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(38) Killing Honor

Basic Dimension 

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Islamic culture comes from Paradise culture which was based on inbreeding and incest. In Paradise culture a balanced system of rewards existed between inbreeding and incest: inbreeding was meant for the group and incest was a reward for males for their contribution to inbreeding. But the reward for fathers to abuse their daughters has disappeared in Islam, what is the main cause of nowadays honor killings.

Assumption 220: Perpetual orgasm across generations in this lifetime started as a conscious operant response to elicit the reinforcing stimulus of even more saturated genes in the sexually mature offspring. In this manner, inbreeding promoted tribal identity in the form of genetic immortality. For this reason, first Homininae started to fertilize sexually mature daughters and nieces.

This kind of highly saturated inbreeding also led to the insight that sexual intercourse with younger generations in itself contributed to eternal survival. Perpetual orgasm across generations got sacred meaning for eternal fertility of human-like males. This kind of incestuous pedophilia became a human male instinct.

Hence, both inbreeding and incest became human instincts. They developed as compensating instincts because sex with younger generations also was a lustful payment for males for their contribution to the system. Only in inbreeding cultures males are morally rewarded for sex with the own daughters and nieces.

Without compensation of perpetual orgasm with daughters and nieces, inbreeding and incest became unbalanced and caused honor killings much later in the evolution. Perpetual orgasm over generations was the price daughters had to pay for genetic immortality of the tribe.

From the holiness of incestuous pedophilia with daughters and nieces a different kind of pedophilia evolved: sacred pedophilia with sexually immature individuals in general. Of course this was not meant for inbreeding. 

In the evolution incestuous pedophilia lost its former goal to create saturated genes in the offspring because of autosomal recessive disorders and now pedophilia in general was left for perpetual orgasm across generations for males with sexually immature persons.

Hence, nowadays a very insane and sick form of pedophilia with sexually immature persons results from inbreeding, which is not found in the animal world. Later in the evolution newborns were sacrificed to the gods in holy rituals, so these also could live forever in perpetual orgasm.

Resuming, in the first instance, saturating genes in the offspring contributed to the survival of the genetic identity of the tribe in genetic immortality. In the second instance, perpetual orgasm across generations developed as a human lust for males. And in the third instance, pedophilia developed with sexually immature persons. Meanwhile sacred pedophilia developed and degenerated into sacrifices of newborns to the gods.

Extreme saturated inbreeding has been forbidden already for a very long time because of autosomal recessive disorders, though incestuous pedophilia is still practiced in some parts of the world.

But non-incestuous pedophilia has not been banned. This found its outlet in ordinary pedophilia and child marriages, not found in animals. Child marriages developed as sign of powerful eternal orgasm and expected fertility of the wealthy.

Later in the evolution perpetual orgasm across generations has been sublimated in perpetual orgasm in the offspring after reincarnation into the (earthly) universe and still later in the parallel universe (72 virgins in Heaven, 200.000 ya).


Assumption 257: Remember, big apes (Hominids: 20 mya; 350cc) matured earlier than humans at about 8 years. The same for Homininae (7 mya; 400cc), including Australopiths and Homo Naledi. Also for nowadays chimps and bonobos (400cc). Even Turkana boy 1.6 mya (Homo ergaster 1.9 mya; 900 cc) had about adult size at 8 years (152-179 cm). But Homo sapiens got too big brains and matures at about 13 years.

The evolution revealed that incest of fathers with daughters (the origin of perpetual orgasm of Homininae) was damaging to the group. Hence incest was increasingly sublimated and stripped of most of its autosomal recessive disorders. This process of course already started long before Islam. But the consequences were that fathers paid too high a price for their contribution to the inbreeding culture, where they otherwise had the choice of all women of the world. 

Another handicap was that Islam forbade reincarnation into the (earthly) universe as polytheistic idolatry of tribal heads and completely contrary to the parallel universe of Allah. Hence, Muslim males do not understand the real meaning of inbreeding any longer.

Compared with Paradise culture Muslims have two disadvantages:

1: Autosomal-recessive disorders are at odds with the original desire of father-daughter incest.

2: Muslims do not perceive a relation between incest and the parallel universe - following the Koran there is none - because their instinctive relation lies with reincarnation into the earthly universe.

Resulting imbalance in the reward system of inbreeding and incest chronically frustrates Muslim males who focus their aggression on women (stoning) and daughters (acid attacks).

