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(17) Proving other faiths as objects

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Islamic culture is an endogamy where one can only marry within the group. Endogamies started with Homininae about seven million years ago. They mainly reproduced by inbreeding and incest. It was tribal endogamy.

In evolution ethnic endogamy developed by which the tribe was widened to an entire ethnicity. Plenty of reasons for this were available such as the prevention of autosomal recessive disorders.

The final stage was religious endogamy, by which inbreeding and incest were no longer necessary because people married within their own faith. All this is particularly true for women.

All these phases have in common that they applied unnatural selection on the population. Sensitive men and brave women were massacred so that an overrepresentation of sadistic men and masochistic women emerged at the poles. Even in religious endogamy women are slaughtered if they do not marry Muslims.

Islamic culture deliberately intervened in the construction of its population. But exogamous cultures like Christianity took the opposite direction. SM-dyad transformed into Vanilla-dyad. Hence assimilation of Muslims in Western society is nearly impossible. Centuries of mixing of populations are needed to outcross Muslim male's inbreeding instinct.

An endogamy can be maintained only through oppression of womenThat's because women naturally opt for genetic diversity. Men who opt for sexual monoculture suffer from mental disordersAnd so the battle between endogamy and exogamybetween husband and wife became the basis of human religion.

Sexual coercion can be enforced only within sadomasochism where women get unequal sexual roles. That is possible only if women are regarded as objects, without inner emotional lifein short, as animals.

The difference between exogamies and endogamies is the valuation of the emotional life of women. So Christianity is an exogamy in which women are considered to be subjects:

Christianity:  man = subject --------------------- woman = subject
Islam:             man = subject ----------- ---------- woman = object

When boys are taught women are objects like animals, women are supposed to have no feelings.

Objects do not have feelingsAnd therefore masochism of women is not processed in 
the unconscious of Muslim males. Generally they do not develop (sufficient) empathy for the female state of mind. In fact Muslim males may never feel empathy for masochism of women on pain of recognition of their subject.


As long as Muslim males can maintain that women are objects they can exercise their sadistic lust undisturbed on their helpless bodies. This is called autistic or cultural psychopathy.

On the one hand their unbridled sadistic lust causes masochistic behavior in their victims, and on the other hand they may not recognize this masochism because women must stay objects.

And therefore Muslim males hate the masochistic behavior in their victims because it undermines their worldview. Objects are not allowed to have those feelings. They try to beat the emotion, the masochism out of their bodies. But the harder they try, the more visible the masochism. That makes them furious until the horrible masochism overpowers the Muslim fighter. At that moment masochism hatred changes into masochism fear. Sexual scales start to break SM-dyad into murder and sexual lust until this object shows no feelings any more.

And here we experience a tremendous difference between Islam and Christianity in how they treat their victims. Christians have learned to feel empathy and compassion
for screaming victims with wide open eyes. But Muslim warriors are killing them off immediately. This is Rosetta stone to Islam, the key to understanding Islam. Muslim fighters kill harder the harder the victim screams. Left or right they must create objects out of these subjects. They are proving other faiths as objects simply by killing them.

Assumption 185: The reason for Muslim males to kill other sexual roles, and especially other faiths is to degrade them to objects. Precisely because they unconsciously know that all living beings are subjects, they never stop killing them because that's the only way to prove that only Muslim males are subjects. 

Assumption 186: Muslims are killing off other faiths not exactly for sexual lust but because of their ideology, by which humanity has to be divided into subjects and objects literally. This originated in the inbreeding and incest culture of first Homininae. 

Assumption 170: Other sexual roles are homosexuals, women, children and animals. They are regarded as objects. We add to this category 'other faiths'.


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