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(79) Sexual crisis in Islam

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You want a prediction about the future of Islam? Then do not look at Islam itself but to its origin. 

The further back you look, the more you will see about its future:

The backbone of Islamic culture is not Islam but is the old archaic and prehistoric culture of inbreeding and incest, which up to the present day is still abundantly visible in Arab countries:

Inbreeding and incest can only be passed across generations in a totally rigid and stationary culture, in which women and girls are checked on a daily basis: 

But In dynamics of today's society the Arab inbreeding and incest culture will be lost. The core of tribal endogamy will implode first in Libya, Syria and Iraq:

Of course there will be efforts to restore Islam to its former glory. A roller coaster of developments is born of this first instability since 1400 years. And after that the outer mantle of religious endogamy consisting of a billion Muslims in non-Arabic countries will blow itself as a red giant. Then the system will fall apart:

Porno dismantles Islam:

Ultimately Islam will fall apart by two causes:

1: Its inability to adapt to a flexible society where girls and women are no longer checked daily for inbreeding and incest.

2: Its inability to maintain the monotheism of Allah. The omnipotence of Allah will be completely undermined by porn on the internet. 

The first effect will be taken for granted. But former pictures already show the disintegration of monotheism into polytheism. And remember, porn = polytheism in optima forma.

The porn revolution in Islam

Without knowledge of the Western world a revolution is taking place in Islam. A breakthrough is occurring in the relations among traditional sexual roles. It is the breaking of rigid sexual roles of monotheismBut do Muslims know? Not really because it is partly unconscious:

Until recently, the only God in Islamic monotheism was polygamous male heterosexuality, but now porn engulfs the internet and threatens Islamic culture with homosexuality, pedophilia and bestiality. It started in the outer mantel of religious endogamy in the Western world, but now it also reached the Arab countries.

Of course, the other gods were always there, but porn is like sin in the mind without physical involvement. Porn is harmless and will not damage the social position of males. Hence homosexuality and other interest will be unnoticed. Watching porn has little social impact but it has a huge range in the population. 

Even within Islam it led to changing attitudes. By porn on the internet the distance between heterosexuality and other sexual roles is greatly reduced

The clash between gay and straight

As mentioned, since the 90's of the last century, fantasy generated by porn on the internet in the Western world led to more diversification in sexual lust of Muslims. 
They became more emphatically and allowed themselves greater access to sexual role-play with "other gods". Muslims started secretly worshiping other gods. And it is primarily homosexuality which will break through the heterosexual omnipotence of Allah.

In Islam we get the battle between the straight and the gay God. Though we can change the relation between Gods by porn on the internet, we cannot change the composition of the Muslim population originating from 7 million years ago. This population cannot change overnight from sadomasochism (SM-dyad) into Vanilla-dyadSo, we await a sexual clash between Muslim gods in the near future. A clash between tolerance and intolerance.

Arab Muslims have a continuous line of inbreeding and incest since the Homininae (7 million years ago). And this purely endogamous population has been selected by murder (Sadia Sheikh, Gülsüm Selim and Mirjam Abarkan). Their desire for genetic diversity (non-Muslims) died out with their slaughter. Therefore, Islamic culture by no means can be compared with exogamous Western nations.  

The parallel universe of Abraham

Abraham's monotheism marked the transition from earthly reincarnation to reincarnation into Heaven of the parallel universe. Tribal heads from previous Paradise Culture sacrificed their divine privileges. With earthly reincarnation they reincarnated into the enforced inbred bodies of descendants, the children of their daughters. But after Abraham, they had to reincarnate into Heaven of the parallel universe. That was the paradigm change of Abraham:

Assumption 124: It is said the myth of Abraham is a pivotal point between polytheism and monotheism. Could it really be? No, it was a pivot between reincarnation into earthly descendants and reincarnation into the parallel universe. Only then the power of thousands of tribal leaders flooded to the sexual dictatorship of monotheism.

Assumption 180: Abraham and heaven. There is no heaven called in Genesis other than as ceiling of the earth. Also there is no mention of reincarnation into the earthly or in the parallel universe. And there is no evidence that Abraham, Isaac or God ever existed. But we do know the evolution of human religion follows logical laws. What means the level of abstraction of eternal life determines human religious development. Therefore, we interpret the myth of Abraham at best as the transition from earthly reincarnation to reincarnation into the parallel universe. The parallel universe is the final abstraction of eternal existence discovered by man.

