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(25) Honor killings in short

Basic Dimension 

Basically, I see religion as a very animal matter where people sublimate their most primal desires to lofty ideals. Polytheism of Christianity leads back to what is customary in nature: the absolute mixing of genes of a species. And of course, an open group takes the right path.

In open groups a man can marry a woman from anywhere in the world, because as a subject she decides about her own natural rights. Therefore we consider Christianity as a healthy sexuality. Christianity is based on merging groups and Islam on their separation.

Assumption 188: In exogamous cultures man and woman are equivalent; therefore women can be separated easily from their family. But in endogamous cultures women are seen as possessions, hence their fathers decide their fate.

Islam turned the desire for genetic diversity into its opposite by a misperception of how eternal life of man should be created.

The closed group of Islam is an aberration of the mind and an insult of logical thinking; it is the incest and inbreeding cult.

In evolution incest and inbreeding were first logically linked to the projection of the male genetic mirror of eternity within tribalismgenetic immortality (homininae). 
But themselves they would still die.

The invention of (earthly) reincarnation was bound to inbreeding as a secondary reinforcer, because then man himself stayed alive. This was ingrained as an instinct for two million years since Homo erectus. Therefore incest and inbreeding cultures still are triggered by the desire for eternal survival.

Islam chose to prohibit earthly reincarnation (a form of polytheism) on pain of death 1400 years ago. Only Allah should be worshipped in the parallel universe. But that meant that the inbred instinct lost its earthly reinforcer, what was referred to the unconscious.

That's why Muslims no longer understand the reason of the inbreeding culture. They think inbreeding is meant for the 'honor of the family' and that's almost true, but it really concerns reincarnation of their ancestors. Therefore honor killings are no revenge for dishonesty but for the loss of inbreeding. 

And so we come in a straight line to the explanation of honor killings and acid attacks. Sadia Sheikh was forced to marry her cousin over the Internet, but she decided to choose for a not-Muslim friend. 

This meant that her father and brother had not fulfilled their obligation regarding the ancestors, who now would not reincarnate into Sadia's descendants. And therefore her intestines were pumped full of lead by her brother, while her sister kept her at the elbows, after which she died in three days of terrible suffering.

And what about the father? Was he shocked? I do not think so because he had come to terms with his conscience, with his ancestors and only killed a reluctant incubator according to tribal rules. Moreover, Sadia also blocked his reincarnation into her descendants.

And Gülsüm Selim was promised to a family member, but she committed abortion out of a relation with a non-Muslim. But this means that an ancestor possibly descended in the embryo and was killed in a shameful manner. First she was strangled with a rope and later beaten to mush with an iron rod. 

The rule is simple: the more a father loves his daughter the harder he hits her. Immanent Allah saw everything. And especially how convinced he swore by earthly reincarnation. But earthly reincarnation is a mortal sin in Islam, so he should burn in hell forever. Hence he must show - as with Abraham's son Isaac - how he suffers by looking at his dying daughter. And above all he must show - like Abraham - that by killing her he made his earthly reincarnation into her descendants impossible.

The more he loves her, the more brutal he will cut her to pieces to have at least one way (parallel universe) to live forever. And if Allah stays angry, he will burn in hell forever. This is just one of the countless scenarios which are conceivable.

And then the brave Mirjam Abarkan. She had a Dutch friend and wanted to procreate outside the religious endagomy. And then someone got here a red haze in mind, whoever that was is not cleared up in court because no scenario was shown for perpetrator distinction.

But here again abortion was a step too far. The descent of an ancestor in a hybrid is a mortal sin. In this case, he was also prematurely killed by abortion. Mirjam received her punishment.

Honor revenge? No, inbreeding revenge.

The mother was given a reduced sentence, because the whole family sympathized with her. In my analysis, she also gets reduced sentence but for a very different reason.
Judges giving members of an endogamous clan reduced sentences where they plotted a murder jointly consciously or unconsciously should not go unpunished.

Frustration at the descent of ancestors in mongrels and reduction of the number of inbred bodies leads just as in Paradise culture to honor killings and acid attacks. The latter takes place if daughters are not yet married (no adultery), and do not want to serve as incubator for family seed. Usually one keeps one eye open, otherwise the lifelong deterrent requires too much care.

Honor killings and acid attacks are not difficult to explain. But Islam added the fear of Allah by prohibiting earthly reincarnation. 

 Gülsüm Selim: (strangled with an iron cord and beaten to death with an iron bar)


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