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(21) The Basic Dimension of Religion

Basic Dimension


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In our model of human religion the difference between Christianity and Islam is only one degree of freedom. Islam operates on one degree and Christianity on at least two.

As an exogamy, Christianity is like an open circle and Islam is a closed endogamy. This distinction is the basic dimension of human religion.

- Christianity rooted in open cultures where women basically were recognized as subjects. After seduction they simply could be separated from their family. Therefore Christianity stems from a sexual desire for genetic diversity. 

- In contrast, in closed cultures as Islam women have no free will to leave the tribe. They are as objects that belong to fathers and brothers in a tribal endogamy. They will be assigned to other tribal members. But in a religious endogamy wedding candidates may join the group and possibly pay a dowry.

Islam is a one-dimensional (monotheistic) dictatorship, with only one contaminated Allah: male heterosexuality. Where Christianity as polytheism consciously acknowledges two gods, two sexual roles: God and Jesus. 

In Christianity, where God also means male heterosexuality, Jesus stood for 'other sexual roles', namely homosexuality, women's roles, pedophilia and bestiality. But empathy means no moral approval of sexual abuse. Jesus only recognized the natural rights of women, children and other outcasts.

Assumption 183: There is one Koran and there is one Islam, but there are two Allahs, for males and females. Both gods are called 'Allah' because Islam is monotheistic. But the female Allah actually developed from genetic diversity and the male Allah from the genetic monoculture of inbreeding and incest. In polytheism there would be two gods, with different names, a male and a female god, for example 'God' and 'Jesus'. In evolution the Christian god changed from genetic monoculture to genetic diversity as result of Vanilla-dyad.

In Islam there is also a female Allah like Jesus. But male Muslims are not aware of this female god. And that's why they develop a cleft sexual identity spread over the conscious and unconscious.

Any homosexual desires in predominantly heterosexual men are relegated to the unconscious. Characteristic of endogamies is therefore that men in this way since childhood develop no empathy with homosexuality and  the essence of women.





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