A new approach to honor killings:

1: Before puberty of daughters, Muslim fathers should realize the original connection between inbreeding and reincarnation into the earthly universe. That prevents deceiving Allah with their unconscious desire for earthly reincarnation, due to which they later panic and believe they must kill their daughters as penance and making earthly reincarnation impossible (Myth of Abraham). 

2: Unhealthy interest in the reproductive organs of daughters should lead to out of home placement of the daughter immediately.

3: At first recommendation of a wedding proposal, daughters should leave home immediately. 
They must never argue with their father and pierce the real reason for inbreeding into his mind and never alert him. And they never must come home again "to make it right" (Sadia Sheikh and Gülsüm Selim).

4. Because cognitive dissonance between the conscious (Allah in the parallel universe) and the unconscious (reincarnation into the earthly universe) can arise immediately, fathers might panic and get a nervous breakdown. Then they may collapse in a transient psychosis and kill their daughters. 

5. Daughters should never admit to have committed an abortion. Fathers may unconsciously think that a tribal ancestor has been reincarnated in the aborted foetus. They possibly take revenge. Gülsüm Selim and Mirjam Abarkan have been killed within weeks after their confession of an abortion.

Operant Conditioning (Skinner's pigeons)

Operant conditioning is the reinforcement of desired behavior with a reward afterwards:
Classical situation:
Unknown trigger: unconditioned stimulus.
Pigeon pecks on button: unconditioned response. 
         Transition to operant conditioning: 
Unknown trigger: unconditioned stimulus.
Pigeon pecks on button: unconditioned response.
Reinforcement: conditioned by reward afterwards.
Operant conditioning: 
Operant response: pecking the button
Reinforcing stimulus: getting a grain 

Reinforcement and Punishment

Reinforcement always leads to an increase of behavior, punishment leads to a decrease of behavior:
Positive reinforcement adds something to increase desired behavior.
Positive punishment adds something to decrease undesired behavior.

Negative reinforcement takes away something to increase desired behavior.
Negative punishment takes away something to decrease undesired behavior.

Positive = adding something.
Negative = taking away something.


OR = operant response (trying an action)
PR = positive reinforcement (accepted in the family again, reincarnation)
NR = negative reinforcement (stops raping daughter)
PP = positive punishment (raping or killing victim)
NP = negative punishment (removing safety daughter by threatening her life)

Foundations of human religion

Assumption 1: God is a sexual ideal projection of higher mammals in the alpha male. He personifies the role of polygamous heterosexuality.

Assumption 2: Gods are sexual roles.

Human religion is a form of sexuality. This relation has been unconsciously known for millions of years. But we want to know nothing about it. For, it is a suppressed relation to which we do not want to be reminded. It is an unconscious relation:

And within this domain of sexuality an even more profound unconscious relation prevails since the Homininae. 

It is the relation of inbreeding and incest:

Seven million years ago Homininae diverged over the countryside and lost contacts with other groups. Many families died out by autosomal recessive disorders. But where they captured other women, they were saved from extinction. Only in inbreeding and incest Homininae found their group identity, underlined by recurrent genetic defects. 

On the one hand Homininae males had to reproduce within the group, which was a limitation of their sexual fantasy. Inbreeding was designed to perpetuate tribal genetic identity to eternity: genetic immortality.

But on the other hand males were rewarded with perpetual orgasm, timeless sexuality with their offspring across generations in this lifetime. 

Hence, for Homininae, inbreeding and incest maintained a relation in which inbreeding encouraged group-identity and the everlasting existence of the tribe, and incest came down to perpetual orgasm with daughters, and other much younger family members as a reward:

In this article we try to clarify the cybernetic interaction between inbreeding and incest:

For later Homininae, incest with their own daughters and other younger family members was abstracted as perpetual orgasm, a holy manifestation of timeless eternal love across generations. It can be seen as a first step to timeless sexuality.

And inbreeding can be seen as the timeless existence of the tribe in broader perspective. It perpetuated the genetic composition of the group, though individuals would die. 

Therefore after millions of years, inbreeding and incest developed as a conscious and intentional lifestyle: 

Assumption 143: Operant conditioning:
Human inbreeding developed as an operant response followed by a reinforcing stimulus of genetic immortality in the (earthly) universe. 

Inbreeding and incest were complementary, it were operant responses with reinforcing stimuli for the group (inbreeding) and rewards for the individual male (incest).

