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(102) Religion through the sound barrier of the animal kingdom

Basic Dimension 

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'Religion' and 'sexuality' are just words. Religion started as a form of sexuality. It can be seen as developed from a set of higher order time derivatives by which sexual culture is controlled. This is a workable operational definition. 

In the evolution 'religion' has also been the projection of science into the future. Religion is pre-science, religion invented the parallel universe long before mathematicians, physicists and astronomers began to think about worm holes to other universes. Religion thought about 'God' long before astronomers started to think about dark matter.

So, nowadays religion is not quite the same as sexuality, what might be its origin. Today's religion is the abstract form of sexual power. It is a form of sexuality, better a form of sadomasochism.

Now, what would you say if characteristics of Hominini religion were about the same as Panini religion?

You might object it's all sexuality and no religion. But then you run into trouble. Since, what is religion? You can't define it properly. It has no drive, no instinct as sexuality. It is kind of a construct based, based on what?

But that's not important if you can give the areas of interest of religion. What is it all about? What are they talking about all days? Some small sects developed a lot of noise about seven hemispheres of power to a higher entity. 

But mainstream religions like Islam and Christianity don't bother at all about the parallel universe. Why not? Why are they talking always about Sodom and Gomorrah? About homosexuality? About propagating in descendants? About rules concerning the forced relation between husband and wife? About how believers should copulate?

Did you realize mainstream religions most of the time are bargaining about sexual rules to influence sexual culture? Then why bother any longer about esoteric religion where it factually comes down to sexual control over the population?

So, what does this mean? Well, if we can show sexual cultures of Muslims and Christians are mirrored rather well by chimpanzees and bonobos, we have a strong indication esoteric human religion is not needed at all to explain 'religion'. Then we showed religion is developed from a set of higher order time derivatives to control sexual culture. Then the rules of Sharia, the speeches of the Pope, are all controls on sexual culture.

(Bonobo males are allowed to leave the clan for which is some evidence, but they seldom do. Often chimp females live at the edges of the tribe, where they find their food in the forests and escape male control. Muslim females are not allowed to leave the tribe while Christian females are completely free.)

If our main religions factually control sexual culture then we have strong circumstantial evidence religion itself is also a form of sexuality. Then 'religion' is a sexual control mechanism inherited from the animal world. 

Religion dictates how sexuality is organized in groups of higher mammals. It concerns the delicate balance of genetic monoculture of the Alpha male against genetic diversity pursued by females:

But groups with an Alpha male are an abnormality in nature, for which special rules had to be invented. Normal is pairing between two individuals where genetic diversity is the greatest commandment for not to die out as a species:

We conclude that human religion arose from group formation and will be lost again by individualism.

To proceed, if the Alpha male could be seen as 'God' then we have formulated a complete shadow model of human religion. A model that can be falsified in this universe. A model that is built up in small rational and logical steps from the animal world. A model on which predictions can be based about religious effects on the population in the future. So, it does not matter what it is called, religion or sexuality, if only one is able to make reliable and valid projections about the future. That's quite possible with sexuality but not with 'religion', noway...

The timeless dimension of human religion

The aim of religion is timeless sexuality or better perpetual male orgasm (72 virgins):

This blog wrote a lot about perpetual orgasm (pedophilia):

Tuesday, Oct 11th 2016

Muslim father rapes his daughter as punishment because she had become 'too Westernised' living in Norway 

  • The man, in his 40s has been charged with rape and incest after he attacked his daughter in their family home
  • The daughter ran out of the house in the city of Fredrikstad and told a passing postman who called the police
  • The daughter told police she had been punished by her father for living a Western lifestyle 

Contaminated higher order derivatives

Though the first derivative (genetic immortality in descendants) of sexual culture (inbreeding) was rational and concretely, higher order derivatives ended contaminated with magical thinking:

This, because inbreeding was mixed with reincarnation: 

Now, we all know there is no physical link between inbreeding and reincarnation. But there's certainly a very powerful psychological connection:

Assumption 153: With the invention of earthly reincarnation inbreeding lost its rational connection with genetic immortality and now became magically bound to earthly reincarnation. And in a way it still made sense. Males could only reincarnate safely into their own tribe if they enforced inbreeding on women during lifetime. Hence, inbreeding was not meant for immortality of their genes any longer, but instead inbred bodies served for reincarnation. And this latter relation became the principal connection in the inbreeding instinct, because it was the best reinforcer of inbreeding.

