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(5) Honor killings caused by inbreeding and incest

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Assumption 160:

In Islamic culture honor killings are caused by the rejection of inbreeding and incest. With this decision daughters unwittingly reject the earthly reincarnation and eternal orgasm of their father.

Incest by fathers has long been forbidden, but the instinctive lust for perpetual orgasm sometimes remains. Then, this lust for endless orgasm sublimates into mental incest: stalking.

It sometimes results in fathers not penetrating their daughters any longer, but their minds. Fathers over-identify with their daughters and see them as objects. In Muslim cultures some fathers develop a suffocating supervision: stalking.

In those cases, by rejecting incest with the cousin, daughters reject also their father, who sometimes takes revenge as frustrated stalker who kills his victim. 

Greater emotional involvement easily leads to more extreme violence. More intense relations between father and daughter lead to greater chances of honor killing. This, because these fathers over-identify with their daughters, they want to possess them literally and figuratively.

Honor killings and acid attacks are psychiatric forms of paraphilia.

The Myth of Paradise

The story of Adam and Eve is not just a myth. It is about the first possible abstraction of eternal life, of genetic immortality. This is irrefutable the deepest base of human religion. Every day again it wells up from the dark caves and caverns of the collective unknown of endogamous man. It is completely testosterone driven. It is the very basis of human religion, because it combines inbreeding and incest with genetic eternal life:

Inbreeding and incest started as an unconscious and unintentional lifestyle:

Assumption 142: Classical conditioning:
Human inbreeding started as an unconditioned stimulus followed by an unconditioned response of genetic immortality in the (earthly) universe. 

Inbreeding and incest developed as a conscious and intentional lifestyle: 

Assumption 143: Operant conditioning:
Human inbreeding developed as an operant response followed by a reinforcing stimulus of genetic immortality in the (earthly) universe.

The Myth of Paradise only wells in the heads of males born with an inbreeding instinct
This instinct is only effective in cultures that have been endogamous since the first
Homininae migrated,  nine million years ago:

Islamic culture is made up of inbreeding for 30-50%. The other 50-70% consists of religious endogamy, wherein women have to marry with Muslims. If they refuse they are expelled or even killed. This means that this culture is still selecting on the SM-dyad, even though they are not inbreeding any longer.

SM-dyad and Vanilla-dyad

After nine million years of evolution this desert population has been reshaped to the extremes of the sadomasochistic dimension, killing and eliminating brave women and sensitive men in the midst. Causing for many generations a hopeless merge for assimilation between Muslims and Christians, divided on the SM-dyad and the Vanilla-dyad *:

* Add. 1.

Assumption 67SM-dyad is based on absolute power and results in unequal sexual relations. It easily develops into paraphilia. Vanilla-dyad is formed from relativism and consists of equivalence in sexual relations.

Islamic religion is based on the SM-dyad which cannot easily evolve into the Vanilla-dyad of Christianity. That's because Islam is a one-dimensional culture with a one-dimensional religion: monotheism. 

It is the other way round, the strength of Islam just lies in creating contradictions between people. And therefore male Muslims never will assimilate into Western society, they integrate at best.

Assumption 163: Muslims lose their inbreeding and incest instinct alone by outcrossing with non-Muslim populations. Only then they might assimilate into exogamous cultures as Western society.

In the figure below we see the vertical factor of Vanilla dyad. This factor arises in Christianity as the optimal canonical correlation between the sexes In this thought experiment canonical correlation searches for the smallest possible angle between the yellow vectors depicting Christian males and females. In between is the vertical factor of Vanilla-dyadBecause of sexual equivalence in Enlightenment males and females converges to point zero on the SM-dimension. 

Islam can be seen as the result of discriminant analysis which optimally splits the sexes. The horizontal axis is the first discriminant factor containing sadomasochism.
It splits Islamic religion into male and female religion. Sadomasochism is the basic dimension of human sexuality.

"And that means that Muslim men and women have completely different religious models. That they hardly find a level playing field and hardly compromise. It means that we have to build two religious models, two narrow bundles of religious vectors (arrows) from the origin, from which the combined interaction hardly can be estimated. To find subspaces optimally diverging by discriminant analysis in Islamic culture, finding angles as wide as possible for optimal differences. 
And in Christianity, two subspaces which must be canonically rotated to each other, to find optimal correlations with narrow angles between bundles, merging for optimal understanding, technically speaking".

But there is a more important difference between SM-dyad and Vanilla-dyad.

