Tuesday, 9 December 2014

(20) Islam, the Red Giant

Basic Dimension


Seven million years ago, the first Homininae set up tribal endogamies. In the evolution, however, tribal endogamy went on to ethnic endogamy, what process is described very well in Genesis.

Endogamous evolution

Tribal endogamy lost much of its group identity on its way to ethnic endogamy. Family ties were cut and no more reincarnated ancestors in their own tribe. One of the main benefits of tribal endogamy is lost in evolution.

Ethnic endogamy was an antidote against autosomal recessive disorders caused by inbreeding and incest and this led to religious scale magnification.

As tribal endogamies increased they lost more and more of their original identity. Eventually they evolved into religious endogamies, where members had to marry within their religion. 

That's what we see in the transition from Paradise culture to the monotheism of Islam:

Nowadays endogamies as Islam derive their group identity only from external enemies. Bad qualities hated in their own character are ascribed to others. Muslims hate Jews what is quite understandable. Everything blamed to Jews is Muslims self a burden. And everything Jews possess feels as a lack.

The more diffuse endogamies are, the more they need external foes. Islam developed into a watered-down religious endogamy. Hence, the Muslim culture would fall apart by making peace with Israel.

tribal endogamy is naturally a small and closed group. And one cannot achieve with impunity its dissolution to ethnic endogamy and certainly latest transition from Paradise culture to religious endogamy of Islam was a step too far. 

Islam is in an existential crisis what it probably will not survive. Islam is not a cohesive group any longer, so the risk is growing that its religious endogamy disintegrates into tribal endogamy again. With religious endogamy Islam overplayed its hand. Slaughtering each other is a solution back to separated tribes.

An endogamy inflates itself as it runs into billions. Islam with 1.5 billion followers now inflated to a Red Giant ready to erupt. Its initial identity of the Homininae no longer exists.

Therefore Islam will explode into religious endogamy and then collapses again into ethnic endogamy to stabilize in tribal endogamy. But then Islam itself will disappear first: Koran and sharia will no longer affect male Muslims and they will fight each other all over the world in search of tribal identity. In short, as it looks now Islam regresses to previous Paradise culture, of which the Muslim criminality in Europe is already a dazzling harbinger.

Islam is a dying story, very dangerous, that's certain.
In comparison, scale does not affect exogamous Christianity. Because, exogamies naturally absorb all kinds of endogamy in their multidimensional frame, in which people are equal and equivalent.

The intervention of Western powers in Muslim cultures has beaten the SM-tetrad between husband and wife to pieces. 

Islamic culture and cohesion is beaten out of Libya and Syria. So chances for evolution of Islamic culture to atheism have been lost, because this progress can come only from the woman's perspective. Islam achieved only one real evolution and that was Tunisia, where in 2013 the separation of mosque and state, and the separation of powers were proclaimed. Hopefully this process ever will continue in the future.

The only escape from total collapse of Islamic culture is lifting her endogamy and mingling with exogamies. But this is a time consuming process for which it is now too late.


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