Operant responseinbreeding
Primary reinforcing stimulus: genetic immortality in the offspring
Secondary reinforcing stimulusreincarnation into the (earthly) universe

Assumption 154: There exists a magical but reasonable connection between the parallel universe and inbreeding and incest. Earthly reincarnation offered endless orgasm in the afterlife of the tribe. But the prospect of the same unattractive cousins and sisters appeared no promise but a curse. Therefore Homo sapiens invented the parallel universe. It was the flight to an unknown paradise where one could have perpetual orgasm with 72 beautiful fresh woman slaves on an entirely new dimension.

Operant responseinbreeding
Primary reinforcing stimulus: genetic immortality in the offspring
Secondary reinforcing stimulusreincarnation into the (earthly) universe
Tertiary reinforcing stimulusreincarnation into the parallel universe

Assumption 155: Genetic immortality does not exist as a primary reinforcer of inbreeding any longer. Early in human evolution it has been set aside by earthly reincarnation as a secondary reinforcer. Meanwhile, inbreeding has been connected to earthly reincarnation for 2 million years. This connection is the prevailing human instinct. Reincarnation into the parallel universe failed to overthrow earthly reincarnation. Hence both forms of reincarnation are reinforcers of inbreeding.

Operant responseinbreeding
Primary reinforcing stimulus: genetic immortality in the offspring
Later reinforcing stimulusreincarnation into the (earthly) universe
Later reinforcing stimulusreincarnation into the parallel universe

Assumption 156: Incest was the first form of perpetual orgasm: timeless orgasm across generations. Earthly reincarnation as a second form offered endless orgasm in the afterlife of the tribe. But the prospect of the same unattractive cousins and sisters appeared no promise but a curse.

Therefore Homo sapiens invented the parallel universe. It was the flight to an unknown paradise where one could have perpetual orgasm with 72 beautiful fresh woman slaves on an entirely new dimension. It comes down to never ending orgasm, the center of gravity of male religion.

Assumption 158: Cultures imposing unreasonable restrictions on sexuality are purposely promoting sexual desperation in men, who then build an extreme expectation of sexual orgasm in an unknown universe of hope.

Assumption 178: Endogamous cultures are chained to inbreeding and incest in the earthly universe. The parallel universe offers them the illusion of an exogamous culture with sexual freedom and genetic diversity. For men, 72 wild virgins are the reward for a lifelong of sexual suffering from the unbearable dullness of their cousins. And for women it is the reward for a lifetime of sacrifice and fighting against their inherited instinct for genetic diversity. In heaven women will be redeemed from their endogamous chains. The confounded and contaminated projection (perpetual orgasm) of sadomasochism (monotheism) in an originally desexualized parallel universe is the religious opium for inbreeding cultures.

We know Islamic culture stems from Paradise culture in a straight line. Hence, female religion, female paradise and female Allah are also contaminated with this Paradise culture. For example Muslim males expect perpetual orgasm in the afterlife with 72 virgins. And Muslim females desperately want to escape the inbreeding culture by heaven. Therefore the Myth, or the ancient Paradise culture (ID), the Islamic paradise expectation as a whole (EGO) and female Paradise expectation of heaven (SUPER EGO) all are heavily correlated:

What now is seen as Allah in the Koran and Sharia is a failed women god, which has been occupied by men. Hence Islam psychologically knows a male Allah who is dominant and a female Allah who describes the inner life of women. This all because in monotheism there can be only one God. Allah must be understood as a multiple personality in Islamic culture. This is the cause of the sexual imbalance between man and wife: SM-dyad.

And here is the best projection: Below you see oblique projections, which means all types of inbreeding religion are intertwined in bizarre ways. Perpendicular projections from one plain on the other are very well possible, hence they are correlated and meaningful connected:

Religion lost control on inbreeding

'Magical derivatives' mean religion lost rational control on inbreeding. Religion got an esoteric and philosophical content in which the connection to inbreeding was disguised or completely disappeared in higher derivatives:

By the use of magical derivatives 'perpetual orgasm after reincarnation' is unrealistic and elusive and male religion never converges into eternal sexual orgasm:

'Muslim father rapes his daughter:' 

Bonobos and Christians

Bonobos, our nearest cousins, also have a concept of the afterlife but they attain perpetual orgasm every day and all day long in this lifetime. And since they did not develop an inbreeding cultus they needed no pedophilia as reward for fitting into the group. 

