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(99) Breaking sadomasochism

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We reject the SM-dyad from Islamic culture as way of life for husband and wife. Since the Middle Ages we are more and more proponents of the Vanilla-dyad. SM-dyad considers 'other sexual roles' as objects, while Western society perceives all humans as equal.

But with Vanilla-dyad we introduced a disharmonious connection to our genes. In fact since the Homininae (7 mya; 400cc) SM-dyad is written into our genes and will accompany us to the farthest stars. So remember, Vanilla-dyad can only be temporary prosthesis and a fleeting ideal. Vanilla-dyad must be seen as an ethical artifact of Western society.

This means Western policor women will always yearn to real men and unconsciously will dream of violent sexual confrontations. Unless we return to a more healthy mixture of Vanilla-dyad with SM-dyad, Islam will conquer the hearts of Western women and the Islamic invasion will be unstoppable. Western women with suffrage complemented by masochistic male Christians will remain voting for Vanilla-dyad, by which Western culture eventually has to merge with Islam into Chrislam.

We must return from legislation that determines 'rape' within marriage as a crime (Netherlands 1991). Also we must reject forced tongue kissing as 'rape' which sends the offender for years in prison. We must be realistic and see ourselves as human animals. Ethics is no substitute for genes.

Breaking sadomasochism

After an evolution of 7 million years numerous interactions between killer instinct and sexual instinct have developed. The best approach is a clinical and abstract format to the breaking of SM-dyad:

We distinguish four stages:

1: Rape after murder (Ra|M; Rape under condition of murder)

2: Murder after rape (M|Ra);

3: Rape and murder together (Ra&M; Rape and murder at the same time).

4: Murder sexually embedded within religion (M|Ri; Murder without rape, by religion);

Notice Ra|M, M|RA and Ra&M do not require a long-term relationship between male and female. Any female simply might be raped and killed. But also in that very moment when strangled, she is entangled in an SM-dyad with her murderer. So, SM-dyad can develop within a split second even if we know all sexual distortion comes from the murderer.

But in Islam (M|Ri) we speak of sustainable relations between husband and wife. In Islamic culture breaking sadomasochism into murder and sexual lust is a sophisticated process, called 'religion'. 

For example, honor killings and stoning of women are sexually determined lusts, which are regulated by 'religion':

So we brought some order into our analysis, but we know there are endless more interactions between murder and sexual lust, which is our inheritance from the evolution since homininae (7 mya; 400cc).

Breaking SM-dyad which is not visible from the body of the victim is unsatisfactory. So, in most situations the killer wants the greatest possible transition between life and death. He wants a screaming and struggling dying women. He wants the widest possible transition between the stages of life and death.

Also we are known with a smooth transition of softly strangled women who ultimately remain within SM-dyad, what means they are not killed. Here, it is just to experience the genetically caused lust to be killed within a sexual context. If it goes wrong SM-dyad is broken by accident. This is seen more in lesbian situations. It is the sadistic desire to slowly transform a living human being into a dead human object. It must be seen as the superlative of will-less surrender. It must be seen as a masochistic lust. So within sadomasochism, we already lustfully project it's decomposition while the victim remains alive.


We know there are different situations for M|Ra. In Western culture rape is an offence against culture; in Islam it is not. In Western culture the victim might alarm the rapist for his abnormal behavior by screaming and fighting. This might help if he is not a psychopath. 

In Islam the woman better keeps her mouth shut and is cooperative. If the rapist is a cultural psychopath his behavior is in line with his culture and there is no need to kill her afterwards.

In Islam we have the additional problem of masochism hate and masochism fear. The more the woman struggles and the more she screams the sooner she will be killed.
Repressed empathy with women makes Muslim males to time bombs. This is how it is made:

Last but not least, sustainable SM-dyads between male and female host the immanent threat to be killed by the male anytime. It is this threat a horny lioness feels every time the lion pounces on her. She is always ready to defend herself. 


Also within Islamic culture it is this addiction to masochism which keeps Muslim women sharp and submissive. This immanent threat  is the hidden power of SM-dyad, more precisely of Islam.


Assumption 66: Sadomasochism is a combination of murder and sexuality. It is unstable and easy flammable. Oppression of victims easily turns into murder, decomposing SM-dyad again into killer- and sexual instinct.

Assumption 260Breaking sadomasochism in Islam.

Sadomasochism is a temporary super instinct formed from the killer instinct and the sexual instinct. As a Gestalt, sadomasochism is more than its constituent parts. In their interaction killer instinct and sexual instinct may easily intensify SM causing an extremely dangerous cocktail. 

SM-dyad is the blueprint of the relationship between husband and wife in Islamic culture. Then, if sexual tension hits over the edge SM will break into murder and sexual lust, leading to the kill of the sexual partner.

For the full experience of lust from breaking sadomasochism, murder and rape must take place together in smooth wave. Then we deal with natural psychopaths. But in Islamic culture Muslim males grow up as cultural psychopaths. This means murder and sexual lust can be split institutionally, as follows:

In SM-dyad the deadly victim to be can always be predicted in advance. It is the woman who will be killed, but she is not always sexually molested and raped. We know in Islam victims are mostly 'other sexual roles' : homosexuals, women, children, animals and non-believers. Remember, non-believers are from a different tribe or they do not adhere tribal religion, which is a form of sexual identity.  

Though SM decomposes into murder and sexual lust, in Islam we mostly don't see sexual molestation and rape factually. Examples of broken SM-dyads are stoning of 'adulterous' women and honor killings. 

In Islamic culture it is the sexual embedding of the killer instinct which focus the kill on the sexual partner, mostly the woman. But if the woman is not raped or sexually molested and the kill is an institutional process, what then is the fun for the public? What makes the SM decomposition into murder and sexual lust so fascinating for the crowd?

It is the sight of stoning which is attractive for the Islamic public. Muslims come in large numbers to enjoy the transition state of the struggling victim from life to death. Nobody is really interested in the living subject itself or in its dead human body afterwards. It is the transition process that arouses sexual lust in the public. 

So humans are fascinated by the transition state as well as by factually taking part in murder and rape. But remember, there are a lot of unclear interactions after 7 million years of lustful practice. 

In concluding: When 'other sexual roles' are slaughtered by Sharia law or the Koran it is sexually based sentencing, born from sadomasochism. Breaking sadomasochism into murder and sexual lust is an institutionalized bonus for Muslim males. People are fascinated by the transition process as well as by factual murdering and rape. It is the exercise of supreme power over a struggling living subject into a dead and objectified human body. It is the 'no escape objectivation' of 'other sexual roles', it is the ultimate satisfaction found in the complete humiliation of a human subject, it is the sick crown on human sexuality and the fundamental characteristic of Islamic culture.


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