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(232) The Archetype of God

Basic Dimension 

The Alpha Male

Assumption 1: God is a sexual ideal projection of higher mammals in the alpha male. He personifies the role of polygamous heterosexuality.

The alpha male worship was the first god-projection of males living in mammal groups together. This means gods are sexual roles:

Assumption 2: Gods are sexual roles.

The space of gods

Sexual roles in the conscious are empathically recognized and persons belonging to these roles are seen as subjects, as human beings. On the other hand, sexual roles suppressed in the unconscious belong to persons seen as objects, as tables and chairs. Psychopaths are not empathically involved.

In the evolution a physiological substrate must have been formed in the male brain that integrates the sexual power of animals. We call this substrate 'the archetype of God' and the underlying space 'the space of gods':

For humans, this power center contains five major sexual roles:

Assumption 50: The polytheistic space of gods (in the archetype of God) exists of five sexual dimensions. With two dimensions, heterosexuality is opposed to other sexual roles. With five dimensions it concerns the following hierarchy:

1: First God: male heterosexuality. [Alpha male]
2: Second God: male homosexuality. [homosexual clergy]
3: Third God: female sexual roles.
4: Fourth God: pedophilia.
5: Fifth God: bestiality. 

On note, animals are not much interested in bestiality. Also human pedophilia is an anomaly born out of reward for inbreeding and incest of the first bipedal Hominids (7 Ma; 400cc).

So we will not find bestiality and humanlike pedophilia in animals. Further is homosexuality the brand of monotheism. The animal world is more polytheistic with two recognized sexual roles in the conscious. This all means in the animal world we mainly have male and female heterosexuality.

Once this more dimensional space has been postulatedit can be classified and divided arbitrarily:  

Below we see the split of the 'space of gods' in Islam: male heterosexuality (red) is contrasted to other sexual roles (pink). It contrasts sadism (subjects) with masochism (objects), otherwise called paraphilia combined with racism (ethnocentrism):

This physiological space cannot be changed. It is inherited from the Homininae (7 Ma; 400cc). It is determined by rank = 5 independent dimensions, 5 degrees of freedomThe only change will be that humans are more or less conscious about the selection of sexual roles. So, the space can be partitioned into an unconscious and a conscious part. In Christianity all gods are in the conscious, because Jesus is known as the guard of the weakest, of 'other sexual roles'. Christianity is at least semi-polytheism, the escape of the Jesus-movement from the monotheism of the desert religions:

As said, for humans the rank of the space of gods in the archetype of God is fixed at five independent dimensions. That's our working hypothesis. It is not our definite opinion. All kinds of religions can be expressed in this sexual palette: 

The Archetype of God

Assumption 26: A culture is dominated by three fundamental powers, also called cultural archetypes: Religion (S)the Law (R) and the Dialectical process (D). They stand for religious law (God)secular law (Jesus) and the catalyst function (concertation between the sexes).

Assumption 56: In a balanced culture, the cultural archetypes Religion (S)the Law (R) and the Dialectical process (D) are independent powers. It is called 'polytheism'. An unbalanced culture is named 'monotheism'.

Assumption 27: The archetype of God (P = primary religion) is the physiological power center in the brain of males. Here is the instinctive urge of man to rule. It is a sexual urge that we call primary religion P. P is a physiological archetype.

Assumption 46:

A) Primary religion concerns eternal life in the (earthly) universe by inbreeding and incest and/or reincarnation into the offspring.

B) Secondary religion concerns eternal life by reincarnation (resurrection, rebirth) into heaven of the parallel universe without inbreeding and incest.

Primary religion is primitive and sexualized religion. Secondary religion is esoteric, occult and desexualized.

Islam is a mixture of primary and secondary religion. Christianity is pure secondary religion.

But most of all: With the prospect of going to the parallel universe 'inbreeding and incest' makes no sense any longer, because men will not return on Earth and do not need inbred bodies any longer, liberating the woman’s body.

There is just one exception: Though in Islam religious endogamy resorts under the parallel universe of Allah, and partly ended tribal inbreeding and incest, it still insists on cousin marriages within the religious Muslim group from former Paradise cultures. Not complying women are still being killed, every day:

Assumption 4: The physiological archetype of God led to the sense of God. The feeling that something has to be. But also to the desire to be a God on oneself and to exercise sexual power oneself. Because otherwise such a projection does not make sense.

Assumption 30: The physiological archetype of God (P) is the place in the brain where the accredited power to the alpha male is to be projected. It is the place of the sexual ideal projection. All kinds of power are projected here in the course of time.

Assumption 6All human power has a sexual component: sadomasochism.

Assumption 6: The SM-dyad is the building block of the relationship between husband and wife. Sadomasochism is the interaction between the killer instinct, the sexual instinct and a touch of cannibalism.

Assumption 69: SM-dyad is the physical one-dimensionality in the space of gods of the archetype of God, the power center of males to come to fulfillment by testosterone. In this case, male heterosexuality is empathically experienced in the conscious and 'other sexual roles' are suppressed in the unconscious. But society can enforce a multi-dimensional projection on culture.