Regarding the evolution of human religion we earlier distinguished three abstractions of eternal life of increasing difficulty which we linked to brain size:

(mya: million years ago)

1: Genetic immortality by inbreeding and incest (Homininae, 7-2 mya, 400 cc).
2: Reincarnation into the (earthly) universe (Homo erectus, 2 mya, 900 cc).
3: Reincarnation into the parallel universe (Homo sapiens, 0.2 mya, 1450 cc).

Assumption 18: The dilemma presented to Abraham was not so much the choice between polytheism and monotheism, between earthly idols and the only God in the parallel universe, but between primary and secondary reincarnation, between reincarnation into the (earthly) universe and heaven of the parallel universe. Because, who can arrange his own reincarnation has absolute power over the afterlife and does not need the parallel universe of monotheism any longer.

Both, reincarnation into the offspring by inbreeding and incest and reincarnation into earthly living beings undermined the power of monotheism, what's only weapon was reincarnation into the parallel universe.

But monotheism was wise and realized that tribal cultures easier abandoned reincarnation into animals than that they gave up their instinct of inbreeding.

By killing his only tribal begotten(!) son, Abraham indeed would cut off reincarnation into earthly descendants, but he would not lose his faith in earthly tribal gods.

That’s because we assume inbreeding is an instinct in endogamous cultures. Hence, the external projection of the patriarch as a God himself would be destroyed by the kill of his only son, but his internal projection on continued tribal existence remained intact. Just to say that you can’t tell a tribal head (a Muslim male) that his inbreeding instinct does not exist any longer.

The same applies to the prohibition of idols (animals). External projections of gods (statues) can be forbidden, but internal representations remain. Therefore one cannot change a multi-dimensional god-space into a single dimension with a pen-stroke. Neither polytheism, nor earthly reincarnation could be removed by monotheism.
Thousands of years later, this estimation error of monotheism resulted in a ban on earthly reincarnation by Islam. As a result, Muslims lost every connection between inbreeding and reincarnation. But that's a different story.

But God was wise and did not ask from Abraham to slaughter his only begotten tribal son Isaac. God did not actually break the bond with earthly reincarnation. In this transitional stage, God could still live with older religions.


But since 3500 years the God of monotheism (male sadism) demanded from his believers to have no other gods before him: “I am the Lord your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage. You shall have no other gods before Me."

Those other gods were other sexual roles as homosexuality, pedophilia and zoophilia. 

"I am the polygamous heterosexual Alpha male, who brought you tribal self-identity by inbreeding and incest, out of the house of homosexual seduction. You shall worship no other sexual roles but Me."

Exemplary for this are Sodom and Gomorrah, the homosexual stronghold of a rebel god.


It was Islam which 1400 years ago introduced the most extreme form of monotheism in which earthly reincarnation now was forbidden on pain of death. Incest and inbreeding were still tolerated as cultural manifestation, but earthly reincarnation had to be ousted. Tribal heads (male Muslims) were considered to reincarnate into Heaven of the parallel universe of Allah, the God of all tribal heads together.

Honor killings

Therefore Muslim fathers do not know anymore why they still massively murder their daughters, or commit acid attacks on them if they do not want to serve as incubator for family seed. Indeed to slaughter your daughter for the sake of the "honor of the family" seems a little weird. This unconsciously induced schizophrenia within Islamic culture is the ruthless cause of honor killings. 

Assumption 111An honor killing can be seen as a human sacrifice, by which the father desperately confirms his belief in the parallel universe of Allah. By killing his daughter he makes earthly reincarnation impossible.

Allah as God of all tribal heads

As mentioned, the common denominator of all these tribal heads (now male Muslims) was the colorless Allah in an unlikely and invisible universe:

Only a totally invisible and unknowable God - from whom no images exist - could overcome the mutual hatred among tribal heads:

Which means 'hate' must be the principal component that unites Muslims so fraternal under  'Allah'. The later Islamic culture became an abomination from male sadism that however, was somewhat regulated by forms of Sharia:

Assumption 68: In humans, the number of dependent gods (n) in the polytheistic space of gods (rank=m=5 vectors) in the archetype of God (rank=p=5 factors) is naturally unlimited, with the SM-dyad as principal component (main factor) (p=1). SM-dyad is called 'monotheism' otherwise. With male testosterone this space will be gradually restricted to only one conscious dimension (p=1), the SM-dyad or Allah-construct, named otherwise monotheism or sadomasochism. Remaining (m-p=4) components are relegated to the unconscious. But in case of oestrogens all sexual factors (p=5) remain unaffected in the conscious of women.