Just see the striking similarity with Christianity, what also rejected perpetual orgasm in the parallel universe:

See also how Christianity refrained from the inbreeding culture:

'In Christianity, where women never heard of the inbreeding culture of Paradise, there is no sexual stress in heaven. Christian males already have their exogamous heaven on earth; they do not need 72 virgins in the afterlife. And therefore the inbreeding culture and the Christian heaven in the parallel universe are uncorrelated and must be seen as orthogonal planes'

Roaming through the plains

Though quadrupeds like bonobos roamed through clearings between the forests, they did not come as far as bipeds who walked in straight lines. Bonobos always returned to earlier places for periodical ripened fruits and to exchange juvenile females. So, with fresh and attractive new young females sex remained joyful and refreshing and they needed no extreme pedophilia as reward:

But since bonobos moved into the area, the following also applies to them: their religion differs from nowadays chimpanzees who stayed at one place in the forests:

Assumption 253: Tribal groups of Homininae (7 mya; 400 cc), roaming through the savanna caused displacement on the cultural dimension (position), changing sexual habits. Religion can be seen as developed from a set of higher order time derivatives of changing sexual culture (position).

Unlike nowadays chimps, bonobos developed somewhat like our ancestors, the bipedal australopiths with their roaming culture through the savannas. Bonobos also developed a different sexual culture with a different religion. But since they did not develop inbreeding, hominini and bonobos developed in different directions. Only in the end the sexual culture of bonobos matches again with Western culture.

Vector spaces

In the evolution of religion sexuality has been disguised but the notion of God remained as the center of power. This blog reduces the notion of God to the principal factor of sexual space, to sadomasochism. This assumes vector spaces of sexuality and religion are the same: 

In this model there are 5 sexual main factors but endless sexual variations (e.g. bisexuality):

So, if SM is the principal component of the sexual space and monotheism of the polytheistic space, then monotheism equals sadomasochism as result of circular reasoning born from our assumption:

So, we assume the vector spaces of sexuality and religion are identical. Therefore, sexual space is finally compressed into religious space as only one principal factor, one God, which of course is monotheistic. 

In the same process 'other sexual roles' are nullified and become completely unimportant. They lose all relevance in this process. Furthermore, monotheism always means heterosexuality, since the Alpha male had to be heterosexual to propagate the species:

And the other way around we see sexual roles just expanding into the polytheistic space, into as many sexual roles as there are independent gods. (Most gods are dependent vectors within the 5 dimensional sexual space).

But between monotheism and polytheism are still other stages. For example, Islam has only one God with male heterosexuality as sexual role, whereas atheism or polytheism fills the whole factor space with gods:


Matriarchal cultures - which are exogamous - develop usually much empathy with 'other sexual roles', now including heterosexual males:

Matriarchies usually converge into polytheism, like bonobos, which employ all sexual roles and sex positions. They look a bit like Christianity, which is moving towards complete individualism, to as many gods as there are individuals, to compete atheism, to polytheism.

But Christianity possibly collapses prematurely, caused by its sexual aberration of masochism, by which it will be devoured by Islam:

Matthew 5:44
But I say unto you, Love your enemiesbless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you;

Muslims come in Heaven by killing unbelievers, Christians being killed by unbelievers.

Assumptions sexual and religious space

Assumption 167: Monotheism is the sadomasochistic principal component of the over dimensioned polytheistic space.

Assumption 68: In humans, the number of gods in the archetype of God is by nature unlimited (polytheism), with SM-dyad as principal component (main factor) of the space of gods. By testosterone (monotheism) this number of god factors is gradually restricted to one dimension, called SM-dyad or Allah construct. With oestrogen multi-dimensionality remains unaffected. This means that males tend to monotheism and females to polytheism:

Assumption 68: In humans, the number of dependent gods (n) in the polytheistic space of gods (rank=m=5 vectors) in the archetype of God (rank=p=5 factors) is naturally unlimited, with the SM-dyad as principal component (main factor) (p=1). SM-dyad is called 'monotheism' otherwise. With male testosterone this space will be gradually restricted to only one conscious dimension (p=1), the SM-dyad or Allah-construct, named otherwise monotheism or sadomasochism. Remaining (m-p=4) components are relegated to the unconscious. But in case of oestrogen all sexual factors (p=5) remain unaffected in the conscious of women. 

Assumption 76: Consider the polytheistic set of n tribal heads in paradise culture as an overdetermined set of n-equations in the space of gods, which has to be caught by a single principal component: the assumed factor of sadomasochism. The angle to this main axis has to be given by the God of monotheism (m=1), who by definition is a known but unknown parameter, because God is defined as not to know. What means that this invisible God, the proposed principal binding factor among all those tribes, is agreed not to be known in an also unknown universe. What means that God gives a fake angle to the SM-dyad in space. But then it may be more parsimonious to define the power dimension of human sexual space directly as sadomasochism and to forget about 'God'.

Assumption 77: Because the God of monotheism is defined as a known but unknown parameter (angle) of His Principal Axis in the space of (tribal) gods, the system of equations of paradise culture actually seemed unresolved. Nevertheless the n-space of tribes was reduced to a by tribal heads accepted single dimension: monotheism. Knowing that hatred and hostility is the most common factor among Bedouin tribes, God and Allah must be based also on hatred and hostility. Hence, God and Allah are personifications of Sadism on the throne, and the real nature of monotheism must be sadomasochism.