SM-dyad and Vanilla-dyad can be shown on the same dimension as above, in which case we only explore sexual behavior. Then Vanilla-sex is point zero on the SM-scale. 

But the horizontal SM-scale can be seen as the main religious human factor. Sadomasochism is the principal factor of the human space of gods. Animals may show SM-like behavior, but only humans empathically experience sadomasochism. 

Numerous gods in the evolution are but derivatives of sadomasochism. Hence, SM-dyad is the human basic religious factor. Now, Vanilla-dyad stands also for independent law, for the Enlightenment, for equal rights between men and women, for equivalence. Therefore independent law needs its own orthogonal degree of freedom in space.

Islamic culture is a one-dimensional culture, 
Allah-construct = SM-dyad.

In Islamic culture there is no place for independent law, because the second degree of freedom is missing. 

But exogamous cultures have a multidimensional basis, hence Vanilla-dyad is the orthogonal dimension of independent law, of the Enlightenment. Collapsed in point zero on the SM-scale, Vanilla-dyad determines its own independent direction in space.

Christianity is a multidimensional culture and is polytheistic.

Islam and Christianity into full rank cultural model:

The inbreeding instinct

The inbreeding instinct has come to extinction in exogamous cultures like Christianity, disappeared by outcrossing.

But why would inbreeding be an instinct at all, or a half-instinct like the God archetype?

That’s because we desperately need a super drive, a super strong instinct to explain honor killings and acid attacks! Thousands of girls a year, millions in the evolution, It is religious sanctioned democide on a systematic basis. 

“The honor of the family” is not enough. Honor has no model, no instinctive power, no predictive value, but inbreeding has a cybernetic model, has content validity. Above all inbreeding is the underlying cause of honor killings and acid attacks. It has much better contiguity, proximity or nearness with the murders than honor. On the basis of this model one can make predictions to falsify the inbreeding hypothesis. Honor can’t be falsified.

The clash of instincts

On the one hand we have the inbreeding instinct of endogamous man and on the other hand the outbreeding instinct of women. Women protect genetic diversity naturally; men promote genetic monoculture because of mental illness. For this instinctive confrontation apparently there is no other solution than killing recalcitrant women on a systematic basis. This is not a question of opposed attitudes, which are already very hard to solve, but of opposed instincts. 

We develop a conflict model between the attitudes of father and daughter. We think of fathers who have not the faintest idea why they are promoting inbreeding, else than 'for the honor of the family'. Daughters, who start to grasp their father's real motives. How do we model this conflict in operant conditioning? That's what these articles are about. But first we must clarify reinforcement and punishment in operant conditioning.

Reinforcement and Punishment

Reinforcement always leads to an increase of behavior

Positive reinforcement gives the daughter some privileges if she shows a better attitude to arranged marriages: she is allowed to use her computer longer in the evening. By positive reinforcement something is added to increase desired behavior. Common sense positive reinforcer: giving candy.

Negative reinforcement means that the daughter accepts her arranged marriage, because she knows that her father stops quarrelling. This latter consequence is a negative stimulusBy negative reinforcement something is removed (quarrelling) to increase desired behavior. Common sense negative reinforcer: terminating shock.

Punishment always leads to a decrease of behavior: 

Positive punishment is to tell the daughter that from now on she is not allowed to go to parties, as long as she refuses an arranged marriage. Positive punishment contains a negative stimulus as a consequence. By positive punishment a consequence is added after an undesired behavior is emitted, making her refusal less likely in the future. It leads to a decrease of behavior.

Negative punishment is taking the daughters computer away - when she just has great fun  - directly after she says that she does not want an arranged marriage. Negative punishment includes taking away a certain stimulus after the undesired behavior happens in order to decrease future undesired behavior.
Negative punishment is taking away the daughters safety - when she feels fine  - directly after she says that she does not want an arranged marriage. Negative punishment includes taking away a certain stimulus after the undesired behavior happens in order to decrease future undesired behavior.

Positive reinforcement adds something to increase desired behavior.
Positive punishment adds something to decrease undesired behavior.

Negative reinforcement takes away something to increase desired behavior.
Negative punishment takes away something to decrease undesired behavior.

Positive = adding something.
Negative = taking away something.

Hidden conflict between operant response (OR) and stimulus (S)

For better understanding we must place an intervening conflict factor (f) between the response R (daughter wants no forced marriage) and the stimulus (father threatens to kill his daughter). 

R f S takes the form of: OR ==> conflict ==> NP

OR = operant response (refusal arranged marriage)
NP = negative punishment (threatening to kill the daughter)

Negative punishment (NP) happens when a certain stimulus is removed (safety) after a particular undesired behavior is exhibited, resulting in the behavior happening less often in the futureRemoved: safety and security of the daughter. 

