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(83) Women's suffrage

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Publicized: March 13, 2016 05:59

Bussemaker wants action by men against sexual violence against women 


'Rape, unwanted touch the bottom in the café or sexual remarks at work are not just women's problems. Men also need to take a clear stand against it', says minister Jet Bussemaker.
'Not only do women have to set a limit, even men need to set the standard and clear and loud reject violence against women ', said Bussemaker against
'Men have an important role to talk to other men if something cannot be tolerated,' said Bussemaker. 'Otherwise, only women are the victims and males only are the perpetrators. Women get over the feeling of not being heard'.
The minister said rape and violence against women are issues that have been brought under attention by the assaults in Cologne. Victims and witnesses stated earlier the perpetrators were from North African or Arab descent.
According Bussemaker we must recognize Arab culture and Islam give women a different position than we do in the West. "That should we dare to call," said Bussemaker. "But this is a global problem that occurs in all cultures and in all walks of life, including in the Netherlands."


Assumption 283: Policor.
Policor is a worldwide movement to undermine Western culture. Nowadays representatives are the EU, the globalists and the Democratic Party of the United States. Policor started with Romanticism (Rousseau) as built-in movement of the Enlightenment. The latter failed to formulate rules to discriminate between cultures, on which Romanticism judged all cultures equal and equivalent. In fact, the Enlightenment gave the impulse to the destruction of Christianity. In the twentieth century the Frankfurter Schule proclaimed the destruction of Western culture, followed by Marxist relativism or - nihilism. Later on 'all cultures are equal and equivalent' culminated into multiculturalism. The underlying idea was to establish a world government of globalists which could benefit from an army of cheap laborers (deplorables, irredeemables). Hillary Clinton is the latest representative of American policor. To accelerate the destruction of Western culture the EU destroyed the Nation States of Europe and negated democracy. Eurocrats call democracy: 'populism'. A further goal is to set up refugee flows to erase the identity of the European culture. Policor attracts criminals, fraud and corruption and consists of sexual deviant groups which find in Islam a shining example.

Women's suffrage

The exogamous mantle of society always attacks the endogamous core. That core is called 'religion', and consists of a system of higher order time derivatives of 'sexual culture', located in the mantle:

Religion directs sexual culture and it was especially the Enlightenment, followed by irresponsible Romanticism, which banished the endogamous authoritarian Christian heart from our culture. In Western Europe, the executioner was Marxist nihilism which was succeeded by the squatter's socialism of Jet Bussemaker:

What really changed in our culture is women's suffrage in which 50 % of voters found no connection any longer with the homosexual clergy. Women's Western society of Bussemaker was a loose women's culture, liberated by contraception, equivalent to men and lacking any sense of spiritual values.

Also males ended individualistic and it did not matter anymore if next door woman was raped. After all, what values did they share? In multiculturalism it was every man for himself and God for us all.

In Western culture, women conquered power and felt no longer attached to the homosexual clergy. But deep in them craved the desire for the real Alpha male, the polygamous heterosexual God from the animal kingdom. And let Islam now be an exact copy of animal religion:

Feminists like Bussemaker put the sadistic component of Islam on the throne of Western masochistic culture, under the guise of multiculturalism, right into the endogamous core. Women like Bussemaker, Halsema, Vogelaar, Merkel and Mogherini were unconsciously zealous for SM-dyad as a new center of culture:



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