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(32) The Archetype of God

Basic Dimension 

Number Archive

The Alpha Male

Possibly the search for God is a genetic assignment for every man, of which the religious role of women is derived:

Assumption 1: God is a sexual ideal projection of higher mammals in the alpha male. He personifies the role of polygamous heterosexuality.

This sexual ideal projection into the alpha male was the first god-projection of male animals living in mammal groups together. This means gods originally are sexual roles:

Assumption 2: Gods are sexual roles.

The space of gods

In the evolution a physiological substrate must have been formed in the brain that integrates the sexual power of the male animal. We call this substrate 'the archetype of God' and the underlying space 'the space of gods'. This power center contains five major sexual roles:

Assumption 50: The polytheistic space of gods (in the archetype of God) exists of five sexual dimensions. With two dimensions, heterosexuality is opposed to other sexual roles. With five dimensions it concerns the following hierarchy:

1: First God: male heterosexuality. [Alpha male]
2: Second God: male homosexuality. [homosexual clergy]
3: Third God: female sexual roles.
4: Fourth God: pedophilia.
5: Fifth God: bestiality. 

Once a more dimensional space has been postulatedit can be divided arbitrarily.
Below we see the split of the space of gods in Islam: male heterosexuality (red) is contrasted to other sexual roles (pink). It contrasts sadism (subjects) with masochism (objects), otherwise called paraphilia and a form of racism.

This physiological space cannot be changed anymore. It is determined by rank = 5 independent dimensions, 5 degrees of freedomThe only change will be that animals are more or less conscious about the selection of sexual roles. So, the space can be partitioned into an unconscious and a conscious part. In Christianity all gods are in the conscious: 

But Islamic males oppress homosexuality, femininity, pedophilia and bestiality to the unconscious:

As said the rank of the space of gods in the archetype of God is fixed at five independent dimensions. That's our working hypothesis. It is not our definite opinion. All kinds of religions can be expressed in this sexual palette: 

The cycle of human religion:

The development of human religion

Assumption 205: Development of human religion: 
1: Homininae were locked up in a sick culture of inbreeding and incest what formed the blueprint for human religion: the first stage of Paradise culture with genetic immortality as first abstraction of eternal life.
2: Later Homininae and Homo ergaster found the combination of genetic immortality with (earthly) reincarnation called the second stage of Paradise culture.  
3: Homo erectus broke up the inbreeding and incest culture, after which women rediscovered their own soul and fulfilled their need for genetic diversity.  
4: Homo sapiens discovered the parallel universe which eliminated sexuality from esoteric religion (Christianity). Mixing inbreeding and incest with the parallel universe finally delivered the third stage of Paradise Culture (Islam).

As said it is possible to reduce the space of gods by means of an imaginary principal component analysis to less than five factors in the conscious of the male animal. But then remaining factors will be suppressed to the unconscious. Hence we do not speak of data reduction but of data truncation in the conscious:

Assumption 68: In humans, the number of gods in the archetype of God is by nature unlimited (polytheism), with SM-dyad as principal component (main factor) of the space of gods. By testosterone (monotheism) this number of god factors is gradually restricted to one dimension, called SM-dyad or Allah construct. With oestrogens multi-dimensionality remains unaffected. This means that males tend to monotheism and females to polytheism.

Assumption 201: Males in mammal groups tend to be polygamous, leading to genetic monoculture and females often get their offspring from different males tending to genetic diversity.

SM-dyad and Vanilla-dyad

Assumption 67

- SM-dyad is the basic relationship between man and woman in human nature. It is a relationship that will haunt mankind until the farthest stars.