Distracting problems:

1: The father wants inbreeding from his daughter, but does not know why.
2: The daughter does not grasp the real meaning of the arranged marriage.
3: The factor f is the suppression of reincarnation into the (earthly) universe by the father.

Factor f is the main problem in this situation. It stems from cognitive dissonance in the male Muslim's head.

Primary reinforcement

In the natural situation of primary reinforcement inbreeding is bond with genetic immortality:

Inbreeding and incest started as an unconscious and unintentional life style: 

Assumption 142: Classical conditioning:
Human inbreeding started as an unconditioned stimulus followed by an unconditioned response of genetic immortality in the (earthly) universe.

Inbreeding: unconditional stimulus
Look-alike offspringunconditional response

From there it became an intentional process:

Inbreeding and incest developed as a conscious and intentional lifestyle: 

Assumption 143: Operant conditioning: 
Human inbreeding developed as an operant response followed by a reinforcing stimulus of genetic immortality in the (earthly) universe. 

Operant responseinbreeding
Primary reinforcing stimulus: genetic immortality in the offspring

Secondary reinforcement:

A secondary reinforcer takes over if it is a better reinforcer of the operant response. Earthly reincarnation was a better reinforcer than genetic immortality because the individual would revive.

Operant responseinbreeding
Primary reinforcing stimulus: genetic immortality in the offspring
Secondary reinforcing stimulusreincarnation into the (earthly) universe

Assumption 153: With the invention of earthly reincarnation inbreeding lost its rational connection with genetic immortality and now became magically bound to earthly reincarnation. And in a way it still made sense. Males could only reincarnate safely into their own tribe if they enforced inbreeding on women during lifetime. Hence, inbreeding was not meant for immortality of their genes any longer, but instead inbred bodies served for reincarnation. And this latter relation became the principal connection in the inbreeding instinct, because it was the best reinforcer of inbreeding.

Tertiary reinforcement

What could be the rationale to infer the parallel universe from inbreeding and incest?

Assumption 154: There exists a magical but reasonable connection between the parallel universe and inbreeding and incest. Earthly reincarnation offered endless orgasm in the afterlife of the tribe. But the prospect of the same unattractive cousins and sisters appeared no promise but a curse. 
Therefore Homo sapiens invented the parallel universe. It was the flight to an unknown paradise where one could have perpetual orgasm with 72 beautiful fresh woman slaves on an entirely new dimension.

Tertiary reinforcement (third order conditioning):

Operant responseinbreeding
Primary reinforcing stimulus: genetic immortality in the offspring
Secondary reinforcing stimulusreincarnation into the (earthly) universe
Tertiary reinforcing stimulusreincarnation into the parallel universe

Assumption 155: Genetic immortality does not exist as a primary reinforcer of inbreeding any longer. Early in human evolution it has been set aside by earthly reincarnation as a secondary reinforcer. Meanwhile inbreeding has been connected to earthly reincarnation for millions of years. This connection is the prevailing human instinct. Reincarnation into the parallel universe failed to overthrow earthly reincarnation. Hence both forms of reincarnation are reinforcers of inbreeding.

Operant responseinbreeding
Primary reinforcing stimulus: genetic immortality in the offspring
Later reinforcing stimulusreincarnation into the (earthly) universe
Later reinforcing stimulusreincarnation into the parallel universe

Intrinsic and extrinsic transfer of values

The real problem in raising children is the transfer of values. There are two main strategies: intrinsic and extrinsic transfer.

Intrinsic transfer of norms and values means that parents show their own values in daily life without explicitly confronting their children. It is a well-known fact that children will absorb these values as their own. Then, at the onset of puberty children will in principle have the same values as their parents. In puberty parents have no extrinsic power over children any longer. Hence, an intrinsic relation must be built up in early childhood.

Islamic culture differs from Western society in the transfer of norms and values. Patriarchal cultures usually practice extrinsic transfer of values. They force their children how to behave, whereby religious indoctrination is an excellent example. 

The main problem is that in Islamic culture not all humans have the same rights: children are seen as objects because they belong to other sexual roles:

Assumption 87: Other sexual roles are homosexuals, women, children and animals. They are seen as objects. 