Enforcing a projection on culture

The struggle for every society is to control and limit the horrible effects of male testosterone. Will it enforce cultural conformation from the male hormone testosterone, force a projection on the plane of 'assimilation' as with Vanilla-dyad in Christianity, as in atheism and polytheism? 

Or will it permit a full projection on anarchy? Will it accept SM-dyad?

Will it mold testosterone into laws as Sharia did and formalize the anarchy of testosterone as kind of culture, as did the horrible Islamic ideology? Indeed, the Muslim culture forces Muslims to assimilate into moral anarchy. 

So, assimilation equals moral and ethical anarchy in the Muslim culture. In Islam, there is no difference between testosterone anarchy and assimilation. Male testosterone is the best summary of Sharia, from Islam, of the Muslim culture. Islam has frozen and fossilized Muslim sexuality into immorality:


Assumption 71: Sadomasochistic behavior occurs also in animals, but for sadomasochistic mental experience empathy is needed, an outstanding human achievement.

Sadomasochism likely is the main factor of the sexual space in the human brain:

Assumption 32The dimensionality of power is expressed in the number of gods, which is equal to the number of empathically experienced sexual roles in the conscious. So, the more gods experienced, the more conscious experienced dimensions in the divine space of the physiological archetype of God. Which means that with one God, as in monotheism, there arises a consciously narrower space of gods than in polytheism.

Assumption 33: The sexual identity of man is determined primarily within the divine space of the physiological archetype of God by the establishment of one-dimensionality or multidimensionality, by monotheism or polytheism. In case of monotheism only heterosexuality is empathically experienced in the conscious. In the case of multi-dimensionality, the connection with the absolute number of gods becomes less and less important. In the case of atheism, the concept of God loses every meaning and creates an infinite number of interdependent gods (individuals) and in principle also a fully integrated sexual identity in the conscious of man.

Assumption 34: The maximum 5-dimensional polytheistic sexual space is finally reduced to a one-dimensional space of gods in the conscious. The principal component of this is sadomasochism, the greatest common denominator in human sexuality. This is the last step towards a monotheistic sexual dictatorship in which only heterosexuality is allowed.

Assumption 35: The origin of religion lies in the worship of the alpha male. He was the concrete visible leader of the group. From this developed the sexual ideal projection of males. If one makes this visible in an image, the internal god projection is destroyed and disagreement arises over the only right God. That is why in monotheism it is forbidden to make an image of God.

Thousands of human gods must be interdependent vectors in the 5-dimensional sexual space. And the vertical main factor of this religious polytheistic space must be monotheism on which all dependent god-vectors project their sadomasochism, the primal sexual impetus from mankind. 

But if it concerns monotheism as specific male religion, then this main factor is the last remaining conscious dimension in religious space. Then, this dimension is the ultimate shrunk of sexual or religious space by testosterone. And the religious dimension 'monotheism' equals the sexual dimension 'sadomasochism'. 

Then we see SM-dyad can only exist by oppressing 'other sexual roles' in monotheism. SM-dyad cannot exist with 'other sexual roles' as subjects in the conscious. All sexual roles free takes place only in polytheism with Vanilla-dyad.

Thus, religious space lies in sexual space and has the same rank=5: 
Assumption 68: In humans, the number of interdependent gods (n) in the polytheistic space of gods (rank=m=5 vectors) in the archetype of God (rank=p=5 factors) is unlimited, with the SM-dyad as principal component (main factor) (p=1). SM-dyad is called 'monotheism' otherwise. With male testosterone this space will be gradually restricted to only one conscious dimension (p=1), the SM-dyad or Allah-construct, named otherwise monotheism or sadomasochism. Remaining (m=4) components are relegated to the unconscious. But in case of estrogen all sexual factors (p=5) remain unaffected in the conscious of women. 

Testosterone shrinks this space to monotheism, to male heterosexuality:

'Other sexual roles' in the unconscious means Muslim males have a larger unconscious than females, which are the best psychologists of their wandering husbands:

We judge monotheism as a form of male terror over 'other sexual roles' and we can identify monotheism as the sadomasochistic axis of evil in religious space. 

In sexual space, physical power dominates the equal rights of 'other sexual roles'. This especially for Islam, since Christianity is the semi-polytheistic escape from monotheism of the desert religions:

Assumption 76: Consider the polytheistic set of n tribal heads in paradise culture as an overdetermined set of n-equations in the space of gods, which has to be caught by a single principal component: the assumed factor of sadomasochism. The angle to this main axis has to be given by the God of monotheism (m=1), who by definition is a known but unknown parameter, because God is defined as not to know. What means that this invisible God, the proposed principal binding factor among all those tribes, is agreed not to be known in an also unknown universe. What means that God gives a fake angle to the SM-dyad in space. But then it may be more parsimonious to define the power dimension of human sexual space directly as sadomasochism and to forget about 'God'.


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