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(27) Thou shalt reproduce in genetic diversity

Basic Dimension 

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The more people embrace a religion, the simpler it should be. For it must be intellectually and emphatically comprehensible. Is this then fathom talk of intellectuals or barely conscious empathy? 

Assumption 192: The greater the number of people worshiping a religion, the easier it must be.

Given the insane magical complexity of religion, it only can be grasped intuitively:

Now on Earth there are 1.5 billion Muslims and 2.1 billion Christians. We will give them two degrees of freedom:

Such large numbers shrink the base on which they are to be united to only one dimension, according to our assumption. This can be understood as the ex post facto 'proof ' of the simple core of religion. Hence, Islam and Christianity would be merged into a common factor:

And if groups become bigger and bigger, they would merge somehow, they would implode to a point as the big crunch of the third world war:

It also might have evolved in a more natural manner:

But that depends on Islam:

Collecting the features of believers belonging to Islam and Christianity:

One arrives at a simple distinction between groups that concerns the conservation of species in nature: genetic monoculture versus genetic diversityGenetic monoculture in general leads to the elimination of species.

Genetic monoculture versus genetic diversity must be the factor how human religion is crystallized.

But then Islam and Christianity are endogamous and exogamous groups, posing one-dimensional cultures against multidimensional ones. 

It contrasts the sexual narrowness of Islam with the exhibitionistic lasciviousness of the Enlightenment. Hence, if we interpret human religion in terms of group differences, we automatically find the cause of the macro-sociological disaster where the world is heading for:

But then it becomes clear how this dimension of inwardly and outwardly focused groups is going to implode in one point. If Christianity beats Islam the world is about to evolve to genetic diversity. 

And if Islam overcomes, all mankind disappears in its religious endogamy behind the Islamic endogamous peel. Where religious endogamy means genetic diversity within the group:

So that is about the same. After a third world war between Islam and Christianity, the resulting constitution of nature will be: genetic diversity:

Therefore, the essence of human religion is eventually located in the primal law of animal religion: the commandment thou shalt reproduce in genetic diversity.

Assumption 193: The primal law of animal religion is the commandment: thou shalt reproduce in genetic diversity.


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