Muslim fathers have more rights than women and children. That's why in patriarchal cultures intrinsic transmission of norms and values is nearly impossible. But the effect is that parents lose their extrinsic grip on their children in puberty. Daughters will not listen any longer to their father because they realize that he does not have their best interests in mind. Daughters lose faith in their father. In early childhood they saw Allah as a father, but now they more and more realize that 'Allah' is a sexual self-projection of males.

Many million recalcitrant daughters have been eliminated in the evolution. But apparently it is not enough because this process is still going on.

The Myth of Abraham

Assumption 180: Abraham and heaven. There is no heaven called in Genesis other than as ceiling of the earth. Also there is no mention of reincarnation into the earthly or in the parallel universe. And there is no evidence that Abraham, Isaac or God ever existed. But we do know that the evolution of human religion follows logical laws. This means that the level of abstraction of eternal life determines human religious development. Therefore, we interpret the myth of Abraham at best as the transition from earthly reincarnation to reincarnation into the parallel universe. The parallel universe is the final abstraction of eternal existence discovered by man. 

Endogamous cultures are driven to the extremes of the SM-dyad. Islam developed sadism (males) against masochism (females). In exogamous cultures like Christianity, both sexes converged to the unisex Vanilla-dyad:

In endogamous cultures honor killings have always been. But the reason of honor killings has been changed in the evolution of desert life. Previously, in Paradise culture, honor killings were intended as punishment to keep the inbreeding process in motion. But after the establishment of sexual dictatorship of monotheism (Myth of Abraham) this process is complicated by cognitive dissonance between the two forms of reincarnation, mainly caused by Islam. As already said, another complication is the sublimation of the incest instinct into stalking.

Assumption 18: The dilemma presented to Abraham was not so much the choice between polytheism and monotheism, between earthly idols and the only God in the parallel universe, but between primary and secondary reincarnation, between reincarnation into the (earthly) universe and into heaven of the parallel universe. Because, who can arrange his own reincarnation has absolute power over the afterlife and does not need the parallel universe of monotheism any longer.

Both, reincarnation into the offspring by inbreeding and incest and reincarnation into earthly living beings undermined the power of monotheism, which only weapon was reincarnation into the parallel universe.

But God was wise and accepted Abraham's projection of earthly reincarnation into his only (!) tribal begotten son Isaac. God accepted the compromise of reincarnation in the (earthly) universe, besides his preference for reincarnation into heaven of the parallel universe

God understood that the inbreeding drive of tribal members could not be erased with a pen-stroke. As a compromise Abraham had to ban all idols (often animal statues). 

God expected that the god projections of tribal patriarchs (now Muslim males) would merge together with the monotheistic God of the parallel universe. Old religions can better be absorbed into new ones. 

But God was wrong because the merge failed: intrinsic god-projections cannot be forbidden. Not at all, when based on an instinct. What God not knew was that the inbreeding instinct only disappears by outcrossing. 

We assume that inbreeding is an instinct in endogamous cultures. 

Assumption 148: Inbreeding and incest is a human male instinct in endogamous populations. Outcrossing is a female instinct.

Hence, the external projection of the patriarch as a God himself would be destroyed by the kill of his only son, but his internal projection on a continued tribal afterlife remained intact. Just to say that you can’t tell a tribal head (a Muslim male) that his inbreeding instinct does not exist any longer.

The same applies to the prohibition of idols (animals). External projections of gods (statues) can be forbidden, but internal representations remain. Therefore one cannot change a multi-dimensional space of gods into a single dimension with a pen-stroke. Neither polytheism, nor earthly reincarnation has been removed by monotheism.

Thousands of years later Islamic culture understood this estimation error and forbade all reincarnations in the earthly universeAs a result, for already 1400 years Muslims suppress every connection between inbreeding and earthly reincarnation. 

But inbreeding remained an Operant Response (OR) and had now to be satisfied by a tertiary reinforcer, the Reinforcing Stimulus (RS), named Heaven in the parallel universe. But where remained the instinctive satisfaction of earthly reincarnation? The solution of that question gives the solution of honor killings. Circumstantial evidence shows that the God of Abraham did not condemn honor killings. He only advised against the murder of Isaac:

New insights:

The Universe and the Parallel Universe

We already argued that there are three abstractions of eternal life underlying human religion:
A: Genetic immortality by inbreeding and incest (7 mya)
B: Reincarnation into the (earthly) universe (3 mya)
C: Reincarnation into the parallel universe (200.000 ya)

These abstractions conditioned human religious evolution because of inherent levels of
difficulty. The problem is that only primary reinforcement (genetic immortality in the offspring) is a natural dimension. Both other forms of reincarnation are magical thinking and fall outside the domain of sexuality. They are sexual derivatives and magical failures in human reasoning:

But indeed, both forms of reincarnation have an understandable relation with inbreeding. And what is their interaction?

