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(82) Political correctness as sexual disorder

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A large range of residents of the European Union can be classified as political correct (policor). Political correctness gives the impression of a simple and one dimensional attitude. Hence, also the underlying factor must be one dimensional, otherwise variation among persons would give a wider range of differences in political correctness. But if political correctness was dependent on just one dimension, we definitely would know for sure.

Can you give a legitimate reason for the Muslim immigration of the last 45 years? Economic profit maybe? Cultural enrichment? Refugees from Morocco? There are only disadvantages to the Muslim immigration. But then there must be an unconscious reason.

Earlier we wrote Islam and Christianity are complementary sexual disorders which form a sado-masochistic combination. Muslims come into heaven by killing unbelievers and Christians being killed by unbelievers. It is a perfect sadomasochistic balance, in which suffering transforms into lust for Christians. 

Matthew 5:44
King James Bible Jesus:
But I say unto you, Love your enemiesbless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you;

Christianity lost its endogamous religious core and Islam does not have an exogamous mantle. Logical reasoning says they will merge into Chrislam to fulfill the hidden sexual needs of Muslims and Christians:

That's why the European Union does not fly in millions of beautiful and intelligent Asians, since these people are as masochistic as Christians. Do not think about Buddhists if you need Muslim sadists. 

Juncker with Spanish MP: Sadomasochistic roleplay

All what has been said earlier on this place is common sense in the public domain but has been cast in a sexual model of religion. Now we proceed with an operational definition of human religion. It is not derived from the Bible or the Koran but from animal religion from about 20 million years ago. In this definition we conclude human religion can best be seen as a control on sexual culture:

Sexual culture is placed into the exogamous mantle, which is controlled by the endogamous religious core:

The set of higher order time derivatives is found in the endogamous religious core and sexual behaviour in the exogamous mantle:

Then this represents Christianity:

and this must be Islam:

The problem is Christianity developed differently in Western Europe than in the rest of the world:

In the sixties of the last century the endogamous authoritarian Christian church has been expelled by Marxist nihilism and now the exogamous mantle also occupies the core. So both the core and the mantle are occupied by the curse of Enlightenment (Romanticism). You may conclude former European Christianity became an errant sexual culture without a steering heart. It is an empty shell:

Religious leaders of Christianity were pushed aside and non-ecclesiastical leaders took their place. Juncker, Rutte, Mogherini and Merkel form today's heart of endogamous Christianity. They vigorously promote a sexual merge between Muslims and former Christians. And that's why the EU must be seen as a sexual religion controlled by a sick religious sect at the top.

Dutch prime minister Rutte kissing Herr Juncker

Since 40 years the objective of these masochistic remnants of Christianity, called policor (political correctness) is to replace the empty heart of Christianity by Islam:

Remarkable, in Western Europe a lot of people know their culture must be sick. They feel policor must be seen as deviant sexual behavior. They also are convinced a lot of Christian churches in the world are not sick at all. They mostly call the Christian churches behind the former iron curtain in Russia, Ukraine, Hungary, Poland and parts of the USA. 

Following the sexual model of religion these churches have not fallen for the Marxist nihilism of Western Europe and retained their authoritarian Christian endogamous core. And that's why these countries today are against the massive sexual merge between Muslims and Christians so desperately loved by Juncker, Rutte, Merkel and Mogherini. Europe is driven by a totally insane, malicious, mad and sick religious sect.

Thousands of Muslims already drowned in the womb of masochistic Europe. They are offered to Allah as a tribute. Romanticism declared the sufferings of Christ as a masochistic lust and is sicker than Islam. Who dares to sustain only Islam consists of magical thinking?



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