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(80) Why gay people must be sick

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Declaration On The Torah Approach To Homosexuality:

Rabbigay people are sick

Under Amsterdam Jewish young people a lot of fuss was created about a statement in which 162 rabbis and Jewish leaders call homosexuality a disease. One of the signatories is Chief Rabbi Aryeh Ralbag of the Jewish Community of Amsterdam. In the statement is said homosexuality is not inborn and can be cured.

Janny Groen January 17, 2012, 05:37

Chairman Ronnie Eisenmann of the Amsterdam Jewish community says the Dutch community disagrees.  'We are gay friendly,' said Eisenmann.

The 'Declaration On The Torah Approach To Homosexuality' claims that the Jewish community is puzzled by the 'politically correct position' that homosexuality is unchangeable. The statement signatories want to try to get back stray Jews on the right path.

The Torah forbids homosexuality, and that sacred book does not prohibit something that is impossible to avoid. " By "negative secular influences" our message is labeled as hateful and homophobic, the statement said. On the contrary signatories find it "heartless and cruel" to leave the homosexual fellow man to his fate. According to them untreated homosexuals sentenced to life in solitude, and his therapy and teshuva (repentance) offered.

COC Netherlands (Dutch association for integration of gay sexuality) calls the statement 'baseless, malicious and not representative of what is thought in Jewish circles about homosexuality'.


We are not really interested in the above dispute but in the following questions:

- What is the relation of God with sexuality?

- Why would God be interested in the sexual nature of man?

- What is the difference between sexual nature and disease?

- Why heterosexuality is preferable to homosexuality?

We think God is a sexual ideal projection of higher mammals in the polygamous heterosexual Alpha male:

Assumption 1: God is a sexual ideal projection of higher mammals in the alpha male. He personifies the role of polygamous heterosexuality.

Assumption 2: Gods are sexual roles.

The Alpha male reigned over his group with inbreeding and incest. But in nature it is the task of females to chase genetic diversity at the edges of the group. This balance is called 'religion':

The basis of human religion is built around inbreeding and incest:

Religions can be operationalized around group permeability:

And Paradise culture was the first religion of human like beings originating from the Homininae (7 mya (million years ago), 400 cc):

Now we complete saying religion is a set of higher order time derivatives controlling sexual culture:

Assumption 256: Human religion is developed from a set of higher order time derivatives which controls sexual culture by ethical norms and values. Therefore it looks like religion comes from God. The last time-derivative will be zero and has been always wanted diligently, for it is expected to lead the sexual culture to the eternal existence in another universe. It is the timelessness derivative of sexuality: perpetual orgasm in the parallel universe.

From this frame of reference we are able to answer earlier questions:

- What is the relation of God with sexuality?

God is a sexual role. The Jewish God is called: heterosexuality.

- Why would God be interested in the sexual nature of man?

God = man and man wants to be as God, as the Alpha male.

- What is the difference between sexual nature and disease?

If homosexuality has an (epi) genetic cause then the heterosexual God created his own competitor. Of course God also would have created illnesses and sickness, but to a lesser degree as collateral damage.

- Why heterosexuality is preferable to homosexuality?

Only heterosexuality produces inbred bodies in which ancestors can reincarnate in the tribe. Earthly reincarnation is the second reinforcing stimulus after genetic immortality, which was the first:

Regarding the evolution of human religion we earlier distinguished three abstractions of eternal life of increasing difficulty which we linked to brain size:

(mya: million years ago)

1: Genetic immortality by inbreeding and incest (Homininae, 7-2 mya, 400 cc).
2: Reincarnation into the (earthly) universe (Homo erectus, 2 mya, 900 cc).
3: Reincarnation into the parallel universe (Homo sapiens, 0.2 mya, 1450 cc).

Tertiary reinforcement (third order conditioning):

Operant responseinbreeding
Primary reinforcing stimulus: genetic immortality in the offspring
Secondary reinforcing stimulusreincarnation into the (earthly) universe
Tertiary reinforcing stimulusreincarnation into the parallel universe



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