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(37) The Timelessness of Endogamy

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In our opinion, religion stems from animal sexuality, in particular from higher mammals living in groups together. Without groups, the basic law of nature applies: Thou shalt reproduce in genetic diversity:

But in mammal groups tension occurs between the core of the group and its mantle. It is the core holding the group together and without her attraction it falls apart.

Tension arises between the sexual desires of the alpha male and the females. It is known alpha males wants to fertilize as much females as possible, which leads to sexual monocultures. Females on the other hand naturally tend to genetic diversity with males from neighboring groups.

Assumption 213: Group of higher mammals:

A group of higher mammals exists by virtue of the balance between endogamy and exogamy.

Its endogamous core consists of the power of the alpha male to fertilize all females. Hence, he basically establishes a genetic monoculture by inbreeding and incest, only serving the immediate survival of the group. But in the long run his genes will be over-represented in his descendants, unless competitive males in the exogamous mantle contribute to genetic diversity.

But tension also arises between the sexual desires of the dominant male and females. Since females naturally tend to genetic diversity with other males. Hence, the exogamic outer layer consists of adulterous females chasing genetic diversity with other males and from other groups, what comes down to the permeability of the group.

For humans, the total permeability of the mantle depends on the relation between endogamous repulsion and exogamous attraction of external genes. This relation is the natural base of 'human religion'.
But only on the basis of inbreeding and incest (Islam) permeability is related to endogamy. Endogamous cores in completely permeable cultures as the Enlightenment are derived from other values. 

Assumption 197: The meaning of religion is finding a balance between genetic monoculture (inbreeding) and genetic diversity (outbreeding).

In the animal kingdom the alpha male is seen as a polygamous heterosexual God, in which young males establish a sexual ideal projection:

Assumption 1: God is a sexual ideal projection of higher mammals in the alpha male. He personifies the role of polygamous heterosexuality.

Which means the endogamous core of mammal groups is religious in nature:

Assumption 2: Gods are sexual roles.

This creates the following picture:

Gods can release sexual roles in genetic diversity or suffocate them into the single God of genetic monoculture.

This basic model is still applicable to Islam and is a continuation of Paradise culture of the Homininae:

It turns out that when inbreeding and incest disappear from the endogamous core, exogamous freedom increases and women are allowed to marry outside the group. This happened in Christianity. But one step further and the group loses its endogamous core and falls apart in individualism.

What we see is very simple: if one removes the endogamous core of mammal groups, it falls apart into genetic diversity. This means human religion originally was derived from inbreeding and incest. But also Islamic culture has not been changed in evolution.

But what is the relationship between inbreeding with incest and sexuality? Inbreeding and incest is the only physical dimension in common between sexuality and religion. Which means religion originally is a form of sexuality.

Homininae (7 - 2 mya)

Inbreeding and incest was the primordial religion of Homininae.

Without having speech Homininae are the inventors of human religion in a culture based on inbreeding and incest. 

They developed the first phase of Paradise culture:

Eventually this led to almost pure endogamous and closed groups where females were not allowed to mate outside the group.

It is exactly the same as nowadays Islamic culture:

This saturated genetic monoculture led to the continued existence of the tribe in more or less the same genetic composition. This cult based on genetic immortality is the simplest abstraction of eternal life. 

Enforced sexual behavior was to safeguard the survival of the group, but individual males were rewarded with perpetual orgasm across generations with daughters and other female family.

Assumption 220: Perpetual orgasm across generations in this lifetime started as a conscious operant response to elicit the reinforcing stimulus of even more saturated genes in the sexually mature offspring. In this manner, inbreeding promoted tribal identity in the form of genetic immortality. For this reason, first Homininae started to fertilize sexually mature daughters and nieces.

This kind of highly saturated inbreeding also led to the insight that sexual intercourse with younger generations in itself contributed to eternal survival. Perpetual orgasm across generations got sacred meaning for eternal fertility of human-like males. This kind of incestuous pedophilia became a human male instinct.

Hence, both inbreeding and incest became human instincts. They developed as compensating instincts because sex with younger generations also was a lustful payment for males for their contribution to the system. Only in inbreeding cultures males are morally rewarded for sex with the own daughters and nieces.

Without compensation of perpetual orgasm with daughters and nieces, inbreeding and incest became unbalanced and caused honor killings much later in the evolution. Perpetual orgasm over generations was the price daughters had to pay for genetic immortality of the tribe.