Assumption 156: Incest was the first form of perpetual orgasm: timeless orgasm across generations. Earthly reincarnation as a second form offered endless orgasm in the afterlife of the tribe. But the prospect of the same unattractive cousins and sisters appeared no promise but a curse. Therefore Homo sapiens invented the parallel universe. It was the flight to an unknown paradise where one could have perpetual orgasm with 72 beautiful fresh woman slaves on an entirely new dimension. It comes down to never ending orgasm, the center of gravity of male religion.

Assumption 157The balance of power between earthly and parallel reincarnation is determined by the beauty of womenSmaller tribes give a smaller choice of attractive women. Hence, smaller tribes cause a greater desire for the parallel universeWhat means that tribal endogamy in rural areas leads to a greater demand for the parallel universe than ethnic and religious endogamy, in which the variety of attractive women increases enormously. In religious endogamous populations, earthly reincarnation again is preferable to parallel reincarnation because earthly reincarnation is the prevailing instinct. But in exogamous populations with absolute genetic diversity, yearning for eternal orgasm in the afterlife will not occur.

Add. 1:

The Allah Construct

Assumption 6: The SM-dyad is the building block of the relationship between husband and wifeSadomasochism is the interaction between the killer instinct, the sexual instinct and a touch of cannibalism.

Assumption 68: In humans, the number of gods in the archetype of God is by nature unlimited (polytheism), with SM-dyad as principal component (main factor) of the space of gods. By testosterone (monotheism) this number of god factors is gradually restricted to one dimension, called SM-dyad or Allah construct. With oestrogens multi-dimensionality remains unaffected. This means that males tend to monotheism and females to polytheism.

Assumption 68: In humans, the number of dependent gods (n) in the polytheistic space of gods (rank = m = 5 vectors) in the archetype of God (rank = p = 5 factors) is naturally unlimited, with the SM-dyad as principal component (main factor)(p = 1). 
SM-dyad is called 'monotheism' otherwise. With male testosterone this space will be gradually restricted to only one conscious dimension (p = 1), the SM-dyad or Allah-construct, named otherwise monotheism or sadomasochism.
Remaining (m - p = 4) components are relegated to the unconscious. But in case of oestrogens all sexual factors (p = 5) remain unaffected in the conscious of women.

Assumption 69: SM-dyad is the physical one-dimensionality in the space of gods of the archetype of God, the power center of males to come to fulfillment by testosterone. Society can enforce a multi-dimensional projection on culture.

Assumption 70: Vanilla-dyad is the physical multi-dimensionality in the
space of gods of the archetype of God. This is due to projection on a multi-dimensional culture in boys, or development by oestrogens in girls.

Assumption 71: Sadomasochistic behavior occurs also in animals, but for sadomasochistic mental experience empathy is needed, an outstanding human achievement.

Assumption 72: SM-dyads and Vanilla-dyads are human interactions. Also within SM-dyad as BDSM play one considers the partner empathetic as a subject. But the partner seen as object, without any empathy can be seen as animal SM-behavior. If there is no equivalence in the sexual relationship, it is called paraphilia. Paraphilia is seen as a sexual perversion in which the erotic contact within an equivalent partnership is not enough. It is seen as an abnormal expression of sexuality.

Assumptie 67: Assumptions SM-dyads.
First assumption: SM-dyad is the basic relationship between man and woman in human nature. It is a relationship that mankind will haunt until the farthest stars.
Second assumption: SM-dyad only in SM-tetrads leads to stable relationships. A solitary SM-dyad disrupts society and drives men to anarchy and bloodlust.

Third assumption: SM-dyad can temporarily transform into Vanilla dyad, in which case ultimately equal rights for men and women are obtained.

Fourth assumption:
Because equivalence is against male nature, Vanilla-dyad remains subordinate to SM-dyad. It is and will remain a substitute for the male sexual instinct. Which means that SM-dyad in the background is always present, always searching for new ways to self-realization. SM-dyad will always restore the primal relation between husband and wife.

Fifth assumption: The temporary primacy of Vanilla dyad is enforced by the intellectual development of women. Without her cooperation with SM, SM-Tetrad disintegrates into a single SM-dyad.

Sixth assumptionSM-dyad is based on absolute power and results in unequal sexual relations. It easily develops into paraphilia. Vanilla-dyad is formed from relativism and consists of equivalence in sexual relations.



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