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(18) Islam and Christianity in Paradise

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(The Gihon is a river from the land of Cush, a mountain region in Iran and the Pishon is now a dry riverbed. All rivers ended in the Persian Gulf. Further, de story of Adam and Eve marks the transition from a hunter-gatherer to a farmer culture (Juris Zarins)).

Paradise is an illusion arisen from poor living conditions. Inbreeding and incest as the original faith of tribal Homo erectus contained so many sexual restrictions that an escape was found in the afterlife, in paradise. 

Genesis says nothing about earthly or parallel reincarnation. But we know that evolution of human religion is conditioned on the increasing difficulty of abstractions of eternal life: genetic immortality, reincarnation into the universe and finally into the parallel universe.

And therefore, the first belching of the caves and caverns of male sexuality concerns genetic immortality, as the pure transmission of the male genetic mirror to the offspring. That's the original Myth of Paradise. The second abstraction has been reincarnation into the (earthly) universe and the last concerns the parallel universe:

Genesis only speaks of the tree of life, but we know that on this tree the previously mentioned three abstractions must be projected. In fact the transformation to the projected
parallel universe of Christianity (pink) emerges from genetic immortality in Genesis (red).

Below you see the change from earthly to parallel reincarnation, in which Christianity again rejected the inbreeding and incest culture of paradise ànd earthly reincarnation, what was replaced in an orthogonal projection by reincarnation into the parallel universe combined with the totally new concept of the 'Fall of Man'A perpendicular projection from one plain on the other is not possible:

The orthogonal arrangement above means that Christianity introduced a radically different 
Paradise projection. They swapped endogamy for exogamy, earthly reincarnation for reincarnation into heaven and they changed the monotheism of the Tanah into polytheism of two gods: God and Jesus.

Not very well adapted Christian males might like to project their P as pure sexuality on Heaven of the parallel universe. But Christian Paradise projection is already desexualized and therefore pure sexual projections would disappear as anarchy, as vertical projections of P on the left side.

But because the inbreeding instinct has been nearly crossed out in exogamous Christianity there is little anarchy left. Hence, P sublimated a-sexually and takes about a horizontal position on the right side. In Christianity sexuality and esoteric religion have been disconnected and SM-dyad changed to Vanilla-dyad.

Exogamous cultures do not discriminate between humans, who are all considered subjects.
And with the recognition of two sexual roles, in two gods, God as male heterosexuality and Jesus as other sexual roles, Christianity basically accepted sexual roles as equivalent. 

And with at least two degrees of freedom a culture was built in orthogonal dimensions:
religion, law and the dialectical process between the sexes are in principle independent. 

Finally separation of powers and the separation of church and state developed: 

The third degree of freedom is not really necessary because basic morality and dialectic process are heavily confounded.

But Islamic culture acknowledges only one God: Allah. Islamic culture remained one-dimensional and therefore changed orthogonality in oblique relations, confounded and contaminated. 

We start the development of the Islamic Paradise projection from the endpoint of Christianity:

As a first try the Myth of Paradise can be seen as orthogonal to the Paradise projection
only when we limit ourselves to females. But we will correct that later.

Christianity was a movement within Judaism recognizing other sexual roles as subjects.
And just women who pursue genetic diversity had an interest in the parallel universe,
because there inbreeding and incest were meaningless. Inbreeding was only needed for reincarnation into the (earthly) universe. By faith in God or Allah in the parallel universe, women freed their bodies in heaven: 


On the left side above we find the original Myth of Paradise as the nowadays unconscious
Paradise projection for Muslim males with male Allah as total projection of reincarnation
of all tribal heads in the (earthly) universe. And in the figure below we see their nowadays 
conscious Paradise projection in the parallel universe (blue):

Below the now unconscious Paradise projection of earthly reincarnation (redwhich was conscious at the time of the monotheistic Myth of Abraham, may be 10.000 years ago. Abraham accepted earthly reincarnation as well as parallel reincarnation, though not meant in the Tanah.


And on the right side above we find the Paradise projection in heaven for Muslim females. What only is missing is the Paradise projection of Islamic culture as a whole, the horrible mixture between Muslim male and female Paradise projections (blue):

We already know that Islamic religion is heavily confounded with sexuality. 
Above we saw the male and female Paradise projections but not their common Paradise projection of Islamic culture as a whole: SM-dyad in the EGO:

Assumption 181: The actual sadistic god of Islamic culture is not Allah but are tribal gods from Paradise culture. In the beginning Allah was intended as an escape from male sadism just like Christianity. This worked through Jesus in exogamous cultures, but failed due to endogamy among Muslims. Allah, the women god from the SUPER EGO and tribal gods of the ID were contaminated and clashed on the level playing field of the EGO of Muslims.
What now is seen as Allah in the Koran and Sharia is a failed women god, which has been occupied by men. Hence Islam psychologically knows a male Allah who is dominant and a female Allah who describes the inner life of women. This all because in monotheism there can be only one God. Allah must be understood as a multiple personality in Islamic culture. This is the cause of the sexual imbalance between man and wife: SM-dyad.

Assumption 183: There is one Koran and there is one Islam, but there are two Allahs, for males and females. Both gods are called 'Allah' because Islam is monotheistic. But the female Allah actually developed from genetic diversity and the male Allah from the genetic monoculture of inbreeding and incest. In polytheism there would be two gods, with different names, a male and a female god, for example 'God' and 'Jesus'. In evolution the Christian god changed from genetic monoculture to genetic diversity as result of Vanilla-dyad.

In Christianity, where women never heard of the inbreeding culture of Paradise, there is no sexual stress in heaven. Christian males already do have their exogamous heaven on earth; they do not need 72 virgins in the afterlife (200.000 ya). And therefore the inbreeding culture and heaven in the parallel universe are uncorrelated and must be seen as orthogonal planes:


But we know Islamic culture stems from Paradise culture in a straight line. Hence, female religion, female paradise and female Allah are also contaminated with this Paradise culture. For example Muslim males expect perpetual orgasm in the afterlife with 72 virgins. And Muslim females desperately want to escape the inbreeding culture by heaven. Therefore the Myth, or the ancient Paradise culture (ID)the Islamic paradise expectation as a whole (EGO) and female Paradise expectation of heaven (SUPER EGO) all are heavily correlated. 

Which means the Myth of Paradise (Ancient Paradise culture, the ID and the female expectation of the parallel universe (SUPER EGO), are not orthogonal but oblique planes. But first we show Islamic Paradise expectation as a whole on the horizontal plane to the right. It is Paradise expectation for Muslim males and females:

Above we see the contaminated EGO of Islam projected on the horizontal plane to the right. But we know this level playing field of SM-dyad lies in the midst. Below we find a better projection of Islamic Paradise for Muslim males (red left), Muslim females (pink right) and the contaminated Muslim culture in the midst.

And here is the best projection: Below you see oblique projections, which mean all types of religion are intertwined in bizarre ways. Perpendicular projections from one plain on the other are very well possible, hence they are correlated and meaningful connected:

The plane in the midst is the contaminated version of the Paradise projection of Islamic culture as a whole as written in the KoranIt is not as pure as in Christianity where man and wife see each other as subjects:

Islamic Paradise projection is a disastrous mix between two universes in the heads of Muslim males and females:



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