Assumption 176: It’s very cynical, but the great common divisor of hostile tribes exactly was the slaughtering of each other, what became also the real meaning of 'God' or 'Allah': sadism in optima forma.

Assumption 175:
Reincarnation delivered the immanent gods for polytheism, which gods filled the multidimensional physiological space of gods in the human brain, corresponding to the five sexual main dimensions of sexual power: heterosexuality, homosexuality, female sexual roles, pedophilia and bestiality. Therefore gods are sexual dimensions too. Of course other gods, originated from natural disasters, were projected also on these power dimensions of the space of gods. Thousands of human gods are interdependent within this rank of five. Monotheism is a forced truncation * of this domain, which divides the space of gods into sadomasochism and remaining dimensions.

* Truncation of sexual dimensions is not the same as statistical explanation, for now no empathy develops for unconscious and suppressed 'other sexual roles', causing cultural psychopathy and generating masochism hate and masochism fear against victims.

Comparing religions

If we investigate the correspondence between religions we must choose for the most compelling characteristics. Happily we have done this job before and can show eclatant fundamental differences between Islam and Christianity:

Next we investigate their relation with chimpanzees and bonobos. We need not confirm the whole package. Finally, we are talking about an imbalanced development of 7 million years. But if we find striking similarities then characteristics of human religion correspond significantly with Panini religion and we declare 'religion' as a form of sexuality for Islam and Christianity. Of course this is still circular reasoning because we defined religion as kind of sexuality in the first place, but I don't mind.

The whole package probably cannot be realized, but with confirming next table we would already be satisfied:

SM-dyad for animals and humans

The comparison between religions comes down to the distinction endogamy/exogamy and to the sadomasochistic dimension.

I think SM-dyad cannot happen with animals. I mean, chimp males are very sadistic but females are not masochistic and animals do not practice sadomasochism in sexual relations, as far as I know. This leaves us in the above figure with sadism for chimp males and Vanilla-dyad for bonobos.

How to interpret female behavior

Male animals can deploy sadistic behavior against females, which at first glance do not show masochism but will fight back furiously. So where human females sometimes love to be chastised, animal females usually become mad and defend themselves heavily.

But the problem is that furiously screaming and whining, moaning and groaning as signs of distress might also be interpreted as masochism where sorrow is translated into lust. And that means we first must evaluate the sexual culture in which females live before we can assess the real nature of their feelings. 

And the criterion will be if women choose for SM-dyad in freedom or not. If SM-dyad is chosen in freedom, distress must be interpreted as masochism. And remember in masochism it is a wonderful feeling to be painfully chained and bondaged and lustfully complaining about that. 

The point is Muslim women can simply stop SM-dyad if they massively would not cooperate any longer, since it takes two to tango. So, we must conclude Muslim females are addicted to SM-dyad just like males. And remember Muslim women are the greatest advocates of Islam.

Vanilla-dyad for animals and humans


With animals we run into difficulties with our forced choice division: if it cannot be SM-dyad then it must be Vanilla-dyad:

Because animals don't feel empathy with sex partners they cannot invent SM and we score them on Vanilla-dyad. But that's wrong. Empathy is a sliding scale for different species but that is not the subject of this blog.

We could reserve the term Vanilla-dyad for animal sex without murder intentions. Then we do not need empathy at all and besides some spiders most animals can be scored on Vanilla-dyad:

'But even if animals were endowed with empathy, even then they would not come up with the idea of creating something very beautiful from bloodthirstiness and sexual desire: sadomasochism is the icing on the cake of the sexual relationship between humans, husband and wife, in the SM-dyad.
And in case animals would like it, their sadomasochism would be unstable. 
SM would quickly reset into killer instinct and sexual instinct. And that's because animals lack control to keep blood lust and sexual desire as a critical mass in the focal caught.' 

Some species are hyper empathetic, maybe more than humans. And then we allude to bonobos. This places them certainly in Vanilla-dyad.


For humans we apply different criteria than for animals. We know both Muslims and Christians feel the significance of sadomasochism in relation with sexuality, for it is engraved into their genes. It is just how to deal with it.

Knowing sadomasochism is a formidable human trait we first must evaluate women's culture. For women in SM-dyad cultures as Muslim females we apply different criteria than for Western women with Vanilla-dyad.

