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(57) Chrislamic orgasm

Basic Dimension 

Religion is a form of sexuality

Nobody has a rational answer for the migration of millions of Muslims into Europe in the last 40 years. There is no rationale other than aging of Western society, family reunification and more of that false reasoning. Hence, we do not have a valid and conscious reason for the influx of millions of Muslims these days.

Sexual bipolarity

But there certainly is an unconscious reason. Therefore, we must first consider human religion as a sexual bipolarity. Human religion simply overexposes the male or the female side of sexuality. 

And after women's suffrage, women empowerment and the development of women in Western society, panels have been pushed more towards a feminist society. Since then, women make up a growing share of parliament and deliver half the votes in the elections. Women have got an enormous influence on the Muslim immigration. 

Male and female Christianity

Now it becomes clear what must have happened. First there was the old situation of patriarchal Christianity (SM-dyad):

Then in the seventies of last century, Christians changed from patriarchal to matriarchal 'religion' like bonobos (Vanilla-dyad):

But Christians did not stop and changed more since also males behaved like females:

In parliament and other institutions of society, women's movements participated in the extermination of the homosexual clergy because women have no affiliation with male homosexuality:

But apparently Vanilla-dyad didn't work out for Western women and in the second instance they seemed to be more attracted to the real thing: male heterosexuality and going back to the roots of the Alpha male (SM-dyad):

Look what has happened and compare this with the bonobos. Western culture is heavily calibrating to find new sexual relations between males and females. First they exterminated the authoritarian Christian church (SM-dyad). Then they overcompensated too much to a feminized society in the seventies of last century (Vanilla-dyad) and in the rebound they extradited themselves to Islam (SM-dyad). Western culture is in an extremely dangerous situation of utmost vulnerability.

Only if Swedish women can resist the lust of being roughly raped by real Alpha males (SM-dyadand manage to keep in charge, former Christianity will converge into lesbian Sodom and Gomorrah of the bonobos (Vanilla-dyad)Why don't women stop the Muslim immigration?

Cultural orgasm as auxiliary function

To understand what happened with the Muslim immigration we must install 'cultural orgasm' as an incentive. Otherwise, there is no explanation for the influx of millions of Muslims, simply because we cannot define any profit for Western society. There would be no stimulus-response model. But with sexual bipolarity, transposed to whole societies as sadistic or masochistic systems and within the metaphorical notion of cultural orgasm we have a promising model: 

Cultural orgasm, not with friendly and cooperative Asians, but with aggressive and sadistic Muslims. Millions of highly intelligent and beautiful Asians could have been imported but we didn't, for Asians are like us: they are from the submissive masochistic pole: Jesus, Buddha and bonobos:

Sexual relations between husband and wife

Humans who love each other have jointly orgasm as reward for sexual encounters. We will generalize orgasm from personal relations to symbolic cultural orgasm projected into all relations of society, onto all institutions and all cultural forums.

Therefore, the building block of the relation between man and woman will be projected on society as a whole. For Islam and chimpanzees this basic sexual template is SM-dyad and for Christianity and bonobos it is the antipode: Vanilla-dyad:

So, we generalize sexual orgasm between individuals to lustful experiences in intercultural relations. But remember, cultural orgasm it is not real orgasm, it is only an unconscious projection. 

As said, in general there are two ways of sexual understanding: SM-dyad and Vanilla-dyadBoth are satisfactory in their own way.

Within a sadomasochistic relationship one can obtain orgasm in a selfish and autistic manner. But iVanilla-dyad one needs to be mutual empathic to obtain a somewhat different optimum, another sort of climax. 

But both forms are incomplete and are missing something. Brute SM misses warmth and Vanilla-dyad misses the real thing. Hence, we conclude Islam and Christianity are complementary sexual systems. They are each other's sexual antipode. They must somehow find synthesis:

Correct analysis prevents a catastrophe

Islam wants to slaughter and Christianity wants to be slaughtered, as a complementary lust. Literally, in the Middle East Christians do not defend themselves against sadistic Muslims. Muslims come into heaven by killing unbelievers and Christians being killed by unbelievers. It is a perfect sadomasochistic balance, in which suffering transforms into lust for Christians.

