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(41) Pedophilia, crowbar in human religion

Basic Dimension 

Assumption 257: Remember, big apes (Hominids: 20 mya; 350cc) matured earlier than humans at about 8 years. The same for Homininae (7 mya; 400cc), including Australopiths and Homo Naledi. Also for nowadays chimps and bonobos (400cc). Even Turkana boy 1.6 mya (Homo ergaster 1.9 mya; 900 cc) had about adult size at 8 years (152-179 cm). But Homo sapiens got too big brains and matures at about 13 years.

From animal sexuality to human religion

The difference between animal sexuality and human religion is that the latter became a form of perpetual sexuality. Human religion became the timelessness derivative of sexuality.

Assumption 4:

- We give four operationalizations of animal religion in mammal groups:

1: Religion is a form of sexuality.
2: Religion is an expression of the group instinct.
3: Religion is the distribution key for the subordinate sex *.
4: Religion sets sexual rules for the subordinate sex *.

- We give one operationalization of human religion:

5: Human religion is the search for eternal life.

*Note although female animals are often sexually dominated by males, their freedom to choose their own male is usually guaranteed. Hence, the animal world is dominated by genetic diversity.

Human religion became the timelessness derivative of sexuality:


Homininae bonding

Seven million years ago Homininae diverged over the countryside in small families and lost contacts with other groups. Many families died out by autosomal recessive disorders. But where they captured other females, they were saved from extinction. 

Natural rights of females were unknown. They simply mated within the family. That meant inbreeding and incest. Homininae had no possessionsno clothes, only their naked bodiesSexuality was the only way in which their mutual relationships
were reflected


Only by inbreeding and incest Homininae found their group identity, underlined by recurrent genetic defects:

Inbreeding and incest started as an unconscious and unintentional life style: 

Assumption 142: Classical conditioning:
Human inbreeding started as an unconditioned stimulus followed by an unconditioned response of genetic immortality in the (earthly) universe.
 Genetic immortality means the tribe did not change of genetic composition over time. 
Later, inbreeding and incest became a virtue of necessity. Inbreeding possibly became the first typical human social instinct.
Therefore, over a period of 5 million years inbreeding developed as a conscious and intentional lifestyle: 
Assumption 143: Operant conditioning: 
Human inbreeding developed as an operant response followed by a reinforcing stimulus of genetic immortality in the (earthly) universe. 


For Homininae, inbreeding and incest maintained a relation in which inbreeding encouraged group-identity and the everlasting existence of the tribe in more or less the same genetic composition, called genetic immortality, and incest came down to perpetual orgasm with daughters, and other much younger family members as a reward, as timeless orgasm across generations. Note that both, inbreeding and incest pursued eternity but in quite a different way.

Assumption 220: Perpetual orgasm across generations in this lifetime started as a conscious operant response to elicit the reinforcing stimulus of even more saturated genes in the sexually mature offspring. In this manner, inbreeding promoted tribal identity in the form of genetic immortality. For this reason, first Homininae started to fertilize sexually mature daughters and nieces.

This kind of highly saturated inbreeding also led to the insight that sexual intercourse with younger generations in itself contributed to eternal survival. Perpetual orgasm across generations got sacred meaning for eternal fertility of human-like males. This kind of incestuous pedophilia became a human male instinct.

Hence, both inbreeding and incest became human instincts. They developed as compensating instincts because sex with younger generations also was a lustful payment for males for their contribution to the system. Only in inbreeding cultures males are morally rewarded for sex with the own daughters and nieces.

Without compensation of perpetual orgasm with daughters and nieces, inbreeding and incest became unbalanced and caused honor killings much later in the evolution. Perpetual orgasm over generations was the price daughters had to pay for genetic immortality of the tribe.

From the holiness of incestuous pedophilia with daughters and nieces a different kind of pedophilia evolved: sacred pedophilia with sexually immature individuals in general. Of course this was not meant for inbreeding. 

In the evolution incestuous pedophilia lost its former goal to create saturated genes in the offspring because of autosomal recessive disorders and now pedophilia in general was left for perpetual orgasm across generations for males with sexually immature persons.

Hence, nowadays a very insane and sick form of pedophilia with sexually immature persons results from inbreeding, which is not found in the animal world. Later in the evolution newborns were sacrificed to the gods in holy rituals, so these also could live forever in perpetual orgasm.

Resuming, in the first instance, saturating genes in the offspring contributed to the survival of the genetic identity of the tribe in genetic immortality. In the second instance, perpetual orgasm across generations developed as a human lust for males. And in the third instance, pedophilia developed with sexually immature persons. Meanwhile sacred pedophilia developed and degenerated into sacrifices of newborns to the gods.

Extreme saturated inbreeding has been forbidden already for a very long time because of autosomal recessive disorders, though incestuous pedophilia is still practiced in some parts of the world.

But non-incestuous pedophilia has not been banned. This found its outlet in ordinary pedophilia and child marriages, not found in animals. Child marriages developed as sign of powerful eternal orgasm and expected fertility of the wealthy.