Discussing religious profiles

Of course we start with the profile of the Alpha male:

'For hominids (20 mya; 300 cc), the alpha male was the strongest male with genes for optimal protection of the females. He mated with as many females as possible. Basically he had the best genes but still was dealing with a genetic monoculture in the group of higher mammals, only serving the immediate survival of the group. But these effects are negligible because female nuDNA came from all kinds of tribes in the neighbourhood. Furthermore his time to reign was limited until a stronger male took power. Also the exogamous mantle of the group was permeable allowing females to be fertilized by males from other tribes. Since, in nature females guard genetic diversity.'

The Alpha male needs no empathy with females. He only copulates with them. Female sex (Eve) with males from other tribes (the Serpent) is not tolerated but punishment remains off. The aggression focuses on the intruder:

15 And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed [your tribe, ed] and her seed [her tribe]; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel. [hatred between tribes promotes inbreeding.]

Here, different colors means different gods. Notice animals normally have no bestiality with other species.

There is also a female variant in matriarchal Femdom cultures (Female domination):

It is especially suited for bonobos and masochistic Christian males, great fun intended:

In the pure Alpha male model the mantle of the endo/exogamous system is not completely closed and males and females have the chance to copulate with sex partners from other tribes.

For hominids (20 mya; 300 cc), the alpha male was the strongest male with genes for optimal protection of the females. He mated with as many females as possible. Basically he had the best genes but still was dealing with a genetic monoculture in the group of higher mammals, only serving the immediate survival of the group. In the long run his genes would be over represented into his descendants which would lead to identical male nuclear DNA (nuDNA):

But these effects are negligible because female nuDNA came from all kinds of tribes in the neighbourhood. Furthermore his time to reign was limited until a stronger male took power. Also the exogamous mantle of the group was permeable allowing females to be fertilized by males from other tribes. Since, in nature females guard genetic diversity.

If males are never allowed to leave the tribe then some inbreeding might happen but the effects seem not that serious. Chimps and Aborigines did not die out, but Neanderthals did because forests declined and changed into open spaces by which it became impossible to exchange women. (44:02/1:22:30)


We conclude, the Alpha male system as a very healthy system:

The second best after pure genetic diversity. 

If sexual culture is in equilibrium as in Alpha male mammal groups, there is no steering needed from religion. Cultural development (sexual culture) is a flat line in time and place (forest) and its time derivative (religion) is zero:

Hominids (20 mya; 300cc) lived in the trees and did not succumb much to inbreeding and incest because they interchanged juvenile females with other groups in their immediate vicinity. This can still be seen by today's chimps and bonobos. In these cases females have different mitochondrial DNA than males which all have about the same mtDNA. (It is also seen with Neanderthals and Aborigines.) (No longer available)

Teeth from ancient human ancestors suggest that females joined new social groups once they reached maturity.

A chemical analysis of australopithecine fossils ranging between roughly 1.8 million and 2.2 million years old from two South African caves finds that teeth thought to belong to females are more likely to have incorporated minerals from a distant region during formation than those from males.

"What that's telling us is that the females grew up somewhere else and they died in the caves," says Julia Lee-Thorp, an archaeological scientist at the University of Oxford, UK. 

God's creations

Remember God created two cultures: the Alpha male culture and the Inbreeding culture:

God's first creation: man and wife are equivalent (or is a hermaphrodite)

Rashi's Commentary:

male and female He created themYet further (2:21) Scripture states: “And He took one of his ribs, etc.” The Midrash Aggadah (Gen. Rabbah 8:1, Ber. 61a, Eruvin 18a) explains that He originally created him with two faces, and afterwards, He divided him. The simple meaning of the verse is that here Scripture informs you that they were both created on the sixth [day], but it does not explain to you how they were created, and it explains [that] to you elsewhere. — [from Baraitha of the Thirty Two Methods , Method 13] 

((BD. Ed.): the assumption here is that God’s first creation is the general statement in a deduction, wherein both man and woman subdue the earth, but that God’s second creation is the deduced conclusion: men subdues more than women. In fact God meant: men subdues women

25 And they were both naked, the man and his wife, and were not ashamed.

Bereishit - Genesis

Bereishit - Genesis - Chapter 1

28. And God blessed them, and God said to them, "Be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth and subdue it, and rule over the fish of the sea and over the fowl of the sky and over all the beasts that tread upon the earth. "

Rashi's Commentary:

and subdue it: The“vav” [in וְכִבְשֻׁהָ is missing, [allowing the word to be read וְכִבְשָׁה, the masculine singular imperative] to teach you that the male subdues the female that she should not be a gadabout *(Gen. Rabbah 8:12), and it is also meant to teach you that the man, whose way it is to subdue, is commanded to propagate, but not the woman (Yev. Yev. 65b).

* Gadabout = a habitual pleasure-seeker.
((BD. Ed.): There was no God, but there was a much older exogamous culture of outbreeding in which women were respected (homo erectus (2 mya; 900cc)).

