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(56) Homo orgasmus

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Assumption 250Perpetual orgasm across generations. 
Within this lifetime extreme virility is projected as the largest imaginable sexual distance between sexes. For example: between older and somewhat impotent men and sexually immature girls (child marriage). 

Homo orgasmus

First Homininae were animals without clothes and without protection against wild animals. They only had each other to form a bond against all kinds of danger. Their union was based on the warmth of sexuality and because they were very slow animals on large distances from other groups, they normally practiced inbreeding and incest. And if they could not exchange females occasionally they died out from autosomal recessive disorders.

In evolution human like creatures developed religions as control on sexual culture (inbreeding and incest) which were conditioned on progressive abstraction. We distinguish three abstractions of eternal life of increasing difficulty:

(mya: million years ago)

1: Genetic immortality by inbreeding and incest (Homininae, 7-2 mya, 400 cc)
2: Reincarnation into the (earthly) universe (Homo erectus, 2 mya, 900 cc)
3: Reincarnation into the parallel universe (Homo sapiens, 0.2 mya, 1450 cc)

Perpetual orgasm

Human religions are projections of male sexuality in the afterlife, maybe in another universe. But typical for religion is the search for male perpetual orgasm after death. Hence, it is not the point at which perpetual orgasm is projected, but that it is projected

Assumption 217: Perpetual orgasm is the core of human male religion.

Perpetual orgasm across generations

First Homininae wanted to be sexually active forever, but they had not yet discovered the parallel universe. Hence, perpetual orgasm was projected in this lifetime:

Assumption 250Perpetual orgasm across generations. 
Within this lifetime extreme virility is projected as the largest imaginable sexual distance between sexes. For example: between older and somewhat impotent men and sexually immature girls (child marriage). 

Homininae discovered that perpetual orgasm is not with cousins but with daughters. They perceived perpetual as the greatest distance between age groupsIt is the difference between 'temporary orgasm within generations' and 'perpetual orgasm across generations':

Later Homo erectus discovered earthly reincarnation:

And again much later Homo sapiens discovered the parallel universe:

Sexual impotence and perpetual orgasm

Remember, first Homininae died too early to become sexually impotent. So, millions of years before the development of sexual impotence in older males, perpetual orgasm already was developed by the inbreeding culture:

'Perpetual orgasm across generations' developed in further evolution as incestuous pedophilia, the engine of the inbreeding culture. So, this extremely rare and only human form of pedophilia, the absurd lust in sexually immatures, has been developed from inbreeding in the first place.

1: inbreeding
2: perpetual orgasm across generations
3: incestuous pedophilia

But millions of years later, Homo erectus became much older than Homininae and males developed sexual impotence. Now they realized that perpetual orgasm in the afterlife could only be given effect if older males did not already become sexually impotent in this lifetime

'Perpetual orgasm across generations' in this lifetime was no longer between fathers and daughters, but child marriages too developed. For older males the best preparation for perpetual orgasm in the afterlife was to marry the youngest girls on earth: Pedophilia for perpetual orgasm.

Hence, avoiding impotence in this lifetime became the secondary reinforcement upon perpetual orgasm across generations:

Operant responseperpetual orgasm across generations (daughters, child marriages)
Primary reinforcing stimulus: saturation of genetic immortality in descendants
Secondary reinforcing stimulus:avoiding impotence in this lifetime 

And so developed a peculiar atrocity in biology: very old grey and nearly sexual impotent males married with sexually not yet attractive immature girls. A wider and crueler spectrum of perpetual orgasm in this lifetime is unimaginable:

Assumption 1: God is a sexual ideal projection of higher mammals in the alpha male. He personifies the role of polygamous heterosexuality.

Assumption 2: Gods are sexual roles.

'God' is a sexual ideal projection of males. 
Losing God comes down to the claustrophobic thought of ever losing sexual potency. In the second instance, the pursuit of perpetual orgasm as an operant response developed from the fear of male impotence, the fear of losing God.

