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(54) Roots of racism

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Damage by higher ethics

If you are young and educated in Western culture, you might think racism is bad. But if you were a Muslim you would think quite differently. Who is right?

Christianity evolved from Homo erectus (900 cc; 2 mya, million years ago) and abolished the inbreeding culture from paradise story. It recognized sexual equivalence between 'other sexual roles' and prevailing male sexuality. And after a lengthy argument this also excludes racism.

But alongside Christian moral rightness also racism is very well defendable. Ultimately the number of casualties with and without Christian morals must be weighted, as follows:

Around the world Western imperialism broke the walls between cultures, ethnicities and races. This stemmed from the out crossed inbreeding instinct that Western peoples no longer have in their genes. And therefore they think everybody has the right to interbreed with everyone. But then they deny other people's right to protect their gene pool by racism.

Westerners like to see other nations as themselves. They want others to have the same sexual freedom to choose a partner. So they conquered the world, and imposed exogamous sexual promiscuity on 'savages and pagans' in the interior. And when they somewhere brought "democracy", they sometimes first laid a carpet of bombs as in Libya. So they also pushed anti-racism willingly or unwillingly down the throats of Muslims.

After World War II, Western culture as the most bloodthirsty in the world put the overdrive to impose the world her fondant and narrow-minded ethical laws. Frau Merkel and Federica Mogherini are these shocking examples.

Western culture excelled in anti-racism in response to Nazi Germany. But derision was her part in the fora of the UN where now racists of the OIC (Organisation of Islamic Cooperation) hold sway.Let us look better to our own culture and challenge our central values before we plunge the world into chaos. Let's shed critical light on the Enlightenment and try to understand what has happened since the Homininae in seven million year of evolution. Because "racism" does have a pacifying function, this is to say, originally only for inbreeding cultures:

Assumption 249: Wherever Western culture was introduced by imperialism or colonialism it created anti-racism and drowned the world in an orgy of murder and manslaughter. The odd thing is promiscuous Western culture often sees 'racism' as the cause while 'anti-racism' clearly is the culprit:
Racism = separation of tribal inbreeding cultures = peace and harmony.
Anti-racism = mixing of tribal inbreeding cultures = murder and manslaughter

What is racism? Racism comes from human male religion: 

Racism has a function, otherwise it was not there. Racism protects group identity. And 'religion' is another word for group identity. Hence, racism protects religion. 

So if racism disappeared, group coherence of endogamous cultures as Islam would be lost. And a lose collection of individuals without endogamic core, without ethical norms and values, would be dangerous. That's what we see nowadays in Muslim countries without sharia law and order, where males regress to animals.

To combat racism in Western exogamous cultures can make sense, but exorcise racism in endogamous Muslim cultures can backfire. Just, as it was stupid to want to introduce democracy there.

The first human-like group culture was inbreeding and incest of the Homininae (400 cc; 7 mya, million years ago). And this culture was controlled by religion. And religion protected itself by racism. So, the first religion of later humankind was genetic immortality in descendants as insurance and expression of eternal group identity, which protected itself by racism. 

Because different groups can have different genes, religion protected inbreeding by racism. That makes sense. Hence racism comes forward in a straight line from inbreeding and incest. Racism can be legitimate functional.

Therefore, racism is instrumental to enforce inbreeding and incest in endogamous cultures. It is essential to monitor group identity. But in general for enforcing group identity, discrimination is more essential than racism. Apparently, racism is but a special case of discrimination, mainly functional within inbreeding cultures.

As a matter of fact, where inbreeding and incest disappears there is less reason to distinguish between genes. Hence, primordial racism distinguished among genes only because otherwise the inbreeding culture collapsed. 

Also nowadays racism mainly is functional in endogamous cultures as Islam. For group identity of exogamous religions like Christianity racism lost its natural function. 

And within inbreeding and incest cultures like Islam, racism is only functional in tribal and ethnic endogamy. It already lost its function in the outer mantle of religious endogamy which consists of a billion people of other races nowadays: 

Nevertheless endogamous cultures are textbook examples of racism since now they distinguish among people instead of races. Islam discriminates between Muslims and non-Muslims, between heterosexual Muslim males and 'other sexual roles'. But to be fair this is not racism but discrimination. Racism is a special case of discrimination.