Assumption 220Perpetual orgasm across generations in this lifetime started as a conscious operant response to elicit the reinforcing stimulus of even more saturated genes in the offspring. For this purpose fathers fertilized their own daughters and nieces. Besides supporting saturated inbreeding, sex across generations also was a powerful reward for males for their contribution to the inbreeding culture. But because of autosomal recessive disorders this kind of extreme inbreeding has been forbidden for a very long time, though incestuous pedophilia is still practiced in some parts of the world. Later in the evolution perpetual orgasm across generations in this lifetime has been sublimated in perpetual orgasm in the offspring after reincarnation into the (earthly) universe and still later in the parallel universe (72 virgins in Heaven, 200.000 ya). 

Inbreeding and incest got 5 million years to become an instinct before reincarnation was discovered. 

Animal religion:

Without groups, the basic law of nature applies: Thou shalt reproduce in genetic diversity:

Religion in mammal groups:

But human religion stems from higher mammals living in groups together. 

And there tension occurs between the core of the group and its mantle. It is the core holding the group together and without its attraction it falls apart.

Genetic monoculture and genetic diversity span the basic dimension of human religion:

Mammals living in groups together, which do not want to go extinct, must find a modus vivendi between genetic monoculture and genetic diversity:


Now, in mammal groups tension arises between the sexual desires of the alpha male and females. It is known alpha males wants to fertilize as much females as possible, which leads to sexual monocultures. Females on the other hand naturally tend to genetic diversity with other males and from neighboring groups:

Assumption 213: Group of higher mammals:

A group of higher mammals exists by virtue of the balance between endogamy and exogamy.

Its endogamous core consists of the power of the alpha male to fertilize all females. Hence, he basically establishes a genetic monoculture by inbreeding and incest, only serving the immediate survival of the group. But in the long run his genes will be over-represented in his descendants, unless competitive males in the exogamous mantle contribute to genetic diversity.

But tension also arises between the sexual desires of the dominant male and females. Since females naturally tend to genetic diversity with other males. Hence, the exogamic outer layer consists of adulterous females chasing genetic diversity with other males and from other groups, what comes down to the permeability of the group.

For humans, the total permeability of the mantle depends on the relation between endogamous repulsion and exogamous attraction of external genes. This relation is the natural base of 'human religion'.
But only on the basis of inbreeding and incest (Islam) permeability is related to endogamy. Endogamous cores in completely permeable cultures as the Enlightenment are derived from other values. 

Assumption 188: In exogamous cultures man and woman are equivalent; therefore women can be separated easily from their family. But in endogamous cultures women are seen as possessions, hence their fathers decide their fate.

The sublimation of inbreeding and incest 

We assume that genetic immortality (of the tribe) and perpetual orgasm (of the individual) have a logical bond, that they are interconnected. Hence, the yearning to perpetual orgasm can be seen as an operationalization of genetic immortality, of course.

What means that the Islamic lust for 72 virgins in the afterlife, a lust millions of years older than Islam, has an immediate connection with genetic immortality of the Homininae in Paradise Culture. 
But it is very important to establish that in Islam this no longer concerns incest, but males just desire women from an unknown tribe in an unknown parallel universe.  What means that incest in the parallel universe actually has been sublimated by displacement into genetic diversity:

Assumption 152: Islam is an endogamous inbreeding culture, offering a factually exogamous afterlife in heaven. A genetic monoculture on earth (Islam) flirts with genetic diversity in heaven (Christianity), where the latter must be seen as heaven on earth. Jealousy led to the persecution of Christians, because their masochistic suffering is compatible with exogamic lust. And violent bloodlust and hatred discharged on Jews, for though their culture relied also on inbreeding and incest, their females were left free choice to exogamy as in the group of higher mammals.

Assumption 156: Incest was the first form of perpetual orgasm: timeless orgasm across generations. Earthly reincarnation as a second form offered endless orgasm in the afterlife of the tribe. But the prospect of the same unattractive cousins and sisters appeared no promise but a curse.
Therefore Homo sapiens invented the parallel universe. It was the flight to an unknown paradise where one could have perpetual orgasm with 72 beautiful fresh woman slaves on an entirely new dimension. It comes down to never ending orgasm, the center of gravity of male religion.