On this blog we see religion as form of sexuality:

And since incest and inbreeding is the only physical variable common to religion and sexuality, we placed inbreeding and incest anywhere in the domain of sexuality. Hence we freely placed inbreeding and incest within the subdomain of religion:

But meanwhile we split the domain of sexuality in 1) sexual culture in the exogamous mantle and 2) control on sexual culture within endogamous religion. 

If needed it is still valid to place inbreeding and incest into the red circle as endogamous counterpart of exogamous outbreeding:

But when making the distinction between sexual culture and religion it is better to place inbreeding and incest in the pink area, because it is sexual culture:

Religion is similar to the traffic police who measures speed and eventually corrects the flow of traffic:

In fact, the endogamous core (red) also takes the first order derivative of (sexual) position to time = velocity (speed):

Homininae (400 cc; 7 mya)

We know the first humanlike group culture of the Homininae (7 mya, million years ago; 400 ccwas inbreeding and incest. Their lifestyle was the result of leaving the forests and roaming out across Africa. They only had their naked bodies to create a bond. And since they were very slow animals they easily lost other groups, so outbreeding was not that easy.

Inbreeding and incest gave a form of group identity to tribal endogamy which was protected by religion. Religion controlled inbreeding by a lot of rules, a lot of measures. So, the first religion of later humankind was genetic immortality in descendants meant as insurance and expression of eternal group identity.

Inbreeding cultures led to the birth of human pedophilia:

In millions of years maintaining the inbreeding system required reinforcement of male sexuality by allowing perpetual orgasm across generations (daughters) as reward for males' willingness to marry their cousins:

But a lot of inbreeding cultures died out from autosomal recessive disorders:

Millions of years later the escape from autosomal recessive disorders led to displacement and sublimation of perpetual orgasm to other universes:

But Islam forbids reincarnation into the earthly universe...

The disgrace of the father

The inbreeding and incest culture is the common interest of the tribe (families) and of males (fathers). If both work together they are complementary in constituting the culture. Since in this societies inbreeding is a bitter obligation for males to the group, perpetual orgasm across generations was the lustful payment for their cooperation, since fathers were allowed to rape their own daughters:

As long as this payoff matrix was maintained, interests of males and groups run parallel. But when this ban was broken by Islam, opposite interests conflicted heavily:

Fathers were not paid for inbreeding any longer, since raping their daughters was forbidden:

But Muslim males in tribal endogamy cannot stop inbreeding because since Homininae they have developed an inbreeding and incest instinct.

For them, inbreeding is an operant response to receive perpetual orgasm across generations as reinforcement:

Operant responseinbreeding
Primary reinforcing stimulus: genetic immortality in the offspring
Secondary reinforcing stimulusreincarnation into the (earthly) universe
Tertiary reinforcing stimulusreincarnation into the parallel universe
Quaternary reinforcing stimulus: perpetual orgasm across generations (incest)

They suppress earthly reincarnation (the secondary reinforcement of inbreeding) on pain of death, since this is forbidden by Islam. Now, from intense frustration over the lack of sexual satisfaction they kill their own daughters "for the honor of the family". 

This kill is the decomposition of sadomasochism into its constituting parts: sexual lust and bloodlust:

And now we see what happened since 1400 years. Previously in Paradise culture, rupturing daughters to pieces was not needed, because fathers were entitled to rape their daughters already far before sexual maturity. And daughters was learned it was a kind of payment to the tribe for inbreeding (Inbreeding = the honor of the family). 

But much later in Islam frustration developed in unwilling daughters who did not understand this matter anymore. Also nowadays fathers do not understand what they are doing. So, in Islam 'the honor of the family' degenerated into 'the disgrace of fathers'. And sublimation of perpetual orgasm into the parallel universe is not always a mere palliative:

Nor was the ban on raping daughters very helpful:

Hence, Muslim fathers were easily exploding time bombs...