Sexual bipolarity x cultural orgasm

Next we extrapolate sexual orgasm into all kinds of cultural relations, to all forms of cooperation among people. SM-dyad is generalized to all institutions of Islamic culture. And softness, weakness, politeness and empathy are generalized to all forms of Western culture with Vanilla-dyad. Of course this is a very simplified version of reality in which human religion is a very sick disruption of sexuality in which polarization of male and female sexuality is exploited.

But it works perfectly. As an example of sexual overflow in culture: If Muslim males encounter Muslim women who are 'not dressed properly', they might see them as whores and smell their chance to humiliate them in a sadistic way by insulting and pushing them with their shoulders. Here we see how SM-dyad generalizes to all women in Muslim society.

On the other hand compulsive Christians forgive sadistic criminals from the wrong concept that one must love one's neighbor also when this is not reciprocated. This is pure masochism going against any feeling of justice. It is the curse of Enlightenment.

Now, let Islam and Christianity interact as male and female in a sexual relation. Only under this assumption the Muslim invasion into Western society can be understood.

It follows Islamic culture sees Western culture from SM-dyad perspective and Christianity perceives Islam from Vanilla-dyad.

As an example Muslim males in Western countries see improperly clothed Western females as blonde whores with blue eyes and Christian females see Muslim males with beards as sadistic explosive bombs.

People interpret cultural relations from a sexual perspective what means Islamic and Christian culture project their own sexual relations onto each other. 

Assumption 251: Cultural orgasm is sexual satisfaction based on alleged sexual interest of other cultures.

For Western culture it definitely needs to be aggressive Muslims and not shy Asians. That's why cultural orgasm is called Chrislamic orgasm.

And so we reach the conclusion there are no rational or conscious elements which reinforce the relation between Islamic culture and Western society. Completely unknown sexual drives play the hidden and unconscious role of sexual attraction between Islam and Christianity: Sadomasochism, as a sick form or sexual bipolarity, otherwise named: religion.

Sexual bipolarity x cultural orgasm x women emancipation

Hence, we need something like cultural orgasm as sexual reinforcement to explain the lusty clash of civilizations caused by the Muslim immigration. Cultural orgasm as sexual arousal for institutions led by sexually deprived Christians, led by policor, led by emancipated feminist women who are desperately missing something, who are sexually desiccated by anti-conception, terrorized by Vanilla-dyad, bereft of any sexual satisfaction and craving for wild feelings to be dominated. Sick of Christian male slaves. Sick of Femdom and fantasizing about SM-dyad:


Sadomasochistic bipolarity explains the Muslim immigration perfectly. But it is a very uneasy message for policor, since the strength of Western morals is just her ethical weakness and lack of character. It is the curse of Enlightenment.

Sadomasochism explains the contempt of Muslim males for Western women. It explains the subordination of influential Western women in policy-making positions to Islam. It explains Federica Mogherini's lustful submission to Chrislam. It explains the greedily gobbling of large numbers of young and aggressive Muslim males by Frau Merkel. It explains the total madness of Femke Halsema to kneel for the Muslim immigration. It explains the blonde female journalist travelling without obvious reason into Afghanistan to remember only how fantastically she was raped and how hard he was. 

It explains why impotent Western male judges in complete admiration of Muslim Male Power are punishing sadistic Muslim behavior so extremely low that Muslims actually are rewarded and encouraged. It explains why young disrupted Muslims are not disciplined but are just offered kickboxing

But above all, it explains multiculturalism which prevented with tooth and nail any integration of Muslims in Western society for 40 years. Since an integrated Muslim is a lost sadist, an empty shell, an empty sack as Christian males.


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