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(22) Antipodal Religions in Basic Dimension

Basic Dimension 

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The fundamental dimension of religion prescribes how groups are related. From this, guidelines can be derived how groups go together. We start with two open groups:

Open groups are focused on genetic diversity and will mingle with other open groups:

Muslim immigration in Christianity is seen as an attempt at mixing with a closed group. We do not think Christianity is aiming on parallel societies:

But when the closed group cannot be penetrated this creates an undesirable form of parasitism. The closed group benefits from the open group:

In the end a form of parasitoïdism results, wherein the host eventually is destroyed by the parasitoid:

For an open group there is but one defense and that's to act as a closed group too.
For the Muslim immigration into Europe, this means that parallel societies are the only way to save the European original culture:

Between cultures an amoral level playing field develops that degenerates into a civil war if groups become bigger and both seize the scarce resources:

Assumption 189:
Assimilation = f (exogamy). That is [exogamy with exogamy].
Integration = f (endogamy | exogamy). That is [endogamy within exogamy].
Segregation = f (endogamy). That is endogamy within (endogamy or exogamy)].

The conclusion is that no further integration between Islam and Christianity must be urged because both cultures can coexist impossibly.  Parallel societies are the only salvation for the European culture. Then must be examined very carefully how this bomb can be dismantled eventually.

Assumption 203: Sexual deprivation (poverty) strengthens the endogamous group. Promiscuity (wealth) strengthens the exogamous group.

Assumption 204: Forcing a sexually deprived (poor) endogamous group to assimilate within a promiscuous (wealthy) exogamous group means war.



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