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(207) Religious measures

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I'm the victim of a religious measure: Courtship

We rejected higher order time derivatives as explanation for human religion. We returned to the black box of the human mind itself. We returned to B.F. Skinner, in whom we found earlier 'operant conditioning' and 'intermittent reinforcement' as most promising in understanding human religion.

But we kept religious measures as developed from the first order time derivative of sexual culture:

Further we concluded the rational - irrational dimension as the best explanation for the difference between animal and human religion. But we are not quite certain:

And now we must calibrate the rational - irrational dimension in practice. Is this the right standard? 

Assumption 304Religious interventions on sexual culture are always rational and realistic since they change the visible effects of first order time derivatives.

Assumption 305: With rational religious measures we mean the pursuit of realistic effects on sexual behavior AND the expectation of realistic results (rewards) from these effects given in the universe. 

Below, pedophilia as religious measure is able to foster inbreeding as a realistic effect. And the result is a realistic reward (pedophilia) in this universe:

Perpetual orgasm in this lifetime = pedophilia

Assumption 306: With irrational religious measures we mean the pursuit of realistic effects on sexual behavior AND the expectation of unrealistic or magical results (rewards) from these effects, which are expected in some other universe.

The religious measure developed from the second derivative of sexual culture 
(perpetual orgasm NR 1) and the first derivative of pedophilia, has also a realistic effect on inbreeding but the result (reward) can only be realized after reincarnation. It is the expectation of an unrealistic or magical result:

Assumption 301: The first order time derivative of sexual culture (inbreeding), led to pedophilia as religious measure rewarding males for accepting inbreeding, in which they lost sexual freedom and were forced to copulate with their cousins.

Assumption 302: Perpetual orgasm is the refined eternal version of pedophilia, originating from sexual culture (inbreeding).

Assumption 307: We think religious interventions are meant to steer sexual culture on the basis of first time order derivatives of sexual culture. Therefore religious interventions always aim for realistic effects. But religious expectations (rewards) from these effects can be realistic (in this universe) or unrealistic or magical (in some other universe).

Up to now we think animals likely have no unrealistic or magical expectations from
realistic effects. If they do they must believe in the soul or in reincarnation. Of course they can think unrealistically in quite another way but that is not the subject of this study. For example, it might be they do not understand their situation and therefore take wrong and unrealistic religious measures.

Courtship as a religious measure of birds

Can barely fly

Animals (and humans) can take rational and realistic religious measures.

Assumption 305: With rational religious measures we mean the pursuit of realistic effects on sexual behavior AND the expectation of realistic results (rewards) from these effects given in the universe. 

Female birds have a lot of different means to select the most impressive males, for example they attend to courtship behavior. For birds, 'survival of the most religious' means the procreation of males with beautiful colors, expressive feathers and the right courtship manners. Also this is an example of a religious measure steering sexual culture into whatever direction. This means animal religion has no prescribed direction, since every sexual lust can be satisfied. Religion is the effectuation of a sexual lust.

So, female birds selecting partners with perfect courtship manners are effectuating a religious measure. This measure affects sexual behavior in a realistic and meaningful way. Also the intended result is realistic: females get exactly the fulfillment of their dreams, the fulfilling of a sexual lust, to get the most attractive male. This religious measure is rational since it gives a realistic result in the universe.

In human religion we mostly have irrational and magical measures to achieve the impossible in trying to cross the border between the earthly and the parallel universe (the soul and reincarnation into the universes):

In conclusion:

We saw how human religion developed from animal religion and we conclude: there simply are no universal rules for the modification of sexual culture. 

Every instinctive wish, e.g. beautiful feathers, by which male birds can barely fly, or the sexual desire of Muslims to proclaim tribal identity by inbreeding, by which the species dies out. 

Everything is possible and there are no fundamental differences between animals and humans, except maybe the rational - irrational dimension. However, from the latter I am not quite convinced it is the right caesura. In the end of our search to the origin of religion we might conclude there is not the slightest difference between animal and human religion.


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