9 And out of the ground made the LORD God to grow every tree that is pleasant to the sight, and good for food; the tree of life also in the midst of the garden, and the tree of knowledge of good and evil.

(An alternative interpretation is the Gihon is a river from the land of Cush, a mountain region in Iran and the Pishon is now a dry riverbed. All rivers ended in the Persian Gulf. Further, de story of Adam and Eve marks the transition from a hunter-gatherer to a farmer culture (Juris Zarins)).

How men subdue women in SM-dyad:

Woman stoned by honor killing for refusing marriage with her cousin.

The inbreeding culture

'Homininae (7-2 mya; 400cc) left the trees and unwillingly left the Alpha male equilibrium model of inbreeding and outbreeding. They roamed through Africa in little groups of 8 to 25 individuals and rarely met other groups to interchange young females. They were slow mammals which easily lost contact with other groups. Many groups must have died out from autosomal recessive disorders. Meanwhile they had to copulate with their own silly family what must have been very boring. They had to live following the rules of the inbreeding and incest model, what became the fundamental human sexual culture in our genes. From this culture which lasted from 7 to 2 million years ago, human religion developed as: Genetic immortality by inbreeding and incest.'

The inbreeding culture has also the Alpha male model as the basis, but with quite different elaboration: It stifles the desire for genetic diversity (Eve) and creates a suffocating endogamous mantle. It is a disaster of inhumanity:

In inbreeding cultures women are sometimes difficult to get, so men copulate with children or animals as substitutes.

In incest cultures women are kept as objects, as animals, as prisoners of the system. Women are trapped in the SM-dyad and don't know or don't want to leave this labyrinth of superlust of sadomasochism.

The outbreeding culture

Exogamous cultures developed about two million years ago from homo erectus (2 mya; 900cc). The inbreeding instinct diluted by free mixing with other tribes by which genetic diversity developed naturally again. 

Two million years ago and long before the birth of homo sapiens (200 ka; 1350cc), homo erectus (2 mya; 900cc) already roamed through Asia:

They invented reincarnation in this universe and understood that reincarnation was also possible into animals and into beautiful women from other tribes.

It was the revival of God's first narrative and foreshadows exogamous cultures we now know as Western culture:

The best example of a nowadays outbreeding culture is Christianity, which returned to genetic diversity from the former Jewish genetic monoculture. They rejected monotheism by the fact that Jesus was the son of God. And since Jesus covered 'other sexual roles' the whole sexual space is accepted in the conscious of Christians:

Christianity has a good thing in exogamy but it has also nasty character traits in masochism. Anyway, the second god on earth claimed the role of the Alpha male in our genes. The homosexual clergy claimed to be the representative of God on earth:

Unlike the Christian Orthodox churches in Greece and Eastern Europe, which did not fall for cultural nihilism, Christianity in Western Europe changed from male homosexuality as vicegerent of God on earth to nowadays female homosexuality as leading sexual role:

'We all know Western culture is feminized what has become a big problem. This feminization is partly caused by its sexual culture of exogamy in which 'other sexual roles' are equivalent to heterosexual males and women are free to choose a partner of their choice, even in other tribes.


'In 1991 rape was abolished within marriage in the Netherlands. A bill for artificial insemination waited for application. It was the blow for the SM-dyad. Latent lesbian feminists had won. The homosexual clergy was already banned in the sixties. Since, lesbian feminists simply did not grasp how it worked.  And by the anti-conception pill women were equal to men. Acquired women's suffrage supplemented with a proportion of masochistic Christian males gave them the majority in parliament and so Western culture went down into a free fall.

Forced tongue kissing and such innocuous was dismissed with years of prison for rapeThen take just a sex dollIn a radical change of direction SM-dyad was exchanged for Vanilla-dyad.' 

'Reversal of sexual roles

Unhampered feminization in Western society transferred into femdomization and we are now in that phase. Femdomization means women possess all sexual power in society, taken over from males. Christian males went still a step further. They fell into pure masochism and differ no more from women.

Feminized Christian males

By the end of the last century in Western Europe also men were overpowered by personal sorrow. Empathic weeping men with long hairs populated talk shows to report their unstoppable emotions. They drowned in their own suffering and showed disgusting masochistic behavior. Sorrow is lust in masochism. It shows the decadency of Western culture. 
Not to say male empathy is bad, on the contrary, but somehow males and females must not profile on the same lust:

In the stage of femdomization we experience the counteraction of human nature in which even women are unsatisfied with the unisex situation.

They are in charge and determine time and place of male orgasm. They degraded men to sexual slaves, who also lost financial power.

