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(26) Religions identified by group permeability

Basic Dimension 

According to the Sexual Theory of Religion human religion is derivable linearly from animal sexuality:

Assumption 4:

- We give four operationalizations of animal religion:

1: Religion is a form of sexuality.
2: Religion is an expression of the group instinct.
3: Religion is the distribution key for the subordinate sex *.
4: Religion sets sexual rules for the subordinate sex *.

- We give one operationalization of human religion:

5: Human religion is the search for eternal life

*Note that although female animals are often sexually dominated by males, their freedom to choose their own male is usually guaranteed. Hence, the animal world is dominated by genetic diversity.

The Sexual Theory of Religion:                                                             

In the animal world survival is determined by genetic diversity
But in human religion a false interpretation of eternal life led to genetic monoculture:

Evolution of human religion is based on the level of abstraction of concepts of eternal life:

  A: Genetic immortality by inbreeding and incest (7 mya)
  B: Reincarnation into the (earthly) universe (3 mya)
  C: Reincarnation into the parallel universe (200.000 ya)

Because human religion is conditioned on abstract insight we know fairly well how human evolution must have been evolved:

The three forms of eternal life lead to interactions within human religions:

This leads to the Fundamental Equation of Human Religion:


Next we want to demonstrate the connection between human religion and human groups. Between groups and religion there is an obvious connection. Hence we operationalize religions by their group characteristics. What means we recognize a religion blindfolded from the way it operates as a group. 

Now we know there are endogamous groups in which people marry within the group and exogamous groups where people are allowed to marry outside the group. A pure example of an endogamous group is Islam and Christianity is an example of an exogamous group:

We also know that Judaism is a mixed culture:

But now we notice another development:

Muslims do not assimilate in other cultures
Christians assimilate everywhere
- Jews integrate anywhere

Hence there exists a parallel between religion and groups. There is a one to one relation between human religion and group formationGroup permeability is an operationalized parameter of human religion: 

Assumption 4:
- We give four operationalizations of animal religion:
2: Religion is an expression of the group instinct.

But group permeability is not the only characteristic between groups. There are a lot of other important factors:


From this constellation of factors - explained elsewhere - can be concluded that Islamic culture will not assimilate into Western culture. Muslims will only seemingly integrate: 

but eventually they will change their mind and segregate from Western society:

When they are sufficiently large in number they will try to swallow Western culture:

However, it is possible that their culture breaks prematurely as a Red Giant:

In which case Islam disintegrates in Western society into criminal Muslims and secular Muslim women:

In this way

Or in this way:

In all cases, assimilation into Western society does not come about, because the Muslim population after 7 million years of targeted cultivation by inbreeding and incest deviates too much from exogamous Western society:

Islamic culture is a one dimensional society with only one degree of freedom. She bends the law and the relation between husband and wife to one sadomasochistic dimension:


Where Western culture uses at least three dimensions:


These cultures never will assimilate. Therefore Christianity better is disguised as endogamous culture in relation to Islam:



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