In the core Islam remained a primordial culture of inbreeding and incest based on genetic immortality placed into descendants. Only in the outer layer racism has been redeemed for discrimination. 

Like inbreedingincest and pedophilia also racism has become a human instinct:

But these instincts are diluted by outbreeding in exogamous cultures as Christianity. Only in endogamous cultures as Islam these instincts are still functional and instrumental to maintain the genetic make-up of tribes (families).

Now, it will be perfectly clear exogamous and endogamous cultures cannot assimilate. This will take about 20 generations of forced mingling. Even integration will be a farce. Hence it is disastrous trying to mix Islamic culture with Christianity:

From this clash of cultures only comes Chrislam, the relapse to Judaism:


The time derivative

Cars drive from position A to position D in time. And it can be seen cars do not always follow the straight line from A to D. Velocity is a vector determined by (same) speed and (same) direction. Though cars have different speed on the whole trajectory, in the limit we can measure speed at every tiny segment of the ride with the first order time derivative. Hence at any point of the function a car has only one speed and drives in only one direction.

So by taking the first order time derivative from f to time = f'(t), speed can be calculated at every point of function f. And on the basis of the time derivative the police take measures to control the speed of cars. 

Hence this process can be accelerated or slowed down by information delivered by the time derivative.

Religion can be seen as developed from a time derivative of sexual culture

Racism is a measure taken from the first derivative of human sexual culture

Sexual culture is analog to a function f on the vertical axis, showing the changing positions of cars on the highway. On the horizontal axis the time dimension t is placed as an independent variable. 

Also inbreeding and incest as a sexual culture can be placed on the vertical axis changing position on the sexual dimension in time. On the horizontal axis the time dimension t is placed as an independent variable. Now from the number of lookalikes, rulers see how the culture develops in time. Too many means autosomal recessive disorders and too little means loss of tribal identity. In addition, by taking the first order time derivative from inbreeding, rulers know how fast and in which direction the culture develops. Then the inbreeding process can be accelerated or slowed down and it can be steered in a different direction.

This intervention on the basis of time is called 'religion'. And a powerful means to guard and protect inbreeding and incest is called 'racism'. Hence racism is a measure to enforce religion.

The first human-like group culture was inbreeding and incest of the Homininae (400 cc; 7 mya). And this culture was controlled by religion. And religion protected itself by racism. So, the first religion of later humankind was genetic immortality in descendants as insurance and expression of eternal group identity, which protected itself by racism

Rational and magical aspects of religious time derivatives

Regarding the evolution of human religion we distinguish three abstractions of eternal life of increasing difficulty:

(mya: million years ago)

1: Genetic immortality by inbreeding and incest (Homininae, 7-2 mya, 400 cc)
2: Reincarnation into the (earthly) universe (Homo erectus, 2 mya, 900 cc)
3: Reincarnation into the parallel universe (Homo sapiens, 0.2 mya, 1450 cc)

As said, the first order time derivative of inbreeding and incest is genetic immortality as the first human religion. And indeed, this natural and concrete form of religion can be seen as a normal time derivative, since there was no magical influence. But higher order religions based on earthly reincarnation has become more and more magical thinking. In the end reincarnation into the parallel universe is based completely on magical thinking. Here the time derivative lost every rational meaning:

Further development of racism with Homo erectus and Homo sapiens

It is not quite true racism is only associated with inbreeding and incest. It just originated in inbreeding cultures of the Homininae (400 cc; 7 mya). It came about in tribal endogamy, in large families.

But in evolution, scale of populations increased in a demographic way. So Homo erectus (900 cc; 2 mya) roamed around the world in large ethnic groups. And now the same happened as with the Homininae. Groups lost sight of each other and created separate gene pools as a result of natural barriers.

And Homo erectus split into exogamous (outbreeding)  and endogamous (inbreeding) cultures:

And both cultures selected their own kind. Now racism was not necessary associated with inbreeding and incest any longer. It was associated with the gene pool.

No, that's not quite right. It does not matter which culture was selected since incest and inbreeding is the primordial human culture. Indeed exogamous cultures abjured inbreeding and incest and lost this instinct by outbreeding, but inbreeding and incest remains the basis of all human religion. As soon will be illustrated.

