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(203) The intransitivity of the bonobo soul

Basic Dimension 

Of course it is a joke to measure 'the soul' along scientific standards. It is not meant to be rude, but only to show the difficulty rational animals must have with the concept of soul. To grasp the idea of the soul one must have developed a cauliflower brain in the first place. Then, with an exuberant overcapacity of psychotic ganglia Hominins developed enough fantasy to escape from reality.

The soul is kind of a Deus ex Machina to maintain the illusion of eternal life. Magical fake degrees of freedom are supplied to rational thinking and mixed to 'religion'.
That's the mess Homo sapiens created and yet he seems proud of his cauliflower brain.

- Homo naledi was not dumb at all and must have been much smarter than a chimp. Also the design of his 550cc brain apparently followed already the basic outline of the human brain. It is really possible he could talk and he definitely used tools 335 ya. So the perfection of the human brain is possibly not caused by its size but by the design of its basic structure, which Homo naledi possibly possessed long before Homo sapiens emerged. If that's true this will cause a revolution in paleontology.

- In principle, the expanding brain of Homo sapiens is disadvantageous for logical thinking. A growing number of neural pathways delivers irrational and magical ganglia which are fostering psychosis and make logical thinking more difficult than in smaller brains with the same basic structure. Therefore humans have to be drilled in logical thinking not to fall into the vortex of insane religions as monotheism. Maybe small brained people had less problems with rational thinking. Homo sapiens will undoubtedly die out from his absurd psychotic brain.

Transitivity of the soul

Would the soul really exist then there was some kind of transitivity of the soul from one person to another.

Transitivity might work to understand the soul, since the equivalence relation presuppose no direction from a to b, or b to a, since it is ab and ba.

But it could be a fallacy of thinking that one's soul belongs to one alone. Maybe a whole people have the same soul, which means one's individual relation with the 'own' soul bears no personal identity relation:

The soul is nothing more than an auxiliary construction to bridge the gap across death. This means animals would like to invent the soul only if they felt the need to live forever and were sufficiently psychotic to come up with the concept of soul.

Animals likely have not invented the soul. I can illustrate why bonobos never did, analogous to the behavior of Muslims and Christians. I am not sure but in the end Homo naledi must have grasped the soul but might have rejected reincarnation for reasons written before: also reincarnation did not help against declining birthrates, though reincarnation is an automatic procedure which needs no support like rebirth. So reincarnation did not prevent declining birthrates either and that might be why Homo naledi did not adhere to reincarnation.

The 'soul' blackmails Muslims in Islam

In Paradise inbreeding culture tribal members were slaves of the system. They had to marry their ugly cousins while it was forbidden what Eve successfully did: committing adultery with the Serpent of another tribe. As a reward for giving up sexual freedom Muslims are promised complete exogamy in Heaven after death. 

Assumption 178: Endogamous cultures are chained to inbreeding and incest in the earthly universe. The parallel universe offers them the illusion of an exogamous culture with sexual freedom and genetic diversity. For men, 72 wild virgins are the reward for a lifelong of sexual suffering from the unbearable dullness of their cousins. And for women it is the reward for a lifetime of sacrifice and fighting against their inherited instinct for genetic diversity. In heaven women will be redeemed from their endogamous chains. The confounded and contaminated projection (perpetual orgasm) of sadomasochism (monotheism) in an originally desexualized parallel universe is the religious opium for inbreeding cultures.

But that's exactly what Christians already have on Earth. Christian women may choose a sexual partner of their choice, which makes Muslims furious and jealous.

Assumption 152: Islam is an endogamous inbreeding culture, offering a factually exogamous afterlife in heaven. A genetic monoculture on earth (Islam) flirts with genetic diversity in heaven (Christianity), where the latter must be seen as heaven on Earth. Jealousy led to the persecution of Christians, because their masochistic suffering is compatible with exogamic lust. And violent bloodlust and hatred discharged on Jews, because though their culture relied also on inbreeding and incest, their females were left free choice to exogamy as in the group of higher mammals.