Proceeding with porn:

But since the 90's of the last century, fantasy generated by porn on the internet in the Western world led to more diversification in sexual lust of Muslims. They became more emphatically and allowed themselves greater access to sexual role-play with "other gods". Muslims started secretly worshiping other gods. And it is primarily homosexuality which will break through the heterosexual omnipotence of Allah.

The fear for homosexuality is not directly a sexual aversion but rather the fear to become a social outcast, since in this one dimensional culture there is no place for two gods.

The smartphone has done its destructive work, as can be widely seen in asylum centers. Straight boys have now become gay males? No, of course not. But things have been put on high alert and pornography on the internet will lead to the further dismantling of the Almighty Allah. Dismantling of the artificial one-dimensionality on which Islam is founded.  And this will give rise to more and more conflicts between sexual roles. We see the crisis coming in Islam.

Islam is not the monotheistic one-dimensional culture of yesteryear. In the future there will be at least added a second god: homosexuality. Also the transmission of inbreeding and incest over generations - which was based on the rigidity of society - will come to an end and has been already effectively dismantled by civil war in Iraq, Libya and Syria.

By porn on the internet the one-dimensional omnipotence of Allah will be broken and the separation of mosque and state into two dimensions will be possible. In January 2013 this was actually introduced in Tunisia, the only country with real Arab spring. But whether this will be successful depends on the composition of the Muslim population, which definitely is not favorable for exogamy.

In Islamic countries, inbreeding and incest cannot be monitored successfully any longer. The rigid ordering of society is gone. Fathers cannot slaughter their daughters any longer if they do not choose for inbred children, because daughters have disappeared into chaos.

The crisis in Islam

For Muslim fathers the unconscious expectation of earthly incarnation is destroyed. This is a tragedy of unprecedented magnitude. The unconscious schizophrenia of earthly of Heavenly reincarnation has become manifest. The 1400-year dormant ulcer has ruptured in complete schizophrenic psychopathy. 

The monotheistic bubble will burst and the Arab culture has to choose. Freedom of sexual roles, as in Western exogamy. Or a relapse to Paradise culture, in which every man is his own God again and rules his tribe without any law (Sharia) or consultation (mosque) of society.

So, we await a sexual clash between Muslim gods in the near future. Fights started in number in 2011 at Tahrir Square in Egypt where Muslim males defended their straight God by sexual violence against women. These sexual harassment and rapes were thought to have been a tactic of the Mubarak-era state used against female activists since 2005. 

But that would be too easy. It definitely is the weakening of the grip of Sharia on male testosterone. It is the collapse of Islam as primitive ordering of society. Monotheism failed in the end.

Islam loses grip on males because the system is unable to provide sufficient females. A lot of demographic reasons will be find back in refugee camps. And in this tangled interaction pornography finds its place in the disintegration of the Islamic system. 
Islam is going down to Paradise culture again. Islam will fall down into uncontrolled male testosterone.

The quicksand under Islamic monotheism will be washed away by the internet. And that means Sharia loses influence. Soon every Muslim will again be his own God without law or consultation by society.

What means Arab Muslims are likely to fall back into the utter brutality of previous Paradise culture where rampant sadomasochism of their ancestors was so typical.

Possibly Islam will never return to Sharia which at least had some rules to control testosterone, but it will perish in a wild form of sexual arbitrariness and absolute crime. That's what we saw earlier with Aborigines and Native Americans in a diluted form.

The requirement of absolute rigidity of this totalitarian system will be completely undermined by technological innovation. As tribal endogamy (inbreeding and incest) Islam can no longer exist. Neither as ethnic endogamy (Arabic Muslims), nor as religious endogamy (rest of the world) will it survive. The loss of the ancient core of inbreeding and incest will be the end of Islam.

At present, an unprecedented paradigm change of monotheism is taking place before our eyes. The coming clash between gay and straight gods will put religion in its proper context.

Should we be afraid of Islam as world religion? Definitely not. 
Religions are just ideologies. Islam is an aggressive totalitarian ideology regressing to pure criminality these days. The Arab core of tribal endogamy will disintegrate into the pure criminality of Paradise culture which can be fight. The great danger comes from Islamic gangs getting nuclear weapons.



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