In terms of exogamy we get this figure and now we can make the prediction to bonobo Femdom easily: 

So, let's look better to the bonobo religion which completely empathizes with all sexual roles and is open to exogamy. They only have no systematic sexual relations with other animals:

Bonobos and Christians have a nearly identical religious or sexual model.

This corresponds to nowadays Christians in Western Europe (POLICOR)


Humans developed empathy as precondition for the invention of sadomasochism, a superinstinct made up of the murder instinct and the sexual instinct. 

Slow bipedal homoninae (7 mya; 400cc) climbed out of the trees and roamed through the plains of Africa. Because their low displacement speed they easily lost sight of each other. A lot of tribes lost the possibility to exchange juvenile females for sexual fun and genetic prosperity. So developed a diaspora of inbreeding and incest in which a lot of tribes died out. Other tribes timely learned to capture fresh female genes in what humans hypocritically called 'religious wars'. See how 'religion' started as a control mechanism born from time derivatives of inbreeding.

Of course homininae were not satisfied to be forced to copulate with their mother, their sisters, cousins and nieces all day and so they developed rewards to make life bearable in the inbreeding system. 

They developed sadomasochism as the icing on their miserable cake, to make more fun with their family in the deserted savannas. Males learned to hate and to terrorize their ugly females, which started to love sorrow and pain as a magic elixir, as an endorphin for orgasm. Females became so used to lustful masochism that it has been engraved into their genes from 7 to 2 million years ago. It much later became the seed of Christianity. 

Personality characteristics of the inbreeding population changed terribly and concentrated onto sadistic males and masochistic females by natural selection. No way they can assimilate into outbreeding cultures easily.

They also discovered pedophilia, and developed child abuse as the fundamental meaning of perpetual orgasm:

Ever lasting orgasm in this lifetime found its extreme in the forced contrast of almost impotent males raping juvenile females, preferably without any developed secondary sexual characteristics. In the extreme, male soldiers raped toddlers in wartime. Or much later the Greeks sacrificed babies to their gods for perpetual orgasm. Sick sexual atrocities have been engraved into the human brain. Let's not deny it, but try to understand who we really are and let's take appropriate action.

In concluding, the sexually deviant human race developed two major sexual aberrations compared with the animal world: sadomasochism and pedophilia.

The Vanilla-dyad terror

If this all would be true, would you like to return to the Vanilla-dyad of frigid sex haters? Without SM and without pedophilia? Of course you would but it will not work. Humans cannot deny their genetic roots. So, stop the Vanilla-dyad terror of latent lesbian feminists who are in power of Western culture at the moment: 

These confused women, who are now determining the sexual norms of Western society, will unconsciously invite Islam into the heart of our culture:

And you know what? This is just 'religion', it is a measure to correct Western sexual culture. So, we can choose to invite Islam into our culture or repair by ourselves the former mix of SM-dyad and Vanilla-dyad: 

What does not need to be the authoritarian Christian church:

What does this all mean for our discussion?

First of all we must realize that animals like chimps and bonobos did not discover sadomasochism in relation to sexuality. 

Bonobos also did not come far as quadrupeds and always walked in circles on the plains around the same forests looking for ripened fruit. This way, they stayed in touch with other groups and exchanged juvenile females. So, sex was refreshing and Panini were not forced to the inbreeding culture like the lonely bipeds. 

Secondly, because Panini escaped the horror of the inbreeding and incest culture they needed no extra reward in pedophilia (perpetual orgasm). Despite their small 400cc brains, chimps and bonobos are highly intelligent animals and definitely will have acquired ideas about the afterlife. But for them there was no need to postpone sexual orgies to the afterlife (72 virgins), for they already practiced perpetual orgasm in this life with fresh loads of juvenile females. This has great consequences for the comparison of human sexuality with animal sexuality. But if we understand this difference we still see a striking correspondence between human religion and animal religion.

To what extent do people and animals match?

We know inbreeding cultures as Islam are closed groups. But remember a number of things has been changed in the evolution. It all started with tribal endogamies of the homininae (7 mya; 400cc). Then we got the massive displacements out of Africa of homo erectus (2 mya; 900cc), where tribes reformed into ethnic endogamies: 

Of course this development diluted tribal inbreeding, but women were still killed if they wanted to leave the ethnic group. Finally inbreeding cultures changed into religious endogamies where all kinds of races form the religious group. As a matter of fact inbreeding has diluted strongly in nowadays Islam but also here women are still killed if they refuse to marry their cousin or a Muslim in general, even in Western Europe:

So you see tribal endogamy is nested within ethnic endogamy, what is nested in religious endogamy, but all of them are stil alive. And tribal endogamy, coming down to marriage between cousins and with nieces has got a strong rise in Great Britain.

