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(103) Infanticide proves genetic immortality

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Infanticide adapted for humans

Religion can be seen as developed from a set of higher order time derivatives of sexual culture. On the basis of these derivatives action is undertaken to control the direction of sexual culture. 

In sexual culture it might happen females are left with their young. In some human cultures this is a well known fact too. In the animal world the father might be killed in a fight or disappeared for other reasons. Anyway, a broken relation can be seen as sexual culture on which 'religious' action is taken.

Now it happens, another male is interested in the mother but he knows she is not sexually receptive with her little young. Here "religion" takes a measure leading to genetic immortality of the male in new offspring of the female. He simply kills the young on which the mother becomes receptive again (infanticide).

Assumption 266: Infanticide.
In the animal world infanticide is a religious measure taken by males planning to promote genetic immortality in the offspring of females from which they first kill earlier young to make them sexually receptive.

After the mother has given birth to his young, he will not kill them too to make her receptive again. Then the species would die out. He accepts the situation and raises and protects his own offspring. That proves the kind of offspring determines his behavior. By this it has been proven males like to bring forth their own offspring in the animal world. In other words, they go for genetic immortality in their offspring. They don't go for sexual orgasm in the first place. This means infanticide proves genetic immortality in the first place and not sexual orgasm.

Assumption 270: Infanticide by animals proves genetic male immortality goes before sexual lust, since males do not kill their own offspring to make the mother sexually receptive again.

Infanticide is a religious instrument from the animal world to promote genetic immortality long before our 'inbreeding and incest' cult developed. But in the human situation genetic immortality developed other instruments

For the homininae inbreeding was regulated by religion by the capture of fresh female genes. Maybe they exchanged females, maybe they captured them in 'religious' wars. In this way religion kept balance between tribal identity and autosomal recessive disorders:


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