Later in the evolution perpetual orgasm across generations has been sublimated in perpetual orgasm in the offspring after reincarnation into the (earthly) universe and still later in the parallel universe (72 virgins in Heaven, 200.000 ya).      


It was a natural process in which Homininae could not yet talk in millions of years. But human religion was in development and only in her first stage of "abstraction":


For Homininae males there was no afterlife and perpetual orgasm was the immediate gratification of their sexual needs: timeless sexuality across generations. And this form we call: incestuous pedophilia:
Assumption 218: Originally incestuous pedophilia meant sexual relations with daughters and nieces as operationalization of perpetual orgasm of Homininae. 

The origin of pedophilia

Pedophilia was an integral part of Homininae culture. It was a derailment of sexual values of the animal world. Sexuality has been contorted by inbreeding cultures into eternity and got the stamp: religion. Religion is eternal sexuality and became the yearning to perpetual orgasmHence, pedophilia is the operationalization of perpetual orgasm and is an essential feature of nowadays Islam.

The sublimation of pedophilia in evolution

Only later in the evolution males learned to delay their sexual gratification for participation in the inbreeding culture till the afterlife, as follows:

1: In (earthly) reincarnation incestuous pedophilia with own children changed into perpetual orgasm with tribal descendants after reincarnation. With this symbolic act perpetual orgasm was saved from real incest and pedophilia.

2: By reincarnation into heaven of the parallel universe incestuous pedophilia
disappeared completely, for older men now were longing for 72 young virgins of a totally unknown tribe in Heaven of an unknown universe
Assumption 156: Incest was the first form of perpetual orgasm: timeless orgasm across generations. Earthly reincarnation as a second form offered endless orgasm in the afterlife of the tribe. But the prospect of the same unattractive cousins and sisters appeared no promise but a curse. Therefore Homo sapiens invented the parallel universe. It was the flight to an unknown paradise where one could have perpetual orgasm with 72 beautiful fresh woman slaves on an entirely new dimension. It comes down to never ending orgasm, the center of gravity of male religion.  

What changed is that males did not reincarnate into their own tribe any longer but in an unknown parallel universe, what eliminated every symbolic remembrance of
inbreeding and incest.

Assumption 152: Islam is an endogamous inbreeding culture, offering a factually exogamous afterlife in heaven. A genetic monoculture on earth (Islam) flirts with genetic diversity in heaven (Christianity), where the latter must be seen as heaven on earth. Jealousy led to the persecution of Christians, because their masochistic suffering is compatible with exogamic lust. And violent bloodlust and hatred discharged on Jews, for though their culture relied also on inbreeding and incest, their females were left free choice to exogamy as in the group of higher mammals.

What remained was the promised satisfaction of everlasting orgasm in a second life as compensation for suffered inbreeding on earth. For inbreeding cultures reincarnation has always been the promise of a better life:
Assumption 158: Cultures imposing unreasonable restrictions on sexuality are purposely promoting sexual desperation in men, who then build an extreme expectation of sexual orgasm in an unknown universe of hope.
Concluding, millions of years later incestuous pedophilia evolved into the better known form of perpetual orgasm, where old men are longing for 72 young virgins in Heaven. In the end pedophilia evolved into a really need deferred gratification of sexual needs. And what is more, in the parallel universe of Allah it lost also every connection with inbreeding and incest.


But a terrible development came in its place because inbreeding no longer served for genetic immortality of the tribe, but now was meant for making inbred bodies for the reincarnation of ancestors. 

Making inbred bodies sounded logical for (earthly) reincarnation into the tribe, but not in the parallel universe of Allah, where the belief in reincarnation into the (earthly) universe is a mortal sin:

Assumption 145: Inbreeding and reincarnation into the (earthly) universe form a profitable interaction, wherein the whole is more than the parts. After the invention of reincarnation, tribal inbreeding cannot exist any longer without earthly reincarnation. It is very unlikely that tribal cultures are willing or able to disentangle this combined instinct or archetype on their own initiative. We conclude that reincarnation into the earthly universe must be suppressed in the collective unconscious of Islamic Culture.

So, for our analysis of human religion: 

1: Incestuous pedophilia is the first form of perpetual orgasm of the Homininae. 

2: Sex with young women slaves after reincarnation into Heaven of Allah is a derivative, a sublimation of former pedophilia. 

3: Incestuous pedophilia evolved from payment in the inbreeding culture into
plain pedophilia with child marriages with other people's children. Child marriages are to see as payment for inbreeding. It is a relic of perpetual orgasm across generations.

Hence, incestuous pedophilia is the crowbar in human religion.

Both forms of forced sex with nonequivalent parties: incestuous pedophilia and plain pedophilia (child marriages) still exist side by side in inbreeding cultures. All sorts of pedophilia interact in a very difficult way on this site causing nowadays honor killings.

