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(14) The Conquest of Endogamous Populations

Basic Dimension 

Number Archive (Author: Nima Gholam Ali Pour) (Rommel)

Anti-racism in Sweden is located at a theoretical level, far from reality. Racism of native whites against people of different color gets full attention of anti-racists, while it is racism to talk openly about racism of nonwhites. In Sweden racism must have the right color and ethnic origin before it is labeled as a potential hate crime.

We oppose the view that racism in Sweden puts itself outside reality. For Islam we would like to place it into another context.

Exogamous cultures embraced Christianity in evolution because it is polytheistic and at least in the doctrine does not distinguish between people. Within exogamy all people are equivalent subjects in a minimum of a two dimensional space of gods (God and Jesus). And therefore Christians are allowed to marry outside their group. 

Exogamy is a basic drive in nature that causes genetic diversification to unfold fully. What could be the purpose of an exogamous culture like Christianity to absorb a completely closed culture like Islam? There is no reason except to get there in due course and to mix with it. Otherwise, an enormous endogamous culture like Islam would not be tolerated in its midst. 

What in this specific case means that everything obstructing the mixing of Christianity with endogamous groups like Islam is rejected as 'white racism'. To absorb Islamic culture it must be appeased and infiltrated. 

But racism against already exogamous groups like Asians or other Western cultures falls outside the exogamous drive. These cultures have been overcome. What would mean that in Western culture racism against exogamies is permitted but against endogamies is forbidden.

That could explain the difference between the two types of discrimination: the rejection of white racism and the appeasement of colored racism. That would not be irrational behavior, it would be the basic law of nature: genetic diversity.

The first law of Bart Croughs

1. The law of the abject West: "In a conflict between Western and non-Western, the progressive intellectual chooses for non-western."

Translated into our terms:

1: The law of exogamous Christianity: "In a conflict between exogamous Christianity and endogamous Islam, Christians choose for infiltration into Islamic endogamy by appeasement."

Of course there are many more reasons imaginable for the embrace of Islamic culture by Christianity. Islam and Christianity have a love-hate relation. And that should be taken as literally as possible. Islamic culture and Christianity maintain a deep bond on the sadomasochistic dimension.

After the collapse of the sadistic church in the sixties, the masochism of Christianity lost its meaning. Solitary masochism is only one point in space without direction. Its calibration had to come from sadism of Islam as a second point, by which a straight line indicated the direction of evil again.



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