian feminists simply did not grasp how it worked.  And by the anti-conception pill women were equal to men. Acquired women's suffrage supplemented with a proportion of masochistic Christian males gave them the majority in parliament and so Western culture went down into a free fall.

Forced tongue kissing and such innocuous was dismissed with years of prison for rape. Then take just a sex dollIn a radical change of direction SM-dyad was exchanged for Vanilla-dyad.

It was the period of the forced fore- and after play proclaimed by the NVSH (Dutch Society for Sexual Reform) where at the same time the eight-year-old daughter learned her first lessons in the parental bed.

And then afterwards, not to forget the insipid cuddling with that worthless sherry. Many marriages were on the rocks with divorces on the assembly line. Males went on like beasts. At the office, that is.

But later, females were not charmed of the Vanilla-dyad anymore because it is not natural. And for males having to ask for sex on fixed times is an aggravation of already obliged shopping. Also women missed to be pounced in a daze: Hop, the kids outside and then presto, I cook meanwhile by. 

For yeah, also half a lesbian feminist wants sometimes be fucked hard into her ass and so it was that Western women unconsciously started looking for a more solid meal than that slouch bite there on the bench.

Then her eye fell on 'black hair sprayed from all its orifices' and he did exactly what Christian males also wanted but were not allowed anymore. He embodied the SM-dyad at its best, jummy, assaulting and raping the screaming and yelling females. Drool ran from her mouth.

Feminists talked shame with lust. But a new religion was born. Policor is the unconscious struggle for real men, for the Alpha male. Policor is an effeminate religion, even for effeminate males. It is no better than Christianity, even worse. Religion is a form of sexuality.


Waarom klopten die cijfers niet?

,,In de tijd van de uitzending was een tongzoen juridisch nog een verkrachting. Daarvoor werden vooral die taakstraffen opgelegd. Alle deskundigen waren het er toen ook over eens dat dit terechte vonnissen waren. Ik denk dat de Hoge Raad daarom naderhand ook heeft geoordeeld dat een tongzoen nu juridisch gezien geen verkrachting meer is maar aanranding.''

Nu moet u toch een celstraf opleggen voor een ongewilde tongzoen.

Daders worden gebrandmerkt als iemand die iets verkeerds heeft gedaan. Onderschat de impact die dit heeft niet.
,,Ja, maar het komt voor dat ik maar één dag cel opleg als ik een taakstraf een passender straf vind. Ik heb dat bijvoorbeeld gedaan bij een jongen van 23 die tijdens het stappen onder invloed van drank een meisje in de billen kneep en een tongzoen gaf. Dat was voor het meisje heel vervelend, maar de gevolgen vielen mee. Deze jongen had geen strafblad, zat in een opleiding en was enorm geschrokken. Er zouden een heleboel dingen mis zijn gegaan als hij de gevangenis was ingegaan. Je komt daar gewoon veel slechter uit.''


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