We conclude Islam is a closed group. In comparison, chimpanzee tribes are only closed for males. Males are killed if they leave the group and want to join other groups. Though one case has been reported in which brothers were allowed to join another group. Chimp males are extremely aggressive and patrol in small groups along the borders of their territory. They are real psychopaths and kill any animal they encounter. Here they agree strongly with a lot of cultural and natural psychopaths in Islamic culture.

But juvenile chimp females are exchanged between groups and adult females often live at the edges of the tribal group with their young. Females are always gathering food in the forests and are far away from their males. Food is scarce and also eaten by gorillas. Therefore chimp females do not work in groups and so they never learned to organize opposition against chimp males, like bonobo females do so clever. Also notice chimps do not need inbred bodies as Muslims, since animals did not invent reincarnation. That's why they don't control their females, though furiously controlling the borders of their territory might be to shield the females too.

But as you already know chimps are a poor population compared to bonobos, which are relatively wealthy with their fiber foods to cover the distances on the open plains between the forests with fruit trees. Chimps have to live in the northern area where gorillas eat all fiber foods:

'Nowadays chimps and bonobos

'Today, bonobos are found in only the Democratic Republic of Congo and there is no evidence that they have interbred with chimpanzees in equatorial Africa since they diverged, perhaps because the Congo River acted as a barrier to prevent the groups from mixing'.

It is our opinion - for a lot of other reasons - that poverty leads to sexual deprivation (Muslim inbreeding culture) and wealth to promiscuity (outbreeding Western world). So, though chimpanzees did not develop inbreeding they are plagued by a chronic lack of food caused by the gorillas in the north, which steal their fiber foods.

The bonobo culture is completely different. It is best described as a 24/7 bouncing and copulating waterbed. It is female domination (Femdom), but in a very friendly way. Females took power, just like Western women by forming political pressure groups and by outnumbering individual males. It is the same effect as from women's suffrage. The bonobo community practices all kinds of sex positions between (among) all kinds of individuals. Though chimps also use several sex positions it must be said bonobos raised it to an art.

Setting free all sex positions made the bonobo culture to a promiscuous society. 
Having respect for all sexual roles made it to an exogamous and open group where all sexual roles are more or less equal and respected as subjects (polytheism).

In contrast chimp males are extremely dominant and definitely see females as objects and less than males. Like Muslims, chimps have a monotheistic and patriarchal worldview:

Though all sex positions and sex roles are practiced in bonobo society, this does not mean mothers mate with their sons. Fathers never know if they are copulating with their offspring, since it is a commune. Since fathers don't know their offspring infanticide cannot happen.

As mentioned earlier bonobos evolved to polytheism whereas chimp males are extremely dominant what must be seen as monotheism (patriarchal, male heterosexuality in power). We differentiate between sex positions, which are free within the chimp society and sexual roles, which are not much valued by chimp males who definitely see females as objects.

Bonobo males are allowed to join other groups as incidentally has been reported. Juvenile females are exchanged with other groups and there is incidentally sex between members of different groups. Bonobos learned to solve their conflicts with bananas and sex. They are an example of assimilation, whereas chimps live in segregated groups like Muslims. The similarity between bonobos and Western culture is striking.

But there are differences too. In Western culture latent lesbian feminists determine the sexual agenda of males, who may come at Sunday late in the evening, but not twice a week (or do you want to kill me). Bonobos have no rules in their raping and orgasmic inferno.

In conclusion

If we realize that animals have no SM-dyad in sexuality, then sadistic males do not automatically imply masochistic females.

And since we know animals exchange juvenile females just like Neanderthals and Aborigenes there is no excessive inbreeding within tribes. 

We must realize that chimps and bonobos experience their perpetual orgasm in this life, though they definitely have a concept of the afterlife. Just like Christians don't they need to postpone their sexual lusts to the afterlife, since they do not suffer from inbreeding and incest.

Remember inbreeding bolsters the self esteem of tribal males, who then feel better than other tribes. And a father who wants his daughter to marry with her cousin wants to reincarnate in as saturated family seed as possible. But that is a unconscious drive.

At the right side of the table we see a striking similarity between bonobos and Christians. At the left side we see somewhat less similarity between chimps and Muslims.

But the overall impression is Muslims are quite similar to chimps and Christians are nearly identical to bonobos:

Then, we can make the following rank order:

Christianity before Marxist nihilism 1960:

Christianity after latent lesbian Femdom in Western Europe (After 1970):


If chimps could swim they would have crossed the Congo river and would have killed all bonobo males, comparable with nowadays masochistic Christian males. This means the bonobo culture is not a normal society, it is an artificial product under very special circumstances.

Now, it is well known Muslim males can't swim either but the problem is they are brought into Europe by Frontex, the movement meant to keep them out...


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