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(202) Homo naledi's fertility disaster

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Below we derive a conclusive scenario in trying to explain Homo naledi's behavior and making a prediction about future finds.

Up till now we can draw the following conclusions.

- Homo naledi was not dumb and must have been much smarter than a chimp. Also the design of his 550cc brain apparently followed already the basic outline of the human brain. It is really possible he could talk and he definitely used tools 335 ya. So the perfection of the human brain is possibly not caused by its size but by the design of its basic structure, which Homo naledi possibly possessed long before Homo sapiens emerged. If that's true this will cause a revolution in paleontology.

- We know for sure Homo naledi buried his dead in a ceremonial setting. This is proven by the second Lesedi chamber where Neo is found under identical circumstances. Neo might have been a really important ancestor, a tribal king or whatever.  Lesedi chamber must have been discovered later than Dinaledi in a desperate attempt to come as close as possible to the God of Darkness from the life-giving Underworld.

So, 2.3 Mya these half Australopiths had already religion. What follows directly from the Sexual Theory of Religion:

- We know there is an intellectual order in religious concepts. For example 'rebirth' is possible without soul, but 'reincarnation' always demands a soul. And don't think rebirth is ridicules. Think of the rebirth of Jesus and the rebirth of the whole Jewish people. 

These rebirths differ from the animal world, because in these special cases the identity of the deceased would be destroyed irreparable by reincarnation. The entity of Jesus would be devalued and Jewish individuals would not recognize each other after reincarnation into other bodies. BTW, the latter rebirths are with a soul and are hybrids of rebirth and reincarnation:

Rebirth is falsified if remnants of the dead do not disappear. But reincarnation can never be falsified since it is the soul which leaves the body. On the other hand both forms of revival cannot be confirmed. 

- But this means at some point in time Homo naledi must have concluded rebirth is not working. I think they were able to draw this rational conclusion. This definitely means finds from Homo naledi remains in caves will be scarce.

- So the soul is kind of a Deus ex Machina to maintain the illusion of eternal life. Magical fake degrees of freedom are supplied to rational thinking and mixed to 'religion'. That's the mess Homo sapiens created and yet he seems to be proud of his cauliflower brain.

- In principle, the expanding brain of Homo sapiens is disadvantageous for logical thinking. A growing number of neural pathways delivers irrational and magical ganglia which are fostering psychosis and make logical thinking more difficult than in smaller brains with the same basic structure. Therefore humans have to be drilled in logical thinking not to fall into the vortex of insane religions as monotheism. Maybe small brained people had less problems with rational thinking. Homo sapiens will extinct by his absurd psychotic brain.

Rethinking Homo naledi

Tribal members in Dinaledi chamber looked quite identical. At first glance this is inbreeding but on second thought a species cannot survive 2 million years with severe inbreeding. Further conclusions depend on finding autosomal recessive disorders on the bones.

A species can converge to more or less identical individuals (antilopes) with sufficient genetic diversity otherwise. Then it's uniformity is enforced by the demands of nature. Maybe Homo naledi still survived by climbing into trees for predators. Maybe, he was some kind of optimum in his habitat, using his climbing and caving skills from Australopiths combined with rational thinking from his parsimonious brain. Maybe Homo naledi was made for this biotope of numerous caves to the Underworld. Maybe that's also the reason he died out soon after Dinaledi chamber, but why exactly? Do we have sufficient concepts to formulate a conclusive scenario? We do:

The landscape of the first Homininae (7Ma; 400cc) was sparingly populated and bipedal Australopiths lost sight on other tribes for the exchange of fresh juvenile females. They massively must have died out from severe inbreeding. 

But we may conclude Homo naledi already settled near the Rising Star Cave and was not roaming any longer. Since for a cemetery one must live in the neighbourhood. Then there must have been also a number of small neighbouring tribes to exchange females. Although they all emerged from the same gene pole they nevertheless possessed sufficient genetic variation to procreate the species.

But it was a very vulnerable society which possibly could not stand heavy climate fluctuations. Like other Homininae, Homo naledi also developed fertility stress, which means they got very few offspring. But they choose not for inbreeding by 'cousin marriages' what gives more offspring but also more deaths by disorders. Inbreeding cultures breed like mice.

Instead Homo naledi likely developed a modus vivendi and opted for the male kin bonded lineage model with fresh female genes in every generation. But nevertheless they lost a lot of tribal members to predators and illnesses.

Remnants of the God of Darkness

First again the Ethiopian prayer in which we perceive a shortage of offspring but which culture definitely was male kin bonded with fresh juvenile females in every generation (the female is anonymous). So it is not inbreeding but a variant of outbreeding:

Below you first see a glimpse of the God of Darkness, since all life comes from the earth. Remember Ethiopians (1921) believed in reincarnation (life decays), and not in rebirth (bodies are refreshed). In the second paragraph you will see a man has to work really hard for offspring otherwise he will not reincarnate.

This is the civilized version of Ethiopian Christianity (1921) from the cruel Paradise culture II:

The Homo naledi scenario as fertility disaster

Homo naledi was in big trouble 335 thousand years ago. Climate fluctuations disturbed the fragile habitat of sparingly spread tribes which exchanged juvenile females. So, we suppose the sociographic infrastructure of the Homo naledi society was vulnerable.

- They perceived a declining fertility rate which they could not explain. Less and less infants were born. Anyway, tribes shrank and they were in big trouble. 

- They kept no administration of places where the dead were buried but they knew from a number of graves there were still remains left.

- They believed all life came from the earth. But from their experience with the vast lime stone cave system they got the additional impression these caves led to the Underworld where the God of Darkness lived. And in the Underworld dead bodies were repaired and got a new life, reborn as babies in the womb.

- So, they did something very wrong. They had to bring the deceased as close as possible to the God of Darkness. They must stop the early decay in graves and find places without worms and insects eating dead bodies. Then the God of Darkness had sufficient time to repair and refresh the bodies as newborns.

- Then in a desperate attempt to increase the birthrate of their tribe they decided to find the lowest and darkest chambers of caves as cemeteries. Chambers without any insects, without any light. As concluded earlier, they used no fire for not to scare the God of Darkness. They laid long tied ropes of grasses from the entrance to the chambers to spare oxygen 
- consumed by fire - for the refreshing bodies.

- Well, in the dark it was almost impossible to check the remains of the dead in Dinaledi chamber. So, for a very long time they put all deceased in this chamber without checking decay. Also they had no idea how long rebirth takes, maybe ages.

- But at some moment in time they must have doubted their rebirth theory. Maybe they discovered a lot of remaining bones. And the fertility rate was still declining. But still they did not opt for reincarnation, for if that would be the right religion there would have been no decline in the first place.

- Also they might have thought to find deeper caves at other places. But I doubt this strategy. Anyway Neo seems a tribal king who deserved a very deep grave as close as possible to the God of Darkness.

- Our conclusion is 'rebirth' is a developmental stage in the cognitive development
from animals to humans, which can be falsified by controlling decay of the dead. And it only would be 'confirmed' with increasing birth rates after the whole tribe was buried in Dinaledi chamber. But of course this did not happen.

- Anyway or anyhow at some point this clever people came to the conclusion to stop with cave cemeteries for rebirth. And that's why I do not expect thousands and thousands remains in other caves.

- Would this be the correct scenario then we accidentally encountered a crossing between rebirth from the animal world and reincarnation from the human world, which proves animal religion in the first place and human religion as coming forth from animal sexuality in the second place.

- But most revealing of this analysis is Homo naledi got his inspiration from the desperate hope to increase the fertility rate of his tribe.


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