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(29) The Key to Human Religion (Part 2)

Basic Dimension 

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Seven million years ago the first Homininae abandoned the jungle in small groups and roamed through Africa. The alpha male was their leader:

The alpha male is a God who stands for polygamous heterosexuality. His is genetically programmed to create genetic monocultures: 


But we know  primal law in nature is genetic diversity:


If mammals living in groups together don't want to extinct, they must find a modus vivendi between genetic monoculture and genetic diversity. We think animal religion for mammals seeks a balance between genetic monoculture and genetic diversity:


Genetic diversity is a natural drive of females:


But for that matter, the first Homininae encountered great problems. Groups were very small with little competitive young males. And Homininae moved around only slowly and fanned out in all directions, so they did not easily meet other groups. 
Hence, group permeability was low and groups were fairly inaccessible: 

Females simply were not able to associate freely with other groups to fulfill their natural need for genetic diversity. And therefore genetic monoculture got preponderance.


Homininae cultures developed predominantly as genetic monocultures and will frequently have been extinct by autosomal recessive disorders.  The only way to survive was robbing genetic material from other tribes. It was the beginning of religious warfare for women slavery which brought the scale with genetic diversity in balance again.

Thus human religion developed out of the roots of animal religion as peculiarity of a slow species in too small and very isolated groups.


First Homininae developed sadomasochism out of empathy and founded a cultural model to oppress women in their inbreeding and incest culture.


But farfetched sadomasochism was not accepted, not even by first Homininae, that's why they developed a sort of unspoken morality. Morality meant sadomasochistic butchering of women was only allowed on their refusal to lend their body to the inbreeding and incest culture. Much later this was called 'religion'. 
And sadomasochism became 'monotheism'. Homininae founded the first Paradise culture in which sadomasochism became the core of 'religion':


It's our belief sadomasochism is a humanly combined super instinct of murder and sexuality which is the core of human religion. It was later called 'monotheism'. It is the principal component of human religious space in the brains of human males: 


Homininae created a sexual culture where males pursued genetic monocultures, but where women were denied pursuing genetic diversity.


Therefore human religion developed in a sick way out of animal religion, for  balance was lost between genetic diversity and genetic monoculture.


Homininae developed a culture killing women who wanted not cooperate with the inbreeding and incest culture named the first Paradise culture:

Their religion developed out of a sexual model which became the core of our Sexual Theory of Religion:

Homininae created a very simple abstraction of eternal life. Inbreeding can be seen as the timeless existence of the tribe in broader perspective.

It perpetuated the genetic composition of the group, though individuals would die.  Homininae saturated their genes in their offspring by inbreeding and incest, what can be called eternal life by genetic immortality.


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