From the holiness of incestuous pedophilia with daughters and nieces a different kind of pedophilia evolved: sacred pedophilia with sexually immature individuals in general. Of course this was not meant for inbreeding. 

In the evolution incestuous pedophilia lost its former goal to create saturated genes in the offspring because of autosomal recessive disorders and now pedophilia in general was left for perpetual orgasm across generations for males with sexually immature persons.

Hence, nowadays a very insane and sick form of pedophilia with sexually immature persons results from inbreeding, which is not found in the animal world. Later in the evolution newborns were sacrificed to the gods in holy rituals, so these also could live forever in perpetual orgasm.

Resuming, in the first instance, saturating genes in the offspring contributed to the survival of the genetic identity of the tribe in genetic immortality. In the second instance, perpetual orgasm across generations developed as a human lust for males. And in the third instance, pedophilia developed with sexually immature persons. Meanwhile sacred pedophilia developed and degenerated into sacrifices of newborns to the gods.

Extreme saturated inbreeding has been forbidden already for a very long time because of autosomal recessive disorders, though incestuous pedophilia is still practiced in some parts of the world.

But non-incestuous pedophilia has not been banned. This found its outlet in ordinary pedophilia and child marriages, not found in animals. Child marriages developed as sign of powerful eternal orgasm and expected fertility of the wealthy.

Later in the evolution perpetual orgasm across generations has been sublimated in perpetual orgasm in the offspring after reincarnation into the (earthly) universe and still later in the parallel universe (72 virgins in Heaven, 200.000 ya).

Inbreeding is only beneficial for the group and incest is the individual reward for
males The intent of inbreeding was to preserve the genetic identity of the group forever. And males were paid with perpetual orgasm with their descendants in this lifetime. Hence, perpetual orgasm contains timelessness across generations. This means the endogamous core of human religion shows the timelessness of sexuality within the sexual domain:


Assumption 146: In inbreeding and incest humans found a promising mechanism for genetic immortality of the tribe. Therefore, inbreeding refers to timelessness within human sexuality. It is a physical variable with timelessness dimension. Hence religion, or better inbreeding, stands for the time dimension within the sexual domain.

In fact inbreeding seems a form of sexual deprivation which fuels the craving for perpetual orgasm.

Unlimited orgasm in the afterlife (72 virgins) can be observed as the first derivative of sexual (dis)satisfaction in inbred cultures (see figure below). Since this yearning for perpetual orgasm is a direct result of sexual lust suffocation and deprivation within inbreeding cultures, this first derivative must be seen as the operationalization of genetic immortality, the religious objective of inbreeding cults.

Religion originated as a timelessness derivative of sexuality. How can we make that clear? As follows with a somewhat contrived example:


Two million years ago Homo erectus discovered reincarnation into the (earthly) universe and 200 thousand years ago Homo sapiens discovered the parallel universe. Both breakthrough discoveries were increasing abstractions of eternal life:

But at the same time human religion became increasingly detached from inbreeding and incest, and got magical significance beyond the sexual domain:

Inbreeding and incest evolved into the earthly and the parallel universe and got magical significance:


Ultimately Christianity rejected inbreeding and incest and gave to the paradise story a totally different turn. Christianity chose for the desexualixed parallel universe:  

The alpha male was left behind in the animal kingdom and therefore the homosexual clergy seized power on earth as the second god in Christianity:

Assumption 50: The polytheistic space of gods (in the archetype of God) exists of five sexual dimensions. With two dimensions, heterosexuality is opposed to other sexual roles. With five dimensions it concerns the following hierarchy:

1: First God: male heterosexuality. [Alpha male]
2: Second God: male homosexuality. [homosexual clergy]
3: Third God: female sexual roles.
4: Fourth God: pedophilia.
5: Fifth God: bestiality. 

The Christian church acted as the endogamous core and the teachings of Jesus determined sexual behavior in the exogamous mantle. Put differently, because Jesus did not distinguish between people, women could marry also outside the group.

But Christianity was not unrelated to the original meaning of human religion, because the family remained the cornerstone of society and many children had to ensure the genetic survival of the tribe, albeit without inbreeding and incest. 

Islam failed to change her incest and inbreeding culture and confounded and contaminated the earthly universe with the parallel universe. Earthy sexuality was contaminated with perpetual orgasm in the virgins of heaven. 

Inbreeding and incest is still the primordial base or human religion:


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