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(15) A new approach to Honor killings

(Note: Well, I read this article again in March 2021. I see, I haven't made much progress all those years. English is bad and reincarnation in heaven must be resurrection. The only gain is compressing all information into one few handy formulas. Ockham's razor, that's what it's all about)

1: Seven million years ago small groups of homininae started roaming through Africa. They had little contact with other groups and reproduced mostly by inbreeding and incest. If they were not able to abduct women from other groups they came to extinction.

2: After millions of years they concluded that saturated inbreeding led to an optimal genetic mirror in the offspring. Playfully therefore they discovered the first abstraction of eternal life: genetic immortality. Self, however, they would die. I
nbreeding and incest became an operant response followed by the remuneration of genetic immortality. Hence, genetic immortality is the simplest abstraction of eternal life. It also became the primary reinforcer of inbreeding and incest:

Inbreeding and incest (operant response) ===> (primary reinforcer) genetic immortality

Note that the above related physics is absolutely correct.

3: About two million years ago, Homo erectus incidentally noticed that his son had the same clubfeet as his grandfather. He pulled the sensational conclusion that the grandfather was reincarnated in the grandson. Homo erectus invented the next abstraction of eternal life, reincarnation into the (earthly) universe, a monumental breakthrough. And as happens in operant conditioning the strongest reinforcer won the favor of inbreeding and incest. Because with reincarnation one does not die:

Inbreeding and incest (operant response) ===> (primary reinforcer) genetic immortality
Inbreeding and incest (operant response) ===> (second. reinforcer) (earthly) reincarnation

Note that there is a no causal relation between inbreeding and reincarnation. This is pure magical thinking. But this magical thinking has got a rational follow up. Because, inbreeding no longer served for the genetic mirror of tribal males in eternity, but to produce inbred bodies in which ancestors could reincarnate. 

The reason was that ancestors did not like to reincarnate in foreign and hostile tribes. Hence, adultery was also out of the question because then ancestors risked reincarnating in mongrels. And if they died, there was no tribe for reincarnation.

Numerous other advantages linked inbreeding and incest forever to (earthly) reincarnation. Within two million years the combination became an instinct. This instinct is therefore not burn away out of the male population of endogamous cultures as the Paradise Culture, the predecessor of Islamic culture. It might extinct by outcrossing when Muslims mix with non-Muslims.

4: Two hundred thousand years ago super smart Homo sapiens made another shocking discovery. He invented reincarnation into the parallel universe. This most stunning absurdity was the culmination of the abstractions of eternal life.

5: But Islam forbade reincarnation into the (earthly) universe 1400 years ago. The Tawhid acknowledges only one God in the parallel universe, and that is Allah. Faith in the earthly universe was a mortal sin punishable by death. But the parallel universe was not exactly a better reinforcer of inbreeding and incest, because with earthly reincarnation people already got eternal life.

Inbreeding and incest (operant response) ===> (primary reinforcer) genetic immortality
Inbreeding and incest (operant response) ===> (second. reinforcer) (earthly) reincarnation
Inbreeding and incest (operant response) ===> (tertiary reinforcer) parallel reincarnation

So in the unconscious of the Muslim male, earthly reincarnation remained the best reinforcer of inbreeding and incest. Just, because it has been an ingrained instinct for already two million years. But Muslim males are not aware of their worshiping of earthly tribal gods since Paradise culture. 

Muslim males are not aware of the worshiping of themselves as sexual ideal projection in the Alpha male, for example in Allah or as tribal head who wants to reincarnate in the afterlife. 

Hence, Muslims are dominated by two types of reincarnation. Officially, they believe in Allah, in the parallel universe, but subconsciously Allah is a joint god projection of Muslim males in tribal gods of earthly reincarnation. 

Note that Christianity as exogamic culture already outcrossed the inbreeding instinct and is not bothered by reincarnation into the earthly universe. This culture developed a basis of respect for other sexual roles long ago in evolution:

Eventually Christian cultures developed to Enlightenment: equivalence for man and wife.

But Islam with its inbreeding instinct developed disastrously.




Assumption 183: There is one Koran and there is one Islam, but there are two Allahs, for males and females. Both gods are called 'Allah' because Islam is monotheistic. But the female Allah actually developed from genetic diversity and the male Allah from the genetic monoculture of inbreeding and incest. In polytheism there would be two gods, with different names, a male and a female god, for example 'God' and 'Jesus'. In evolution the Christian god changed from genetic monoculture to genetic diversity as result of Vanilla-dyad.

