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(206) Alienation from reality by cauliflower brain

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Higher order time derivatives cannot really explain the dimensionality of human religion. 'Alienation from reality' by our cauliflower brain is the 
real cause.

Higher order time derivatives (earthly and parallel reincarnation) have but a vague relation with the original inbreeding culture, since they are irrationally and not precisely defined. For example, the relation between reincarnation and inbreeding is questionable, since the former is a magical concept and might not exist at all. 

On the other hand, the relation between inbreeding and pedophilia (first order) is real and well established. But then, perpetual orgasm (second order: afterlife, reincarnation) must be the derivative of pedophilia while perpetual orgasm NR 1 is an irrational concept:

This means higher order derivatives give no real information. We must come up with a better idea.

We better accept bipeds (inclusive humans) developed religious measures from first order time derivatives of whatever sexual culture. So, we keep the conclusion that religion steers sexual culture:

Quadrupeds sexual culture high in the trees is only stable just by religious measures and so they have a zero order derivative as end result, not to begin with: 

But now we plunge into a different problem. We earlier concluded inbreeding as the primal sexual culture of the Homininae (7 Ma; 400cc). And we accepted Muslims still take the first order time derivative of this inbreeding culture. But Christianity and numerous other sexual cultures do not adhere inbreeding anymore and this already for a very long time. Then, if their first order derivatives are not taken from inbreeding any longer, from which sexual culture are they taken in the second place?
But beware, since also Christians are not completely free from inbreeding genes. They have still fertility stress and want families with a lot of children. Also they reject homosexuality from which do not come too many children, they rejected birth control and abortion and so there are a lot of remnants left from Paradise culture, say monotheism.

But they really tried:

If their first order derivatives are not taken from inbreeding any longer, from which sexual culture are they taken in the second place?

The answer is: inbreeding remains the primal sexual culture of mankind. But sexual culture changes over time and humans simply take the first order time derivative of any prevailing sexual culture. The problem is: how has sexual culture changed over time from inbreeding to other cultures? Since therefore we invented higher order derivatives in the first place.

Higher order time derivatives were our first explanation of changing sexual cultures, floating away from inbreeding. Thereby we took advantage of the assumption that higher order derivatives came down to unrealisticmagical, fake derivatives. They were no real derivatives and therefore sexual cultures changed dramatically of character. And that's how we escaped from primal inbreeding.

But because we give up higher order derivatives, we must abandon the primal inbreeding culture in a different way. Actually, we use the same explanatory dimensions as with higher order derivatives - irrational, unrealistic, magical, fake dimensions - but now placed into the human mind itself. So, from now on the human brain itself is the black box changing sexual culture over time. Well, that's a brilliant finding 😊. We are back to basics, back to B.F. Skinner with operant conditioning and intermittent reinforcement:

(4) Human religion as operant conditioning
(181) Intermittent reinforcement of religion

So our explanation does not come from higher order derivatives any longer, but from the inherent development of the human brain. This steered sexual culture more and more by irrational religious rules, caused by the irrational expansion of the human brain. That's why religion is the canary in the coal mine of human schizophrenia.


Alienation from reality by cauliflower brain

In the evolution religion removed further and farther from reality, exchanging more and more rationality with magical irrationality, exchanging the real world with a fictitious shadow world. So the underlying dimension must be the transition from rationality to irrationality or to magical thinking.

Of course that's right, since the afterlife lies in another universe, in the parallel universe. So, human religion must be defined as the alienation from reality in our universe, the specialty of cauliflower brains:

But, are we making a causal error here? Religion does not necessarily alienate from reality as an unavoidable natural process. Human religion is the tragically result of the expansion of the cauliflower brain which offered many senseless neurons and synapses. Superfluous brain connections delivered millions of magical degrees of freedom lost from any reality. Then, a psychotic and schizophrenic worldview automatically developed, which we euphemistically called 'religion'. And guess what, humans are proud of their recessive disorder which is protected even in the constitution. They have no idea of founding their society on a flight of fancy, a figment of the imagination.

Our religions are the byproduct of our cauliflower brain in the first place We are the most crazy animals in the world. That's why human religion must be seen as the canary of the coal mine of human's innate schizophrenia.

For many believers religion is the last truth above reality. They are fooling themselves with inherited religious fake dimensions. Of course they can rationally drive a car and do other things, but the shadow over their existence, their existential belief places everything within a morbid religious framework. And that's what makes people a dangerous species.

Most people are latent schizophrenics plagued by sinister after thoughts, by dark attitudes about the existence, by their inherited religious beliefs, as the inbreeding instinct of the Muslim society:

Humans are insane animals and that's why they are really dangerous. Animals flee for them. Humans are cruel in the name of God; they are the gruesome killers of peaceful animals.

Why this sinister monologue? Because I am going to convert common sense into its opposite. These are the animals that think realistically and people are irrational beings.

Animals survive by rational measures derived from first order derivatives of sexual culture, because they need a strictly rational brain to calculate their chances for survivalMagical thinking animals are extinct.

But Homo sapiens is at the top of the hierarchy and can afford to think irrationally for half his life. People do not die out from magical thinking any longer, they simple breed harder like mice to avoid fertility stress.

This might imply Homo naledi (2,3 Ma - 335 ka; 550cc) had already the basic structure of the Hominin brain without our infamous cauliflower expansion.

The first dichotomy with the animal world is the soul. The soul is just like fake higher order derivatives an illegitimate escape from reality. It is the inadmissible bridge to another universe, to the parallel universe, to a schizophrenic worldview:

Then this is our new model of the religious evolution of the Hominins:


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