What we see is Islamic people do not understand their roots in Paradise culture anymore. This all happens because of a crazy interaction between earthly 
reincarnation (Paradise culture) and heavenly reincarnation (Islam):

Hence, in Islam we see a conflict of interests. It is the difference between inbreeding as 'honor of the family' and incestuous pedophilia as 'disgrace of the family'Are inbreeding and perpetual orgasm lying on the same degree of freedom? Then we will never understand why in Islam slaughtering and butchering daughters is called 'the honor of the family' 

Muslims are forbidden to see themselves as reincarnating earthly gods. In monotheism only a single God exists in heaven of the parallel universe and faith in earthly reincarnation led to the death penalty. Hence the inbreeding / incest instinct had to be suppressed in the unconscious:

In evolution inbreeding has become a sexual instinct and a cultural obligation: "the honor of the family". No Muslim can tell you where inbreeding and incest really is for, but they all fear it is connected to a forbidden lust.

As said, earthly reincarnation worked through as an unconscious instinct and until the present day inbreeding and incest is still practiced by Muslim fathers who enforce their daughters to marry with their cousins. It is the leading cause of honor killings and acid attacks:

Islam ruined the payoff matrix between the price for inbreeding and the benefits of incest

Nowadays Muslim males still obey their inbreeding instinct but get frustrated by the prohibition in payment of incestuous pedophilia with their daughters. This frustration leads to the dissolution of sadomasochism in sexual lust and bloodlust as compensation for the loss of sexual pleasure. It leads to honor killings and acid attacks:

But there are a lot more crazy interactions among all kinds of religious abstractions in inbreeding cultures, what is not the subject here.

As said, all these rules and measures of religion are already 7 million years old. In unbroken endogamous cultures as Islam they have become instincts as there are: inbreeding, incest, pedophilia and racism. But in exogamous cultures as Christianity most instincts have been attenuated by outbreeding.

No Muslim can tell you where inbreeding and incest is meant for, but they all fear it is connected to a forbidden lust: to perpetual orgasm across generations: sexually exploiting the own daughter.

In evolution inbreeding has become a sexual instinct and a cultural obligation: "the honor of the family". That's right, that's what we call: 'eternal group identity'. But it would be very sick if fathers wanted to be honored for slaughtering their own daughters. 

So we must make a difference between the honor of the family and the honor of the father. At least we need two degrees of freedom. And then we see genetic immortality in descendants serves the honor of the family, but perpetual orgasm across generations serves the honor of the father.

Pedophilia: Optimizing sexual distance across generations

In other words, in inbreeding cultures pedophilia developed as a driving force of human male religion. Undeveloped secondary sexual characteristics triggered human male sexuality, for this optimized the idea of perpetual orgasm across generations in this lifetime. Hence, the sexual anticlimax between immature girls and mature males became a sexual instinct since it optimized sexual distance It really is more complicated but not for this article.

Assumption 250Perpetual orgasm across generations. 
Within this lifetime extreme virility is projected as the largest imaginable sexual distance between sexes. For example: between older and somewhat impotent men and sexually immature girls (child marriage). 

Perpetual orgasm across generations:

Muslim fathers need not return in inbred bodies to rebirth on earth. Muslim fathers need not slaughter their daughters for the "honor of the family".

Inbreeding has become a trigger for incest, pedophilia, racism and bloodlust. All basic male sexual drives are connected with inbreeding at an unconscious level in the brain of Muslims.

In classical conditioning we know the dog of Pavlov, where a flash of light took the place of meat. After light was conditioned on meat it triggered the saliva of the dog.

in Muslim male psychology inbreeding is the socially accepted flash of light, which triggers the saliva of bloodlust, pedophilia and racism. In evolution inbreeding first was reinforced by male sexual drives but now it has become a senseless trigger
substituted for those drives. 

In other words, even in Islamic culture it is not done to slaughter your daughter for plain sexual lust, but in disguise of 'inbreeding' it has become a socially accepted
conditioned stimulus leading to horrible sexual murder, the decomposition of 
sadomasochism in sexual lust and bloodlust:



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