 Step 1:

 Step 2:

Assumption 157: The balance of power between earthly and parallel reincarnation is determined by the beauty of women. Smaller tribes give a smaller choice of attractive women. Hence, smaller tribes cause a greater desire for the parallel universe. What means that tribal endogamy in rural areas leads to a greater demand for the parallel universe than ethnic and religious endogamy, in which the variety of attractive women increases enormously. In religious endogamous populations, earthly reincarnation again is preferable to parallel reincarnation because earthly reincarnation is the prevailing instinct. But in exogamous populations with absolute genetic diversity, yearning for eternal orgasm in the afterlife will not occur. 

Concluding, we think inbreeding led to perpetual group identity by genetic saturation in the offspring. But this had a price in the restriction on sexual freedom of males, while incest with daughters (reward) caused autosomal recessive disorders. This created imbalance in the pay-off system between inbreeding and incest, since the detrimental effects of inbreeding were mitigated by banning incest with daughters and were redeemed against cousin-marriages. This imbalance is one of the deeper psychological causes of honor killings.


Below, the anti-projection of a blueprint of the inbreeding and incest culture of the Homininae:

This process of banning father-daughter incest has been a long process of many millions of years, in which perpetual orgasm was increasingly sublimated and displaced. As said earlier, in human evolution perpetual orgasm was first postponed to earthly reincarnation and finally was completely sublimated in the parallel universe:


Next we show how to evolve from genetic immortality to other forms of immortality (reincarnation). Then, as a first step we must see inbreeding as operant behavior what elicits genetic immortality (look-alike offspring) as a reward:
Operant responseinbreeding
Primary reinforcing stimulus: genetic immortality in the offspring
Genetic immortality is the natural and primary reinforcer of inbreeding for first Homininae who migrated in Africa. It is also the first abstraction of eternal life of 'humans'. The individual died but his genetic formula was copied as faithfully as possible in his offspring.

As a second step Homo erectus developed a stunning derivative of immortality. He invented a way to be dead and alive at the same time: waiting for reincarnation into the (earthly) universe.

Now we substitute the primary reinforcer by the secondary:
Operant responseinbreeding
Primary reinforcing stimulus: genetic immortality in the offspring
Secondary reinforcing stimulusreincarnation into the (earthly) universe
Assumption 153: With the invention of earthly reincarnation inbreeding lost its rational connection with genetic immortality and now became magically bound to earthly reincarnation. And in a way it still made sense. Males could only reincarnate safely into their own tribe if they enforced inbreeding on women during lifetime. Hence, inbreeding was not meant for immortality of their genes any longer, but instead inbred bodies served for reincarnation. And this latter relation became the principal connection in the inbreeding instinct, because it was the best reinforcer of inbreeding.

Probably 200.000 years ago Homo sapiens discovered the third form of immortality: the parallel universe, our most stunning derailment of common sense.
Now we substitute the secondary reinforcer by the tertiary:
Operant responseinbreeding
Primary reinforcing stimulus: genetic immortality in the offspring
Secondary reinforcing stimulusreincarnation into the (earthly) universe
Tertiary reinforcing stimulusreincarnation into the parallel universe
This is exactly how human religion works. Human religion is stamping in magical associations and stamping out the original causal relations. This process is called religious indoctrination. It is the substitution of fake relations for original causality, magical thinking for rationality.

By the way earthly reincarnation has never been overthrown by parallel reincarnation:
Assumption 145: tertiary reinforcement:
In secondary religion, human inbreeding developed as an operant response followed by a reinforcing stimulus (of the expectation) of reincarnation into the parallel universe. Though parallel reincarnation is the competitor of earthly reincarnation it is not the instinctive reward for inbreeding:
Operant responseinbreeding
Primary reinforcing stimulus: genetic immortality in the offspring
Later reinforcing stimulusreincarnation into the (earthly) universe
Later reinforcing stimulusreincarnation into the parallel universe 
Assumption 155: Genetic immortality does not exist as a primary reinforcer of inbreeding any longer. Early in human evolution it has been set aside by earthly reincarnation as a secondary reinforcer. Meanwhile inbreeding has been connected to earthly reincarnation for millions of years. This connection is the prevailing human instinct. Reincarnation into the parallel universe failed to overthrow earthly reincarnation. Hence both forms of reincarnation are reinforcers of inbreeding.
What have we done? We have applied the most proven psychological method of learning at religion: Operant conditioning. 
Assumption 154: There exists a magical but reasonable connection between the parallel universe and inbreeding and incest. Earthly reincarnation offered endless orgasm in the afterlife of the tribe. But the prospect of the same unattractive cousins and sisters appeared no promise but a curse. Therefore Homo sapiens invented the parallel universe. It was the flight to an unknown paradise where one could have perpetual orgasm with 72 beautiful fresh woman slaves on an entirely new dimension. Assumption 191: Another reason to prefer the parallel universe above the earthly universe was that tribal members did not have to reincarnate into other tribes on earth.
Assumption 178: Endogamous cultures are chained to inbreeding and incest in the earthly universe. The parallel universe offers them the illusion of an exogamous culture with sexual freedom and genetic diversity. For men, 72 wild virgins are the reward for a lifelong of sexual suffering from the unbearable dullness of their cousins. And for women it is the reward for a lifetime of sacrifice and fighting against their inherited instinct for genetic diversity. In heaven women will be redeemed from their endogamous chains. The confounded and contaminated projection (perpetual orgasm) of sadomasochism (monotheism) in an originally desexualized parallel universe is the religious opium for inbreeding cultures.
As we have seen, the immediate reward of perpetual orgasm by Homininae as payment for the tree of life of the clan was sublimated and displaced and removed further and further from real incest:

