Friday, 25 March 2016

(86) The fascination for sadism

Basic Dimension 

Western society is an open society eager to merge with other cultures. Its sexual culture in the exogamous mantle liberated itself from the authoritarian Christian core in the sixties of last century. 

This liberation is caused by Marxist relativism, the invention of contraception and woman's suffrage. More than 50% of the voters did not feel attracted to the Christian homosexual clergy any longer.

The consequence was the endogamous core was taken by the exogamous mantle. 

The necessary tension between core and mantle vanished and Western culture lost control of sexual culture in the mantle by the lost moral authority of the core.

According to the model of sexual religion the core always consists of sadism (the Alpha male) and the mantle is composed of masochism (other sexual roles). This means Western culture became a rudderless masochistic society without direction. This, because masochism derives its meaning only from sadism, such as a line needs two points for direction.

And that's why multiculturalism unwittingly turned into the masochistic squirm with ass up for a gruesome and sadistic Islamic ruler. This sadistic tyrant was absolutely needed to let our masochistic culture retrieve its counterweight. This is because two points are needed to draw a straight line. 

Determinatio negatio est (Spinoza 1647). Determination is negation. In order to be determined, in order to exist as a particular entity, it is necessary to ignore the opposite. So, existence is to deny the opposite. Everything that exists in the world (masochism) requires for its existence also the existence of its opposite (sadism). The direction in space of masochism is determined by sadism as the line between two points.

First, the absolute exogamy of Western culture indicates a faded rose soon falling apart into individualism. On the other hand the culture might be desperately looking for a new equilibrium. After the sixties it seems Western culture was looking for a new sadistic endogamous core. In the world no culture is more sadistic than Islam. Therefore Western Europe introduced tens of millions of Muslims in 40 years. There was no need for smart and beautiful Asians who, after all, as Buddhists also represent masochism.

Feminism has been of decisive importance for the strong masochistic desire to replace the Christian homosexual clergy by sadistic Islamic Alpha males. Women make up 50% of the voters. Therefore, it is often women who applaud for the Muslim immigration. This, under the guise of multiculturalism, but where unconsciously is referred to a sadistic Islamic mono culture.

This masochistic lust for sadistic compensation by former Christians is called 'political correctness'.  Women welcome aggression and crimes committed by Muslim males, because it is the sadism they need so desperately. 

They welcome SM-dyad because they are sick of the Vanilla dyad of their soft sex Christian males.


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