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(228) Replacing the Convergence Theory of Paradise

Basic Dimension


Number Archive

In 2010 we started with the myth of Paradise and this was our model:

A former model did not recognize number and nature (aantal en aard in Dutch). This model consisted only of the number (#) of individuals:

But it was clear this was a cripple model until the nature of individuals, the quality or the saturation of their genes by extreme inbreeding, was added:

Then, our first idea was to see the Tree of Knowledge as a means to arrive at the Tree of Life as a goal. Secondly, the Tree of Knowledge meant sexuality and the Tree of Life meant religion. But this was a wrong interpretation of the myth:

The right interpretation is the Tree of Knowledge leads to outbreeding and the Tree of Life to inbreeding. Therefore we have Eve - as a woman - eating from the Tree of Outbreeding in the Tanakh and Adam - as a man - eating from the Tree of Inbreeding in the Koran. 

In the Koran the link is laid with eternal life and earthly wealth and power:

In the Koran Adam hoped for earthly eternal life by inbreeding (eternal life was already evolved into earthly reincarnation, 1400 years ago), while desert religions univocally adhered parallel reincarnation (rebirth) to break the bond between inbreeding and eternal life (the inbreeding instinct). But Islamic scholars never understood inbreeding as a gene lying on the Y-chromosome of Muslim males. Therefore Islam failed to break the divine power of tribal heads, by which Muslims became mental unstable and Muslim society plunged into schizophrenia:

In Islam, Adam had to leave Paradise, because with striving to inbreeding and earthly wealth he could never come into heaven of the parallel universe. And with this, Islam broke the covenant between God and Abraham, who was entitled to reincarnate into descendants of his only begotten son Isaac.

In the evolution there were three eternal goals:

Originally the myth meant genetic procreation during the Homininae phase (7 Ma; 400cc):

Speech was not necessary to understand the difference between inbreeding and outbreeding. And the first bipedal primates were condemned to severe inbreeding, which culture they bolstered to support tribal identity as a religion. Of course this is meant symbolically, for in reality the species would extinct by pure inbreeding from autosomal recessive disorders.

Genetic immortality is what all animals do:


So, we see the primal meaning of the myth of Paradise as tribal immortality where individuals were to die. Only the tribe reached genetic immortality by inbreeding. But in fact they stranded on phenotypic mortality and suffered from fertility stress:

Hence, the original meaning and ultimate goal of Paradise culture was maintaining the inbred tribe:

Notice, in the era of Homo erectus (2 Ma; 900cc) individuals lived forever by earthly reincarnation and so genetic immortality changed into immortality for individuals:

But still later in Islam, the link between inbreeding and eternal life was broken completely, since in Heaven of the parallel universe genes do not matter. But this could not break the inbreeding instinct:

To recapitulate I must confess to an interpretation error in my first version of the Paradise model. Progressive insight learned that there is no 'means - goal' relation between the trees:

Originally, eternal (tribal) life was promoted by and synonymous with 'inbreeding' and therefore inbreeding must be chosen directly on the Tree of Life and outbreeding on the Tree of Knowledge:


- First, I saw the Tree of Knowledge as a means to arrive at the Tree of Life as a goal. And the Tree of Knowledge meant sexuality and the Tree of Life religionWas wrong insight.

- Eating from the Tree of Knowledge means outbreeding and adultery. Eating from the Tree of Life means inbreeding. Eating from the Tree of Outbreeding was forbidden, but from the Tree of Inbreeding was permitted. Except if a woman had been adulterous with an alien. Then she was not allowed to eat from the Tree of Life any longer and was stoned, hanged or murdered otherwise,  expelled from "paradise".

  - In this first model there was a choice to inbreeding on the left side, and outbreeding on the right. And if chosen for inbreeding on the left side one came into paradise with (tribal genetic) immortality. This was indeed the original meaning of the myth.

- Understand, this is meant as a genetic procreation for the tribe as a whole, since individuals died. 

- But if chosen for outbreeding on the right side, the tribe would fall into earthly mortality, because tribal cohesion would disintegrate. Of course this is all symbolic reasoning, for in reality the species would extinct with pure inbreeding by autosomal recessive disorders. Hence, the original meaning and the ultimate goal of Paradise culture was to maintain the inbred tribe:

Assumption 331: The original meaning and goal of the myth of Paradise was to maintain the inbred tribe.

- So notice, the story of Adam and Eve stipulates the danger of tribal disintegration and falling apart.

- Notice further, in the era of Homo erectus individuals lived forever by earthly reincarnation and genetic immortality changed into immortality for individuals.

- And still later, in Islam, the link between inbreeding and eternal life was broken completely, since in Heaven of the parallel universe genes do not matter. But Muslim males could not forget their 72 virgins and so they misinterpreted the Tanakh. 

First Paradise cultures had the same rule:

- In case of adultery the tribal chain of inbreeding was broken and individuals had to leave the tribe (paradise). This is illustrated symbolically by the story of Eve, who got a child (the apple) with a handsome male from another tribe, the Serpent:

Assumption 281The eternal identity of the tribe is male kin bonded and maintained only along the male gene line in the offspring.  Thus, seed from aliens as the Serpent in a tribal woman as Eve does not belong to the tribe and must be eliminated or expelled. Adam, who recognized the fruit of the Serpent as his own child, was the stupidity at its best. Both Adam, Eve and the child of the Serpent were expelled. That's the original meaning of the Myth of Paradise as initiation rite and as severe warning for maturing boys.

And this is what 'God' said to the Serpent:


15 And I will put enmity between thee [the Serpent] and the woman [Eve], and between thy seed [your tribe] and her seed [her tribe]; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel.

Therefore, Eve had to leave the inbreeding culture of the tribe. And Adam, who had not exercised sufficient control over Eve and also stupidly had acknowledged the apple as his own child was expelled too. 

The coefficient of inbreeding (C.O.I.) between Adam and Eve is 100%, since Eve is taken from a rib of Adam. If they were brother and sister it would have been 25%. And the C.O.I. between Eve and the Serpent was 0.

In Islam, the third Paradise culture, the rule changed a little bit. Outbreeding within the Muslim population, whatever that may be, is no longer a problem. But females who date or marry unbelievers are not expelled but slaughtered to death:

The Paradise narrative emerged from the  darker abscesses of the first bipedal Hominin's mind. Speech was not needed in choosing between tribal inbreeding and adulterous outbreeding. The myth of Paradise was an initiation rite for maturing boys to look after tribal females and prevent hostile genes from creeping into the tribe. 

The cord was tightened more and more around the neck of the woman, whose beauty can no longer be admired by others:



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