In fact, the reward of perpetual orgasm for the tree of life sublimated increasingly further away from real incest of fathers with their daughters and other family members, while their offer brought for inbreeding remained the same in this lifetime, for mating outside the tribe was not allowed. Inbreeding and incest are instinctively founded in endogamous populations and are not eliminated until the present day and are violently unbalanced:

Hence, in Islam perpetual orgasm with the daughter is forbidden but not forgotten.
Another problem is that Islam forbade reincarnation into the earthly universe on pain of death. What led to the following result:

Operant responseinbreeding
Primary reinforcing stimulus: genetic immortality in the offspring
Later reinforcing stimulusreincarnation into the (earthly) universe
Later reinforcing stimulusreincarnation into the parallel universe
But now inbreeding definitely lost its original meaning: the creation of inbred bodies for earthly reincarnation of the ancestors. Muslims have to suppress earthly reincarnation to the unconscious, because only Allah exists and lives in the parallel universe. And that's why Muslims now vaguely think that inbreeding has something to do with 'the honor of the family'. But it sounds absurd to cut your daughter to pieces for "family honor". Then there must be something very wrong deep in the unconscious Muslim mind.

Hence, we have two problems in Islam:

1) Inbreeding is no longer rewarded with incest with daughters, and 
2) Inbred bodies for earthly reincarnation have been forbidden by Allah.

This means that when a father presses his daughter in a forced marriage, he is not aware he actually wants to reincarnate into her descendants. Because, if he was aware, Allah would know also and he would be punished to death and would not come in heaven.

Honor killings: stalking

Assumption 160:

In Islamic culture honor killings are caused by the rejection of inbreeding and incest. With this decision daughters unwittingly reject the earthly reincarnation and eternal orgasm of their father.

Incest by fathers has long been forbidden, but the instinctive lust for perpetual orgasm sometimes remains. Then, this lust for endless orgasm sublimates into mental incest: stalking.

It sometimes results in fathers not penetrating their daughters any longer, but their minds. Fathers over-identify with their daughters and see them as objects. In Muslim cultures some fathers develop a suffocating supervision: stalking.

In those cases, by rejecting incest with the cousin, daughters reject also their father, who sometimes takes revenge as frustrated stalker who kills his victim. 

Greater emotional involvement easily leads to more extreme violence. More intense relations between father and daughter lead to greater chances of honor killing. This, because these fathers over-identify with their daughters, they want to possess them literally and figuratively.

Honor killings and acid attacks are psychiatric forms of paraphilia.

Honor killing scenarios

In Islamic culture raping of daughters is forbidden and their virginity will be checked at marriage. But of course, when social structure collapses because daughters refuse arranged marriages, then their virginity does not matter any longer. 

Honor killings immediately after an abortion are suspect and indicate a tangle of potential conflicts. Did the father sexually abuse his daughter after his decision to decompose SM-dyad into rape and murder? Did he make her pregnant? That's forbidden by Islam. Did she threaten to make this public? 

Are father and daughter checkmate? He wants her to marry her cousin, while she puts him under pressure because of his sexual abuse. Was the honor killing caused by panic? And why is the family agrees with the murder? To protect the "honor of the family"? Or to prevent shame on the family, caused by the behavior of her father, her brothers and her uncle? How many tragic complications take the daughter to her grave?

