Monday, 28 March 2016

(87) The blessing of multiculturalism

Basic Dimension 

Multiculturalism means there is no leading culture and newcomers need not integrate or assimilate:

Just that happened in the last 40 years in exogamous Western culture.

Now remember, if Muslims were obliged to integrate into Western culture they stealthily would have received the majority by rampant reproduction:

Since integration is not the same as assimilation:

Because integration was hampered by political correctness young Muslim males prematurely segregated from society and disappeared into criminality:

In Western society the outer mantle of Islam dominates. It is called 'religious endogamy' in which sharia lost control over young males and left them without clear self-identity:

As predicted on this site already many years ago this enormous army of Muslim criminals is an easy victim for Islamic romanticism, a religious revival delivered by new prophets on the internet. They got a new self-esteem and directed their hatred to Western culture.

If newcomers had been forced to integrate into Western society by discrimination and 'racism', then the Muslim population would have grown slowly Western society overhead.  This, because integration is not the same as assimilation:

Assumption 204Forcing a sexually deprived (poor) endogamous group to assimilate within a promiscuous (wealthy) exogamous group means war.

Then Western culture would meet the fate of the boiled frog: the water would come to the boil very gradually until it would be too late to leap out of the pot:

Because of the laissez-faire attitude of policor the whole process is speeded up by another 'critical period'. In adolescence (17-24 year), group identity changes to self-identity for young malesAnd that gives the revival of Islamic roots from early 
childhood. Young criminal Muslim males must peak in their twenties and can't wait for some demographic apotheosis to happen over some decennia:

So what is taking place is the unplanned and uncontrolled derailment of multiculturalism.  Much earlier than would have happened with forced integration. Policor, multiculturalism and the EU completely lost control over the Muslim immigration. Absurd ideas about integration of newcomers have thrown Western society into chaos. But on the other hand we have a chance to stop the influx of this horrible culture before it is too late.

That's the blessing of multiculturalism.


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