We conclude endogamous (later Islam) & exogamous (later Christianity) cultures developed quite different first order magic time derivatives of genetic immortality, both which were still second order time derivatives of inbreeding and incest:

Nowadays inbreeding cultures like Islam can be identified by tribal endogamy, since they flourish by forced marriages, honor killings and acid attacks on cousins and daughters: 

Other endogamous cultures stuck to ethnic endogamy without inbreeding. Later this has been supplemented with religious endogamy from Homo sapiens. 

As said, second order time derivatives were already very different for endogamous and exogamous cultures. But third order derivatives are completely different:

Although Christianity invented the magic third order time derivative of Fall of Man as utterly opposed to Paradise culture, it had to be orthogonal projected on inbreeding and incest, which aptly underlines its origins in and dependency on inbreeding and incest. Below an illustration of the Christian magic third order time derivative:

By contrast, the endogamous Islamic magic third order time derivative shows a world of difference. All higher order derivatives are perfectly blended with the inbreeding and incest culture of the Homininae:

In the end endogamous cultures, especially Islam, found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow:

With their magic third order time derivative their culture converged into 40% inbreeding and 60% outbreeding as optimum in order to maintain the inbreeding and incest culture:

Concerning racism the conclusion must be all human cultures practice racism, but endogamous cultures much more than exogamous ones. Of course, in the evolution it is the gene pool that's protected by racism. And this all started with inbreeding and incest.


- Tribal endogamy parallels genetic immortality in descendants. It is the first time derivative of sexuality. 

- Ethnic endogamy parallels reincarnation into the (earthly) universe as second time derivative. It is tribal reincarnation or reincarnation into women of other tribes and/or animals. 

- Religious endogamy definitely parallels reincarnation into the parallel universe as third time order derivative of sexuality.

Assumption 256: Human religion is developed from a set of higher order time derivatives and controls sexual culture by ethical norms and values. Therefore it looks like religion comes from God. The last time-derivative will be zero and has been always wanted diligently, for it is expected to lead the sexual culture to the eternal existence in another universe. It is the timelessness derivative of sexuality: perpetual orgasm in the parallel universe.


Assumption 240: The development of racism.

1: In the animal world groups accept only members of the same kind so they can propagate. Hence, a group of gorillas will not accept a female chimp. This is discrimination between species. Later in the evolution, a different form of discrimination emerged, but now as discrimination within species, called racism.

2: Though all kind of Homininae (7 Mya; 400 cc) possibly were of the same species, they already started to select their own kind, their own race. Within the same species their group identity drifted away from pure physical propagation into the religious propagation of tribal identity (religion). So, they were not interested in pure propagation with other Homininae races any longer, but more in maintaining feelings from tribal identity. But the best way to control for tribal belongingness was race, not culture what could be faked, if they could speak and understand each other. So, Homininae already attended to external racial characteristics to select between and within groups from the same species for a not racial goal.

3: Much later racism must have been strengthened further through reincarnation into the tribe (Homo erectus (2 Mya, 900 cc)). For, only by pure inbred bodies from descendants, ancestors could reincarnate into the tribe. Concluding, real racism started with the Homininae (7 Mya; 400cc) and was strengthened by Homo erectus (2.2 Mya; 900cc).

4: Homo sapiens (350 YA; 1400cc) developed bigger tribes and bigger cultures. Still, tribal belongingness (religion) was noticed from the racial appearance of foreigners. The same in the later period of ethnic endogamy. Only later in religious endogamy, factual religion (Islam, Christianity) really became more important than race. For example, today the religious endogamic outer layer of Islam is not filled with Arabs any longer, but with a billion people from other races. Yet, we judge Islam as a completely racist culture because it distinguishes between human beings like the Nazis: It oppresses 'other sexual roles' and kills non-believers.

5: Concluding: in the evolution preserving genes from groups has been changed into preserving religion within human tribes.

6: But because selective breeding cultures like Islam imply strong interactions between ethnicity and culture, racial appearance still effectively triggers cultural (religious) discrimination. Therefore, also in the modern world racism continues to be a simple and effective mechanism to distinguish between persons from different cultures. Obviously, this results in many errors of judgment.


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