- SM-dyad is based on absolute power and results in unequal sexual relations. It easily develops into paraphilia. Vanilla-dyad is formed from relativism and consists of equivalence in sexual relations.
- SM-dyad can temporarily transform into Vanilla dyad, in which case ultimately equal rights for men and women are obtained.
- Because equivalence is against male nature, Vanilla-dyad remains subordinate to SM-dyad. It is and will remain a substitute for the male sexual instinct. Which means SM-dyad in the background is always present, is always searching for new ways to self-realization. SM-dyad will always restore the primal relation between male and female.
- The temporary primacy of Vanilla dyad is enforced by the intellectual development 
of women. Without her cooperation with SM, SM-Tetrad disintegrates into a single

Assumption 68: In humans, the number of dependent gods (n) in the polytheistic space of gods (rank = m = 5 vectors) in the archetype of God (rank = p = 5 factors) is naturally unlimited, with the SM-dyad as principal component (main factor) (p = 1). 
SM-dyad is called 'monotheism' otherwise. With male testosterone this space will be gradually restricted to only one conscious dimension (p = 1), the SM-dyad or Allah-construct, named otherwise monotheism or sadomasochism. 
Remaining (m - p  =  4) components are relegated to the unconscious. But in case of oestrogens all sexual factors (p = 5) remain unaffected in the conscious of women.


Animals show sadistic behavior but for really enjoying sadomasochism one must be human, because for real SM, empathy is essential. How much more would the cat enjoy if she realized how much the mouse suffered by his creaking skull.

It's not that we can see, but we know solitary creatures not always are endowed with empathy. In general, animals are hampered by empathy with their victims. They would die out. But even though they were endowed with empathy, even then they would not come up with the idea of creating something very beautiful from bloodthirstiness and sexual desire: sadomasochism is the icing on the cake of the sexual relationship between humans, husband and wife, in the SM-dyad

And in case animals would like it, their sadomasochism would be unstable. SM quickly would reset to killer instinct and sexual instinct. And that's because animals lack control to keep blood lust and sexual desire as a critical mass in the focal caught. 

Assumption 66: Sadomasochism is a combination of murder and sexuality. It is unstable and easy flammable. Oppression of victims easily turns into murder, decomposing SM-dyad again into killing and sexual instinct.

An SM-dyad needs control, balance and stability between sadism and masochism.
But in most cases, sadists develop insufficient empathy in masochism. Sadism prevails and SM-dyad falls apart into murder and sexual lust.

As long as one keeps bloodthirstiness and sexual desire as critical mass in focus, it goes well. But after losing control over the event, sadomasochism falls apart again in murder and sexual instinct. Then magic is lost and it explodes.

Christianity and Islam

First we note Christianity much better succeeds in keeping blood lust and sexual desire as a critical mass in the focal caught of SM-dyad. That's because their second god, Jesus personifies 'other sexual roles' as subjects.

The key difference is Islam cannot hold this critical mass together, time and time again is losing control, decomposing sadomasochism over and over again in murder and sexual desire. It is a vicious circle and perpetual process; it is the basic feature of Islamic culture.

It looks like Islam intentionally collapses SM-dyad time and again in the interaction with Paradise culture. It is a willful interaction giving the Islamic killing machine animal power.

Derivation of monotheism from sadomasochism

Sadomasochism equals monotheism

In our opinion religion is a form of sexuality. 
And in sexuality we see sadomasochism as the main dimension of human sexual power. For we see SM as a mix of murder lust and sexual desire. 

In the religious parallel with sexuality, monotheism can be perceived as the main axis of sexual dictatorship in the domain of polytheistic god dimensions.
Therefore we perceive sadomasochism and monotheism as identities.

Assumption 77: Because the God of monotheism is defined as a known but unknown parameter (angle) of His Principal Axis in the space of (tribal) gods, the system of equations of paradise culture actually seemed unresolved. Nevertheless the n-space of tribes was reduced to a by tribal heads accepted single dimension: monotheism
Knowing that hatred and hostility is the most common factor among Bedouin tribes, God and Allah must be based also on hatred and hostility. Hence, God and Allah are personifications of Sadism on the throne, and the real nature of monotheism must be sadomasochism.


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