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(33) Chrislam, God of Policor

Basic Dimension 

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Assumption 283: Policor (Political Correctness).  
Policor is a worldwide movement to undermine Western culture. Nowadays representatives are the EU, the globalists and the Democratic Party of the United States. Policor started with Romanticism (Rousseau) as built-in movement of the Enlightenment. The latter failed to formulate rules to discriminate between cultures, on which Romanticism judged all cultures equal and equivalent. In fact, the Enlightenment gave the impulse to the destruction of Christianity. In the twentieth century the Frankfurter Schule proclaimed the destruction of Western culture, followed by Marxist relativism or - nihilism. Later on 'all cultures are equal and equivalent' culminated into multiculturalism. The underlying idea was to establish a world government of globalists which could benefit from an army of cheap laborers (deplorables, irredeemables). Hillary Clinton is the latest representative of American policor. To accelerate the destruction of Western culture the EU destroyed the Nation States of Europe and negated democracy. Eurocrats call democracy: 'populism'. A further goal is to set up refugee flows to erase the identity of the European culture. Policor attracts criminals, fraud and corruption and consists of sexual deviant groups which find in Islam a shining example.

In the Netherlands, Article 1 of the constitution came into effect in 1983
In this new law Policor (Political Correctness: former left wing Christians but now Marxist communists) protected Islam - known as the world's most discriminating religion - against religious discrimination. Muslims were allowed to slaughter their daughters in our backyard:

Endogamy and exogamy

Assumption 208: Individual animals survive by genetic diversity. But in mammal groups tension arises between the endogamous core (genetic monoculture) of alpha males and compensating exogamous mantles of genetic diversity by females. Without this correction mechanism groups would extinct:

Assumption 213: Group of higher mammals:

A group of higher mammals exists by virtue of the balance between endogamy and exogamy.

Its endogamous core consists of the power of the alpha male to fertilize all females. Hence, he basically establishes a genetic monoculture by inbreeding and incest, only serving the immediate survival of the group. But in the long run his genes will be over-represented in his descendants, unless competitive males in the exogamous mantle contribute to genetic diversity.

But tension also arises between the sexual desires of the dominant male and females. Since females naturally tend to genetic diversity with other males. Hence, the exogamic outer layer consists of adulterous females chasing genetic diversity with other males and from other groups, what comes down to the permeability of the group.

For humans, the total permeability of the mantle depends on the relation between endogamous repulsion and exogamous attraction of external genes. This relation is the natural base of 'human religion'.
But only on the basis of inbreeding and incest (Islam) permeability is related to endogamy. Endogamous cores in completely permeable cultures as the Enlightenment are derived from other values. 

Assumption 207: In a healthy group, there exists a tension between the endogamous core and the exogamous mantle. If one of them is missing the culture must be sick. Seen in evolutionary perspective, Western culture lacks its endogamous heart and Islamic culture has no exogamous mantle, hence both must be regarded as religious cultures on the verge of extinction:

The Cycle of Human Religion

Confessionalization in the Netherlands

In the Netherlands a mosaic of different churches founded the endogamous heart of society. It was called 'verzuiling', literally meaning pillarization and metaphorically 'confessionalization':

Some important Christian Institutions were reminiscent of the endogamous homosexual clergy, the second god of mammal group sexuality:

Assumption 50The polytheistic space of gods (in the archetype of God) exists of five sexual dimensions. With two dimensions, heterosexuality is opposed to other sexual roles. With five dimensions it concerns the following hierarchy:

1: First God: male heterosexuality. [Alpha male]
2: Second God: male homosexuality. [homosexual clergy]
3: Third God: female sexual roles.
4: Fourth God: pedophilia.
5: Fifth God: bestiality. 

The Frankfurter Schule

The Frankfurter Schule was a cultural Marxist movement aiming to destroy the endogamous core of Western culture, especially Christianity. 
This destruction was necessary to build international socialism in Western society. Their intent was depillarization or deconfessionalization:

In the sixties of the last century they started 'the march through the institutions' to overthrow the established order. They succeeded, but instead of setting cultural Marxism they created nothing new, namely cultural relativism. Look how gorgeous they brought Western culture to its multidimensional disruption, however without the promised renewal, simply because they did not understand to be nothing more than an instrument to destruction of this exogamous culture:

Socialism was not able to create any new values and realized in an anarchistic way the suicide on Western culture with its march through the institutions.

Actually the march cut out the heart of Western culture and destroyed the second god: the endogamous homosexual clergy. Depillarization resulted in cultural nihilism and cultural relativism. Western culture without its endogamous Christian heart was unprecedented and collapsed into puberty. Now it had to stand on its own as a teenager.

Some parts of the resulting exogamous society changed to polytheistic promiscuity and pedophilia. Even in Dutch Parliament scientific studies of pedophilia were intended in the eighties and nineties of last century.

But Western culture without Christianity was not viable and would fade away in the asymptote of powerless individualism and atheism. Which means the exogamous culture as a whole would cease to exist. For now it was nothing more than an empty slutty shell, desperately looking for endogamous steering.

Assumption 206: The permeability of a group concerns the relation between its endogamous heart and the exogamous periphery.

Assumption 203: Sexual deprivation (poverty) strengthens the endogamous group. Promiscuity (wealth) strengthens the exogamous group.

Marxism offered not the slightest endogamous depth and has not been able to replace Christianity. Western culture never realized how much it has been uprooted as a group 
without Christianity and policor was rudderless searching for a new identity.

The only endogamous force able to replace Christianity was the even stronger sadistic Islam. For this reason, Western culture imported Islam massively in the fourth quarter of the last century.

Unaware of looking for a new religious endogamous core, policor suggested every effort to capture the endogamous heart of Islam. But they really thought they treated Islam the same as other religions under their multicultural exogamous mantle.

And so, as alleged multiculturalism, they imported Islamic absolutism right into the heart of Western culture. For in that era choosing authoritarian absolutism (of Islam) was at odds with the prevailing cultural flow of total democracy and relativism:

And that's why multiculturalism unwittingly turned into the masochistic squirm with ass up for a gruesome and sadistic Islamic ruler. This sadistic tyrant was absolutely needed to let our masochistic culture retrieve its counterweight. This is because two points are needed to draw a straight line. 

Islam occupied the empty place of the homosexual clergy to peace and salvation of policor, who sacrificed the empty shell of exogamous Western culture to a sadistic mass murderer.

But think about it, authoritarian Christianity was completed and rejected, only Islam had the power to save the Western exogamous shell from a total collapse. So it was felt unconsciously.

What means the greedily gobbling of the atrocities of Islam was no expression of cultural relativism or multiculturalism, but it was rather a desperate return to the laws of the group, which prescribe an interaction between the endogamous core and its exogamous mantle.

Assumption 206: The permeability of a group concerns the relation between its endogamous heart and the exogamous periphery.

Assumption 212: Islam and Christianity are the endogamous core and exogamous mantle of Homininae groups. Together they form the sadomasochistic dimension, renamed as monotheism in religion. As in a big bang, they drifted apart and in a big crunch, they will destroy each other. By divine judgment of Sexual Scales of Religion sadomasochism will dissolve in murder lust and sexual desire:

Finally policor was just a manifestation of the "intelligentsia" because all my life I have experienced that this suicide on Western culture did not resonate in common sense. And therefore I hope that our society has sufficient self-cleaning capacity to dismantle this accursed constitution.



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