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(104) Genetic immortality and perpetual orgasm

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Assumption 268: Genetic immortality is a religious interpretation of genetic propagation.

Earlier we drew the correct conclusion that 'genetic immortality in descendants' was the religion of the inbreeding and incest culture of the Homininae (7 mya, 400cc).

And we inferred genetic immortality as the original human religion engraved into our genes. 

All true, but not completely. To understand, we must first define an operational definition of religion:

Assumption 256: Human religion is developed from a set of higher order time derivatives and controls sexual culture by ethical norms and values.

Genetic immortality is developed from the first time derivative of sexual culture (inbreeding and incest). In fact it is the reaction on this derivative, as follows:

This first order time derivative resulted in practical and concrete feedback of the velocity (speed) of the inbreeding process. And because religion controls sexual culture, this time check became the first religion of the further powerless Homininae. With too many autosomal recessive disorders religion decreed religious wars to capture fresh females from abroad. Otherwise religion promoted inbreeding for tribal identity, the self concept of males:

Assumption 253: What is religion?

Tribal groups of Homininae (7 mya; 400 cc), roaming through the savanna caused displacement on the cultural dimension, changing sexual habits. Religion can be seen as developed from a set of higher order time derivatives of changing sexual culture.

Time derivatives of sexual position lead to 'religion'. The first derivative gives sexual velocity. The second - which is an elaboration of religion - is called 'acceleration' and gives change of sexual velocity in speed and/or direction. 

On the basis of 'religion' groups decide to strengthen or slow down the change in sexual culture. Hence, 'religion' is as the speed control of cars by the police.

Religion becomes the timelessness derivative of sexuality when the last higher order time derivative is zero. Cultures desperately try to find this last derivative, which leads to perpetual orgasm in eternal life.

Though the first derivative (genetic immortality in descendants) of sexual culture (inbreeding) was rational and concretely, higher order derivatives ended contaminated with magical thinking. This, because inbreeding was mixed with reincarnation.

'Magical derivatives' mean religion lost rational control on inbreeding. Religion got an esoteric and philosophical content in which the connection to inbreeding was disguised or completely disappeared in higher derivatives.

By the use of magical derivatives 'perpetual orgasm after reincarnation' is unrealistic and elusive and male religion never converges into eternal sexual orgasm.

We understand genetic immortality as the core religion of the animal world which uses different instruments to realize itself in different sexual cultures. We must see 'genetic immortality' - a religious interpretation of genetic propagation - as the hidden sexual drive in disguise, which can only be inferred from its intervention on sexual culture. 

So, we can not see genetic immortality directly but it must be derived. I mean, in the inbreeding culture fresh women genes were captured from other tribes but in the animal world males kill the young of an interesting female (infanticide), both instruments are used to realize genetic immortality for males as a religion.

Genetic immortality in descendants is the original religion of the animal kingdom and there is no other religion. This means all religions in the world are derived from genetic immortality in descendants. Of course this is just an eternal interpretation of genetic procreation:

All this we know from analyzing infanticide, what is an instrument of religion to realize the genetic immortality of male animals into their offspring. It sounds silly and it is.

In our view religion is a form of sexuality and we see genetic immortality as derived from the universal purpose of sexuality: genetic reproduction. So sexuality and religion form a temporality versus eternity paradigm change in the sexual domain. In the end for human males we will conclude religion is eternal orgasm, or perpetual male orgasm. This will be explained later.

Assumption 267: Perpetual orgasm is a religious interpretation of sexual orgasm:

All this means we must divide sexual procreation into two aspects: genetic propagation and sexual orgasm:

Infanticide frequently takes place with the young of other males. I
n case of own offspring 'genetic immortality' goes before 'sexual orgasm'. So, a male will not kill his own offspring to get sexual orgasm. Then the species would die out. Also, males are not sexually active if females are not receptive. In the animal world sexual orgasm is not the leading principle.

But in the human and bonobo world things are completely different. It must be seen as a sick derailment of sexuality. There, perpetual orgasm is the leading principle before genetic immortality.


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