By breaking SM-dyad a new world of sexual lust opens for fathers, brothers and uncles. By her breaking the code of inbreeding, daughters easily become the whore of the family

Sexual abuse creates a common family interest to prevent daughters from going to the police. The "honor of the family" will be offset against the shame of their collective rape of the fallen daughter. In a joint action to save the "family honor", daughters will be slaughtered after which families remain silent forever.

On this basis we give two scenarios:

In our first example, the father projects the forbidden perpetual orgasm into his daughter by forcing her to marry her cousin (displacement). He identifies with his nephew as his own flesh and blood. Then, later on he will be able to reincarnate into her descendants through this incestuous marriage, and he still will obtain perpetual orgasm in the (earthly) universe. Displacement of perpetual orgasm in non-perpetual orgasm of an inter-generational marriage:

But if she refuses the forced marriage he loses his earthly projection of perpetual orgasm and is left behind only with the 72 virgins of Allah. But then his daughter is of no further use and in second instance he feels free to relief his frustration by killing her in revenge by decomposing of the SM-dyad:




But of course, now there is no reason not to rape her in the first place.
In Islamic culture, earthly reincarnation is prohibited as well as perpetual orgasm across generations. The virginity of his daughter will be checked only at marriage. But his daughter will never marry, she will be killed.

By breaking SM-dyad the father first cashes perpetual orgasm of Paradise Culture. Thereafter, he punishes her persistent refusal to deliver inbred bodies by lustful murder. 

That's what Sexual Scales of Religion really means.

As said, the social situation between father and daughter was already deteriorated and he was sure that she would not accept an arranged marriage. To keep her virginity for someone not belonging to the tribe made no sense. In that case he permitted himself first to rape her and then to threaten her with honor killing. This in case she still did not accept her cousin, his displaced alter ego. If she refused she would be killed and nobody would ever know that she has been raped by her father.

Perhaps she was pregnant and threatened him with the police. And if she agreed with the forced marriage, she could be in shock, and would keep silent because otherwise nobody would marry her. Maybe, a large number of rapes precedes arranged marriages or honor killings of the daughter (these girls must be checked for rape afterwards). Regression of Islamic culture leads Muslims back to the darkness of previous Paradise culture:

Following Paradise culture the father felt free to rape his daughter in the first place, while he warned her for the last time for honor killing. This would be her last chance to regress from Islamic culture to Paradise culture:

Father's decision to break SM-dyad shocked the daughter and gave her the last alarming chance to choose for the Paradise Culture of inbreeding and incest, because otherwise she would pay with her life. How many daughters will have survived in this manner?

Therefore we conclude that integration of SM-dyad belongs to Islamic culture and 
disintegration brings the culture back to the early days of Paradise culture. By breaking SM-dyad over and over again Islam purposely regresses to Paradise culture:

The second scenario

Of course, fathers who slaughter their daughters are bastards. But is there anyway a scenario imaginable what explains the behavior of fathers who just had a strong and emphatic bond with their daughter? That's what we try to develop:

In next scenario, Allah noticed the sins of the father, because God is an immanent God who sees and hears everything. Allah understood the father's yearning for earthly reincarnation and was furious. Therefore, the father now had to do penance by killing his daughter if he still wanted to come in heaven. He literally had to block earthly reincarnation. And the more he loved his daughter the more serious he had to slaughter her to do credible penalty.

OR = operant response (trying an action)
PR = positive reinforcement (accepted in the family again, reincarnation)
NR = negative reinforcement (stops raping daughter)
PP = positive punishment (raping or killing victim)
NP = negative punishment (removing safety daughter by threatening her life)

Cognitive dissonance between conscious and unconscious

Muslims suppress their intense desire for reincarnation into the (earthly) universe since 1400 years. Polytheism (tribal gods and idols) are forbidden on pain of death. Now, how would Allah possibly know of this hidden drive, where Muslims don’t even know by themselves consciously? 

In the present scenario, conflicts are created in the conscious of the Muslim male, but the whole conflict of dissonance can easily be transferred to the unconscious. Then the father 'knows nothing' about it. 

Immanent Allah sees everything. But only when Muslims themselves realize the reason of their inbreeding instinct (earthly reincarnation), they will come into panic. That’s the theory.