It is a completely misunderstood branch of sexual exploitation:


Tuesday, Oct 11th 2016

Muslim father rapes his daughter as punishment because she had become 'too Westernised' living in Norway 

  • The man, in his 40s has been charged with rape and incest after he attacked his daughter in their family home
  • The daughter ran out of the house in the city of Fredrikstad and told a passing postman who called the police
  • The daughter told police she had been punished by her father for living a Western lifestyle 

Animal pedophilia
Assumption 219: Nowadays plain pedophilia is but a relic of incestuous pedophilia of the Homininae. An example is pedophilia in child marriages. 
Nowadays plain pedophilia cannot be understood properly without its religious background. It's too sick for animal sexuality. The loss of perpetual orgasm is a direct cause of honor killings.

Origins of pedophilia are present in human beings but not in animals, not in mammals, may be in some primates, but not as sexual intercourse. Animals do not practice
pedophilia, because young animals lack secondary sexual characteristics. What means pedophilia must have something to do with some sick human sexuality alone, I mean with human 'religion'.

The difference between inbreeding and incest

We illustrate the fundamental difference between inbreeding and incest in later Paradise cultures, where genetic immortality already evolved into reincarnation:

In Homininae cultures inbreeding was intended for the continuation of the group in the current genetic composition: genetic immortality. But in later pre-Islamic cultures inbred bodies were produced for the reincarnation of ancestors. 

Therefore women had to be impregnated and saturated by seed of their families. And the greater the number of deceased ancestors, the more inbred bodies were needed.
Hence, Muslims always need a lot of inbred children. And if women or daughters 
refuse to be incubators of family seed, by adultery or by refusal of arranged marriages, they may be killed.

Incest with younger generations (perpetual orgasm) was kind of payment for males for their cooperation with the inbreeding system. Hence in principal incest has nothing to do with sexual reproduction. Originally, incest was but eternal love across generations. What means that homosexual males could be effectively married with their cousins to produce inbred bodies for the ancestors but were paid in perpetual orgasm with young tribal boys: may be their sons and nephews.

Therefore pre-Islamic Paradise cultures were more polytheistic in their recognition of sexual roles as homosexuality and bestiality than monotheistic Islam:

Note that in Paradise culture women and daughters were oppressed without empathy, they were needed only for their cooperation. But males could be warm friends and animals were respected for their specific qualities.

Later in the evolution, incest changed from sex with much younger family members
into cousin-cousin marriages of the same generationThat development occurred as prevention of autosomal recessive disorders and is fundamental for our analysis, because now fathers lost their perpetual orgasm across generations

Cousin-marriages started after the invention of reincarnation and perpetual orgasm was banished to the afterlife. Hence, the inbreeding system became unbalanced. From then, honor killings started from frustration.

In this study, with 'incest' we especially mean love between and across but not within
generations. So in our view, the within generation relationship between Adam and Eve is more fundamental for inbreeding than for incest. 

Of course sibling sexual relations must have been quite normal in Homininae groups too. But later in life, Adam was paid for marrying his dull sister with perpetual orgasm with younger generations, his daughters or otherwise with honor killings

Remember our premise that the inbreeding system does not work without compensation.
Assumption 158: Cultures imposing unreasonable restrictions on sexuality are purposely promoting sexual desperation in men, who then build an extreme expectation of sexual orgasm in an unknown universe of hope.
Assumption 203: Sexual deprivation (poverty) strengthens the endogamous group. Promiscuity (wealth) strengthens the exogamous group.
Assumption 216: The prohibition doctrine.
The doctrine argues that monotheistic religions (sexual deprivation) only exist by virtue of what they prohibit (sexual satisfaction). Monotheism only survives and becomes stronger by prohibiting sexual lust. This also means monotheism (male heterosexuality) flourishes by the prohibition of homosexuality (the second god eventually leading to polytheism).      

The relation between Adam and Eve was an SM-dyad between a sick religious believer in genetic monoculture and a woman seeking for genetic diversity:


And to make it more complicated recall:

Assumption 167: Monotheism is the sadomasochistic principal component of the over dimensioned polytheistic space.

SM is the main factor in sexual space but this is identical to monotheism in religious space:

The Gordian knot of Islamic culture:

1: Inbreeding is misunderstood as meant for "the honor of the family". Inbreeding is a production facility for inbred bodies for earthly reincarnation.

2: But the belief in earthly reincarnation became a mortal sin in Islam. Hence Muslims suppressed the meaning of inbreeding to their collective unconscious.

3: Autosomal recessive disorders banished perpetual orgasm as payment for inbreeding first to the earthly universe and later in Islam to the parallel universe of Allah.

4: Inbreeding and incest (perpetual orgasm) came unbalanced and Muslim males came to hate wives and daughters and they were killed by stoning and acid attacks. Honor killings are caused by frustrated males in sexually deprived inbreeding cultures. 

5: Child marriages are the primordial echo of perpetual orgasm of the Homininae. By marrying a child, wealthy Muslims can fulfill this lust and come to terms with the inbreeding system. But poor Muslims sometimes may become heavily frustrated by this suffocating system of sexual slavery and in their despair they may kill wives and daughters as relief by decomposing Sexual Scales of Religion:


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