Cognitive dissonance causes honor killings

Now we have the building blocks to explain honor killings and acid attacks. Next we must create cognitive dissonance between both types of reincarnation in the heads of Muslim fathers. Therefore we place an intervening variable, cognitive dissonance, between the father and his daughter. We must transfer individual guilt to cultural guilt. Simply because millions of honor killings and acid attacks can impossible be explained by individual failure.

We give an idea of the most fantastic and most horrible scenario, but in staccato otherwise it becomes too long. And it certainly will not be the most common case. It is just a hypothetical sketch to optimally correlate father love and gruesome killing. Just because Western people still erroneously think that only animals kill their own breed. These fathers are no animals but transient psychotics:

A father wants his daughter to marry her cousin, the son of his brother. Then he can reincarnate with confidence in her descendants. But he does not know, because he represses earthly reincarnation. Consciously he wants inbreeding and incest because of the family's honorwhat comes close to the truth but not quite. So besides that he officially reincarnates into heaven of Allah, his unconscious insists on reincarnation into his descendants.

Now a long tragedy of conflicts is developing, in which the smart daughter increasingly rubs him the absurdity of forced marriage. Most likely she totally does not understand what she is doing, but at some point the penny drops and the father becomes aware of his aspirations. That is how the unconscious works. The father, pressed by numerous quarrels with his daughter suddenly realizes the real reason for his unhealthy interest in her reproductive organs. This runs on a huge conflict in his mind. But it is also possible that the conflict explodes prematurely in his unconscious. Then he kills her off without realizing why.

In any case, from now on the scenarios are fanning in all directions. We choose the most absurd case. Just to show how the world turns upside down for the father.

The father scares amazing. He suddenly realizes that he wants to reincarnate in the descendants of his daughter. But then he has sinned heavily. And the immanent God has seen everything. Allah knows that he has sinned and that he wants to reincarnate in the earthly universe. What means he does not believe in Allah.

He must repent to Allah or else he will not come in heaven, and loose his 72 virgins (200.000 ya). And he knows already that there will be no earthly reincarnation with his unwilling daughter. So he possibly will die for ever or burn in hell.

He comes into panic. This bomb in his unconscious is growing fast to a transient psychosis. How to atone for Allah? He concludes that he should cut off earthly reincarnation by killing his daughter. Just like Abraham intended with Isaac.

But what is doing penance? Actually he loves his daughter dearly and just smother her softly with a pillow would possibly be insufficient penance. Allah would not believe his atonement.  No, Allah wants precisely him to do penance, he wants him to suffer by killing his beloved daughter in the most gruesome way. Hence, the more a father loves his daughter the more gruesome she will be killed. 

From here the scenario is fanning to all sides. It can be mixed with anger to the daughter. Breaking SM-dyad into murder and sexual lust can be fully employed, in which he first rapes his daughter and later kills her. Cognitive dissonance in reincarnation defies our imagination.

Is the father aware of all this? Sometimes, mostly he is vaguely informed. Is this an absurd scenario? Of course it is, just like the murder of his beloved daughter. But it is the best scenario of a loving father committing a horrific murder of his child outside his fault. Because when millions of fathers in history commit the same crime over and over again, we cannot speak of individual cases but of a common cultural cause. Provided, that we stick to legally liability for the father.

The conclusion is that honor killings and acid attacks are 'understandable' when we accept cognitive dissonance between earthly and parallel reincarnation. 

Honor killings can be fully understood from cognitive dissonance as intervening variable in the father-daughter relation.

The father slaughters his daughter in the most horrific way, thereby correcting for his dissonance. He has atoned for his sins. Now he feels relaxed again and he will soon 

outwardly unmoved follow justice and be condemned to 25 years imprisonment. But his psychosis is over and the 72 virgins are secured.

If this scenario of cognitive dissonance is correct then dealing with honor killings must change. A new approach must lead to a reduction of honor killings and acid attacks. That validates or falsifies the theory.

Most important is that the shock of earthly reincarnation does not coincide any longer with the conflict about forced marriage. What means that fathers should be well informed about the possibility of earthly reincarnation and well before puberty of the daughter. Fathers need not believe in the correctness of the theory, it is sufficient that they are aware of the possibility.

An acute advice would be that daughters never should argue with their father on forced marriages and that they leave home immediately after the first sign in this direction and never return. That's because it only becomes dangerous when the father panics.

But many other measures are possible. Daughters can be also informed about earthly reincarnation and understand why they get involved in arranged marriages.

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