Now we found the CRITICAL TURNING POINT in honor killings. That’s when the father realizes that inbreeding has to do with his deepest wish for reincarnation into the (earthly) universe. Then he understands that immanent Allah has seen and heard everything. Then he is ashamed of his mortal sin and thinks he might burn in hell for ever. He must do penance to avoid hell and yet earn his virgins in heaven.

From that moment he will panic in a transient psychosis and work on a plan for the gruesome killing of his own daughter.

If the theory is right it is here that women must be warned. They must never argue with their father and pierce the real reason for inbreeding into his mind. Cognitive dissonance can arise immediately. Fathers might panic and get a nervous breakdown. They may collapse in a transient psychosis and kill their daughters.

Therefore cognitive dissonance is a contradiction of interests, of the unconscious earthly reincarnation as a tribal god and the conscious parallel reincarnation into heaven of Allah, a contrast between Paradise culture in the unconscious and secondary Islam in the conscious.

It is not necessary that girls understand the real reason for inbreeding by themselves. Constantly arguing is sufficient to alert their fathers.

Daughter [OR: Constantly arguing ==> PR: Father panics and insecure] 
Father [OR: silent, thinks about killing ==> PR: Daughter determined, aggressive]

Further advice is to leave parental home at the first discussion about arranged marriages, certainly before the first wedding proposal. Never argue with your father about forced marriages, do not alert him. And never come home again
"make it right" (Sadia Sheikh and Gülsüm Selim R.I.P.)

And also never admit a committed abortion. Fathers may unconsciously think that a tribal ancestor has been reincarnated in the aborted foetus. He possibly takes revenge. Gülsüm Selim and Mirjam Abarkan have been killed within weeks after their confession of an abortion.

The more I love my daughter the more gruesome her killing

Immanent Allah sees everything and perceived the sinister motives of the father. Reincarnation into the universe is a mortal sin. The father has sinned. Now Allah must be very angry, where upon the father calculates his chances on eternal life. He already can forget earthly reincarnation by this unwilling daughter, but now he must fear also losing heaven in the parallel universe. He must do penance for Allah to come into heaven anyway. Without penance he would burn in hell forever.

Assumption 111An honor killing can be seen as a human sacrifice, by which the father desperately confirms his belief in the parallel universe of Allah. By killing his daughter he makes earthly reincarnation impossible (Myth of Abraham).

Note that often a sinister moment of 'calm before the storm' occurs, where the daughter thinks that her father has abandoned the idea of the arranged marriage. This is seen correctly because he has realized that he must kill her in the name of Allah. After some period of silence he will set a trap and invite her to restore family ties. This fatal moment occurred in the cases of Sadia Sheikh and Gülsüm Selim.

Daughter [OR: Escapes from home ==> PR: removes quarrels with her father] 
Father [OR: silent, thinks about killing ==> PR: Daughter thinks the crisis is over]

Now because he loves his daughter dearly, the penance must look real. He cannot strangle her with a pillow because then she would not be hurt. That’s no penance. Then yet he will burn in hell. No, it is he who must feel and show real suffering. 
Hence the more he loves her, the more violent the kill must be. Of course his beloved daughter must show also sincere sufferingSo he thinks he has to slaughter her in the most brutal and gruesome way.

Father [OR: invites daughter home again ==> PR: Daughter thrilled with joy]
Father [OR: Slaughters his daughter gruesome ==> NR: Comes in Heaven again]


Now, after having paid the highest price on earth that a loving father can pay, he corrected for cognitive dissonance and certainly will deserve the kingdom of heavenIn court he will show no regret, since he is convinced to have done the right for Allah and he will wear his fate in captivity untouched and unmoved in complete inner harmony. 

Is this a crazy theory? Yes of course, but millions of honor killings in history ask for crazy theories. In this theory we correlate father love with degree of violence. The more intense he loves his daughter, the more gruesome her killing must be.

We think that those killers are bastards and do not have a heart. May be, but we can be wrong. Since, it is not an individual phenomenon but a cultural event. It is cultural psychopathy.

Cognitive dissonance could be an intervening variable, installed by Islamic culture. Hence, we need also to develop a working model for Muslim fathers with a huge bond with their daughters. This all means that already in pre-puberty relations between daughters and fathers should be loosened. Obscene interest in the reproductive organs of daughters must be punished with immediate eviction from home of the daughter, by law and by force.