What we see is the concept of soul being used to blackmail a whole people to give up sexual happiness for the insane illusion of saturated tribal identity by cousin marriages which fosters the male kin bonded lineage of psychopathic Muslim males.

Perpetual orgasm is the primal Muslim male religion

Perpetual orgasm is why Hominins invented the concept of soul

Perpetual orgasm is what motivated Hominin males. Since how senseless would the afterlife be without perpetual orgasm? Originally perpetual orgasm in THIS lifetime was the pay off for males which offered their sexual lust to their mothers, their sisters (Eve) and their cousins. They were payed with their own daughters.

Which incestuous relations of course had terrible genetic consequences, after which they raped their not yet matured daughters (pedophilia) and sold their mature daughters to rich tribal men:

Older and nearly impotent tribal men practiced perpetual orgasm in this lifetime by marrying juvenile and not matured girls, to make the distance in lifetime as large as possible. This must be seen as the optimal perpetual orgasm in this lifetime:

After the invention of the concept of reincarnation they raped their offspring in the afterlife. And after the concept of the parallel universe was invented they fantasize to rape 72 blond Christian whores. Though they prefer them in this lifetime in Europe better and sooner:

Pedophilia and extreme incest are not natural and cannot be found in nature as a cultivated sexual lust. Of course such things happen but  must be seen more as relation building and playing. Hominin pedophilia and incest are invented as reinforcements, as rewards and as payment for males to fit in their dull and silly inbreeding sect with ugly cousins.

This brings us to the conclusion that primal Hominin male religion is sex, is perpetual orgasm till the end of times.... 

Incest is the payment for inbreeding with ugly cousins

Assumption 168: Islam forbade reincarnation into the (earthly) universe. Hence, eternal orgasm in tribal afterlife was excluded. Not prohibited was inbreeding and perpetual orgasm in the parallel universe.

In Islam, perpetual orgasm is the primal goal of religion, until the present day:

Tuesday, Oct 11th 2016

Muslim father rapes his daughter as punishment because she had become 'too Westernised' living in Norway 

  • The man, in his 40s has been charged with rape and incest after he attacked his daughter in their family home
  • The daughter ran out of the house in the city of Fredrikstad and told a passing postman who called the police
  • The daughter told police she had been punished by her father for living a Western lifestyle 

The soul in Christianity

Christianity rejected the inbreeding and incest culture of monotheism:

Christians live in an exogamy and women can marry the male of their choice. This means Christians need not be paid in Heaven with fresh virgins from other tribes. So Christians have perpetual orgasm already in this lifetime. But of course, there is a lot of pedophilia in Christianity too, since it has become a genetic trait for humans.

We conclude Christians think to have a soul and Jesus was rebirth with a soul, the special case of Handyman:

The soul for bonobos

Up till now we see an interesting development. We cannot prove perpetual orgasm in the afterlife, but we can see the fulfillment of this lust in this lifetime. Therefore, we compare Christians with bonobos:

It is an understatement that bonobo sexuality is Sodom and Gomorrah and everything in between. They love perpetual orgasm in this lifetime and would be blas√© in Heaven. Their pedophilia is not a pure sexual lust but must be seen as role play. The only rule is sons have no sex with their mothers. So they reject pure inbreeding. Furthermore their population register is a mess and males even don't know their offspring. Therefore infanticide cannot happen. Well, will not that be an inbreeding chaos there? No, since they let their juvenile females free to find the tribe of their choice.

We conclude bonobos know life goes on for their offspring after death. But they are sexually to exhausted to desire perpetual orgasm in some afterlife. So, bonobos grasp the afterlife but only as 'sleeping forever'...

Panini have an ape-brain of 400cc with an ape-design. Homo naledi had a Hominin brain of 550cc with a human like design. Homo naledi was a rational thinker who will have discovered the concept of soul, which he likely rejected. But bonobos did not come up with the concept of soul, because of too psychotic for their mind.


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