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(234) China fears polytheism

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China wants to ban gay content from the internet

China is attempting to block access to LGBT content on the internet. According to the IBTimes, the China Netcasting Services Association (CNSA) has just announced a new ban on gay content online. 

The CNSA describes the ban as one on “abnormal sexual behaviour”.Videos containing “terrorismsuperstition and homosexuality” are now banned and streaming services have been told to remove them. The new rules also require professional censors to ensure content blocked by the ban isn’t accessible.

The Chinese LGBT magazine commented on the news, saying: “The false information in these regulations has already caused harm to the Chinese LGBT community – who are already subjected to prejudice and discrimination.” 

This is not the first time China has tried to block access to LGBT content.
Last year the Chinese Government attempted to ban portrayals of homosexuality on television. Calling the portrayals “immoral, vulgar and unhealthy”, homosexuality was banned alongside smoking, drinking alcohol, suggestive clothing and the idea of reincarnation.

The Chinese LGBT community had been enjoying a surge of optimism after the highest court in Taiwan ordered its parliament to legalise same-sex marriage.

An LGBT conference in China was cancelled earlier this year after police detained nine LGBT activists and told them LGBT events were not welcome in their city.
The Speak Out conference in the north-west city of Xi’an was expected to welcome 400 people for a celebration and discussion of LGBT rights.

A Chinese tech company also this year bought Grindr, which is popular among gay and bisexual men around the world.

China last month censored a number of parts in Ridley Scott’s new film, Alien Covenant, including a gay kiss

But earlier this year China introduced new sex education materials which were actually pretty inclusive.


It has long been said China has no religion. But that does not apply to the Sexual Theory of Religion. For thousands of years China had a rural society with very conservative sexual habits. Well, I think they did not like homosexuality and believed in eternal life. I think the Chinese believed in earthly reincarnation and maybe later in resurrection into the parallel universe.

We know you cannot change sexual religion by indoctrination, only by outbreeding with other peoples. Communist countries tried to re-educate their inhabitants but in vain.

It is remarkable the Chinese government places the following contradictory concepts side by side:

Terrorismsuperstition and homosexuality” and "Calling the portrayals “immoral, vulgar and unhealthy”, homosexuality was banned alongside smoking, drinking alcohol, suggestive clothing and the idea of reincarnation."

But homosexuality is an inborn sexual role and has nothing to do with terrorism or superstition. 

The Chinese government approaches Islam in the persecution of homosexuals:

Islam also rejects earthly reincarnation and forces Muslims to believe in resurrection into Heaven of the parallel universe of Allah. Big chance earthly reincarnation is also a Chinese instinct from Homo erectus, who was earlier in China 'than elsewhere'.

In our view 'Allah' stands for male heterosexuality, what means Chinese official sexual religion is most similar to Islam.

Polytheism or monotheism

Where to place the Chinese government in relation to polytheism, with the recognition of 'other sexual roles' (LGBT), or monotheism with just one God in the conscious (male heterosexuality)?

It looks like China adhered in the evolution always a very conservative monotheistic religion, just like Islam. I doubt whether there was place for 'other sexual roles' in the conscious (polytheism):

Apparently there is no place for homosexuality in the conscious of Chinese society. Apparently their never was polytheism. This is monotheism:

But now the LGBT movement from policor has also reached China:

We know in the Western world policor stands for masochism and surrender with butts up to the stronger endogamous core from Islam:

And now the Chinese government desperately tries to fill their empty communistic endogamous core to prevent another religion with a stronger core will conquer Chinese sexual religion:

Chinese government tries to reinstate a single straight sexual role:

As follows:

But human religion knows a circular development. Also China likely enters the polytheistic phase:


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