 Gülsüm Selim: (strangled with an iron cord and beaten to death with an iron bar )

Christianity, Islam and Paradise

Ultimately Christianity rejected inbreeding and incest and gave to the paradise story a totally different turn. Christianity chose for the desexualized parallel universe:  

But Christianity is not unrelated to the original meaning of human religion, because the family remained the cornerstone of society and many children had to ensure the genetic survival of the tribe, albeit without inbreeding and incest. 

But Islam failed to change her incest and inbreeding culture and confounded and contaminated the earthly universe with the parallel universe.

Perpetual orgasm is the curse of human religion.

Annex Honor Killings

Assumption 161: Addressing honor killings.

1: Endogamous cultures practice inbreeding and incest as an instinct since
Homininae. First inbreeding was tied to genetic immortality, but later to earthly
reincarnation, which combination is currently in force: the expectation of earthly reincarnation of tribal males reinforces inbreeding and incest.

2: The only way to extinguish this inbreeding instinct is by outcrossing.
Ethnic and religious endogamies are but generalizations of tribal endogamy, 
because women who do not want to marry Muslims are still being ostracized or killedThis means that populations are still moving to the extremes of the SM-dyad. The inbreeding instinct only will disappear when genetic monocultures shift to genetic diversity.

Assumption 6: The SM-dyad is the building block of the relationship between husband and wifeSadomasochism is the interaction between the killer instinct, the sexual instinct and a touch of cannibalism.

3. Honor killings frequently happened in previous Paradise culture. They were related to reincarnationBut in Islam earthly reincarnation is prohibited as a mortal sin. Therefore Muslims supplant the intention of their inbreeding and incest instinct. They now connect it to the “honor of the family”. But awareness of the combination of inbreeding with reincarnation and perpetual incest is the first step towards preventing honor killings.

4. Honor killings arise from the over-identification of fathers with their daughters,
regarded as possessions. It is the sublimation of the forbidden incest instinct.

They do not see them as subjects but as objects, as extensions of themselves, as ribs, so to speak. Therefore fathers develop a morbid self-projection in their daughters out in suffocating control over their behavior. It is a form of stalking

Honor killings are promoted by an overly close relationship between fathers
and daughters at puberty. The relaxation of sick relations between fathers
and daughters in pre-puberty is a prerequisite to preventing honor killings.

5. Honor killings are to be seen as compensation for fathers forbidden physical incest, their loss of perpetual orgasm in the offspring and their loss of reincarnation by failed inbreeding. 
Incest and inbreeding are embroiled in a heavy interaction since Homo erectus. Her lustful killing is the final settlement with his daughter who refuses inbreeding and incest with her cousin, his nephew and deputy in incest. 

Through the honor killing, she pays the price for her father's disrupted eternal life projection, especially his loss of perpetual orgasm in the earthly afterlife. Perpetual orgasm started as incest with daughters by Homininae. 

6. The honor killing itself must be seen as a form of sublimated orgasm, wherein the disintegration of sadomasochism in its constituent parts gives the father more satisfaction than keeping his daughter alive in an SM-dyad. 

Therefore, honor killings are the price of satisfaction for fathers. The disruption of his perpetual orgasm leads to the disruption of Sexual Scales, wherein sadomasochism again decomposes in murder and sexuality:

This process is described with the Sexual Balance of Religion, in which SM-dyad decomposes again in blood lust and sexual desire. The inbreeding instinct is the thread through the evolution of human religion.

Assumption 66: Sadomasochism is a combination of murder and sexuality. It is unstable and easy flammable. Oppression of victims easily turns into murder, decomposing SM-dyad again into killer- and sexual instinct.

As long as one keeps bloodthirstiness and sexual desire as critical mass in focus, it goes well. But after losing control over the event, sadomasochism falls apart again in murder and sexual instinct. Then magic is lost and it explodes. 

The key difference between Islamic culture and Christianity is that Islam cannot hold this critical mass together, time and time again is losing control, decomposing sadomasochism over and over again in murder and sexual desire. It is a vicious circle and perpetual process; it is the basic feature of Islamic culture. 

Christianity succeeds much better in holding sadomasochism in synthesis. But more likely is that Islam intentionally collapses SM-dyad time and again in the interaction with Paradise culture. It is a willful interaction giving the Islamic killing machine animal power.


7. Western psychologists should not try to improve bad relations between Muslim girls and their parents at puberty. Young women perceiving the morbid interest of fathers in their reproductive system must be taken away from home immediately. The bond between fathers and daughters must be broken by law forcefully.



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